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Harvest Moon DS Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon DS

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Plenty of cheats for you to check out including how to make friends with Darl and getting unlimited presents. We'll also tell you how to unlock the casino.

More Harvest Moon DS Cheats and Tips

We have 69 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon DS please send them in here.

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Unlock Casino

Rescue the following sprites to unlock the casino. Finding one Sprite will open the casino but you need to find ALL 3 to play ALL the games.
Unlock Hops (Poker Table):
When you are in front of the well next to the Blue Bar Press A.
Unlock Inn (Blackjack Table):
When you are in front of the stove to the left of the Inner Inn press A.
Unlock Jum (Memory Game):
When you are in front of the fountain in Romana's Courtyard press A.

Unlock Battle Mini-Game

When you inspect your dog's house at 4:44 a.m. The Witch Princess will appear and teleport you to the mine site where there will be a battle mini-game next to some of the girls you can marry. If you win the battle the Witch Princess will reward you with a diploma and the title of 'Battle Master'.

Witch Princess 3-Bear Game

To enable a memory game that involves 3 bears that hold colored sparkles and you have to choose the bear with the correct color you need to buy a TV from Van and interact (press A) with it at 0:00am (midnight). If you beat this 5 times, you will gain 100 LP with the WP.

Unlock Memory Mini-Game

If you wake up at 6 a.m. And go outside your house and immediately re-enter so the clock is 6:01 a.m. A memory mini-game will begin when you look at the collection of records on the shelf.

Bonus Characters

When you have the Game Boy Advance game 'Harvest Moon: Friends Of Mineral Town' or 'Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town' in the cartridge slot the characters from the corresponding game will appear in Harvest Moon DS.

Finding some Harvest Sprites and meeting Leia the mermaid!

First finding some Harvest Sprites, go up to Lumina's house a press A in front of the waterfall that's one. Secondly there is one in the well next to the Blue Bar and that is where Muffy and Griffin live. Thirdly if you go to the Inner Inn thats the Inn Ruby owns, don't go inside jump over the fence and press A in front of the stove there another one. And the last two now, take water from your Waterhole on your farm with your watering can theres one. And lastly get a fishing rod and put it in your Waterhole and you will get one. To get a fishing rod go to Nina and Galen's house on a Sunday I don't remeber what time and Galen will give you his old one.
Now Leia the mermaid firstly you will have to be really good friends with Daren so everyday give him coloured grasses he loves ..

Cooking Recipes - No Utensil

There are 19 recipes in total for the No utensil cooking item.
Here they are:
Small Mayonnaise = Oil + Small Chicken Egg
Medium Mayonnaise = Oil + Medium Chicken Egg
Large Mayonnaise = Oil + Large Chicken Egg
Salad = Carrot + Cucumber + Cabbage + Tomatoe (or any other combination)
Sandwich = Bread + Boiled egg +/or cucumber +/or Tomatoe
Fruit Sandwhich = Bread + A fruit
Pickled Turnips = Turnip
Pickled Cucumber = Cucumber
Bamboo Rice = Bamboo shoots + Riceballs
Matsutake Rice = Matsutake Mushroom + Riceballs
Mushroom Rice = Shittake Mushroom + Riceballs
Sushi = Riceballs + Sashimi
Raisin Bread = Grapes/Wild Grapes + Bread
Sashimi = Medium Fish or La..

Unlimited presents

There is a way you can keep giving people without losing it. All you have to do is take your cat and/or dog and show it to people as long as you want and you'll be popular in no time.

