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Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats including Skulltulas unlockables, unlimited Rupees and regenorating signs.

More Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Cheats and Tips

We have 231 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time Questions & Answers page.

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Skulltulas Unlockables
Kill the corresponding amount of Skulltulas Spiders that is required to collect the
Tokens and take them to Skulltula House in Kakariko Village to get your prize.
Unlock Adult Wallet:
10 Skulltula Tokens

Unlock Stone of Agony:
20 Skulltula Tokens
Unlock Giant's Wallet:
30 Skulltula Tokens
Unlock Bombchus:
40 Skulltula Tokens
Unlock Piece of Heart:
50 Skulltula Tokens
Unlock Huge Rupee:
100 Skulltula Tokens

Unlock Elemental Arrows
Unlock Fire Arrow:
Shoot the sun after the Water Temple
Unlock Ice Arrow:
Complete the Gerudo Training Ground
Unlock Light Arrow:
Beat ALL the temples and then ta..

Din's Fire, Farore's Wind, and Nayru's Love

Din's Fire
As a child go to Hyrule Castle and when you see a rock at a dead end blow it up.
Farore's Wind
Go to the back of Zora,s Fountain and blow up the wall near a gray rock and a freaky eyeball stone.
Nayru's Love
Go to Desert Collosus and as you enter turn right there will be a pair of palm trees, in the middle there is a crack in the wall, blow it up.

For the song of the frogs the keys are: Green..

For the song of the frogs the keys are:
Green frog:A button

Blue frog:left C

Yellow frog:down C

White frog:up C

Pink frog: Right C
The song itself is:

A bunch of cheats

1. Fly: this is a little difficult but go up to a gossip stone, sign, person, or even just drop a bomb, take out your sword and sheild, go up to the object until you can see the words check, talk, or grab, bend down and constantly press B, and then in the middle of one of the sword swipes press A, now you should have your sword constantly swinging, now drop a bomb and then emeaditly after, drop a bomb behind it (not to close though) run to the bomb in front and wait a little than do a back flip than another backflip, if you did it right you should be standing in air with the z button always on, now take out your slingshot, pull it back, put a bomb chu on one of the c buttons, do a back flip let go of the sling shot, press the bomb chu button and the sheild button at the same time, now yo..

Good bye navi

As an adult go to the temple of time do a backflip over the altar and play sarias song talk to saria then navi will stay in place unless you backtrack

Look at those guys

Hey this is pretty cool first you have to go into the castle to see zelda.
Look through the windows before you talk to her, in one window you will see mario lugui and bowser pictures.
If you look in the other window and there is nothing there throw in a bomb to get some rubees. peace out.
Chris knight

When you're fighting ganon , he knocks away your..

When you're fighting ganon , he knocks away your master Sword. Then save the game and reset and then start the game again.

Now you should be able to use your Items on Epona.

Go to the Gerudo Valley and use your Hookshot on the sign with a circle, after that you will come off your hose and be floating.(This trick might not work)

21 bottles or, exeed the supposed four bottles,..

21 bottles or, exeed the supposed four bottles, now catch a fish or,
something with a bottle then pause the game and replace it with another
item with a C-button, and then that item will be gone, so I suggest you
do it on a useless item like the magic beans.
Heres some extra advice, as a grown-up go to kakariko village and go
behind the potion shop and go in the hole and catch 5 fish (5 fish, for
500 rupees) and go to the begger on the left side of the steps leading
up to the potion shop, and give the fish to him for some rupees.
Another fairy, go by Zora's domain and follow the water to the right
your fairy will turn green and an arrow will point in the water, stand
on the grass clossest to the spot and play the Song Of Storm..

Regenorating signs

First go cut down a sign it works grat if you cut the sign into as many peices as posible then play Zeldas luliby you should hear that sound that means you did somethin special the sign peices will float up in the correct spot do this as many times as you want.

