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Follow the dark path or use the light

Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time


OOT Walkthrough

by Nick Nitro

Created by Nick Nitro 8/8/05

1. Introduction

2. Items

3. World Guide

4. Dungeon Guide

5. Sub-Boss Guide

6. Boss Guide

7. Gold Skullata's

8. Secrets

9. Heart Pieces

10. Myths

11. Songs

12. My top tips

13. Legal Stuff

1. Introduction-

This is a full walk through guide for all the aspects of the Ocarina of Time. It covers everything from
the Items to the Hylian Loach to the Triforce. If you have any trouble with directions or anything else
just read again more carefuly or ask for help. Enjoy the walkthrough of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

2. Items-

Kokri Sword- Your basic sword which can only be used as a child. It is found in Kokri forest.

Master Sword- The evil banishing sword, the sword of evil's bane, this is found in the temple of time.

Giants Knife- This is a large sword which break's after being used for a while, you can buy it from the large
goron in the goron city for 200 rupees as an adult.

Biggerons Sword- This sword is the same as the giants knife but wont break. You get this off biggeron at the
top of death mountain after doing the extra quest as an adult. 

Deku Shield- This wooden sheild can be burned up easily but can stop most attacks, this can be bought from
most shops.

Hylian Shield- This is a metal shield which can be eaten by monsters, is better than the deku shield, this
can be bought at most shops.

Mirror Shield- The mirror sheild cannot be destroyed and is only found in the spirit temple as an adult.

Kokri Tunic- These are your normal threads and they have no special powers.

Goron Tunic- This red tunic can stop you being burned alive but can be taken away by monsters. Costs 200
rupees but can get it free off darunia's son.

Zora Tunic- This tunic stops drowning but can be eaten by monsters. Can be bought for 200 rupees or you can
get it free off the king zora when you defrost him.

Kokri Boots- These are your standard boots.

Iron Boots- These let you sink underwater but make you slow on land, These are found in the ice

Hover Boots- Hover boots let you float on water or on air for a few seconds, they are found
inside the shadow temple.

Silver Scale- This lets you dive 6 meters instead of 3 meters. Win this at zora's domain at the top of the

Gold Scale- This lets you dive deeper than the silver scale. You can get it by getting the biggest fish
as a kid at the fishing club.

Bombchu's- You can get these anywhere but you need a bomb bag, they are like moving bombs in the shape
of mice.

Bomb Bag/Bombs- The bombs and bomb bag are first found in dodongo's cave. These let you blow up
rocks and enemies. You only carry 20 bombs and bombchu's at the moment.

Big Bomb bag- This is a bigger bomb bag, you carry 30 bombs and bombchu's now, you get it off the big goron
rolling around goron city after you stop him with a bomb in a specific place.

Biggest Bomb bag- This bag can hold 40 bombs and bombchu's, this can be won at bombchu bowling alley.

Lens of Truth- This will let you see invisible enemies or items and see through fake walls,
this is found in the well in Kakariko village.

Deku Nuts- Deku nuts can stun some enemies, they can be found anywhere

Bottles- Bottles can let you store certain items, like fish or blue fire, there are
only four and are found/won in four different places.

Ocarina/Ocarina of Time- The ocarina allows you to play any song you have learned,
you get the ocarina off saria then later you get the Ocarina of Time from the moat
in hyrule field after you see zelda run from ganondorf.

Din's Fire- This magic creates a huge ball of fire around you but it wont affect some enemies.
It uses magic power. You get this off the great fairy at hyrule castle.

Faror's Wind- Using this will surround Link with a green light, 
and the spot where you first use it will be set as a warp point. 
Using it again, will warp you back to the warp point or you can dispel the warp point.
You get this magic off the great fairy at Zora fountain.
Uses magic power.

Nayru's Love- This magic acts like a blue barrier, you won't lose any life when this is cast.
It lasts for a short time and uses alot of magic power. This is given to you by the great fairy
at the desert colosuss.


Catapult- The catapult is just like the bow except the ammo is made up of deku seeds
and they have the abilities of fire, ice or light. This is inside the deku tree.

Magic Beans- Magic Beans can be planted in soft mounds of soil, only ten of them are sold
to you, they increase in price by 10 rupees each time, They are bought from the man at zora river.

Boomerang- The boomerang is good against flying enemies and can retrieve objects from a distance.
This is found inside Jabu Jabu's belly.

Deku seed bag- This bag comes with the catapult and holds 30 seeds at a time.

Big Deku seed bag- This bag holds 40 seeds, it can be won by winning the shooting range in the market
as a kid.

Biggest Deku seed bag- This one holds 50 seeds, this can be won in the lost woods, shoot the tree stump target
in the center three times.

Goron Braclet- This lets you pick up bomb flowers, bushes and rocks as a kid, you get this off darunina after
playing saria's song to him.

Mask's- Look in the mask section in the world guide.


Bow/Arrows and Quiver- This is a good long range weapon, this is found inside the forest temple and can hold 30 arrows.

Big Quiver- This one can hold 40 arrows and can be won at the archery range in Kakriko village as an adult.

Biggest Quiver- This momma holds 50 arrows, score 1,000/1,500 on the horse back archery in gerudo fortress to
get it.

Fire Arrow- This arrow burns anything upon impact. Have to shoot the sun in lake hylia on a morning,
you have to be stood on stone slab and the arrow should be on a small island on the water. Uses magic power.

Ice Arrow- The ice arrow freezes enemies, This is found in gerudo training camp. Uses magic

Light Arrow- This arrow kills any enemy with one shot and each enemy drops 50 rupees each time, you this 
get from princess zelda in the temple of time after freeing all the sages. uses alot of magic power.

Megaton Hammer- This thing can smash most rocks except the grey ones and can be used to move rusty
switches, this is found inside the fire temple (it is the only thing that can harm the dragon
Volvagia, has to be used with the master sword as well).

Hookshot- This can be used to pull you to certain places that are out of reach. Has a medium range
and can also be used to reel in items like the boomerang. Get this from Dampe's Grave.

Longshot- Same as the hookshot but has a longer reach than the hookshot. This is found inside the water temple.

