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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

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Check out our collection of cheats whcih includes an advanced monster scout proficiency test, commissioner prizes, completion bonuses and spawn points.

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We have 16 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker please send them in here.

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Commissioner Prizes

When you have collected the indicated amount of skills or monsters during gameplay the commissioner's employees will give you your prize.
Unlock Metal Kaiser Slime:
Collect 150 Skills.
Unlock Metal King Slime:
Collect 100 Skills.
Unlock Leopold:
Collect ALL the Skills.
Unlock Liquid Metal Slime:
Collect 100 Monsters.
Unlock Grandpa Slime:
Collect 200 Monsters.
Unlock Empyrea:
Collect ALL the Monsters.
Unlock Robbin' Hood:
Collect ALL the Monster and Skill libraries.

Completion Bonus and Spawn Points

Completion Bonus:
When you have completed the game you will be given a prompt to 'Save'. If you then continue from the saved file there will be a bonus dungeon.
Spawn Points on Desert Island:
During the night go to the bowl of the second desert island you can reach and you will find three spawn points there. One is behind the tent, another is next to a rock while the third is on the side of the cliff when you climb down.

Advanced monster scout proficiency test

Ok, we all know about scout proficiency test right?Well, heres the answeres to the advanced one that apears after you complete the first one and the end credits role, and it is hard!!!So heres the answeres:
1:slime knight.
3:green dragon.
4:any monster with "great" in it's name.
5:any monster with "man" in it's name.
6:living statue.
8:tortured soul.
9:this ones tuff, a malroth.synthesis a demon-at-arms, with the living statue problem #6(or a khalamari or a buffaloge).
10:As you have noticed, the problem are hard and thi is the last so............ BRACE YOUR SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring him the same type as your first monster!!!!!!!!!

king slime at the beginning of the game

at infant isle (first island) get four slimes 2- and 2+. get them all to level ten and synthesize them. the mix the two synthesized slimes to make the king slime

Infinite Seeds of Skill!!!

This is a very easy cheat to do.
1st, change the time of day to night by resting in the scoutpost
2nd, know all of your "seed of skill" locations
3rd, go to all of the locations
4th, get them all,change the time to day, go to a different island, save at the scoutpost, and turn off the power.
Then turn it back on, change the time again to night and go back to them island you just left and they should be there again!!!
Sometimes it doesn't work so don't worry just go to a different isle.

Found, posted, and shared entirely by,

Thanks for Reading!! XD

Quick Level up

This hint is for a Quick level up follow these directions exactly.
1.Have a Monster with metal slash
2.Have 10000 Gold
3.Go Down in the sewers on Domus Isle talk to the blue-haired girl next to the weapon vender.
4.Pay 10000 Gold for the metal ticket
5.Go to Palaish Isle Go up the stairs next to the scoutpost Go to the Man that does the Garden Challenge.
6.He will ask if you want to use the Metal Ticket say yes.
Note. Go in with one monster with Metal Slash and go nuts and you will gain levels real quick.{Hope you got a deep Pockets cause this costs but it is worth it}

monster scout proficiency test

Ok,on infant island theres this tent with this old-guy inside. He'll give you tis test. I'll give you the info:
Prize:medical herb
A:any monster scouted
Prize:animagic powder
A:any monster that can be equipt with a cypress staff(like a dracky or a platypunk)
Prize:magic elixer
A:a ghost,stump chump,or winky.
Prize:power whip
A:any dragon family monster.
Prize:seed of magic
A:any E ranked monster.
Prize:martial artist's scroll
A:any monster snthesised
Prize:darkonium or yagdaisil leaf if you already turned in your 10 darkon..

metal ticket

There's a blue-haired lady near the item shop in the domus isle sewers who(after the end credits roll) sells you a metal ticket for 10,000 G.The ticket gets you into the metal menagerie instantly!You can buy a new one once you use it.

Mumboh Jumboe get!

Getting mumboh jumboe takes a while to get but is fairly easy. Synth a jum (Puppeter and nearly every thing) use the jum to synth a boe (Jum and virtualy any nature monster)Get another jum (make sure one of the two is - and the other is + or one is -+). Synth the two for a living statue. Get another jum. Synth it for a boh (Jum and any beast monster). Get a mum from the girl in sewers (after you enter challange, if you synthed that mum already then get anothe jum and synth it with any matireal monster). Make sure that one is + ond the other is - or one is -+. Synth the two for a living statue. Make sure one living statue is - and the other is + or one is -+. Synth the two for a Mumboh Jumboh. The living statues MUST be synthed with mum and boh and jum and boh.


0001 = Slime
0002 = Bubble slime
0003 = Shell slime
0004 = Healslime
0005 = Drake slime
0006 = Metal slime
0007 = Slime knight
0008 = Wild slime
0009 = Liquid metal slime
000A = Angel slime
000B = King slime
000C = King bubble slime
000D = Metal king slime
000E = Grandpa slime
000F = Gem slime
0010 = Trode
0011 = She-slime
0012 = Snail slime
0013 = Cureslime
0014 = Behemoth slime
0015 = Beshemoth slime
0016 = Dragon slime
0017 = Metal slime knight
0018 = Metal kaiser slime
0019 = Dark slime knight
001A = Dark slime
001B = King cureslime
001C = Darkonium slime
0031 = Komodo
0033 = Argon lizard
0035 = Green dragon
0037 = Jargon

King Slime: Rank C for those of you who can't wait to get a stro

There are three ways, that I know of.
You can wait till you are stronger and get two Behemoth slimes, and synthesize them to get an easy King Slime..
And the hardest way, to scout it on Infant Isle, which is impossible for people with F ranks.
So, here's what I did. Of course, I had a bunch of A ranks already, so this might have helped earlier. All you have to do, is scout four slimes, 2 negative, and 2 positive. When they hit level 10, synth them to get two slime+1s, hopefully one will be + and the other -. If so, level them both to level 10, and synth them. And there you have it, a King Slime+2, Rank C. The King Slime is not only more powerful and has a lot of health at a higher level, but mine can withstand a Rank X monster now.

Quick exp and money

Go to xeroph isle and battle and defeat loads of komodos, they are quite tough so get great monsters on your team and weak monsters in substitutes (sub monsters get exp as well).
It Works.

rare monsters breeding formulas

Dragovian lord:Rhapthorne 2(Rhapthorne + Zoma) and Dragonlord(Alabast Dragon + Captain Crow + Alabast Dragon + Gem Slime)
Zoma:Malroth(Demon-at-arms + Buffalogre)and Dullahan (Tortured Soul + Bone Baron)
Mortamor:Estark (scout in dr snap's lab) and Nimzo(Malroth + Drakulard)
These where the ways I made my monsters for a good breeding chart go to:
(this site helped me when I got stuck on some monsters e.g Malroth)

Synthesize demon-at-arms

Need lethal armor(+) and great gold dragon thing(-). Can get great gold dragon thing by synthesizing boss troll(-) and hacksaurus(+).

Infinate skill seeds

So set the time to night and go to any isle and there should be a yellow orb somewhere collect it then save your game and fully turn your DS off then turn it back on and go to the place where you got the first seed and it should be there continue doing this and max out your skills!

metal menagerie

After you eneter the scout challenge, madum rummy opens up the metal menagerie. It's filled with metal slimes,liquid metal slimes, and a metal king slime!Of coures you'll have to defeat a high er amount of slimes over and over again each
time you want to go in again.Oh, and you only get 1min. 50sec. Every time you get in so use your time wisly!

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