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Chrono Trigger Cheats for Nintendo DS

Cheats and Tips for Chrono Trigger

We have 10 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Chrono Trigger please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : SNES

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Strength Capsules

When you encounter a Blubber Hulk on the Black Omen have Ayla use Charm on it and you will get a Strength Capsule. Then retreat and go back through the door with the two Nus you came through. This strategy can be repeated as many times as you want until you have the desired amount of Strength Capsules.

Unlock Dimensional Vortex Dungeon

This dungeon becomes available when you defeat Lavos at the end of Blank Omen and complete the game.

Unlock Magus

When confronting Magus for a second time in the Antiquity (12,000 B.C.) you will be offered a choice to fight him or to refuse his challenge. If you refuse, Magus will end the conversation shortly afterwords and he will join you as you begin to walk away. If you accept, you will be given a chance to slay Magus and end him permanently if you can win. Magus will then speak of how Glenn's (frog dude) curse will be undone and then he will explode into a bunch of sparkly things and you will get schala's amulet. I would highly recommend allowing Magus to join you because he is powerful and he will have schala's amulet anyways so you will still get it. The only difference is a slight ending change. By the way, Glenn will stay a frog for the remainder of the game until the ending as he does normally.

Monster class changes

If any of you are having trouble changing your smidge or monster into a different form, then raise it's trust. I had a lancer (yellow skeleton with a spear) that I totally hated so I never fought with it. I would give it a feral claw and send it away on a training expedition, wait ten minutes, and then pick it back up in hopes of a class change. Unfortunately, it never seemed to work. My monsters trust demoted to zero because they lose trust if you give them a feral claw and I could not get him to change. 12 times I did this until I finally thought to maybe raise it's trust by fighting with it. I brought his trust up to 33 and sent him away with a feral claw and he came back as a Magasaur (giant beige-yellow dinosaur that gets stunned from electricity).

arena monsters

Hello! I learned a bit about monsters in this game recently and I found out some more information having to do with class changes. Ok, so a monster changes class randomly after returning from training. Most of you should know this by now. Depending on the era and affinity (fire,water,light,etc). A feral claw boosts the chances of the monster changing while out. When a monster reaches the final stage, tier 6 will be unlocked and the affinity of the monster will no longer exist. A monster can also demote classes or change into a new affinity.

Unlimited Shelters

When you are inside Guardia Forest in 600 AD take the first right and then the upper path. When you reach the small clearing you will notice a bush in the upper left. If you go next to the bush and press A when it starts to shake a monster will jump out and run away leaving behind a Shelter. Get the Shelter and then leave the forest and re-enter repeating this process to get as many shelters as you want.

Recruit Magus

When you are confronted with Magus for the second time you are given two choices; 'Yes, I want to fight you' and 'No, I don't'. If you select the 'No, I don't' option you will not have to fight Magus and he will join your party.

Unlock Lost Sanctum Dungeon

When you unlock the Black Omen in 12,000 B.C. The Lost Sanctum dungeon becomes an accessible option in 65 million B.C. And at certain locations in 600 A.D.

Completion Bonuses

When Lavos has been defeated at the end of Blank Omen and the game has then been completed the Dimensional Vortex dungeon and New Game+ features will become available options.

Unlock Endings

Complete the indicated task during the game to unlock the corresponding alternate ending.
Unlock 'Reunion' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos while Crono is dead.
Unlock 'Beyond Time' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after reviving Crono at Death Peak.
Unlock 'Dino Age' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after facing Magus, but before facing Azala.
Unlock 'The Dream Project':
Deafeat Lavos in the Oceab Palace or immediately upon starting a New Game+.
Unlock 'The Oath' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after giving the Masamune to Frog but before fighting Magus.
Unlock 'What The Prophet Seeks' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after facing Azala, but before Schala opens the sealed door.
Unlock 'The successor of Guardia' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after saving Leene and Marle, but before visiting the End of Time.
Unlock 'Good Night' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after visiting the End of Time, but before returning to the Middle ages.
Unlock 'The Legendary Hero' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after arriving in the middle ages, but before obtaining the Hero's Badge.
Unlock 'The Unknown Past' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after obtaining the Hero's Badge, but before the Gate key is stolen.
Unlock 'People Of The times' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after regaining the gate jey, but before giving the Masamune to Frog.
Unlock 'Memory Lane' Ending:
Deafeat Lavos after Schala opens the sealed door, but before restoring the light to the pendant.
Unlock 'Dream's Epilogue' Ending:
Defeat the Dream Devourer beyond Time's Eclipse.

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