Silver Guantlets- These let you lift grey rocks of the ground and you thrown the rock
away afterwards as well. You can also push huge blocks which were too big for you to move
before. You collect these as a kid for nabooru at the spirit temple but you use them instead.

Gold Guantlets- These are way more powerful than the silver ones, these allow you to lift those
tall black/grey rocks. These gauntlets are found in ganons castle in the shadow barrier room.

3. World Guide-

Starting things off-

When you begin, you will be in Kokri Forest, when you try to get to the great deku tree, you will be stopped by Mido.
he will say you need to get a sword and shield. First get the sword. The sword should be to the south-west of kokri forest.
Go uphill and go through the fenced area, then you will find a small hole, crawl through and you will see some pathways with
a large bolder moving round.

Work your way through the grass and to the south you should see a treasure chest. This is the sword. While inside this
area grab all the rupees you can find in the area. Then crawl back to Kokri Forest.

Search everywhere for more rupees, you can find a blue rupee behind one house another on the bridges connected to saria's
house. Then another when you jump across the three blocks non stop without falling in the water. When you have at least 
40 rupees go to the shop and buy the shield. Now you can go to the deku tree. Watch out for deku baba's
when you get past mido.

Hyrule castle section-

Meet Malon in the town center; she is the short red head in the white dress. After you talk to her, 
walk straight ahead to the castle entrance and then exit back into the town. 
Re-enter to the castle entrance and talk to Malon again. She will give you a chicken egg. 
The guard next to the gate can be bribed to open the gate but this will cost 20 rupees,
your better of not going through the gate. you'll need to sneak past the guards up ahead.

If you didn't bribe the guard climb the vines directly next to Malon and work your way across the cliff. Then either 
climb down the ladder and exit out of the door or simply jump and roll off the edge.

Go up the path and take a left at the fork; in order to avoid the two guards in the way of the path 
and the other on top of the ledge above, you need to walk up the hill anywhere in the middle.

Run across the open field directly to the opposite side. There's a brick wall next to the opening of the castle; 
climb up the part that looks different from the rest and jump to the other side and swim through the water. 
Once you get to the opposite end of the castle, find the shallow water and climb up the cliff. 
Find the sleeping man on the ground. Let the egg hatch overnight to form a chicken.

Select the chicken to one of your c-buttons. Stand next to Malon's father and use the chicken; 
he will wake up and run away to Malon. With him out of the way, you can push the boxes to reach the small waterfall 
on the other side. Stack the boxes and jump to the other side. 
Crawl through the small hole to an area that is being heavily guarded.

You will only be able to enter the castle during the daytime. In order to get to Princess Zelda, 
you need to sneak past the guards. 
The guards won't start out at the same position everytime so there's no pattern to memorize. 
Sneaking past the guards is very easy; there's no trick to it other than waiting for the guards to turn their backs. 
Never get too close though, or you'll surely get caught! 
After you sneak past the last set of guards, go to the left and meet with the princess.

Death Mountain-

Impa tells you to go to Kakariko Village; before doing that, go to the lost woods and follow the music to Saria.
Once you arrive in the special maze area of the forest, first kill the wolf to open the gate and then walk 
through it to the other side using your map to guide you. Avoid getting hit by the Mad Scrubs. 
Saria will teach you a new melody that will be useful to you later on.

When you get to Kakariko Village give Zelda's letter to the guard at the gate
and he will unlock the gate for you. Before going to the top of Death Mountain, 
follow the guard's tip and get your Hylian shield from the Hyrule Castle Market.

Walk up the mountain, killing any red Tektite spiders that get in your way. Turn the corners until you get to the red flag. 
Go to the right at the flag and watch out for the rolling Goron. Go straight past the circle of rocks 
(throw and break them for hearts and rupees) into Goron City.

Walk across the wooden ledge and jump straight to the bottom. Stand on the rug and play Zelda's Lullaby to open the door 
to Darunia's lair. Talk to Darunia and then play Saria's Song to cheer him up a bit. 
Darunia offers you the spiritual stone of fire in return for clearing Dodongo's Cavern of monsters. 
He gives you Goron's Bracelet for picking up bomb flowers and other heavy rocks.

Exit Goron City and walk past the circle of rocks. The entrance to Dodongo's Cavern is blocked off so you'll 
need a bomb flower. There is a bomb flower to the right of the circle of rocks, just outside of Goron City. 
Pick the bomb flower up and throw it off the ledge. If it doesn't blow the sealed entrance up the first time, try again. 
Jump down the cliff to the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.

Zora's domain-

Blow up the rocks that block the path to Zora's Domain. Jump over the gap to the other side and past the rock 
spitting Octorok. Jump over the gap in the river and go straight into the water. 
Swim over to the opposite side and head off to the right. Climb the ledge, 
cross the shallow part of the river up to the other ledge. Cross through the water again and climb up the hill. 
Follow the path across the bridge and go over the platforms until you get directly in front of the waterfall. 
Play Zelda's lullaby and jump over to the entrance of Zora's Domain.

Walk up the path to King Zora's Chamber. Go through the entrance to the left and talk to the Zoran at the edge of 
the waterfall. He'll ask you to play a diving game for 20 rupees- accept his offer and dive down the waterfall 
and collect every rupee before time is up. Once you collect the rupees, go back up and talk to the Zoran and 
get your silver scale. 

Dive down the waterfall and go into the underwater tunnel to Lake Hylia. 
There's a bottle underwater nearby so grab it and show the letter inside to King Zora. 
He'll move out of the way to allow you to go rescue Princess Ruto from inside of Jabu-Jabu's belly. 

Before you can enter, you'll need to catch a fish in a bottle to get Jabu-Jabu to open his mouth.

Bean Beds-

Kokiri Forest: There is a bean bed located behind the Kokiri Shop. 
put seed in it to make plant, go on it as an adult to get money,
from the ledge above.