ALL recipies for Harvest Moon DS

Okay, people have been asking other people to post this, so now the wait is over!
This is going to be a LOT of typing

Frying Pan: 23 Recipes
Stir Fry
Oil + Cabbage

Fried Rice
Riceballs + Oil + Egg

Savory Pancake
Cabbage + Flour + Egg + Oil

French Fries
Potato + Oil

Potato + Onion + Egg + Flour + Oil


Corn + Milk

Happy Eggplant

Scrambled Eggs
Egg + Oil

Egg + Milk + Oil

Omelet Rice
Egg + Milk + Oil + Riceballs

Apple Souffle

Curry Bread
Bread + Curry Powder + Oil

Marrying Celia

First, you need to give her a present every day (preferably cake!) this will add points to her LP! then you need to witness these heart events:
Black heart event - Vesta's Farmhouse - 10:00am TO 12:00pm - Rainy Day - NOT MONDAY!!! LP needed - 0 to 10,000
Purple heart event - Path to goddess pond - any day - NOT MONDAY - 3:40pm TO 6:00pm LP needed 10,000 to 20,000
Blue heart event - Dr Hardy's Clinic - rainy day - any season EXCEPT WINTER!!! - 6:00am To 12:00pm LP needed 20,000 to 30,000
Yellow heart event - Blue Bar - any day EXCEPT WEDNESDAY!!! 4:00pm TO 6:00pm

fishing rod hint

You get a fishing rod at Galen's house on Saturday at 11:00am-1:00pm


Once you have the sword press A next to the stones that block the cave behind the waterfall, you can then get through to the field there. This field allows crops to grow quicker than they would anywhere else - they are still affected by seasons, unlike the basement.

Easy cash during winter

During winter have the fishing sprites go and fish for a week. Repeat unltil winter is over... You get lots of money because the sprites catch a rare fish and send it to get shipped.

Make freinds with Darl

If you want to be able to talk to Leia the Mermaid you must make freinds with Darls first.
If you show darl your dog/cat he will get 1fp.
But Darl Loves Coloured grass. If you give him some coloured gras his fp will go up 8fp+
Hope this was helpful


Ok here it is it's very easy all you have to do is in winter go to the harvest sprite place the big tree near the spring and get the fishhing team to fish at tje OCEAN thenreal in the money


In order to get a horse you have to ship about 1000 items

Max money easy

Here they are in steps the way I do it:
1.Wait until AU 30
2.Get all the fishing sprites I can in ONE day.
3.Wait until 10 AM then go to the sprites house.
4.Ask for ONE day of fishing at the BEACH.
5.Go to sleep.
6.The next day go to the beach as soon as you wake up.
7.Talk to the sprite.
8.Fish until you get a bite.
9Reel it in.
10.Give it to the sprite.
11.Go to bed.
12.Wake up.
13.Check money.
14.You should have $1,000,000,000.
*15.If not to bad.
There so go and get rich!
((*)means optional)

Whaddya know. More glitches.

Cody the magician!:If you follow Cody around, sometime around 10:00pm, he will disappear. He re-appears back in his house.
Wife glitch:Sometimes after the New Years Dream Event, if you're married, you'll see your wife standing up in bed.
Farm Degrees glitch:Apparently some poor people reported their farm degree dropping after the New Year.
Witches heart event:Sorry to all you Witch Princess fans, but for the witch's purple heart event, you must kill 50+ animals. However, the game does not record that, thus making her unmarriable.
Buckwheat Flour Glitch:This glitch is kinda iffy about if it happens or not. You may or may not have noticed this but you cannot get buckwheat flour from Thomas at the New Year festival anymore, thus making your shipping list incomplete, thus..

through it out!

You know those little gift thingys the witch princess gives you after you've walked 100 steps etc.. ? (kinda looks like a picture) I learned this from another site but as soon as you get them, through them out! They slowly bring down your status as a farmer

Mushrooms for selling.

You could get a lot of money by selling mushrooms.
You could either gather wild mushrooms, or grow them in your Mushroom Shack.
To grow mushrooms, get Gotz to build the Mushroom Shack, then buy Mushroom seeds from Vesta.
After that, get a piece of lumber, and place it on any of the tables in the Mushroom Shack.
Use the mushroom seeds on the piece of lumber, and water them everyday.
The more you water the mushroom seeds, the faster they'll grow.
There are three types of mushroom that I found; Shiitake mushrooms, Matsutake mushrooms, and Toadstools.
My tip is that you should grow mushrooms in Spring or Summer, so that when Autumn(Fall) comes, you could sell the mushrooms you're growing, and gather wild mushrooms at the same time!