ALMOST get in Zelda's castle as a kid

OK, this IS cool and its not a fake (you can't actually get inside zelda's castle as a kid...but you can get close)
Alright, when you're a kid go to zelda's castle and sneak around to the other side of that big gate. On the right (maybe a little ahead of you) there should be a little 'nook' where a great fairy hole is (if you've blown up the boulder)
directly to the left of that is a pretty sharp corner of ground making a hill...
here's the glitchy part
On the sharp corner go up next to it. You should see a line going straight up it (that's how sharp of a corner it is) stand so your green icon is at the top of that line and SLOWLY walk up. You will probably fall, and thats normal. It took me like one hundred tries but can get up that hill and w..

Repair Cut Signs

To repair that sign you cut just play Zelda's Lullaby in front of it.

Walking Up Hyrule Gate

For this glitch you must be young link in the morning/afternoon. Then you will see chains to hold the gate. Walk up a little onto the chain so that your link can stand on it. Then play the sun song and you will be going up on the chain.Once the chain is all the way up walk to the end of the change to the top part of the bridge then walk across and you will get 60 rupees and if you jump down at the right angle into the city it will look like you fall into the cement.
Thanks for reading!!!!

At first you might want to go to lake hylia BE..

At first you might want to go to lake hylia BEFORE you go to zoras domain.
First go to grudo valley and dive into the water below the bridge. Then
youll find a portal to lake hylia!
Also if you wanted to get the zoras sappire before the goron ruby, get in
to dodongos cavern and get the bomb bag. save and restart to find yourself
by the entrance, now go out of the dungon and go to zoras river and blow up
the rocks .
Note: this is only for advanced players that want to defeat barnaide before
king dodongo.


You know in the final, final, final battle when Ganondorf changes into Ganon and you have to use the light arrow to stun him? Well my best freind and I when we where a lot younger (me 11 him 10) we figured out that you don't need to use a light arrow... You don't have to stun him all as a matter of fact. To defeat him easily with minimal damage and waste of magic power all you have to do in run between his legs when he rears up and hit his tail! Simple huh? Yep!


This is really random, probably everyone knows it but I just noticed!
On Ocarina of Time, the old lady in the potion shop has something on her lap, I zoomed in, and it's a BABY TIGER!
Then I realised, in Majora's Mask, the same women is on the game, but shes in a wheelchair, and if you look at the back of the wheelchair, there's a TIGER's face on it!
Someone at Nintendo must like Tigers...

Freeze zombies

Play the sun song and it will freeze the zombies.


At the begining of the game by the shop there are 3 stones jump across them and at the last one you will get a blue rupee so go in the shop and out of the shop jump on the blocks and keep doing this until you get as much as you want.

This is for dude that. ..

This is for dude that.

If you want past the tree part then ou have to find a door that has webs on it. Go to a torch nearby. Catch a deku stick on fire.

Then touch the web with the burning stick. The webs will catch on fire and disappear. Go through the door and go through the rest of the parts. When you get out then you'll see a web on the floor. Push the block in the water.

Catch a stick o fire. jump on the blockwith the stick. Then jump on the land. hit the webs on the ground with your stick. the webs will catch on fire.

Go through the hole. Later you will run into a boss. shoot..

I think I found some sort of secret portal insid..

I think I found some sort of secret portal inside Zora's Domain:

When you enter Zora's Domain as a kid,climb down the latter to Link's left. Get into the water and swim to the back of the island that the Zora is standing on.

While your in the water, face the back of the Zora standing on the island and dive down. You'll notice to your left down deep there is a entry-way at the bottom of the slope.

I don't know what's inside but I have almost made it in. (NOTE:must have golden scale)

to get infinate gold tokens play the song of s..

to get infinate gold tokens play the song of storms as
a kid near the tree outside hyrule castle main
draw-bridge (not in hyrule field) blow up the wall in
the hole and destroy spider use the boomerang to
collect the token but as it is coming back to you
backflip into the teleporter you get the token and
also the spider is back in the hole!