Lost Woods: There is a bean bed located after 2 lefts in the Lost Woods.
put seed in it to make plant, go on it as an sdult to get a shortcut out of the lost woods.
Lost Woods: There is a bean bed located near the end of the Lost Woods. Put seed in it to make plant, 
go on it as an adult to find a gold skulltula at night.
Kakariko Graveyard: There is a bean bed located in the front left of the graveyard.  
plant seed and go on it as an adult to find a heart piece inside the crate. 

Death Mountain: There is a bean bed just in front of Dodongo's Cavern.  
plant seed and go on it as an adult to find a heart piece, and a shortcut up Death Mountain. 

Zora's River: There is a bean bed located at the entrance of Zora's River, near the Bean Seller. 
plant seed and go on it as an adult to get a shortcut up Zora's River. 

Lake Hylia: There is a bean bed located just beside the Lakeside Labratory. put seed in it to make plant, 
go on it as an adult to find a heart piece, and to get to the Fishing Pond. 

Gerudo Valley: There is a bean bed located on a ledge above the river, near the waterfall. 
Put bugs in it to get a gold skulltula, put seed in it to make plant, play song of storms to it to get 3 fairies, 
go on as an adult it to find a heart piece that's behind the waterfall. 

Death Mountain Crater: There is a bean bed just beside the warp point into Death Mountain Crater. 
Put bugs in it to get a gold skulltula, put seed in it to make plant, play song of storms to it to get 3 fairies, 
go on it as an adult to find a heart piece. 

Desert Colossus: There is a bean bed located by the entrance to the Spirit Temple. Put seed in it to make plant, 
go on it as an adult to find a heart piece and a gold skulltula at night.

The Sacred Realm-

As soon as you get the last spiritual stone you will have to go back to Hyrule Castle and meet Zelda.

The gates will be closed and a storm will start when you get there. After the scene afterwards. Pick up the
ocarina of time from the moat and go to the temple of time.

Use the song of time and then grab the master sword. You will be sealed away for seven years.

The whole of the world has changed in seven years. Some items you had as a child will be useless 
now e.g. Masks, magic Beans.

When sheik tells you to go to kakariko village go to the graveyard near by. Look for a grave with three flowers infront
of it and pull it open, the grave should be to your right (west), near the plant if you have put seeds in the soil
as a child.

Go down the grave and beat dampe the grave keeper in a race to get the hookshot. Once you have the hookshot go to the 
sacred forest meadow and visit saria.

When you get to the sacred meadow you will notice large Moblins guarding the valley. Shoot them with the hookshot from
behind. Their armour will be too strong at the front. Once you come to the stairs near the end a Moblin will
whack the ground with his club. Avoid the shockwave from the impact and go around him.

Once behind him you can kill him for a few rupees. Look for saria at the top of the stairs
and she will be missing. Sheik will teach you the Minuete of the Forest and disappear.

Now use the hookshot on the branch above the broken stairs to get in the forest temple.

After the forest temple-

Now you can do three different things. 1: Go to Lon Lon ranch and get Epona. 2: Go visit Sheik in the temple of time.
3: Go to Goron City and investigate the strange cloud above the mountain.

If you decide to go to the goron village you will find that everyone is gone except one goron.
He is rolling around the floor below the top floor entrance.

You will have to stop him the same way as you stopped the big goron as a child. With bombs.
Stop the goron then talk to him. He will have the same name as you. He is Darunia's son.

Ask him about the dragon Volvagia and then ask him about where the gorons are. Keep talking and 
he will give you the Goron tunic. Then open the passage in Darunia's room. Just pull the statue.

The shop will be open once you have talked to Darunia's son.

when you have gone through the passage get across the bridge and Sheik will teach you the bolero of fire.
Then make your way to the fire temple.

After the fire temple-

Now that the gorons are safe you will have to check Zora's Domain. When you get there it will be frozen over.

Got to the zora's fountain and jump across each ice platform to reach the ice cave. When you have finished the
ice cave dungeon make sure you have blue falmes with you. Fist defrost the king zora and he will give you the zora's

Then defrost the shop to get it open again. Now you will have to go to the water temple at lake hylia.

When you get to lake hylia the whole place will have dried up completely. You will have to go
to the bottom of the lake and get inside the water temple.

After the water temple-

The whole lake will be refilled again. Now if the sun is facing south of the island shoot it with an arrow
while you are on the stone plynth. The fire arrows will drop from the sky and land on the small island straight ahead.

Now you have three choices- 

1: go and seacrh gerudo valley and look for the next sage (check gerudo valley/fortress and
haunted wasteland/collosuss guide). 

2: go to Kakariko village to find another sage. 

3: Go down the well as a child and retrieve the Lens of Truth (check the Bottom of the Well in the dungeon guide).

If you decide to go to Kakariko village the place will be on fire! Sheik will be standing infront of the well.
He will be attacked by the shadow monster. Then you will be knocked out as well.

Sheik will then teach you the Nocturne of shadow to get you inside the shadow temple.

When you get to the entrance of the shadow temple you will need Din's Fire. Stand on the platform and use it.
When all the torches are lit the gateway will open and the shadow temple will await.

How to get Epona-

This can be done fairly easily, first as a child you need to go to Lon Lon Ranch after meeting zelda. 
There you will meet Malon in the field with the horses in. Epona will be close by, she's the red one. 
Talk to Malon first. Then talk to her again and then show her your Ocarina, you will then learn Epona's song.

When you become an adult go to Lon Lon Ranch (Make sure you have alot of rupees with you). Ingo will be incharge now.
When you talk to him, he will let you ride one of his horses. Accept and you have a short time to ride around.
Use Epona's song and she will come to you, ride on her until you are out of time.

Ask to ride again and use epona again, but this time talk to Ingo, he will bet 50 rupees if you can beat him in a race
around the field. Make sure you are on Epona when you talk to him or you will get a slower horse.

Now you will race Ingo, with Epona it should be easy, just remember to speed up when you need to. If you win, Ingo will
ask for another race but this time if you win you can have Epona, win to get the horse, but Ingo will lock you in the

Now here's the fun bit, along the perimiter of the Ranch should be three wood fences with black spikes on top, gallop
in a straight line and speed up while your heading towards the fence and Epona should jump the fence.

