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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dimensional Vortex Guide

by Reptobismol

Dec. 2008
Chrono Trigger DS
Dimensional Vortex Guide Ver. 1.6 by Reptobismol


[1] Version History
[2] Introduction
[2.1] About the Vortices
[2.2] Preparations
[3] Antiquity Vortex ~ 12,000 B.C.
    New Enemies
    New Items
[3.1] Room Sets & Descriptions
[3.2] Frozen Cliffs
[3.3] Bosses
[4] Present Vortex ~ 1000 A.D.
    New Enemies
    New Items
[4.1] Room Sets & Descriptions
[4.2] Volcano
[4.3] Bosses
[5] Future Vortex ~ 2300 A.D.
    New Enemies
    New Items
[5.1] Room Sets & Descriptions
[5.2] Temporal Research Lab
[5.3] Bosses
[6] Time's Eclipse
[7] Frequently Asked Questions
[8] Credits & Thanks
[9] Contact Info & Legal Stuff


     -Ver 1.0 (12/12/08):
      The guide as it stands is complete, the only area sure to warrant
      further updating being the quiz section, as I have my doubts that the
      list contains every single one.

     -Ver 1.1 (12/12/08):
      A sizeable handful of spelling corrections, missed because they spelled
      real words nonetheless.

     -Ver 1.2 (12/14/08):
      An FAQ entry is given a more concise answer, courtesy of KFCrispy.
      Also, some Curious Village questions, courtesy of Hijongo.

     -Ver 1.3 (12/18/08):
      Minor fixes here and there, plus a big update to Dream Devourer's script
      thanks to someddrnoob.

     -Ver 1.4 (12/22/08):
      More Curious Village questions, courtesy of Moonie. In addition, I was
      able to find another four myself. This update added seven questions to
      the list! This makes a total of 30, though I'm not certain it's all of
      them. 32 kinda seems more likely.

     -Ver 1.5 (12/29/08):
      As of this update, the Curious Village section is complete! Another
      question was delivered by Hien Mai, albeit incorrectly, and I managed to
      find the final question myself. I was also able to fix an error I
      stumbled across while doing some more research; the number of Nus you
      can face in the Hall of Punishment is anywhere from zero to six. As if
      that wasn't enough for the Curious Village, I learned that each child
      has its own set of eight questions, so I've rearranged that section
      accordingly. Very pleased with this update.

     -Ver 1.6 (1/28/09):
      Found a small error in one of the boss strategies and fixed it up. I may
      or may not do more of them depending on my drive to decipher some battle
      scripts not pertaining to DD. I also, as it turns out, had been
      referring to the Sewer Access as its dated SNES name, so I can't nitpick
      at everything else and then leave that unchanged.


     Never thought I'd see this game on a handheld without homebrew.

     But who's complaining? A lot of people, from what I've seen. While the
game itself is almost unanimously agreed to be excellent and, as far as this
port is concerned, improved from the SNES, the bonus content did not deliver
to many gamers; particularly the Lost Sanctum. The Dimensional Vortices manage
to avoid the monotonous back and forth fetching but are still rather brief in
length, at least as far as purely new content is concerned. There will be no
ranting on the shortcomings of either, however, not only because I rather
(somehow) managed to enjoy both of them, but you're not reading this guide to
hear me piss and moan on about a tired subject you can get plenty elsewhere.

     I can assure you, though, that I've done as much as I can to make this
guide deliver where the content did not. I've dissected apart each area and
compiled everything I've learned into this guide, which I hope you'll find to
be quite enlightening (and helpful!) 

     Make full use of CTRL+F, as it'll help you find the names of treasure
(which I'm guessing is the #1 reason a person would look at this guide) and
their locations quickly.

[2.1] About the Vortices

     Once you've destroyed Lavos in any method the game allows, following the
credits is a brief display of rifts being torn open in three different eras,
leaving behind a vortex. You'll be told of the new sidequest and prompted to
save. While it was foretold that this content couldn't be accessed until New
Game +, the truth is, all that is needed is a cleared file. You can reload the
file you just completed and access the vortices. It's recommended you do this,
anyway, as you require the modified Epoch to access two of them, which comes
late in the game. By the time your New Game + file rolls around to that point,
you'll definitely be overleveled (assuming you don't flee every fight) and it
will strip a lot of what fun these dungeons and new bosses can offer.

     All three vortices work in the same format; you enter one from the world
map, step into a portal at the end of a corridor, and then are placed into a
randomly generated room belonging to a group of five. After you've exited
those five areas, you'll be given the chance to save and leave the vortex if
you wish; otherwise you can then enter a much larger, brand new area comprised
of several different rooms, ripe with ultimate equipment for the taking and
a few new enemies for the slaying (some of which are also in the Lost Sanctum,
but every new area does have at least two new faces.)

     At the ends of these new areas are a unique boss (though the Present
Vortex has two) that can only be fought once. A particular character must be
in your lead slot for the fight and three of their stats will be permanently
raised following your victory. You're able to save and leave before these
encounters, as well.

     As for the randomly generated rooms, there are eight different sets of
five rooms apiece per vortex. While most of these rooms are in fact old areas
revisited with the same enemies and locations as before (minus what treasures
existed there) each vortex has at least one brand new area. Three of these new
areas also contain enemies new to the port, and two of them contain some very
good equipment for both the male and female characters, that being the best
helmet for either gender. You can re-enter the vortices after defeating the
boss, so if you haven't gotten these new areas to pop up, keep trying.
The treasure can only be gotten once per game but these new areas effectively
allow you to have two Master's Crowns before a New Game +, so your persistence
will be rewarded!

[2.2] Preparations

     To put it simply, whatever level you beat the main game at, you are ready
for this sidequest. If your levels are low, then you should have more than a
strong grasp on vital equipment and would have stocked up on those items, and
if your levels exceed 50-60, then you're strong enough to survive and muscle
through most of your encounters.

     That said, you'll want the best equipment you're able to get up to that
point- Prism Helms, Moonbeam/Nova Armor for the males (Saurian Leathers you
get from the Lost Sanctum are even better) and Prism Dresses for the ladies.
The elemental Plates from the sealed chests scattered about and stolen from
particular lategame bosses are invaluable for the bosses you'll be facing, but
aren't needed until then. If you managed to get Lucca's Elemental Aegis during
the Lost Sanctum, score; keep it on. If you've yet to encounter the enemy that
drops the item you need for it, the Wonder Rock, don't waste your time roaming
around for one; you'll get your chance during the Antiquity Vortex. More on
that later.

     At this point in the game I've nearly maxed everyone's speed via capsules
and I value status protection much more highly than haste, so I don't bother
with Haste Helms. The Angel's Tiara takes care of that for the ladies, anyway.

     You'll be coming across some new weapons for everyone but Ayla and Frog.
If you did all the sidequests to this point your party will already be
wielding some good stuff, though I'd like to mention that Robo's Crisis Arm is
a godsend here and if you haven't come to love it, try to. Give him your Prism
Specs or Dragon's Tear (you may prefer the former on Crono if you've only got
one) and Magus is your prime candidate for the Gold Stud. When some equipment
swapping is called for prior to a boss I'll give my recommendations.

     This of course assumes you don't care at all for the Monster Arena, which
with persistence and luck can get you multiple Moonbeam Armors, Gold Studs,
Prism Everything, you name it. I think even the Angel's Tiara is in there.
Any hours you devote to that thing should reap some nice stuff.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO[3] Antiquity Vortex ~ 12,000 B.C. OOOOOOOO

For some reason I think the game "wants" you to start with the Present, but
I'm doing otherwise because then the guide flows smoothly from era to era.

New enemies:

-Slate Imp
About the closest thing to harmless you can get. Killed in one shot by just
about anyone's melee attack, they should be long dead before they can even
get to the second move in their script, the Jump Kick.

-Pink Imp
The slightly more defensive Slate Imp, these will counter with the Jump Kick
should you attack and fail to kill it. They also possess an earthquake-like
move and can inflict Slow.

-Wonder Rock
Rubbles with a lot more than a new coat of paint. Severely jacked up defense
and a Pyroclast counter (lava to entire party) means you can't just spam the
attack command until you land a hit and kill one. For what it's worth, they
don't just sit there anymore, either, and can Pyroclast or Drain your health
if they haven't already fled. That lava *hurts*, so you wouldn't be unwise to
equip whatever Red Vests or Plates you have beforehand to absorb it.

To get Lumicite from one, have Ayla Charm one with the Alluring Top
immediately. To actually kill one, I recommend using Antipode Bomb III
(Lucca, Marle, Flare + Ice II) and following up with another character's
strongest tech. Luminaire certainly works. In the 50s you should at least be
able to hit it for over 2000 with Antipode V3. The boatload of EXP, money and
TP pale in comparison to the armor you can craft from that Lumicite. Bring it
to the Reptite in Lost Sanctum post haste!

-Bone Knight
Chrono Trigger is no stranger to skeletons with lances. New to the fraternity
is this guy, lacking a fire weakness but packing crappy MDef anyway, so a good
Fire II is still the bane of their existence. Apart from stabbing you with
that spear they like to use Grudge. I've never seen them use their water
attack "Torrential Blast" but I'm guessing it's a renamed Water Surge.

-Soul Stalker
These little octopi are easy to kill with any level 2 spell not of the shadow
element, and you'll want to as they've got some nasty moves, namely Grudge and
draining HP. They'll counter attacks with the latter, and also pack Flame.