Get Under the Ice in Zora's Domain (As An Adult)

Enter Zora's Domain and immediately go left.Next,you stand on the piece of ice nearest to you.Then,you get out your hookshot/longshot,aim it a little bit under the top wrung almost to the edge of the right side.Next,you shoot.Now you should be hanging onto the edge of the drop-off.Press A and immediately press B and forward.You should now go through the wall. You will a splash.As soon as you do,put on the Iron Boots and sink for 4-5 seconds,then put on the Kokiri Boots and swim towards the area you can see and as soon as you go through the ground and can't see the black void anymore put on the Iron Boots and there you have it your under the ice in Zora's Domain.You can use the portal to get to Lake Hylia but you cannot get back through it.Hope you enjoy this little cheat/glitch;)

Stuck in the water temple?

If you remember where you found Ruto you aren't stuck.
1.Go to where you found Ruto.
2.Lower the water down to the lowest it will go.
3.Then raise it up one level.
4.Find the room with that block in the way.
5.Push the block.
6.Raise the water to the high level,go to where you were stuck,then get the key find a locked door,open it and the BOSS KEY is in it!

Happy mask buyers

You can sell all of the happy masks to these people:
Fox-looking mask (srry, cant remember the actual name): the guard that is at the exit of kakario village heading toward death mountain
Skull mask: enter the lost woods and go left (coming from behind mido's house) and jump onto the short log. play sarias song to make the skull kid friendly then talk to him with the skull mask on (you might have to use z-targeting). You will lose rupees on this deal, but its worth what you get later.
Scary mask: In the day, go to kakario graveyard and talk to the little kid walking around while wearing the mask. He'll buy it at regular price.
Bunny hood: Find the running man that runs all around hyrule field all day. Once you find him, keep up with him until i..

Treasure chest game easy win

As a child enter Hyrule Market town at night and go to the Treasure Chest game. Go there equipped with the Lens of Truth and use it to view the contents of the treasure chests. That way you can easily find out which ones have the key. The first time you beat it you will get a heart piece, if you beat it any more times you will get a purple rupee.

Piece of Heart Locations

1. Lon Lon Ranch : In the shed at Lon Lon Ranch, move the crate there to reveal a secret hole in the wall. In it is a Piece of Heart.
2. Dodongo's Cavern: When you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean at the mouth of the cave. Come back when you're Adult Link and a stalk has grown there. Climb the stalk to find the Heart Piece.
3. Hyrule Field: Near the path leading to Lake Hylia, there's a section of grass that's fenced in on all sides. Throw a bomb into the center of that area to uncover a secret grotto containing a Piece of Heart.
4. Lon Lon Ranch: At the north end of the ranch, there's something odd about a tree there. Detonate a bomb at the base of the tree to reveal a secret grotto with a Piece of Heart.
5. Kakariko Village: When you're Young Link, go to Death Moun..

Break things on yourself.

This is an easier way to get items out of rocks and grass. All you have to do is pick up the rock or grass then press the R button and the rock or grass should fall on you and you will automatically get the item inside.

fishing glitch

In this glitch you can get the person's hat at the pond.For this buy a round for fishing.Then from where the desk is move all the way back to the wall then tske 2 steps forward and cast the line into him and must reel in or else you will hit the wall.Once you have his hat speak to him and he will want it back.

WARNING this glitch may take a couple times.

Answers to all of your "How to" or "What do I do" Questions

Before you go to the Questions and Answers section for your "how to" questions or the "what do I do" questions, check out a walkthrough or a guide first. 95% of questions generated there are 99.99% answered by a walkthrough or a guide. They are there to help you! Check them out.

Seeing a cow in Link's house. All you have to do..

Seeing a cow in Link's house. All you have to do is to beat Malon's record in the race thing as Adult Link. Now, as Adult Link, you will have a cow in you're house.

Ok I've been seaching the web for quit some tim..

Ok I've been seaching the web for quit some time now and I've found out something: EVERY DESCRIPTION TO GET THE TRIFORCE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!!

I would like to no the COMPLETE TRUTH on how to get the triforce.

I mean its really ticking me off! I'm begging for someone to tell me the truth on how to get the triforce......

Please post on this site if you know!

Thanks Smile

So Zeldas lullaby comes in usefull (Finally!) ..

So Zeldas lullaby comes in usefull (Finally!)