If she isn't in the area use Epona's song to bring her to you.

Now you can use her almost anywhere, here's where you can't use her-

Kokri forest & Lost Woods
Zora's River & Zora's Domain
Death Mountain & Kakriko Village
Hyrule Castle & Market
Haunted Wasteland & Desert Colosuss

Gerudo Valley & Gerudo Fortress-

Using Epona, make your way to Gerudo Valley and jump the bridge to get to the fortress. If you talk to the head carpenter 
there, you'll find out that his workers have been imprisoned in the fortress. 

Continue on to the fortress, and walk towards one of the guards. They'll throw you in a cell. Use your hookshot on the 
opening the left for you at the top of the cell. Now you'll be back outside. Look to your left, and go through that door. 
Go through that hall until you get to a cell. Talk to him, and you'll face a guard you'll have to defeat. 

Z-target and block and slash attacks are best. She does have the ability to throw you back to jail. 
Grab the key she leaves behind, and free the first carpenter. 
Continue on the original way, and go outside. 

Go through the door on your left. Turn right at the corner, and use an arrow to shoot the guard down 
(if you don't see her, wait a little, she'll come). Continue by where you shot her, and look down the next hall 
into a room with two guards you'll want to shoot. Grab a Fairy with the Song of Storms in this room, 
and go up the ramp on the far side of the room.

Now you're outside, so turn right, drop down to the next level, and go through the door. 
Be patient with your arrow ready, because a guard will pass by the doorway soon. Now go to your right, 
turn left at the corner, and go right towards another cell (with another guard to fight).

Go back from where you came, and drop another level. Go left, and you'll notice some vines you'll want to climb up. 
Go to the door right in front of you, and there will be the third carpenter (and guard).

Go back from where you came. Now, aiming for the ground floor, shoot the three guards keeping watch. 
Go to your left and go through the door furthest from you on your left. You don't have to worry about that one guard 
by the fence, she won't bother you.

Go down the hall and go to the last carpenter (and last guard). Now you'll get a Gerudo membership card, 
which will let you roam the grounds without the guards bothering you. There's a horse archery game too 
you should check out. Also, the carpenters will finish the bridgework, making it easy to move among that area! 
The Training Ground shouldn't be attempted until after you get the Silver Gauntlets at the Spirit Temple.

Haunted Wasteland & Desert Colosuss-

As adult Link, when you're done with Gerudo Valley, go to the large gate and climb the ladder to get the gate open. 
Walk into the desert and follow the flags. 

You could ignore the sign pointing you to the Bombchu seller, since it's more expensive than normal.
Eventually, you'll get to a stone structure. Walk up to it and read the sign there. 
Use your Lens of truth to see the ghost you have to follow. 

Then you'll get to the Desert Colossus. 

When you reach the collosus search the east wall to your right, find a small crack between two palm tree's.
This will be the great fairy's fountain. Get nayru's love here.

If you check the western area to the left you will find a dried up oasis. stand on the stone and play the song of storms.
This will fill the oasis and a bunch of faries should come from the water.

Enter the collosuss and read the inscriptions to your left and your right. The one on your left will say "If you want
to proceed to the past, you should return here with the pure heart of a child."

The inscription on your right will say "To venture deeper into the temple, return here with the power of silver"

When you have read the inscriptions exit the temple. Now sheik should appear and teach you the requim of spirit.

You will have to use this to return here as a child. Use the prelude of light and become a kid again. Now
return to the spirit temple and talk to the woman who waits inside.

Once you have the treasure which nabooru wanted, you will have to return as an adult and save her from the witches.

Mask Mission (Child)-

Keaton Mask-

After opening the gate in Kakariko village to death mountain, the guard will ask you for a favour.
He will ask you to fetch a mask for him. The keaton mask, it will be in the mask shop in the market.

Borrow it from the shop and wear it while talking to the guard in Kakariko village. He will pay you for the mask.
Now give some of the money he paid you to the mask salesman.

Skull Mask-

Borrow this mask after selling the first one and find the skull kid in the lost woods. He will to the left of where you
enter the lost woods from kokri village. Stand on the wooden platfrom and wear the mask, talk to him and he will buy it.

Then take the money back to the salesman in the mask shop.

Spooky Mask-

Borrow this from the shop and go to the graveyard during the day. Talk to the little kid while wearing it and he will buy 
Take the money to the shop owner and thats three.

Bunny Hood-

This is the last one. You will have to have come back from the future for this one. Borrow the hood and go to
hyrule field. Look for a man running around the field then make it night with the sun song or wait. When he sits down
during the night wear the hood and talk to him. He will give you all the money he can give you and just give some
money back to  the shop keeper.

Mask of Truth and others-

Once you have sold the four masks you will be given four new ones. You can't sell these ones.

Mask of Truth- This will let you read minds and the gossip stones will talk to you as well while you wear it.

Goron Mask- This just makes people believe your a goron. Funny reponses from gorons.

Zora Mask- This just makes people think your a zora. Funny responses from Zora's.

Gerudo Mask- You will look like a gerudo with this one.

Note: you won't be able to get past the guards at gerudo valley with this mask.

Biggeron's Sword Mission (Adult)-

This one will take a while. First you have to have completed most of the dungeons and you have to have saved the carpenters.

First go to kakariko village and talk to the girl who had problems with her cucoo's when you were a kid. She will ask you
if you could look after a special "Super Cucoo". Say yes then wait for it to hatch (make sure your somewhere where it will
change to night and day e.g. hyrule field).

When the cucoo has hatched go back to the village, find the house that Talon is sleeping in. Use the cucoo on him
and he should wake up. Show the cucoo to the cucoo woman again. She will say the bird is happy, she will now give
you a blue cucoo??? This one belongs to her brother who is hiding in the Lost Woods.

Take the cucoo to the lost woods and he should be in the same place where you sold the skull mask.

He will exchange the cucoo for a mushroom, you have to give this to the witch behind the magic shop in
Kakariko village, be quick you will be on a time limit. Don't teleport since the mushroom will have rotted away
by the time you finish warping to your destination. Use epona or the tunnel in the lost woods which will send
you to the goron village.