-Chaos Mage
Don't bother using magic on these guys, as their MDef is very high. I tend to
prefer using physical techs on them, since they can survive the usual attack
if it isn't a crit or the Crisis Arm. Falcon Hit does the job. Like the Ocean
Palace mages they pack the energy spheres and Lock ability; these things also
have the Psychokinesis move Azala liked to spam and Dark Flare. Not too tough.

I totally called one of the new enemies being another Heckran palette swap!
Like Heckran they use water spells, Ice II and Water II; they also use his
adorable slap-happy attack. Its moves go unwaveringly in that order, and each
time you attack it its strength and magic are boosted.

New items:

-Angel's Tiara
New helmet for the ladies. Auto haste and status immunity. Very sexy.

Location Summary: During the randomly generated room segment you may come
across a prehistoric-themed place the game calls "Strath." Look for a leafy
patch of trees on the right shortly after the beginning and you'll find a
hidden passage leading to a chest with this item.

-Shadowplume Robe
Designed for Magus, this robe gives him a sickening +20 MDef and Auto-Barrier.
Even the meanest magic attacks won't be killing him with this thing on.

Location Summary: During the Frozen Cliffs, take the left exit from the top of
the huge sloping area, then climb down the wall right before you, to a chest.

-Venus Bow
Marle's ultimate weapon. Guaranteed to land 777 damage, this thing is awful
for anyone but her. Unless an enemy has preset full immunity to attacks like
Spekkio or Jadewings, it ignores all manner of defense. Up yours, Nizbel.

Location Summary: During the Frozen Cliffs, take to the far right once you
enter the huge sloping area, and once you descend a ways take the first
rightmost exit you find. Drop to the snow in the next room, and walk to the
far left of the screen to enter a familiar cave. The first hidden passage
leads to the chest with this weapon.

-Regal Gown
Best armor for the ladies, it gives both Auto-Shell and Barrier. Still sexy.

Location Summary: During the Frozen Cliffs, following the snowy slope you'll
reach a vast, open area. On the far, lower right of this area is a chest with
the gown; when you pass through an opening between two ridges (a Snowbeast
will be prowling beneath it) take a right from that Snowbeast and you'll come
across the chest.

[3.1] Room Sets & Descriptions

     Prior to the Frozen Cliffs, you'll encounter one of these sets of rooms:

1. Guardia Forest -> Strath -> Dactyl Nest -> Site 16 -> Manolia Cathedral

2. Manolia Cathedral -> Site 16 -> Sunken Desert -> Strath -> Mountain of Woe

3. Dactyl Nest -> Mountain of Woe -> Manolia Cathedral -> Guardia Forest ->
   -> Site 16

4. Sunken Desert -> Guardia Forest -> Site 16 -> Dactyl Nest ->
   -> Fiendlord's Keep

5. Strath -> Manolia Cathedral -> Fiendlord's Keep -> Mountain of Woe ->
   -> Guardia Forest

6. Site 16 -> Fiendlord's Keep -> Mountain of Woe -> Sunken Desert -> Strath

7. Fiendlord's Keep -> Sunken Desert -> Strath -> Manolia Cathedral ->
   -> Dactyl Nest

8. Mountain of Woe -> Dactyl Nest -> Guardia Forest -> Fiendlord's Keep ->
   -> Sunken Desert

Guardia Forest
Enemies: Amantia, Scarab, Gilded Bellbird
Treasure: None
Descrip: This is the 1000 A.D. forest, complete with pathetic encounters.
They start you at the exit leading to the castle; avoiding encounters is easy.

Enemies: Pink Imp, Slate Imp
Treasure: Angel's Tiara
Descrip: A vertical passage through some prehistoric cliffs, with some forced
Imp encounters along the way. To get your hands on the Angel's Tiara, look for
the large group of leaves below and to the right of the huge circular platform
you immediately come across. Walk beneath the leaves and into an invisible
passage, which if taken down and to the right, will lead you to the chest
holding the item.

Dactyl Nest
Enemies: Cave Ape, Schist, Avian Rex
Treasure: None
Descrip: This is the final stretch of the nest leading to the cliffs where you
actually meet the Dactyls. Avoiding the lone unenforced encounter is just a
matter of not touching one of the Schists.

Site 16
Enemies: Ruin Stalker, Floral Horror, Crater, Rat
Treasure: None
Descrip: The rats will still steal your Potions or money rather than fight.
You can avoid all of the encounters here if you hug the walls opposite where
enemies are present, or in the case of Craters, simply avoid touching them.
If you do set off an encounter in a spot that had no enemies, next time take
the opposite side and you'll avoid it. 

Manolia Cathedral
Enemies: Diablo, Underling, Mad Bat
Treasure: None
Descrip: You're inside the large room with the trap staircase and must play
the organ again to unlock the door on the rearmost wall. That means pressing
the two skull switches again to retract the spikes and engaging five enemies
in the room with the organ. Apart from that battle which can't be run from,
avoiding all other encounters is just a matter of staying away from every
enemy. There's a lot of them.

Sunken Desert
Enemies: Sandrago, Vilepillar
Treasure: None
Descrip: Making it from one side to the other is incredibly simple; avoiding
the enemies isn't as so thanks to the sand. If you stay away from the sides
and the center of the area immediately before each staircase, though, you can
certainly try. I always manage to set just one off.

Mountain of Woe
Enemies: Rubble, Bomber Bird, Stone Imp, Gargoyle
Treasure: None
Descrip: You're placed at the end of the large second area, which contained
the respawning Rubble and save point. Both Rubbles in the area are still there
for that matter, so if you somehow haven't learned all your techs, kill them.
Otherwise work your way around, setting off all the encounters which AFAIK are
forced apart from a set of Bomber Birds before the chain leading to the Rubble
that would respawn. Naturally, like the treasure, there's also no save point.

Fiendlord's Keep
Enemies: Roundillo, Vampire Bat, Juggler
Treasure: None
Descrip: The first of the outer tower areas, with zigzagging staircases and
enemies rolling down them. Since I don't care to fight with Jugglers and use
my MP, I take to the underhangs whenever a Roundillo approaches.

[3.2] Frozen Cliffs

     Enjoy the "Singing Mountain" theme which up to this point had gone unused
in Chrono Trigger. Personally, I think after hearing it a little while, it
grows on you. Anyway, let's ransack the place, shall we?

     All you can do at the moment is go up, killing the Imps should you decide
to, climbing the cliff walls as you find them. When you first head left and
find a climbable spot trailing up and another trailing down, the downward one
will take you to a Megalixir. Take the upward one and climb the next wall you
see close by, then trek a short distance to the left for another chest, this
one containing a Lapis. Proceed all the way over to the right side of the
cliffs to another climbable wall, take it and the wall afterward, and you'll
be standing in a large clearing filled with Imps. You'll be seeing this place
a few times, so I wouldn't bother fighting them. To the left of that clearing
is another wall, which when climbed leads to a new area.

     Climb the next two walls and you'll get a forced encounter with four
Bone Knights. If you're going to take the opportunity to find and kill a
Wonder Rock during this vortex, you may want to run from the battle as you
could end up reloading the room (and that encounter) many times. Now, to the
right of that area is a spot to climb down, leading to another, and then a
chest containing a Hi-Potion. To the immediate right of that first climbable
wall, if luck is being nice to you, is a spawning point for Wonder Rocks.
If one isn't there, take the walls back down to the previous area and try
exiting then re-entering the room. When you do find one, remember that these
blue boys are NOT to be treated the same as Rubbles on Mt. Woe. See the New
Enemies section earlier in this portion of the guide to see how to handle one
of them. Anyway, Wonder Rock or not, to the right is a perfectly straight line
of snow. Stepping onto it will send you sliding into the next area.

     This huge room is one big slope, which will send you sliding to the very
bottom if you don't control your descent. There are multiple exits, two of
which leading to some ultimate equipment, so take those first. Start with the
one you can see to your left, on the map. Once you press a direction, hold up
and left so you can guide yourself to the little cliff with a wall to climb
down to the opening there.

     Immediately below you is a wall climb, which leads to a chest with the
Shadowplume Robe for Magus. Head back up and to the right, where there's
another wall climb, which isn't fully blocked by the Bone Knight and Chaos
Mages in front of it. If you don't want to battle, you can easily slip by
once the Mages reach the top of their arc. The chest to the right of that
downward climb contains an Elixir. To the right of that, another climb,
followed by a high drop to the snow below. To the right is the exit to the
next area of this vortex; to get the next ultimate equip, though, climb the
wall to the immediate left of the exit and step onto the snow, which sends
you uncontrollably sliding into the clearing with Imps. Back up the walls,
through the forced 4x Bone Knights encounter, back down the snowy slope and
into the huge multi-exit room. Wait for me, though, I have to get back to that
point, myself ;)

     Now, you want to move to the far right before you descend (skip the exit
you see there in the middle) and eventually you'll slide to a cliff with an
exit. Take it and you'll be perched on the edge of an opening in the cliff;
drop down and head to the left for a battle with a Chaos Mage and some Soul
Stalkers. While it looks like nothing else is here, walk to the left of the
screen and you'll enter a new area, the Winding Passage. It's the same passage
you took to the Tyrano Lair segment of the Lost Sanctum, complete with hidden
paths to the three treasure chests within.

     Once the passage slants downward, the first hidden passage will be on the
lower right, in the dip before the path slants upward again. The chest by the
torch in that little room contains Marle's weak yet suitable Venus Bow. At the
next downward slant and dip is the second hidden passage, leading to a
Megalixir. The passage furthest north which isn't even hidden leads to a Turbo
Ether. Now, get out of this place and back into the howling wind, deal with
the enemies as you see fit, and take the cut-off climbable wall downward.
The chest at your feet contains a Hi-Ether. Now head right, touching the Bone
Knight to trigger a battle with it and a Soul Stalker, then further right to
another cut-off wall climb. You've gotten everything, so head right instead of
climbing the wall that leads to the clearing again.