Go up to a sign any where (except For the pointed ones) cut it in any way and then walk up to it and play zeldas Lullaby (C-left,C-up,C-right,C-left,C-up,C-right) and the sign will Mysteriosly put its self back together again (like Humpty dumpty except it is fixed and all the kings horses and all the kings men dont come and put it back together again)

A question and a Cheat I know people hate it ..

A question and a Cheat

I know people hate it when people are actually asking instead of giving a cheat- Mine's kind of half an' half. Ahem...

I heard that you can ride your own cow.

Now, I don't know how true it is, but I guess someone DID do this:

Win Epona from Ingo. (Beat him twice.)

Right after the race,when you're riding her, jump out of the ranch and she'll be yours. Go right back into Lon-Lon and beat the obstace course time.

(Talk to Malon, she'll set you up.) When that's over and done with, ride home, go into your house,(at Kokiri) and fill all the bottles you have up with your new cow's mi..

It is not really a cheat but if you put a blue ..

It is not really a cheat but if you put a blue flame on some thing that is frozen it will melt. How do you get the iron boots????

2 easier ways to get past the guards at Gurudo..

2 easier ways to get past the guards at

Gurudo fortress when you don't have the membership card, are either shoot them with your fairy bow and they will just fall down and they wont see you unless you go inside somewere and come out.

Or you can just shoot them with your hookshotor your longshot and they will be stuned for a limited amount of time.

When playing the "Horseback Archery" game, you'..

When playing the "Horseback Archery" game, you'll notice jars on boxes infront of the targets you're sopposed to hit. If you hit the jars, you get 100 points per jar!!!
Also if you get a score of 1000 points, you get a Piece of Heart.Get 1500 points, and you get the BIGGEST QUIVER, which increases your "maximum" by 10!
*Note* ( I think you know this, but for those who are lazy or don't know or just want a break from thought: The Horseback Archery game is located in the Gerudo's Fortress behind the training place.
You must have the "Gerudo's Member ship card",(Stupid piece of what looks like already used toilet paper.... @[email protected]). Get this by getting around the Gerudo's fortress without being seen, rescue the 4 capenters, and beat up the Gerudo's that want to ..


In LEGEND OF ZELDA:OCARINA OF TIME where you met zelda to the left there is a
window with mario and friends shoot it and a bomb will come out, but to the
right is another window with mario shoot it and a red rupee (worth 20 rupees)
will pop out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Storms Indoors

For this glitch to work you need the Song of Storms. Go inside any building and play the song. You will hear all of the sound effects as if you outside and it starts raining a few seconds later. It also starts to lightning. If you leave the room or building the glitch will stop working. This didn't freeze up my game so it probably won't screw up yours.

You wont believe what I just found out! If y..

You wont believe what I just found out!
If you cast your line just right on the fishermans head (at the fishing pond) you will pull his hat off and if you cast into the pond with the hat on your line you will lose his hat.
WARNING: if you do lose his hat you will be charged a fifty dollar fine for a replacement but he never gets one! He will remain bald for the rest of the game!


The Triforce is a mystery on the story of Zelda 64 Ocarina of Time. I don't know how to get it, but:
* If you pay attention to what Rauru says when you are in the first time on the Chamber of the Sages, you will remember he said the Triforce is on the TEMPLE OF LIGHT in the Sacred Realm. So, to get the Triforce we should problably not touch the Master Sword (this way, Ganondorf won't get in the Temple of the Light), get the Ocarina of Time and acess the Temple of Light. But, how?
* When you first see Zelda, she will say that the TEMPLE OF TIME is the entrance to the Sacred Realm, and the TEMPLE OF LIGHT. Confused? You haven't see nothing!
* Every time you see the owl, KAEPORA GAEBORA, it's flying to the mysterious enigma on the desert. Pay attention: When..

Alot o' bottles

1. You need at least 1 bottle
2. It is better if it is an item you do not really need (like the magic beans after you plant them all.)
3. It takes careful timing
Have a bottle and the item you don't want in your c options.
Go into a hole where a fish is. Scrape up the fish with the bottle and just when you are about to get it press the c option with the item you don't want.
I messed up my game

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