Once you have shown the mushroom to the witch she will turn it into a potion, take it to man in the forest again.
He will be missing, instead give it to the kokri child who gives you the saw the boy used to get the mushroom.

Now take the saw to the head carpenter in gerudo valley. He will say it was stolen and will give you a broken
sword. He will let you keep it. Go to the summit of death mountain near the great fairy fountain.

If you walk to the right of the tunnel leading to death mountain crater a huge goron should get up.
Show him the broken blade, he will say he can't repair it because volcano eruption hurt his eyes, 
he will give you a perscription to show to the zora king.

Go to the Zora's Domain and show the perscription to the Zora King, he will say he doesn't have any eye drops left.
He will give you the ingreadents to give to the scientist in the lab at lake hylia. Hurry or they will spoil.

When you get to the lab show the ingreadents to the prof and he will give you the eye drops for
biggeron. Now get back to biggeron before the eyedrops go bad, when you get their show him the drops and he will
be able to meand the sword now. He will give you a claim check to get the blade.

he will tell you to come back in 5 days but you could speed it up with the sun song, just make sure he is sitting on the
mountain and he hasn't stood up. After 5 days show biggeron the claim check and you will get biggerons sword.

Great Fairy Fountains-

Each fairy fountain is well hidden and very few of them are around.
Remember that you need to play Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce symbol to make the fairy appear. 
Here is their locations and there rewards-

Death Mountain Summit- After completing dodongo's cavern make your way to the top of the mountain.
First if you remember the area with the red flag go there. Then go up the ledges and blow up the boulders
with bombs. Now make sure you have the hylian shield for the next bit. When the volcano erupts use the hylian shield
to crouch and avoid the flaming rocks. Keep shielding yourself until it stops, the volcan should erupt a few
times but keep going forwar to the top.

When you rech the cliff face shoot any skullata's that get in your way then climb up and shoot them from
every ledge you stand on, when you reach the top walk to the blocked passage to your left.
The one on the right will take you to the mountain crater, only go in if you are getting Gold skullata's.

When you go to the blocked cave blow up the large rock and enter, talk to the fairy and you
will get the Spin attack from her.

Hyrule Castle- Will require the bombs for this one. First get past the gate, you should see a path going to a
yellow boulder, blow it up and crawl inside. Now you should get Din's Fire.

Zora Fountain- This one can be a bit confusing. You should start near Jabu Jabu. Go around him and to the far right of 
his body you should see a small peice of land with some trees and a grey rock, blow up the wall behind the grey rock
to get inside the fairy fountain. Now you will have Fahror's Wind.

Death Mountain Crater- This one will need the megaton hammer. Near the bridge which leads to the fire temple,
you should see three red boulders blocking a passage, smash them with the hammer, go inside to see the fairy.
She will make your magic double in quantity.

Desert Collosuss- This one is easy, go to the wall on the east side and look for a small crack in a wall.
There should be two palm trees either side of the crack. Blow it up and head inside. You will get Nayru's Love.

Ganon's Castle- You have to get the gold gauntlets for this one. Outside the castle you will find a small path
which is covered in boulders. At the end you should see a tall black piller, lift it to get in.
Now the fairy will be inside the passage infront of you. She will make all the damage you recieve drop by half.
Your hearts should all have a white outline now.

Note- Remember you can visit them again to refil your health.


At Lake Hylia as a kid you should see two scarecrows, The one closest to the water is the one you should talk to.
Then when you have talked to him get your ocarina out, he will ask you to play a song, don't use one you have already
learned, instead make up an eight note song (here's a tip, if you have played majora's mask you could use an eight note
song from that game or make up one of your own), he will only respond to eight note songs.

Then when you become an adult go to lake hylia and talk to the scarecrow, then play the song you played him as a kid,
this song will make the other scarecrow appear when ever you play it near a place where Navi has turned green 
(e.g. high ledge)

When you play the song the other scarecrow should come and you can use the hookshot/longshot on him to bring you to
his position.

4. Dungeon Guide-

1. Inside the Deku Tree- 

Once inside, take note of the web in the center; it will be useful to you in the future. 
Climb the vines up to the next platform; you can then either go left for a heart on the edge of 
the log or right to the big treasure chest with a map in it.

With the Skulltulas hanging from the vines above the treasure chest, you won't be able to reach the 
top without being knocked down. Instead, proceed to the 
right of the treasure chest until you reach a door and go through it. The door will lock behind you; 
defeat the Deku scrub by bouncing the nuts he shoots at you off your shield. Once you hit him, 
talk to him and the door ahead will unlock. In the next room, get to the other side and open the treasure chest 
with the slingshot in it. 

Equip the slingshot to one of your C-buttons and climb up the vine that is left of the treasure 
chest to get a heart from a smaller treasure chest. If you didn't 
jump on the platform on your way in, jump across it to go back to the other side. 

If you jumped on the platform, simply use your slingshot on the ladder hanging above the exit. 
(jump across the platform or shoot the ladder down)

Climb up the ladder and go back through the doors to the vines where the Skulltulas are. 
Shoot each one with your slingshot and climb to the top-right. Once you reach the top, go right until you get to a door. 
In the next room is a switch, 3 platforms, a torch, and an unlit torch as well as various enemies and treasure chests.

Hit the switch to raise the 3 platforms and cross directly to the opposite side and open the treasure 
chest to receive your compass. Go back to the switch and hit it again 
but go to the left side -- avoid the spider hanging above. Open the treasure chest for a heart. 

You can exit the room by lighting the unlit torch with the deku stick and the pre-lit torch nearby. 
If you don't have a deku stick on you, simply cross back to the opposite side and kill the deku baba.

Once you're back to the ring of spiders, kill any one and look down the ledge. 
Aim at the spider web below and jump right in the center. 
If you don't hit the center or at least near it, you will have to climb back up and try again.

The water that you land in is too deep to reach the high ledges around it. Find the shallow water 
and walk across to the side with the switch. The switch will light the torch and burn the web around it. 
Behind the torch is a chest with a heart in it.

