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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include getting Exp fast, getting out of the Succubus glitch, unlocking Julius mode, unlocking Boss Rush mode and New Game+.

More Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Questions & Answers page.

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Secrets cheats

Julius mode:

Complete the game with the bad ending

Boss Rush:

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

New Game +:

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

Unlock Sound Test mode:

Complete the game with the best ending and 'Sound Test' mode will appear on the 'Main' menu.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow cheats

Boss Rush:

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

New Game +:

Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)

Julius mode:

Complete the game with the bad ending

Unlock Hell Flame Soul:

Complete 'Hard' mode with Soma.

Sound Test mode:

The 'Sound Test' will appear on the 'Main' menu when you complete the game with the best ending. Boss Rush Unlockable Items


Complete 'Boss Rush' mode in under 5 minutes

Death's Robe:

Complete 'Boss Rush' mode in under 6 minutes

Terror Bear:

Complete 'Boss Rush' mode in under 7 minutes


Complete 'Boss Rush' mode in under 8 minutes


Complete 'Boss Rush' Mode with any time

Death's Scythe

To get the death's scythe,the best weapon in game,do the following steps: an axe

2.engage it,to battle axe,with an armor knight soul

3.engege it,to druj,with a manticore soul

4.engage it,to heavy axe,with a Heavy Axe armor soul

5.engage it,to golden axe,with a Final Guard soul

6.engage it,finally,to death's scythe,with,Boss,Death's soul

----I recomend to not buy battle axe,engage it may not give you death's scythe

Soul Collection Method

The best method I have found so far for collecting souls is using the following equipment : Joyeuse, Three 7s, Soul Eater Ring and 9 Ghost Dancer souls.

Use my previous hint to get the Gold Ring and the Three 7s armor if you do not already have them. When you have the gold ring, just smash lots of candles to get money to buy the Soul Eater Ring. Once you have the Soul Eater Ring, you can start to collect the nine Ghost Dancer souls.

Use the portal to go to the Dark Chapel, and head outside of the portal room. The ghost dancers will be dancing through the air right outside the portal room. Equip the Three 7s Armor and the Soul Eater Ring and start killing the Ghost Dancers. Make sure you keep killing the ghost dancers until you have nine of their souls.


Getting out of the Succubus Glitch

The Succubus Glitch can easily get you many weapons and souls. However, most people do not know how to get out of it. To get out, you must suspend your game, then SHUT OFF the DS. This is important. Then, resume your save file, and you will be out of the glitch with the items and souls you acquired. This works best in save rooms. Note: You cannot do this glitch to get the Chaos Ring, as doing so will prevent you from suspending your game.

The hidden souls

#1 bigfoot: the bigfoot soul is at the very start of the game you can see him walking around in the backround. To get him use the skeliten waiter soul he will jump out you have to kill him quickly.

#2 mothman: you will see a big stage light thing I'm not 100% sure ware it is but you use the lightning soul to get it's soul.

#3 flying huminoid: this soul is flying around in the backround in the clock tower right before you fight the boss at the top.

Rare Ring, Three 7s armor, Gold Ring

These three items can be acquired in three rooms, which are opened by having the corresponding amount of gold shown on a large stone block blocking the entrance to the rooms. You need 573 gold for the room in the Cursed Clock Tower, 777 for the one in the Garden Of Madness, and 666 for the one located underneath the Lost Village. Here's where you can find the rooms.

Take the portal to the room in the Condemned Tower.Exit the portal and go out to the ledge of the inner room of the tower, and carefully drop down two floors. Enter the hallway that is the entrance to the cursed clocktower. The first room is immediately below the exit from the hallway. After you get the first treasure, take the portal back to the Garden of Madness. You must have the Rahab ability from Subterranean..

Invisible Weapon

This hint requires the doppelganger soul, and to have the second equipment have a different weapon then the other one. Okay, first, equip something heavy to the first equipment.

(axes, great swords, death sythe, etc.) Then, press Y. Then, in mid swing, press X to switch doppelganger souls and the weapon you were holding will dissapear!

The Succubus Glitch

Be sure to use a copied file that you don't need.This glitch can ruin your game.

First of all,you have to get the Succubus soul.They can be found somewhere near The Pinnacle.Buy a weapon that has a backstabbing special.That can be bought at Hammer's Shop.Go to a solid wall.Make sure you're backstabbing dagger and the Succubus soul equiped.You have to work fast here.Use the Succubus soul on the wall then cancel it out with your special of your dagger.You should be glowing red for about 3-5 seconds.Don't get distracted by that!When your done with the special attack,attack normally 3 times.Then use your special attack once more.Soma should be out of the screen flying like your hacking.It should be going up and down repeatedly.To move,do a slide.You can get all the weapons and souls b..

Boss souls

The bosses will give you the following souls

Flying armour: fall slower

Balore: break ice blocks

Malphas: double jump

Dario: none

Puppetmaster: throw a puppet and warp to it

Rahab: walk underwater

Gergoth: fire a laser

Zephyr: stop time

Bat company: turn into a bat

Paranoia: warp to a parallel world inside mirrors

Aguni: create a trail of fire in front of you

Fairly fast money

In the beginning, look for Armor Knights. These are the purple guys with the spears. A quick way to get a good sum of money is to fight them. They will sometimes drop a Spear. Hold onto the spear for the time being. Once they give you a soul, synthesize the soul with the spear for a Partizan, worth 3200 gold. If you decide to keep upgrading, face Axe Armors until they drop a soul, nd fuse that to get a Halberd. Doing this over and over will help get the Soul Eater Ring fast, especially if you have the Rare Ring or even the Gold Ring.


What ever you do DONT use the moon jump cheat or one of your save files will be deleted trust me it happened to me before and I wasnt happy about it.

EXTREMLY Fast Experience

First you need the mothman soul which gives you extra experience points. ( to get moth must go to the room in the pinnacle with the final armors and the light and the box in the middle. Use the rycuda soul to zap it and he will appear) nezt go to the abbys and find a stolas DONT kill it. Wait till the bird summons it's creatures. Sometimes the symbol will be different, this indicates that a flame demon is about to appear.

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