Pass time during a blizzard or thunderstorm.

If you have Gotz build the bathroom in your house, during storms where you cannot go outside, you can go into your bathroom and pass 10 minutes of time.

Hot Springs

[size=10[color=red][/color] ]The hot springs can be earnt either by triggering Flora's 3rd heart event. (When she is on blue heart walk up from Vesta's farm toward the site with the tent at 11:00 pm, answer scout) or when your child is born.[[spoiler][/spoiler] /size]

1 billion G glitch

To do this cheat you must have at least 1 member of the sprite fishing team (indigo sprite team), you can get 1 of these sprites by casting your fishing rod into the watering hole on your farm. Anyway, back to the cheat. Hire the sprite fishing team for as long as possible. Hopefully, within a few days, the sprites will catch the 1 billion G fish!! Keep checking on your money total It'll say 1 billion G within no time!! Don't worry about spending it all, if the fishing team are still working, the 1 billion G will be back the next day. Spend your money on building golden lumber buildings (they are invincible against snowstorms, etc). If you hAve any money left over, I recommend buying the 1 million G tickets from the sprite tree, you'll have loads of them and if your money runs out you ca..


Lotsa Gold Glitch:
Hire the fishing team for one day during winter at the beach. Then the next day when they're working, then go to fish with them until you get a bite. Reel it in and give it to one of the sprites. Then go about your daily business until the days over. Then when you wake up, you should have a lot of money.
Ghost Town Glitch:
I haven't gotten this, but it's apparent that everyone at some point is locked in there houses and will not come out. I think the way to fix it is to throw your ball into the pond and make Thomas come out and retrieve it.
Horse Milking:
This is a glitch everyone can get. When you go to brush your horse or sheep, while your character is doing the brushing, quickly switch to the milker. You should get a glass of milk from the h..

BIG MONEY.......

(1) First make sure you have got your hoe equped and run as fast as you can to the mine and dig whatever you get sell it to van (he comes to the top floor of the inner inn on days that end in 3 or 8) keep doing so and yourl be filthy rich.

Chicken money

This may sound mean 2 some ppl, but how I get money off of chincens is that I would buy 1 chicken(do NOT sell it), hatch a chick, when that 1 grows (do NOT sell it) put it's eggs in the incubater while the mothers eggs you keep, when the coop is full, you sell the eggs that the 2nd chicken (the HATCHED 1) lays, when the 3rd and 4th chicks are born, wait 4 them 2 grow, then sell them. Just keep this up, and each chicken that you sell will give you 500g (if hasnt 1 any cotasts.)


If you want to marry someone don't let any of your animals diy or the love points of the one you want to marry will go down .......ALOT!

How to get a christmas stocking

To get a Christmas stocking you must have a sheep and a yarn maker. Shear your sheep and get some wool. Head over to your maker shed and drop the wool in the yarn maker. Keep the yarn safe until winter and at any date in the wintertime, take the yarn to Nina's Housman give it to her. After she has finished knitting, you will have a stocking hanging on the hook at your house!!
Note*: you have to raise Nina's friendship points to at least 200 to make her knit the stocking. An easy way of doing this is to show her your cat/dog continuously for 1 friendship point each time. For 9 friendship points, give her yarn everyday, but make sure you keep one ball of yarn for winter for the stocking.
Hope I helped, will hopefully have some youtube videos out soon !!
Lauren x

Watch out for....