Light a deku stick and walk across the shallow water to the side with the spider web blocking the door. 
Light the web on fire with the stick and then go through the door. In the next room is a deku scrub that
you should defeat to get a helpful tip. Shoot the slingshot at the silver eye above the locked door to unlock it.

Hit the underwater switch by floating above it and hold down the "A" button to dive until you hit it. 
The switch is located next to the second cage on the left side from the previous room. Hitting the switch will 
lower the water; rush back to the other side and ride the floating platform to the opposite side. 
If the water rises back up before you make it, simply repeat the process. 
Kill the Skulltula hanging around the box and push or pull the box so that you can reach the ledge to the next room.

Light the two torches in the next room to open the locked door. 
Avoid the deku baba plants and cut the grass to reveal hearts or other needed items. 

Once you walk through the door, watch the Skulltula hanging from above the ceiling. 
Get him out of the way and then kill the spiders that drop from the ceiling or you can avoid 
them beforehand and shoot the eggs that hang from the ceiling. 
Light a deku stick with your torch and burn the spider web on the right side. 

Crawl through the small hole into the next room. 
Push the block over the ledge and light the torch from the other side and jump back over 
and light the web on fire. Be sure to press the "R" button to lean over on the web or else it won't work.

You will fall into a small room with hearts and three deku scrubs. 
Use the order from earlier and talk to the scrub and
unlock the next door to the boss.

Check boss guide for Queen Ghoma

2. Dodongo's Cavern- 

Pick up a bomb flower from either side of the room and throw it at the cracked wall. 
Dodongo's Cavern has a left side and a right side, 3 rising platforms around the center ring, and a Lizard mouth 
at the opposite end of the entrance. 

Unless you really need a map, don't go to the left side of the cavern just yet. 
If you do need the map for whatever reason, it's behind the cracked wall. Jump over to the right side and use the 
bomb flower to get the beamos out of the way. Note the cracked wall, a switch in a room above that can't be reached, 
and another cracked wall on the right. The left wall only contains a gossip stone so skip over it and blow up the cracked 
wall on the right. 

Baby Dodongos will appear from the ground. With one swipe of your sword, these weak enemies become active time bombs. 
As you walk further down, take out each Dodongo as it appears. Once you get to the blue switch, push/pull one of the 
Armos statues on it to hold it down and unlock the door above.

Pick the bats hanging on the walls off before they get the chance to annoy you. Smash the pots and walk across the 
hall and through the door. 

The door will lock behind you and the Lizalfos brothers attack. 
There are hearts in two of the pots if you need them and the other two pots contain 
blue rupees. Go through the unlocked door after they are taken care of. 

There's a bomb flower at the end of the hall that you can use on the cracked wall. 
The Business Scrub behind the wall isn't of much use unless you are out of Deku sticks 
(which you will need for the next part).

There are Dodongos in the next room that could cause problems if not taken care of. Don't get in front of their 
mouths and watch out for their long tails when the spin around. Its armored body is no match for your sword so 
you need to attack its tail. Do a strong sword attack on the tail and back off as it spins around. 
Walk back around to the tail and attack again. Once defeated, it will blow up so back out of the way. 

After you get all the Dodongo enemies out of the way, you're ready to unlock the door. Locate the three unlit torches 
and light your deku stick with the lit torch. Run down the hall and light all three torches to unlock the door. 
Run and hit the switch that will unlock the door on the other side. Jump down and cross over to the unlocked door.

Pick up any bomb flower and blow up the cracked wall. There are three Armos statues guarding the treasure chest; 
one is alive. Throw a bomb flower at the center Armos and then dodge it when it comes at you. Pick up another 
bomb and throw it at him and then throw another one. The Armos will then become mad; stay as far away from 
it as possible until it blows up. Get the compass from the treasure chest and then go back out to the chain 
of bomb flowers. Place the bomb that is not in the long chain of flowers in the middle of the gap of the bombs. 

The stairs will lower down and the path at the top of the stairs will split to the left and right. You'll end 
up in the same place going either way. Go through the door at the top of the stairs. The door will lock 
behind you; there's circle of Armos statues. All of them are real Armos except for the one blocking the ladder.
Kill the flaming bats and avoid the other Armos statues. 
Pull the statue in front of the ladder out of the way and climb up and hit the switch. 
Go through the unlocked door straight ahead and across the bridge. Watch out for the flame bats 
and jump the gap in the middle of the bridge.

Don't climb down the ladder to the other side or else you'll be run over by the sliding spikes below. 
Jump in between the two pillars directly in front of you. Cross over to the next set of pillars when the spike 
slowly moves back to the right side. Pull the box out if you need a heart; otherwise, climb the ladder and 
jump over to the short platform nearby. Throw or time the bomb flower so it hits the wall exactly when it blows up. 
Or you can throw it so it lands on the small ledge and then climb up the ladder to the next room.

To get rid of the fire on the platform, shoot the eye above the door on the other side. If you don't have any 
slingshot nuts, slice the plant below until it gives them up. Kill the baby Dodongos as you walk through the hallway. 

You're going to have to fight the Lizalfos brothers again so the door locks behind you. There are hearts on the 
last platform across from the door you just came through. This is also the best place to fight them so they 
can only approach from one direction. Just make sure you keep a safe distance from the edge or you'll fall straight down 
to where you fought them the first time. They are a bit more aggressive than the first time you met up so 
you might want to throw a few deku nuts at them to hold them still. 

Through the door is more fire platforms to cross and more eyes to shoot. If you don't have deku nuts this time around, 
you have to go all the way back to the first fire platform where you got them before. Shoot the first eye across from 
where you're standing. Jump onto the platform where the fire was and turn to the left and shoot the other eye. 
Jump all the way across and jump across the bridge to the other side in the next room. 
Open the treasure chest and get the bomb bag and the 20 bombs inside. 
Don't waste your time blowing up the cracked wall below; you'll only find a few business scrubs trying to rip you off.