     This area just might be the single largest room in the game. It's wide
open space apart from some snowy ridges along the ground which force you to
walk around them. Of course, there's a handful of encounters, including the
new Snowbeasts. They give pretty good EXP, so go ahead and pummel them.
Don't just attack if you have a weak party, though, as they have 4000 HP and
taking damage repeatedly will considerably buff their magic. Anyway, if you
head down and adhere to the ridge, following along to the right, you'll
eventually come to a triangular shaped point. Stand here for a moment and look
closely. See the sparkles? The one you can grab right away is a Magic Capsule;
the other two are a Strength and Speed Capsule, which can be gotten after you
walk all the way around the ridge blocking your way. Head up, deal with that
Snowbeast and straight back down for your Speed Capsule. Move right and you'll
notice an opening in the wall for you to walk down through (stepping on a
patch of snow a little ways above that triggers a battle with some Chaos Mages
and a Bone Knight) if you look closely. If you don't see it, just head down
and you should simply walk on through. First, head left and return to that
triangular point to get the Strength Capsule, then straight down to a
Snowbeast on the prowl. Between the ridges and to the right of that Snowbeast
is a chest containing the Regal Gown. As far as ultimate equipment is
concerned, you've now fully pillaged the place.

     Anyway, proceed to the left and you'll find an opening between two
ridges, which when stepped into triggers a battle with more Bone Knights.
If you want an Athenian Water, first head up and to the left until you find
the chest sitting there. Head through the opening and to the left of the
Snowbeast nearby for a chest with an Elixir. From there, walk a long ways to
the right and into the final area of this vortex. Move right and you'll
trigger an encounter with two Snowbeasts. This happens to be one of the better
post-Geno Dome EXP farming spots, so if you're very highly leveled and feel
like taking a few minutes to gulp down some more experience, knock yourself
out. Otherwise head up the slanting ramps of snow and into the warp at the
top. Proceed along through this echoey cave and you'll find a save point.
Use it, refresh the party (equipping any Blue Plates or Vests you may have,
including one for Marle) and continue along, skipping the first gate, until
your party is stopped by Marle. She'll tell you she's being called forward or
something to that effect and be put in the lead of your party.

[3.3] Bosses

     Alabaster Shade
     HP: 16000
     Defense: 150
     Magic Defense: 67
     EXP: 5000
     Charm: Haste Helm
     Weak: Shadow, Fire
     Absorbs: ---
     Immune: Water

     Techs: Barrage, Icefall, Recuperate
     Counters: Barrage, Icefall

Strategy: Unlike your very own Marle, her crossbow actually packs a wallop in
relation to your party's own HP levels. Marle herself can take at least 300
damage from it, while in the low 50s. Even so, being a single target attack it
isn't too troublesome, and if you've equipped your Blue stuff her Icefall will
do you a favor. If you have Lucca with the Aegis, your Blue Plate and Vest go
to Marle & Co; otherwise give Lucca and your non-mandatory character the blue
equipment. Marle should be okay just healing repeatedly since she won't be
countered. Any unprotected character is sure to take a few hundreds' worth of
damage from Icefall, unless you're really packing on the levels at this point.

     She also happens to be the easiest boss in this sidequest. Her HP is not
whittled down but quickly plummeted by the likes of Antipode Bomb III and
Blaze Kick; my suggested cohorts are either Lucca and Ayla or Lucca and Robo
for the obscenely powerful fire double techs at your disposal. If you want to
Antipode as your primary damage source, use Robo for healing. Otherwise, leave
that to Marle, who is well suited to restore you after the single-target blows
stack up, and let Lucca do all the work with Ayla or Robo. Without Lucca, Robo
and Ayla make an excellent team with Beast Toss. In this case (or any case,
really) give Robo the Crisis Arm and Prism Specs to ensure his share of the
attack is as strong as possible. Ayla can have the Sunglasses since she won't
be reaping the benefits from Valor Crest much.

     After the fight ends almost as quickly as it began, Alabaster Shade will
approach and merge with Marle, powering up her Speed by 2, and both her
Accuracy and Stamina by 5.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO[4] Present Vortex ~ 1000 A.D. OOOOOOOO

     This vortex has two bosses, both of whom however are still at the very
end. This vortex also has the honor of not only sporting the Geno Dome
conveyor belt as one of its generated rooms, but also the large Black Omen
room with the two Alien (Ghaj) encounters, presenting you with the opportunity
to farm infinite Magic Capsules. Very nice! Because the sets always flow in
the exact order the rooms are listed, you can simply soft reset the game if
you begin with a room that isn't a part of a set with the Black Omen. Be sure
to change your party around after reloading your save, to change the RNG and
your odds of getting a different starting room.

New enemies:

These purple blobs can be semi-annoying if you don't kill them in one shot, or
quickly. They counter with Entice, which is the same attack Flea countered
with during your first encounter, and have a few moves that can land some
considerable damage on your meh MDef characters, among them Dark Flare and
Grudge. They're able to blind you with ink, though you're probably entirely
decked in status blocking gear by now.

-Ogan Youth
As ugly as any of the numerous palette swaps of the original Ogan. Like their
class of enemy, these things don't put up much of a fight. You may find your
weaker characters unable to dispatch them in one shot, however.

-Ogan Youth (Hammer)
These ones aren't heavily resistant to attacks until burned like the Ogans on
Denadoro Mt. They do, however, have much more HP. HP alone won't stop them
from being destroyed easily, though, and as such these guys are about as
threatening as Imps. Steamroll them as you please.

-Ogan Chieftain
With 300 more HP than Ogan Youths (who have 1300) you just might be unable to
kill them in one shot without Crono or Robo, or a crit.. which means eating a
Spinning Hammer counter. It's not remarkably painful, but it hits everyone and
is still annoying. Otherwise they have an earthquake attack along with the
standard hammer swing. If they're in groups, you might as well use magic.

-Dire Rat
Say hello to one of the most irritating creatures you'll ever meet.
They're not particularly strong, and their most annoying move won't even
damage you. But.. they.. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Forced encounters, no less!
You can run from them, but these speedy little buggers will likely still get
an Osmose off and piss you off, anyway.

-Red Ghaj
These guys are quite simple. All they've got is a single-target fireball
which powers up slightly each turn. That, and they counter magic with Flare.
Helping them out is a decent 3500 HP, so they're not a complete joke.
It's worth mentioning they give decent experience, too; 2300 a pop.

While not quite owning the Bottom Ten like the Dire Rat, these are still
more than annoying enough to dissuade you from approaching one. They absorb
all elements but water, pack a somewhat potent Fire II, and every time you
kill one, it self-destructs like Roundillo Bombers and nails the entire
party. The damage isn't shabby there, either. Get your Bestiary entry and then
avoid these things.

New items:

-Master's Crown
Best helmet for the gents. Combines desirable status protection with a boost
in the amount of damage its wearer inflicts. And it stacks with Prism Specs!

Location Summary: Inside the Volcano. Once you enter the first wide-open area,
you'll see a pack of Dire Rats scampering about; hang a right and follow the
curving path, taking a left once you reach the wall. Inside the opening there
are two chests; one contains the crown.

Magus' ultimate weapon. This sick sickle deals 4x damage with critical hits.
Prime candidate for Dragon's Tear, you say? Yesh indeed.

Location Summary: Inside the Volcano. During the first wide-open area you'll
be attacked by a Red Ghaj as you make your way down the right side of the
room. After the battle, rather than take the exit to your right, head left
through a partially concealed passage to find a Strength Capsule and slightly
to the right of that, another concealed passage with an exit downward. You'll
be in an area resembling Mt. Emerald; the chest is where the Prismastone laid.

Lucca's ultimate weapon. Works like the Crisis Arm in that its damage is
affected by the last digit of her MP. With a Prism Specs and 9 in the ones
digit, this gun is extremely powerful and outpowers even Crono's critical hits
at high levels. Beats the hell out of the inconsistent Wondershot, plus you're
still able to use Flare and techs that involve Flare without crippling its
damage. Makes you wish your party could have more than three characters.

Location Summary: The second large area has you trailing the walls as you make
your way around an enormous sea of lava. As you proceed downward, past some
ladders and another Red Ghaj is a curving passage; hug the right side when the
path meets the blackened wall (it's to the right of those Fireballs) and
you'll enter a concealed passage with the chest at the end. Somewhat easily

[4.1] Room Sets & Descriptions

     Prior to the Volcano, you'll encounter one of these sets of rooms:

1. Hallowed Falls -> Black Omen -> Prison Towers -> Tyrano Lair ->
   -> Truce Canyon

2. Truce Canyon -> Abandoned Sewers -> Geno Dome -> Ocean Palace ->
   -> Hallowed Falls

3. Black Omen -> Prison Towers -> Ocean Palace -> Abandoned Sewers ->
   -> Tyrano Lair

4. Prison Towers -> Geno Dome -> Black Omen -> Hallowed Falls -> Ocean Palace

5. Abandoned Sewers -> Hallowed Falls -> Truce Canyon -> Geno Dome ->
   -> Prison Towers

6. Tyrano Lair -> Ocean Palace -> Abandoned Sewers -> Black Omen -> Geno Dome

7. Ocean Palace -> Tyrano Lair -> Hallowed Falls -> Truce Canyon ->
   -> Abandoned Sewers

8. Geno Dome -> Truce Canyon -> Tyrano Lair -> Prison Towers -> Black Omen

Hallowed Falls
Enemies: Ogan Youth, Ogan Youth (Hammer), Ogan Chieftain
Treasures: None
Descrip: This foggy mountain has nothing but a dark atmosphere with its music
choice- the 2300 A.D. overworld theme. Otherwise, a few encounters with some
Hammer Bros., two of which forced upon you, and an ovular route to the exit.