As you may or may not have noticed, the rival events happen more frequently than on FOMT or MFOMT. So to prevent this, I think that you should try to give the girl you like before the rival is in the same place as her. Lucky for you I will list all the rivals.
Muffy's Rival is Griffin
Celia's Rival is Marlin
Nami's Rival is Gustafa
Flora's Rival is Carter
Lumina's Rival is Rock
Also if you do manage to get them in the same place, if you haven't seen any other rival events, do not catch:
Do not catch Nami and Gustafa at the pond by Cody's
Do not catch Lumina and Rock at the Goddess Pond
The rest of these are somewhat easy to trigger accidentaly, as they often are in the same place
Muffy and Griffin at the bar
Celia and Mar..

Don't eat it!

During summer when there's loads of different coloured grass, collect every single piece of coloured grass you see. But, don't eat them! If you sell them you will get about 200 to 300G per piece of grass and because they come back each day you can get plenty of money and quick.

More Plants For Less

If you have seeds and other tools with you where you plant, plant the seeds into the ground where the ground has been tilled. As soon as you plant the seeds, quickly change the seeds with another tool. Then most of the time, poof! You still have your seed bag and you have planted some seeds.

Powerful Tools, at an Early Time

When you start the game, you have pretty much nothing to do except gathering things, right?
So, if you've got nothing else to do, you should be training with your tools!
Training means using your tools on air. I've done it before, it works!
You don't need targets like weeds or stones to raise your tool's level.
Even though you're using your tools on nothing, they still gain experience!
The best way is to train in your house( or any other building, in fact. )
This way, the time won't pass along, so you'll have a whole day to do other things after you've finished training!
Be warned though, don't train too much in one day without eating anything.
You may faint.
Prepare Turbojolts or Bodigizers just in case you're near to faint..

Quick money

A quick way of making money is to go to Carter's Dig and enter the excavation site. Next, get out your hoe. Now, use the hoe on every square in the first area (The area that you are in when you first enter the excavation site, without entering one of the four digs at the back). You should get a fair amount of items, such as: earings, brooches, bracelets and any other jewelery. These all sell for around 2000 to 3000 G each if you sell them to Van on the second floor of the Inner Inn on those days ending in 3 and 8. If you do this everyday then you'll have a lot of money in no time.

Hints and Glitches

I know a lot of people say this but some are WRONG.
Fishing cheat: Any time in winter you can hire the fishing team and just give them a fish. You will have 1 billion g the next day. You can repeat this over and over again.
Chickens without a house: You can use this to have chickens without a bird house. Just plant some grass in the superfield. And your chickens can live in there. And as long as theres grass you don't have to go there unless you want to pet them.
No weeds: Plant grass all over your farm. (Not the entire farm but as much you'd like). You want have room for many weeds and you will have fodder.
If some of these don't work then Oops and I'm sorry.


Buy 1 medal from the sprite at the casino desk, save, then play poker 4 10 medals. Win, save and continue if you want. Lose, reload, go again, or leave. ALWAYS remember 2 sav after winning!

Water water crop crop.

I have found out that you don't have to water grass or trees for them to grow it is nice for people who don't have a good watering can and it doesn't take any longer for them to grow!

wierd glitch

Okay for those of you who don't know there is a second house upgrade and if you don't know this you can only upgrade your house during fall if you do know good for you. Either way not sure how this happened but I upgraded my house with only 200 stone when it calls for 700 stone all idid was buy 87 stone (to make my 113 200) and ordered a house upgrade there for saving a lot of time, effort, and money.


Heres how you get 1b gold. In the winter, hire the fishing team and set them to work in the sea. Every day they work you could randomly be given 1billion gold.

Easy Money

It works very easy. First, Go to the cave and start digging. Then you should find some jeweleries and sell them in Van's Shop. Tested and 100% working!!!

Make 1 Billion Gold fast

I know some of you are probably rummaging around the mines looking for the bags of gold that are worth 10-100 gold only but heres a cheat on how to make 1 billion gold easily.
On the 2nd day of winter make sure a fishing sprite is working at the beach for the first time.
(which means make sure it's the first time you've hired the fishing sprite)Ive recieved a few comments saying the cheat doesnt works, but it's worth a try (it worked for me!

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