The switch will raise and lower a platform allowing you access to the lower level of Dodongo's Cavern. 
Kill the flame bat and make your way over to the bridge on the right side. 
The cracked wall at the end of the bridge contains a blue rupee. The bridge itself has two holes in it; 
the lizard below has two eyes. Drop bombs down the holes into the Lizard's eyes and its mouth will open up. 
Have your slingshot ready for a few fire bats that occupy the Lizard mouth. 

The switch in the middle of the room won't stay without something holding it down so climb up the small 
ledge and work your way down the hall. Jump off the ledge and climb up the ledge on the other side. 
Climb up the box on the ledge and then up the next ledge. Walk across the ledge until you get to the end 
at which point you'll be able to jump down. 

Collect the items from the pots as you walk down the hall and push the box off the ledge and into the hole 
where the switch is. Go through the unlocked door and place a bomb on the different colored part of the ground 
and then open the treasure chest to restock your bombs. 
Jump down the hole and have your bombs ready for use.

Check boss guide for King Dodongo

3. Jabu Jabu's Belly- 

You might want to equip your deku shield for Jabu-Jabu's belly; it will be helpful to have to 
kill the Octorks. Kill all of the enemies inside the mouth of Jabu-Jabu. Hit the switch on the ceiling, 
just in front of the door, to unlock the door. Kill the Biri (jellyfish) and walk across to the next door. 
You'll find Princess Ruto on the right side of the room. 

She'll fall down the hole down below; follow her down the same hole and talk to her again. 
Talk to her one more time and then pick her up. Walk through the nearby door and put Ruto down to pop the bubbles 
if they get in the way. Jump down into the water and throw Princess Ruto up to the other side. 
Hit the switch and join her on the other side of the water and watch out for the underwater Stingers. 
Watch out for the bubbles as you walk down the next tunnel and shoot the switch on the ceiling with your slingshot. 
Kill the Octorok and wait for the platform to lower down. Jump over to the platform with Princess Ruto and go up.

Go back through the door into the room where you originally met Princess Ruto 
(take note of the blue tentacle in the floor). Cross to the other side, being careful not to fall through any 
of the holes on the ground. Kill all of the Tailpasarans (electric worm things) in the next room and head to the right.

The switch on the right needs your weight and the Princess' weight to press it down. 
Don't leave the princess outside or you will have to back to her original spot to find her. 

Set the princess down at the inside of the door and kill the stingers to claim your boomerang. 
Pick her up and take her back through the door to the opposite side. Set the princess on the switch to hold it 
down and go through the door without her.

Kill the tentacle above with your boomerang; keep circling around it to dodge its tail or 
it will swing at you and deliver a powerful blow. Get the map from the hall and go meet Princess Ruto back outside. 
Take the next left near the switch. The tentacle blocking the door is gone so carry the Princess 
through the door and set her down somewhere inside. 

Pop all of the bubbles using your boomerang within the given time limit. 
Get the compass from the treasure chest and take Princess Ruto down the hall to the opposite side where 
you got the boomerang. Kill the tentacle in the room the same way you killed the first and go to the right 
across the hall from where you originally came in. Kill all of the jellyfish and the tentacle.

Go out to the room where all the holes are in the floor and jump down where the blue tentacle used to be 
(the small hole on the very right from where you just came in.) Take the Princess through the door and 
throw her on the platform to get the spirit stone. 
The platform will rise up and an Octopus (Bigocto) will come down in place of Princess Ruto.

Once you defeat him, take a ride up the elevator.

There are two deku nuts in the pots as well as a fairy behind the elevator. 
Kill the jellyfish in the hall and go through the door. The unstable platforms will do more than just throw you 
around; they will electrocute you if you touch them. 
Throw your boomerang at them to stabilize them one at a time and cross over to the other side. 
Jump over to the platform to activate the elevator. 
You don't have princess Ruto to hold the switch down this time around so take a box from the other side of 
the ledge and place it on the switch. 

Kill all of the Biri floating around and climb the vines to the top. 
There is spider webbing in front of the switch preventing you from being able to hit the switch. 
Face the web and take 3-4 steps back and then throw your boomerang at it. 
This will unlock the door on the opposite side. Now check boss guide for the Barinade

4. Bottom of the Well- 

Make sure you have learned the song of storms from the guy inside the windmill as an adult before going back.

Go inside the windmill of Kakariko village and play the song of storms to the guy. This will cause the well to drain, 
allowing you to enter. Go through the small entrance and kill the Giant Skulltula. Walk through the fake wall ahead 
and go to the right along the water. Once you come to the big head with the Triforce symbol on the floor, 
stand on it and play Zelda' Lullaby.

Whatch out as there are alot of fake floor's and walls in this place.

Go back to the beginning of the level and go down the hole where the water used to be. 
To the left of the cage is another small hole that you can crawl through. Go through it and defeat the boss 
and the four hands. 
Get the lens of truth from the treasure chest.

To find the dungeon map look round the place until you fall through the floor, there should be some redead's down there.
Take care of them and explore the lowest levels before you go back up, you should find the map down there.

There are also three small keys in this dungeon. They are all on floor B1. Don't Unlock any doors until you have found them
all. There are also three gold skullata's in the dungeon. To find out where they are look at the GS guide in this
walkthrough. They should all be behind locked doors though. Be absoloutly sure of which rooms you unlock.

5. Forest Temple- 

Climb up the vines on the right side to the tree ledge above. 
Cross over the branch to the other branch on the other side. Open the treasure chest and get the key and then go back down. 
Kill the two Wolfos and go through the door to the inside of the temple. Kill the Skulltula hanging above with one hit with 
the Hookshot. Four Poes steal the light from the torches in the room. This makes the elevator inactive; 
you must defeat the four Poes throughout the course of this level to light all of the torches.

The temple is divided into many different rooms. Go to the room straight ahead and kill the Blue Bubble. 
Defeat the Stalfos in the next room to get the key; there is a heart and a fiary in the two pots. 