Black Omen
Enemies: Ghaj, Narble, Watcher, Nomad
Treasures: None
Descrip: The only room with Narbles and Ghajes in the game, at least until the
Vortices went and brought it back. Your most concentrated source of Magic
Capsules lies here. Running from the battles is just as easy as dispatching
the enemies without fear of retribution, though you'll want to hit those
Ghajes with magic or something hard. The four Nomads on display won't trigger
a battle unless you actually press A next to one.

Prison Towers
Enemies: Royal Guard
Treasures: Mid-Potions
Descrip: An extremely brief segment of the 'escape-the-dungeon' sequence
following the Chancellor's failed attempt to execute Crono. The first guard is
quite easy to sneak up on; the second by the exit has the annoying habit of
looking away for only a split second. Checking their bodies after bludgeoning
them, as you probably know, gets you those Mid-Potions.

Tyrano Lair
Enemies: Terasaur, Volcanite, Reptite, Avian Rex
Treasures: None
Descrip: The treasures weren't the only things to be removed from this room;
the warps are also gone, making this place quite straightforward. To avoid
both enemy encounters, first stay to the very left as you move up, and once
you reach the far wall, simply adhere to it as you walk to the exit to your

Truce Canyon
Enemies: Green Imp, Fiendillo
Treasures: None
Descrip: The oft-traversed passage from the Middle Ages, following the time
gate. You won't be ambushed by any enemies as you walk up and around this
brief path to the exit this time around. If you want to beat something up,
it'll have to be those Imps.

Abandoned Sewers
Enemies: Dondrago
Treasures: None
Descrip: The long, winding passage in which any noise you make triggers an
encounter with multiple sea monsters. Extremely easy to avoid setting 'em off.

Geno Dome
Enemies: Deverminator EX, Version 4.0
Treasures: None
Descrip: The famous EXP-rich conveyor belt from Geno Dome, back for your
level-maxing purposes. All that's missing is the snide remark regarding your
human abilities once all is done. 40 MP (Lightning II x5) for 7000+ EXP? Deal.

Ocean Palace
Enemies: Zealot Mage, Monk, Warrior
Treasures: None
Descrip: The long series of staircases followed by battles with coat & mask-
wearing thugs. Monk my ass; these guys are gang members. If these were 2300
A.D. enemies, they would pack heat. That said, you can avoid the second and
third battles with good use of the run command.

[4.2] Volcano

     What better theme for a volcano than a Prehistoric one? The music
wouldn't have been my first choice, either, but whatever. All there is to do
as you first enter is to walk straight up and into the next area. Say hi to...

     Dire Rats. In a rare display of kindness, this group isn't a forced
encounter. Walk around them and to the right, along a curving path through the
lava. As you reach the wide area in the middle, a Fireball will appear; this
enemy is highly annoying in groups, so I suggest killing one now for the
Bestiary entry (some Dire Rats will even come along to mix things up. Fun.)
With those out of the way, continue up to the fork and take a left, heading
inside the opening nearby to find two chests; a Master's Crown and Athenian
Water are inside. That crown deserves equipping immediately. Exit the room and
keep to the right. Notice the top of a ladder, submerged in the lava, along
the way? You'll be climbing down it, later. As you turn downward you'll get a
forced encounter with another new enemy, the Red Ghaj. Don't hit them with
Magic unless you'll be able to kill it (3500 HP, no weakness.) After the
battle, you'll find the exit to your right, but first feel around for the
concealed passage nearby, on the right side of that wall jutting out to the
left of the exit. You'll come across a sparkle on the ground, a Strength
Capsule; to the right of that capsule is another concealed passage and an exit
through the bottom of the screen. You'll wind up outside, in an area
resembling Mount Emerald. At the top, where the Prismastone would normally
sit, is a chest containing Magus' best weapon, the Dreamreaper. If no one is
using the Dragon's Tear, try it out with Magus and his shiny new sickle.
His standard attack will still be rather unimpressive, but his critical hits
will deal between 3500-4500 damage, and with some luck it'll occur often.
With his new toy, exit Mt Emerald and go back through both hidden passages and
exit the room, on your right.

     In this next area, you've no choice but to follow along the thin path
wrapping around the sea of lava. As you round the first bend, you'll find a
pair of fireballs in your way; wait for them to inch toward the wall until you
can carefully walk by them. No dungeon with Dire Rats would be complete
without a forced encounter, and as you continue along, you'll face four of
them. Keep right and take the three ladders heading downward, battling a
Red Ghaj along the way, followed by the curving passage beneath it. To the
right of those three fireballs is a hidden passage; hug the wall where the
bend meets and you'll enter it. At the end sits a chest with Lucca's mighty
Spellslinger. At the moment, she won't be any better than anyone else with it,
and those Fireballs aren't worth trying anything on. Take the path down the
rest of the way and into the next area.

     Head left and climb the ladder there, engaging the Deathcreepers which
like to sit at the top, then continue right and up-down-up the series of
ladders you'll come to. When you have the option of two ladders to climb, the
one on the left will take you to a Strength Capsule between the walls, and the
right leads to another choice of ladders; the lower one, which can't be
accessed without taking out the Deathcreepers, leads to a chest with an
Elixir; the upper ladder can be climbed without a battle if you approach it
carefully from the left. After a few seconds of climbing, take the opening.

     You may not know it, but you're back inside the room you began in when
you entered the Volcano. That circle on the wall is a button; press it when
prompted and you'll trigger a reaction within. You're also now able to proceed
downward and left, setting off a Red Ghaj battle as you do so. Continue upward
and into the first wide area you came to.

     Now, go straight up past the Dire Rat pack and down the ladder you'll
come across, which you wouldn't have been able to use before. Inside the
opening is another switch, pertaining to the "Crater Observation Ladder";
again, which you should agree to press, setting off another reaction.
Leave, climb up the ladder and make your way through this area as you normally
would, avoiding the rats and Fireball, killing the Red Ghaj for good measure
and exiting on the right.

     This time, as you make your way around the sea of lava a second time,
you'll be able to climb down a ladder below the forced Dire Rat
battle, which wasn't there before. Your keen intellect should tell you that
this was indeed the Crater Observation Ladder. You can take the ladder without
triggering the battle if you hug the bottom edge of the path. Once down the
ladder, take the chest on your right if you want a Hi-Ether, and the opening
on your left.

     Last room. That Fireball will split into three if you touch it, and you
don't want that (do you?). If you wait until it moves far enough to the right,
you can step into the little dip there and move again when it passes on your
left. Further down, as you're about to step into the warp you'll trigger a
battle with two Red Ghajes. This battle earns you 4600 EXP, and would be a
good place to grind were it not for the time needed to run back and forth,
passing the Fireballs. With those gone, enter the warp.

     Save, equip some White Plates if you have them, then pass the warp on
your left and into the large space, where you'll be stopped by someone.
After a bit of mildly amusing dialogue, you'll face Dalton, no longer a
complete joke; with him out of the way, save and heal up, then continue
onward until Crono steps forward, his party members questioning his actions.
He'll take the lead slot of your party for the upcoming fight.

[4.3] Bosses

     Once-King Dalton
     HP: 26000
     Defense: 110
     Magic Defense: 72
     EXP: 6000
     Charm: ---
     Weak: ---
     Absorbs: ---
     Immune: ---

     Techs: Iron Sphere, Gale Slash, Energy Spheres, Scorch, Deep Freeze,
            Plasma, Nether Blast
     Counters: MP Buster, Violent Belch

Strategy: Dalton's actually got some stats a boss can survive on this time
around. Those names you see there- Scorch through Nether Blast- are nothing
more than alternate names for level 2 spells, Nether Blast being Dark Bomb.
While he covers every element in the book, once he takes on his third script
after losing most of his health, he'll start using his versions of level III
spells, the first of which being Luminaire. Once you manage to absorb or
nullify that, you can give him one or two more poundings and he'll be done.

     That said, his magic isn't so severe that Robo can't heal it all away in
one beam. Have him around for that plus Beast Toss with Ayla, which I've found
is highly effective in taking him down before he can exhaust his repertoire.
For your third character, while Lucca's Aegis can nullify anything with an
element, setting off Dalton's counter in his second phase, MP Buster, will
make Spellslinger inflict 0 damage. Instead, use Crono or Magus, making use of
your critical hits (Crono will easily outdamage Magus with Prism Specs until
Magus can pick up the slack with a well-placed crit.) Robo should have your
White Plate if you've got only one, not only to keep him alive for healing but
to maintain Crisis Arm's strength.

     Now for the general strategy. Conserve your MP until his second phase
hits, which comes quickly and alerts you via some dialogue from Dalton.
Until then, he'll just use any of his old moves, those being Iron Sphere, the
oft-seen fireballs, and the (un)absorbable Gale Slash. The single target stuff
can be healed when Robo could use a heal himself, unless Dalton somehow
focuses too much on one party member. Dalton will quickly enter his second
attack pattern.

     Now, any time you hit him or initiate a tech against him he'll counter
with MP Buster, which is certainly annoying but manageable. What you want to
do is let your non-tech using character get in a few solid hits, and after a
few thousand HP has been shaved off, start unleashing the Beast Toss or some
other very powerful double tech if you went against my suggestion. You want to
be hitting Dalton for big numbers now, no less than 6500. If he gets in an MP
Buster on a tech user, gulp down an Ether (use Ayla for this, taking advantage
of Angel's Tiara's haste) and let fly with another double tech after your
non-magic user has gotten in another couple hits.

     Eventually, Dalton will moan N-No.. or something to that effect, and the
final phase begins. Incoming Luminaire. Absorb or heal it off, then Dalton is
just a Beast Toss and some regular attacks away from defeat. True to his
other forms, he'll burp upon his demise and the party will eat a typeless
attack. Not particularly frightening by now. Should you fail to win shortly
following the Luminaire, he'll probably get in a Dark Matter as well.

     Steel Shade
     HP: 20000
     Defense: 170
     Magic Defense: 65
     EXP: 5000
     Charm: Prism Spectacles
     Weak: Shadow
     Absorbs: ---
     Immune: Light

     Techs: Gash, Energy Blast, Rend, Thunderfall, Scintillation
     Counters: Gash, Energy Blast, Rend

Strategy: This one is arguably the hardest of them all. His counters aren't
*that* dangerous to your well defended characters like Crono or Robo.
However, his Scintillation (Luminaire. Why do they have to rename everything
for these damn enemies?) is extremely strong and will annihilate your low-50s
characters to the tune of 1100+ damage if you're not protected. White armor is
a must unless you've got Magus and the Shadowplume Robe, in which case you
should be able to hang in there. Other than that, his Energy Blast, a cute way
of saying Wind Slash, can deal over 500 damage to Magus or Lucca/Marle without
resistant gear. Rend is his overhead slash and will tend to deal between
100-250 damage on average, depending on gear. One last thing to note as far as
moves are concerned is that while you won't be told it happens, your magic
techs will deal progressively less damage as you cast them. Antipode Bomb III
will start off immensely powerful and by the fourth or fifth usage, barely
scratch the 1000 mark.

     I recommend a party of either Marle & Lucca or Ayla & Robo as Crono's
backup. The former allows you to equip Crono and Marle with your White gear
while having Antipode Bomb III, and the latter gives you general strength plus
Heal Beam. However, Steel Shade's evasion is quite good and your melee attacks
not only run the risk of missing, but will set off encounters anyway. Make use
of Twister once Crono stops countering with Gash (second phase.)

     Because of the magic issue, begin by unloading on Steel with your
physical attacks and techs. Stick primarily with double techs that use a
character's solid accuracy stat, because the likes of Frenzy and Rapid-Fire
Punch are not guaranteed to hit (Frenzy can land some, miss some.) Ayla has
naturally high accuracy, so she works well. He'll counter with his standard
attack, Gash, each time you hit him, and a non-White Plated character will be
hungry for a heal after they're hit with Energy Blast. With Marle/Lucca, use
Aura Whirl for healing.

     I've never seen this guy counter with Thunderfall, but once he uses it as
a regular attack (or counters with Rend, whatever comes first) it's time to
exploit that Shadow weakness. Lay on with the Twister and Antipode Bomb III.
Heal whomever needs it, and keep at it. A few turns in, Steel Shade brings out
his trump card, the best spell in the game; at least, it would be, but you
came prepared for that, right? Revive your smoldering partners that came in
without a White Plate/Vest and land a few more solid hits, then you'll finally
be done with this tough boss.

     Following the battle, Crono's Speed will be increased by 1, and both his
Strength and Accuracy by 5.


     This vortex has a couple claims to fame itself; it houses not one, but
two brand new areas in its pool of randomly generated sets, but also a very
strong new enemy that can catch you off guard. Its dungeon following the
random sets is also the longest of the three, making use of a fun little
gimmick with your party.

New enemies:

-Bone Knight
Chrono Trigger is no stranger to skeletons with lances. New to the fraternity
is this guy, lacking a fire weakness but packing crappy MDef anyway, so a good
Fire II is still the bane of their existence. Apart from stabbing you with
that spear they like to use Grudge. I've never seen them use their water
attack "Torrential Blast" but I'm guessing it's a renamed Water Surge.

These purple blobs can be semi-annoying if you don't kill them in one shot, or
quickly. They counter with Entice, which is the same attack Flea countered
with during your first encounter, and have a few moves that can land some
considerable damage on your meh MDef characters, among them Dark Flare and
Grudge. They're able to blind you with ink, though you're probably entirely
decked in status blocking gear by now.

-Dire Rat
Say hello to one of the most irritating creatures you'll ever meet.
They're not particularly strong, and their most annoying move won't even
damage you. But.. they.. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Forced encounters, no less!
You can run from them, but these speedy little buggers will likely still get
an Osmose off and piss you off, anyway.

Another eyeball palette swap. These enemies have good evasion and an increase
in defense as a penalty for attacking them, which you won't notice anyway.
Otherwise, they'll launch single-target needles like Yakra or drain sizeable
amounts of your HP. One good crit from Crono (or anybody) and they're toast.

These roving robots behave like the fat dinosaurs of Prehistory, in that
lightning attacks severely cut their defense and paralyze them. They're quite
harmless after a jolt, and you'll want to do that before they move onto the
better attacks in their script, following their sleep-inducing move. Don't try
approaching or attacking these outside of battle; wait until you're forced to.

-Iron Maiden
A palette swap of Black Omen's Synchrite.. better known as the nastiest thing
you'll encounter outside of a boss battle. These naughty puppies flaunt a
solid 10,000 HP and great defense, plus a host of powerful moves. Their laser
and missiles may be strong, and their Osmose counter may be annoying, but what
really roughs you up is its all-party ramming attack which cuts your HP in
half. As you'd expect from such an enemy, it'll start spamming it, too.
According to the Bestiary they can self destruct, though I've never witnessed
it myself. Bring out the triple techs against these SOBs. You'll have the
delight of facing two at once.

New Items

-Master's Crown
Best helmet for the gents. Combines desirable status protection with a boost
in the amount of damage its wearer inflicts. And it stacks with Prism Specs!

Location Summary: One of the room sets you can encounter during the first
portion of the vortex is new, called the Ancient Keep. As you make your way
down the corridors, you'll eventually come to a large staircase; to the right
of that staircase is a chest, sealed off by what is actually a hidden passage
you can access on the left side of the small space.

-Apocalypse Arm
Robo's ultimate weapon, however not fully obsolescing the Crisis or Dragon
Arms. This baby deals crap damage with an attack power of 0 unless you score a
crit, in which case you inflict 9999 damage, like the Bronze Fist.
"Instant Rape: Just Add Dragon's Tears!"

Location Summary: In the southeast corner of the conveyor room of the Temporal
Research Lab, is an invisible passage through the right wall and into a new
area, the Millenia Wood. Scattered about are treasure chests, accessed via the
invisible passages in the woods nearby. Move down and around the first bend,
looking for a tiny patch of dirt on the right, nestled against the trees.
It marks the entrance to an invisible passage leading to the chest.

-Regal Plate
One of the males' best armors. The defense boost it offers is the same as the
Saurian Leathers, 88, but its stat boosts on the side are different; in this
case, it raises Stamina and MDef by 10.

Location Summary: Once inside the room with a myriad of warp points, one path
will lead you to the Regal Plate. From the start: go up, take the right warp,
then take the second warp you come to, staying high to avoid the Prototype;
then take the lower warp, followed by the right warp. The corridor you're
brought to contains a chest with the armor inside.

[5.1] Room Sets & Descriptions

     Prior to the Temporal Research Lab, you'll encounter one of these
     sets of rooms:

1. Arris Dome Substructure -> Heckran Cave -> Ancient Keep ->
   -> Denadoro Mountains -> Forest Maze

2. Mudbeast Den -> Ancient Keep -> Curious Village -> Forest Maze ->
   -> Fiendlord's Keep

3. Heckran Cave -> Fiendlord's Keep -> Arris Dome Substructure ->
   -> Mudbeast Den -> Denadoro Mountains

4. Forest Maze -> Mudbeast Den -> Heckran Cave -> Fiendlord's Keep ->
   -> Denadoro Mountains

5. Fiendlord's Keep -> Forest Maze -> Mudbeast Den -> Ancient Keep ->
   -> Curious Village

6. Curious Village -> Denadoro Mountains -> Fiendlord's Keep ->
   -> Heckran Cave -> Arris Dome Substructure

7. Denadoro Mountains -> Arris Dome Substructure -> Forest Maze ->
   -> Curious Village -> Mudbeast Den

8. Ancient Keep -> Curious Village -> Denadoro Mountains ->
   -> Arris Dome Substructure -> Heckran Cave

Arris Dome Substructure
Enemies: Version 2.0, Exterminator
Treasures: None
Descrip: This is the room before the super computer containing data of the
major shit that went down on 1999. Head up past the robot and take the
catwalks that wrap around the wall ahead, then take the left staircase onto
the next catwalk, which will bring you around to the door. Don't bother with
the sealed door next to it.

Heckran Cave
Enemies: Underling (Blue), Djinn Bottle, Cave Stalker
Treasures: None
Descrip: You'll be thrown into battle with the two henchmen that accosted you
the first time through, without any dialogue. From there, it's a short trip
around and down the ladders of this first room of the cave, triggering a
second battle before the exit.

Ancient Keep
Enemies: Dire Rat, Deathcreeper, Bone Knight
Treasures: Master's Crown, Hi-Potion, Elixir, 50,000 G
Descrip: A completely new area for your enjoyment, stocked with Dire Rats to
keep you from getting overwhelmed. The Dire Rat battles are forced, at that.
While that might automatically make you loathe this place, there's a Master's
Crown here for the taking, so you still want a set containing this room to
appear. At numerous corners or junctions you'll find enemies; among the Dire
Rats are Bone Knights and Deathcreepers.

For the Master's Crown (from entrance): Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down,
Right, Down, Right, and to the right of that huge staircase is a phony wall,
which you can pass through to get at the chest nearby.

For a Hi-Potion, stay to the right when you first turn in that direction, and
shortly past the downward fork will be a chest guarded by Deathcreepers.

For an Elixir, hang right after turning down for the first time and continue
down past a Bone Knight, making a left through a phony wall when you see an
alcove on the right.

For 50,000 G, continue down from that path and deal with the Bone Knights and
Deathcreeper guarding the chest.

When you're ready to leave, walk up that huge staircase to the throne area,
where you'll face a 20-round battle, each consisting of six Golem Overlords.
Bootleg copies of the game, however, will net you a single battle with two
Bone Knights, Deathcreepers, and Dire Rats apiece.

Denadoro Mountains
Enemies: Ogan, Ogan (Hammer)
Treasures: None
Descrip: One of the first few areas of Mt. Denadoro, this place has only one
forced encounter- the first. To avoid the second Ogan that bum rushes you by
the ladder, stay even with it as you approach from the left and you won't
trigger the battle.

Forest Maze
Enemies: Bao Bao, Kilwala, Crested Sprinter, Gold Eaglet
Treasures: None
Descrip: You begin at what was the end of the maze, and must make your way to
the beginning. Take the vine ladder ahead of you and then keep to the right
until the grassy ledge curls down to ground level. Then proceed up until you
can go no further, left and down, across the log bridge and up the nearby vine
ladders. The entrance is a short distance to the left.

Mudbeast Den
Enemies: Mudbeast
Treasures: None
Descrip: This is as straightforward as it gets. Head up and engage the two
pairs of Mudbeasts, which can't be run from. At the end you'll have to climb
partially up the chain to initiate the warp into the next area.

Fiendlord's Keep
Enemies: Underling (Purple), Blue Gargoyle, Sorcerer
Treasures: None
Descrip: The first of the numerous strings of consecutive battles during the
raid on Magus' Castle. They're all weak to fire, so if you choose to fight
them off, Lucca or Magus will prove useful.

Curious Village
Enemies: Nu
Treasures: None
Descrip: The most diverse, and interesting for that matter, room in the
entire set of them. The area is made up of four rooms lined in a row, each
with a child blocking the door, who will move once you answer a question
correctly or incorrectly. They're all incredibly easy for the most part, some
of which providing joke answers, should you be tempted to choose the wrong one
intentionally. Tempting fate by choosing the incorrect answer will get you
sent to the Hall of Punishment, a similar getup as the quiz rooms; on your way
down the hall, you'll have to battle any number from 0-6 Nus as you enter each
of the four rooms along the hallway. Once you kill the first you'll notice
that you're not richly rewarded, and you don't get anything for answering all
four questions correctly, so you might as well just move along and get them
all right.

Each child has its own set of eight questions to draw from.

First Child:

What is the name of the red stone needed to repair the Masamune?
-Dreamstone **

What is the name of the device Lucca invented to stabilize Gates?
-The Gate Key **
-The Telepod
-The Zonker-38
-The Mammon Machine

What item can you obtain by trading fangs and petals at the trading hut in
Ioka Village?
-Mammoth Tusk
-Ruby Gun **
-Red Plate
-Primeval Blade

There is a statue behind Magus when you fight him in his keep. How many arms
does this statue have?
-Four **

To which of the following elements is the Dragon Tank's head immune?
-Fire and light **
-Fire and water
-Light and water
-Fire and shadow

Who is the leader of Medina in 1000 A.D.?
-Ozzie IV
-Ozzie XIII **
-Ozzie XXII
-Ozzie the Great

What do Masa and Mune claim makes them unstoppable?
-Their brains and beauty
-Their strength and style
-Their brains and bravery **
-Their strength and balance

Which of the following is not one of the racers in Leene Square?
-Steel Runner
-Green Ambler
-Catapult **
-G.I. Jogger

Second Child:

What is Frog's true name?
-Glenn **

What is the name of Cyrus's attack?
-Nirvana Strike **
-Meteor Strike
-Armageddon Strike
-Solar Strike

Which other tech has the same effect as Frog's Frog Squash?
-Dark Matter
-Dino Tail **

What is the name of the cat Magus had as a child?
-Alfador **

When did Lavos first arrive on the planet?
-Prehistory **
-Middle Ages
-1999 AD

What is Magus's true name?
-Janus **

What is the name of Magus's sister?
-Schala **

What winged creatures must you ride in order to reach the Tyranno Lair?
-Dactyls **

Third Child:

With whom can you practice your fighting skills at the End of Time?
-Spekkio **

What is the name of the giant skeletal monster that attacks Zenan Bridge in
the Middle Ages?
-Zombor **

What was the final invention of Belthasar, the Guru of Reason?
-The Chrono Trigger
-The Epoch **
-The Nu

What is the name of the Ioka Villager Ayla likes best?
-Kino **

Who served as Crono's lawyer when he is placed on trial
at Guardia Castle?
-The King
-The Chancellor
-Pierre **

For whom does Flea harbor affections?
-Magus **

Who is your opponent at the Site 32 bike race?
-Johnny **

Who is the Guru of Time?
-Gaspar **

Fourth Child:

What is the name of the pink robot who wears a ribbon?
-Atropos **

Who is the leader of the Reptites?
-Azala **

Princess Nadia is also known by what alias?
-Marle **

The Epoch is also known as what?
-The Wings of Time **
-The Time Egg
-The End of Time
-The Black Omen

What type of magic does Magus use?
-Shadow **

What does Dalton dub the upgraded Epoch?
-The Dalton Aero-Cruiser
-The Dalton Air Chariot
-The Aero-Dalton Imperial **
-The Daltonian Airthrone

What icon is displayed to indicate Confuse status?
-An eye
-A star **
-A clock
-A question mark

What is the name of the singing humanoid robot in Leene Square?
-Gato **

[5.2] Temporal Research Lab

     Crono with his high-crit Rainbow and Light magic will be of tremendous
use to you here. Magus is also a nice asset, if he's got his new weapon and a
Dragon's Tear. The upcoming Iron Maidens are vulnerable to Black Hole, so when
you know you'll be fighting more than Searchers, equip a Gold Stud.

     You'll start off in an L-shaped room; enter the door on the left and
you'll be standing inside a large, square shaped room, filled with rectangular
spaces connected via a network of conveyor belts. A handful of these spaces
will trigger a battle with a Searcher enemy when you step into them; they pose
little threat. The only belt you can take right off the bat is ahead of you,
leading to a paper on the ground that tells you the Lab Director has the
release code written somewhere, likely backwards. Because you're reading this
you won't have to look for that code; instead, how about we pick up Robo's
ultimate weapon? From the space with that paper on it, head right, encounter
a Searcher (you may run from them) and then down. To your right is a phony
wall which you may pass through to enter a new area.

     You'll now be standing inside the treasure-rich Millenia Wood from the
Lost Sanctum. All of its goods are accessed via hidden passages amongst the
trees, easily found by pressing against them until you find yourself inside
one. I'll lead you straight to the Apocalypse Arm, however. Head straight down
and around the large bend, coming across a few dirt patches on the right.
The lowest dirt patch is peeking out from beneath a tree, and marks the
entrance to the passage leading to the chest with Robo's weapon. Exit the way
you came in when you're ready to leave; the other treasures consist of a Turbo
Ether, two Megalixirs, and 50,000 G.

     Back inside the conveyor room, head left, up, left (Searcher), down,
and left. The code sheet is laying here, but you had to pass through this area
in the first place, anyway; from here, go up, up, right, up (Searcher), and
left, then enter the door in the upper left corner.

     Laser beams will block your way on the left, so you must go through the
thick door ahead and around to the left. If you didn't already step onto the
square tiles, be warned: if one of the Prototypes "sees" you with its little
red eye, it'll charge and knock you into a lower room in which you'll be
pitted against two Prototypes. Hit them with lightning, then wail away with
regular attacks. Then, exit via the bottom of the room. Otherwise, if you're
trying not to get caught, you must cross the tiled floor when the Prototype's
eye is pointed away from you. They walk in rectangular patterns, as you'll
see. After making your way all the way over to the upper left, you'll be able
to enter a new area and a door afterward, which takes you to the lab's
mainframe. Press A in front of the console and you'll have to enter the
password; the developers have gone to great lengths to ensure that you don't
get this wrong. They tell you it's backwards, and then give you the code,
LLAB.. fine. Then they decide to, just in case you're retarded and couldn't
make the deduction yourself, hint that when input backwards it spells BALL.
Did you know balls are round? Well, you do now!

     Armed with your knowledge of balls, input BALL into the computer when it
prompts you, and you'll disable the security locks. Then make your way back
through the large room patrolled by Prototypes (you didn't deactivate them, so
they'll still charge you; be careful!) and once you've reached the other side,
head back through the thick door you used to get up there.

***If you want to keep using your current party, switch in three other party
members now. For that matter, I strongly suggest you switch out Magus and Robo
so they're on standby, and have Marle in your active party.***

     With your possibly slightly modified team, proceed to the exit of this
room and the alarm will go off, among other things locking your party inside
that area. One of your party members will go and pound on the door, calling
for help. Their call is answered.. three of your party members that were
on standby! They'll agree to try and help get you out. They might as well,
seeing as they inexplicably left the group in the time it took to advance to
the door, somehow winding up on the other side. Anyway. If you took my advice,
you'll be able to switch Magus into your party from the menu and arrange them
however you like. Once your party is set, head to the conveyor belts.

     You now want to get to the northeast corner. So, go down, right, up
(Searcher), right, and right, taking the thick door on the right side of this
room. Now you'll be confronted by a series of corridors with one or more
warps. Generally speaking, making a false move will send you back to the
beginning, but you'll want to take two detours to pick up a Magic Capsule and
a Regal Plate.

For the Magic Capsule, simply go up, warp, and then take the left warp. In the
right corner of this L-shaped corridor is the sparkle. Pick it up, then warp
to the beginning.

For the Regal Plate, go up, take the right warp, then take the second warp you
come to, staying high to avoid the Prototype; then take the lower warp,
followed by the right warp. The corridor you're brought to contains a chest
with the armor inside. Further down is a warp to yet another warp, which takes
you to the beginning.

     You passed by a door on your way to the plate, so up-right-second-down to
return to the fork which contains the door, straight ahead of you. Enter the
room and press A next to the display to trigger a red alert. Apparently the
security was disabled by unauthorized personnel, and now the intruders must be
eliminated. You'll now engage in a five-round battle.

Round 1: Searcher
Round 2: Prototype
Round 3: Searcher x2
Round 4: Prototype x2
Round 5: Iron Maiden

     The first four battles are simple; just deal with them as you had before.
The Iron Maiden, however, brought out at "Maximum Alert" can actually pile
some heavy damage onto your party. It has two phases; the first of which it
uses standard robot fare to attack you- laser and missiles- and counters each
hit with Osmose. Once you knock off half or more of its 10,000 HP, it'll bring
out Attrition, a move in which it charges your party and cuts their HP in
half. It'll use this a few more times, presumably ending with a Self Destruct
to finish you off (I'd always destroyed it before that could happen.)

     Because of its defense, even Rapid-Fire Punch from Crisis Armed Robo will
only scratch it for a couple thousand. It's susceptible to Black Hole,
however, so if you've got Magus, by all means try your luck. Otherwise, a
steady helping of Dark Bomb and physical techs involving Robo will eventually
see this monstrosity destroyed. Press A in front of the console again to
unlock the doors and allow your trapped party to proceed. The laser beams to
their left will also be shut off, allowing you to take the lower route.

     You can rearrange your party again, since you'll assume control of the
formerly trapped one. Then, head back across the square tiles while avoiding
being caught in the eyes of the Prototypes. In the southwest corner is a door
whose access was cut off by laser beams until now. Enter it.

     If you stay still for a moment, you'll notice various points in these
corridors erupt with sparks. If you're caught in one while moving, you'll be
halted and take damage; continue to try and move while being halted and the
damage will pile on. If you do get caught, just stay still until the
electricity dies down and you can pass. Take this slowly, because once you
reach the wider area you'll have to face an Iron Maiden and a Searcher.
You can escape from these battles, now. Past them is another corridor with a
few chains of electricity to interrupt you, followed by another wide area,
this time without any battle; the corridor ahead, however, leads you to the
widest part of the room, containing a thick steel door which takes you out
of this place.. ..but not before facing two Iron Maidens. If you want to be a
chicken and run, do so.. otherwise, I recommend offing them both instantly
with Black Hole. Through that thick door is a warp, taking you to the murky
cave you're used to by now.

     Save and heal up, making sure to equip your fire-absorbent gear, then
proceed to the end of the cave for the last of the vortex bosses. Like the
previous two, you must lead with a particular character; Lucca assumes
command this time.

[5.3] Bosses

     Crimson Shade
     HP: 12000
     Defense: 150
     Magic Defense: 78
     EXP: 5000
     Charm: Nova Armor
     Weak: Water
     Absorbs: ---
     Immune: Fire

     Techs: Barrage, Shadow Fire, Explosion
     Counters: ---

     HP: 10000
     Defense: 190
     Magic Defense: 80
     EXP: 250
     Charm: ---
     Weak: Fire
     Absorbs: Shadow
     Immune: Light

     Techs: Poison Mist, Flashbomb, Blaring Din, Permeate, Recover
     Counters: Osmose

Strategy: That Lucca clone doesn't look too impressive for a reason; that's
because the real threat in this fight is the Eggsterminator, her little robot
orb. Its first three attacks inflict damage on top of ailments (Poisoning,
Blindness and Lock, respectively) and its Permeate carries the same effect as
the evil Curse attack Lavos uses; that's right, disabling the status blocking
of your equipment. Because its attacks are typeless, you can't absorb them,
either. For that reason you want to destroy this little obstruction ASAP.

     Doing so is not such a difficult task, however. Its weakness being fire
really helps you as Lucca has a few excellent double techs to call on.
Bring Ayla and Robo with you. If you've gotten two Angel's Tiaras by now, let
your hasted ladies tear into the Eggsterminator with Blaze Kick. Robo can help
by Rapid-Fire Punching it for a solid 2500-3300 damage per use. If Robo is in
your third party slot, you'll be able to use Double Bomb for insane damage,
and should forego Blaze Kick for the purpose of doing so. The Osmose counters
are of very little consequence. Also, Crimson Shade should be letting off a
few Fire II variations, which will keep the Red Plated Robo healthy from
Eggsterminator's damaging attacks. If your other party members are waning in
HP either from the Egg or Shade's gunshots, a Heal Beam will fix them up.

     After 3-5 solid hits, the Eggsterminator should be destroyed, allowing
you to concentrate on the Lucca clone. Depending on how many turns you've used
to this point, she'll either have already started using her variation of Flare
or be close to it. Like Scintillation, this move can easily kill your entire
party of low to mid-50s characters without Red equipment. If you used Charm
diligently during the main quest, you would at least have a second Red Plate
from Rust Tyrano, and so if you'd rather give Lucca absorption than elemental
immunity, substitute a Red armor for her Aegis. Anyway, Crimson Shade has
crappy HP and will not last long in the face of powerful techs. If you've got
Ayla and Robo, employ Beast Toss; otherwise use your best magic spells and
techs. If you somehow brought Marle along, Iceberg toss will make very short
work of her and Antipode Bomb III continues to shine as one of the most
overpowered double techs there is.

     Much like Marle and Crono, three of Lucca's stats will be raised after
the battle: her Speed by 3, and her Magic and Stamina by 5.


     Once you've cleared all three Dimensional Vortices, you'll have unlocked
the new final boss, accessible via the bucket at the End of Time. Take the
Epoch there and speak with Gaspar, and after talking briefly about the
distortions in time and the vortices that have appeared, he'll tell you that
the bucket has changed. It still leads to the Day of Lavos, but a great power
has been flowing into it, beyond even the borders of Time's Eclipse.
Naturally, being the new superboss and all, the power feels fearsome, similar
to that of Lavos. It may well be- hint, hint- that a terrible foe awaits.
Gaspar doesn't recommend facing it, but he's not the one wielding the
Apocalypse Arm. With destruction literally at Robo's fingertips, I think you
can handle it.

     Whenever you're ready, suit up your party with all your best stuff (if
you are in fact going to abuse Robo and the Apocalypse Arm, he must have the
Dragon's Tear) and approach the bucket. It'll ask you to choose between the
Day of Lavos and Time's Eclipse. Choose the latter and you'll go end up on the
other side of a time gate. You'll automatically trigger a scene, then be able
to walk forward, have a brief conversation, then enter another gate to have
one more conversation, and then, face the new superboss.

     Dream Devourer
     HP: 32000
     Defense: 220
     Magic Defense: 80
     Charm: ---
     Weak: ---
     Absorbs: ---
     Immune: ---

     Listing techs for this guy is pointless since he's got such a massive
and diverse script, however one that he adheres to, strictly. Instead I'll try
to explain his patterns during his phases, and each move's effects. Because I
also find the needless name changes for each attack to be quite frivolous and
annoying, I've also listed the names of what these attacks go by when used by
enemies you've previously fought. Hopefully, you'll recognize them.

First Phase:

"Devours dreams etc." -Twin Attack, major shadow damage to party
Gravity Sphere -Dark Plasma, average shadow damage to party
Dreambind -Time Stop, weak magic damage to one character, inflicts Stop
Mana Reaver -MP Buster to one character
Incinerate -Particle Storm, major fire damage to party
Heavenly Peal -Thunderbolt, extreme light damage to one character
Starfall -Energy Spheres, strong physical damage to one character
(If Dream Devourer has taken a few thousand in damage):
Life Reaver -Munch, steals roughly 1/2-4/7 HP from one character
Curse -Average magic damage to one character, disables status immunity

Counters: Mana Reaver (retaliates against physical attacks only)

     During this phase, he has extremely high physical defense and will take
normal damage only from magic. You'll also notice, if you tried to attack him
physically, that his evasion is very high. After piling on a few thousand in
damage, he'll add Life Reaver and Curse to the mix, following Starfall; after 
he's taken several thousand damage, he'll lower the obscene defense and enter
his next phase.

Second Phase:

Barrier (Raises MDef, absorbs all elements; Def not dropped until next turn)
"Lowers defense and begins storing power."
The End of All and Nothing -Destruction Rain, major physical damage to party
Supernova -Vacuum Wave, strong lightning damage to party
Life Reaver
Pandemonium -Earthshaker, weak physical damage to party
Ice Lance -Ice II, strong water damage to party
Phantasm -Dreamweaver, extreme magic damage to party

Counters: Chaos Zone, strong magic damage to party, inflicts Confuse
          (retaliates against everything)

     During this phase, he has extremely high magic defense and absorbs all
elements. His high evasion hasn't changed. This attack pattern will continue
until he's defeated (the "lowers defense" message will even repeat itself.)

Special Phase (Only one character alive):

Life Reaver
Heavenly Peal

Counters: Mana Reaver, Chaos Zone (depending on the phase he's in)

     Should you find yourself with one character remaining, Dream Devourer
will follow this simple but very dangerous script. His counters work exactly
as they would normally, in that once his HP has dropped enough to set off the
second phase, he'll retaliate each time with Chaos Zone. However, because the
defense drop (and subsequent MDef boost) is set to occur at the beginning of
the second script, which won't activate with only one character alive
beforehand, Dream Devourer's defense will stay extremely high for the duration
of the fight should you try to do the entire thing in this state. If you
activate this script after his defense has dropped, then allow two party
members to fall, you can face this script without needing to use magic for
sufficient damage.

Strategy: With an average-leveled party, by which I mean the low 50s, this
guy's grand all-party attacks can be anywhere from strong to fatal, depending
on the user's defensive stats. For someone like Robo, Phantasm will "kill" him
immediately whereas Magus will suffer merely a powerful blow. The "Devours
Dreams" attack as well as Incinerate will inflict damage in the zone of 850.
The plus, however, is that he can withstand everything else without trouble;
the physical attacks never topping 400 damage, and the other spells landing in
the 100-400 region. Why so much talk about Robo? You definitely want this guy.
His Heal Beam is the best heal you've got without spending multiple turns and
his Rapid-Fire Punch will be one of your better damage sources during the
second phase.

     I'm not the biggest Marle fan, but she's also an incredible asset for
this battle. With the Regal Gown on, the only attack capable of wiping her out
is Heavenly Peal. Otherwise, she can brave the physicals and take half or less
from most magic attacks (barring Heavenly Peal and Phantasm.) Arise will
help you pick up your party after you're decimated by Phantasm. My Marle at
this point had only 862 HP, so for her to tough most things out was indicative
of the Regal Gown's awesome protection. Her good MDef certainly helped.

     For your backup, the characters that aren't more situated for one part
than the other are Crono and Magus. Magus can quickly eat through phase one
with his magic and then try to crit his way through the remainder of Dream
Devourer's HP. Having said that, though, due to the constant helpings of
Chaos Zone whenever you attempt to use anything, you're better off leaving the
bulk of the work to someone like Robo. Crono's Luminaire is your best single
tech for ending the first phase; for the second, he can try his luck with
Frenzy (remember not all hits may land!) or make use of any non-elemental
physical double techs, if you have access to any. Ayla doesn't so much have
the accuracy issues of others, and has a wealth of powerful techs to boot.
Either Triple Kick or use the typeless Falcon Hit, Dropdown, etc, if you've
access to them.

     Above all else, end that first phase before he can use Curse. You do NOT
want to be afflicted with confusion following every single turn during the
second phase.

     Now, if your party is in the high 60s or above, all you have to do is
maintain a steady pattern of button mashing while keeping your eye on your
collective HP. If you've got Frog, his Heal will likely be just as effective
as Robo's would at an earlier point in the game, and he's got the likes of
Dropdown (with Ayla) for hammering the second phase. Robo can punch at his
leisure and Magus can help with the Dreamreaper without much attention to the
frequent Chaos Zones coming your way.

     And lastly, this assumes you're not just abusing the cheap tactic of
Apocalypse Arm + Dragon's Tear, which will annihilate Dream Devourer's first
phase regardless of defense and, in due time, finish off the second as well.
You're bound to get those lucky hits in at some point.

     With a White Plate, the "lone character standing" script is pretty
manageable, though you'll have to be mindful of your Stamina. Starfall will
still hit Magus for very heavy damage without a Shell activated, while Marle
and Lucca won't have stellar defense even with the Regal Gown, at average
levels. Robo, with a heal not dependent on items, is arguably the best one for
the job. But where's the challenge in that? His damage methods are overdone
and boring at this point (damn reliable, though, so I have to hype him
throughout this guide.) If you want to solo the Dream Devourer, strap on some
brass balls and use Marle.

     Following your victory you'll be privy to a long conversation and scene,
followed by the credits and a new animated cutscene. Before being prompted to
save, you'll also be given Crono's best weapon, the Dreamseeker. If you
thought the Rainbow was overpowered, this one offers 20 more attack power and
a 90% critical hit rate. Yummy.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO[7] Frequently Asked Questions OOOOOOOO

     Q: How do we get the Dreamseeker?

     A: It's not given to you until you beat the new final boss,
        Dream Devourer. Even then you'll have to wait until the credits have
        finished, and then the sword will be given to you before you save the
        game. Yes, you will have the Dreamseeker upon starting a New Game +.

     Q: Where is...?

     A: CTRL+F. Draw it on your wrist as a reminder, if it helps.

     Q: What's the best place to grind for EXP?

     A: You can use the Geno Dome's conveyor belt in the Present vortex, or as
        I prefer, killing the pair of Snowbeasts in the final area of the
        Antiquity vortex. You can quickly exit the area and return to reload
        the battle trigger.

     Q: I beat one of the Shade bosses, and got the message saying my stats
        have increased, but when I check them, the numbers haven't changed at
        all. Are they applied in some hidden fashion or is this a bug?

     A: It appears that if the stat isn't already maxed, any stat except speed
        is raised by 5 (the speed increase differs per character; see the boss
        sections earlier to find out what those are exactly.) It shouldn't
        matter if one of the three stats is already maxed, since it should
        still apply the boost to the others. I've no idea why it wouldn't, for
        that matter. Thanks to KFCrispy for pointing this out.


     Since the posting of this guide I've had a fair bit of help in adding and
fixing things up here and there. But that isn't to say I couldn't use any
more, because I'm always looking for errors and updates that can be made to
things I've left out.

     I have a few thanks to bring to your attention:

     -Square-Enix, for porting and updating one of my favorite games (and my
      favorite RPG, at that) to the DS, which I can now bring with me
      anywhere. I don't fuss with homebrew as it is and the changes were more
      than enough to persuade me to buy it. My SNES is in a pretty crummy
      state and enjoys spontaneously shutting itself off.

     -SBAllen, for hosting the guide, the one place I truly intend for my work
      to be seen- GameFAQs.

     -KFCrispy for informing me of the stat boosts given to characters
      following the defeat of their respective Shade bosses.

     -Hijongo, Moonie and Hien Mai, for a bunch of Curious Village questions.
      The more, the merrier.

     -SwordOfZork for (unknowingly) clarifying the numbers a characters' stats
      are raised by after the Shades. Wonder if he'll read this.

     -someddrnoob for his help in expanding on Dream Devourer's battle scripts
      and clarifying on a few things here and there. A huge thanks, since I
      pretty much asked him to help out of nowhere.

     -Mark Freedman for a small error correction.

     -Action Replay DS, for its Save Anywhere code. It helped immensely in
      trying to find the lone remaining Curious Village question as I could
      save before that room and not have to deal with any crap beforehand.
      I only wish I thought of that sooner.

     -Dire Rats, for their ability to be weak, insignificant enemies while
      simultaneously being the most fucking annoying things in the game.
      So bad, they even earned the use of the F-word.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO[9] Contact Info & Legal Stuff OOOOOOOO

     I encourage anyone with questions pertaining TO THIS GUIDE ONLY, or with
useful information I can update the guide with to send me an email. I'll try
to respond to them as quickly as I can. Please be polite and coherent in your
message, and be sure to include "CT Guide" or something to that effect in your
subject line. I've seen a wide variety of subjects meant to goad people into
clicking spam, so "help" or some variant of that request will just be deleted.
As I said, please be polite and coherent as I won't bother responding to
anything that doesn't fall under that category.

     Please do not email me with boss strategies. They aren't necessary and
for that matter, using the Apocalypse Arm is not a strategy. You might notice
that I neglected to mention it under any boss aside from a passing remark for
Dream Devourer. However! I more than welcome boss scripts and very specific
bits of data (such as when exactly a boss moves onto its second/third script.)
So, if you have factual things, stats and such, that I do not (regular enemies
not included), I'd like you to let me know. As I have more time to play the
game, I'll continue doing research myself.

     Send your emails to slysludge(at)gmail(dot)com.

     I am not taking any requests to host my guide on your website(s).
The answer is automatically no. Sorry. Having dealt with bad sites multiple
times it's my opinion that I'm best off not allowing anyone else to host my
work except those that have already received my permission. Sites that are at
present allowed to host my work, on the condition that it is posted in full,
UNTOUCHED, with proper credit given:

***, Cheat Code Central, may NOT under ANY circumstances post 
my guide or ANY of my work on their site. They completely disregarded my legal
information, and even went so far as to edit it. The site is an utter piece of
**** to begin with, anyway. ***

     This guide may only be used for personal, private benefit. You may not 
reproduce or edit any part of this document at all, and it may not be displayed 
anywhere other than the website(s) listed above. This guide especially may not
be used for monetary profit. If I find that you have posted any portion of my
guide and I have not given my approval, I expect you to remove my work
promptly upon my request. I will handle all copyright violations and failure 
to comply with my guidelines with swift legal action.

Chrono Trigger DS, Dimensional Vortex Guide Ver. 1.6
Copyright 2008 by Dave Baker "Reptobismol"

Approximately 8 bathroom trips were taken during the production of this guide,
not including the scenarios in which I was taking a break, trying to spell my
name in the snow (in vain, sadly.)