Play the Song of Time to move the blue box that is blocking the door. Kill the big deku baba plant that is blocking 
the way and walk over to the vines on the right. Kill all of the Skulltulas that hang on the wall with your Hookshot. 
You won't be able to hit the one at the very top so you'll have to sneak by it instead. Make sure that the Skulltula has his
back turned before you make any attempt to pass; otherwise, he will charge at you, sending you down to the ground. 
Kill the Blue Bubble to unlock the door ahead and get the map out of the treasure chest.

Kill the deku baba and use your Hookshot to pull yourself across to the other balcony. 
Hit the switch to drain the well and climb down the vines next to the balcony. 
Get the key from the well and go up the other side into the door to the room where 
the Poes stole the flames from the torches.

Unlock the door at the top of the stairs. Climb up the two ladders and note the arrows on the floor in the next room. 
Pull the box on the left out onto the arrows and then push it in the direction of the arrows until it hits the wall. 
Go through the tunnel where the box was and take a right at the end of it and locate the box again. 
Continue to push the down the path until it locks into the hole. Find the ladder in the hallway where you originally 
found the green box and climb up. Find the red box and push it to the wall. 
Go back and climb down the ladder and climb on the green box up to the next level. 
Push the red box down the hall until it locks into place and climb up. 
Take a right at the end of the hall and climb up the ladder. 

Unlock the door and walk down the twisted hallway. Watch out for the hand on the ceiling; 
jump on the floor and wait for the circle shadow to form around your own. 
Run around until the hand hits the floor and then slice him before he runs back up to the ceiling. 
Jump over the platforms and unlock the door on the other side. 
Walk down the stairs to the room with the hole in the middle of the floor. 
Kill the first Stalfos to lower the platform. Kill the two Stalfos and get your bow and arrow; 
if you don't kill the second one fast enough, the first one will piece back together and you'll have to fight it again.

Exit to the opposite side of where you entered and find the three paintings on the steps. Look at sub boss guide. 
Go downstairs and fight the Poe. When the poe is defeated open the treasure chest and get the compass.

Go to the opposite side where another three paintings are with a red Poe. Look at sub boss guide. 
Get the small key from the treasure chest. Go back upstairs and untwist the hallway by shooting the eye 
above the entrance with your bow an arrow. Go through it and open the Gold colored treasure chest to get the boss key. 
Jump down the nearby hole and kill the two blue bubbles to unlock the door. 
Kill the big deku baba open the door on the right side, just before the door ahead. 
Kill the Floormaster and its babies before they grow into big Floormasters. 
Open the treasure chest and take the key. Go through the door and then to the door on the right. 
Climb back up the ladders and boxes to the room before the untwisted hallway. 
Shoot the eye again to twist the hallway back.

Go back up the stairs where the blue Poe was and unlock the door at the top. Jump down below to kill the hand hanging 
from the ceiling when he drops down. Climb up the ladder to the other side and walk down the hallway. 
Kill the two green bubbles and unlock the door. Jump across the spinning platforms to use Din's Fire on the frozen eye. 
If you don't have Din's Fire, circle around the platform and line your arrow up with the flame and the ice. 
Shoot the eye to twist the hallway and jump down the hole.
You'll land in a room with a tiled floor. 
The ceiling above is collapsing and you won't be able to cross over to the other side in one setting. 
Look at the ceiling and note the holes in it. Let the ceiling drop once and then immediately run to the 
tile with the switch on it. Let the ceiling drop again and then immediately run to the tile with the treasure chest on it. 
Open the treasure chest and get the arrows. Let the ceiling drop one more time and then run to the door.

When you finish the falling roof room, you should be in a bare room except for the painting on the wall.
Look at the sub boss guide since this is where the third poe appears.

Shoot down the Skulltula on the ceiling and go through the door. Jump off the balcony to battle the final Poe.

Look at sub boss guide for the last poe.

The elevator will rise back up taking you down to the boss. 
Before you can fight the boss, you have to go through one more puzzle. 
The room is divided up in a series of pillars, cages, and switches. 
Push the pillar around in either direction. Depending on which way you push it, 
you might reveal an entrance to a switch, an enemy, a cage, or a room with nothing in it at all. 
Push the walls until you hit two switches. Once two switches have been hit, reset the room to its 
original position and hit the last switch to open the gate blocking the boss' door.

When you get in the boss chamber go up the steps. Then go to the center of the platform then start
to walk to the exit, you should get blocked off. Now you will fight Phantom Ganon, check the boss guide.

6. Fire Temple- 

Go up the set of stairs before you, and then take a left through that door and meet you will see darunia! 
Here, you're going to want to jump from platform to platform, making your way to a cage on the left with a trapped Goron 
inside. To free him, just step on the switch and make sure to open the treasure chest that's in the cage 
(it contains a small key). On the other side are some pots with bombs and fairies. 
Now backtrack and exit this section from the way you came out.

As you walk out, you'll see a locked door in front of you. Walk straight and enter the door, which leads to a great hall. 
Using the platforms and bridges, your objective now is to make your way to the left side of the hall, 
where there is a small hallway and a door there with a blue block above it. 
Going through this door and the subsequent hall will lead you to another trapped Goron. 
Set him free, make sure to grab the key that's in the treasure chest, and go back to the great hall. 
Now, make your way to the right side of the hall, where you will want to place a bomb by a place on the wall 
that looks discolored to get to another Goron and key. Go back to the large chamber and go through the locked 
door on the opposite wall of where you first came in.

Here, you'll want to make your way down the wooden plank and up the fence 
(right by the entrance, to the left if you're facing the door). 
There, you'll kill two bats; then, drop to the platform below, where you'll push the large, 
movable block off the edge. Fall down onto the block, and you'll shoot to the next room. 
Go through the locked door and enter a dingy greenish room. 
Here on the left, you'll want to climb up the platforms and kill the fire slugs. 
Move towards the torch on your right where you see a switch and another large, movable block. 
Jump to that ledge and push it off the edge, then drop down and pull it until you can use it 
to make your way to on top of the Goron's cave and up the shorter fence. 
From this upper level, toss a bomb down to the switch. This will make fire blocking a pathway disappear, 
allowing you to climb up to another door, but hurry before the fire reappears!

Go through this door, which leads you into a room with boulders. Avoiding the boulders, 
make your way to your right until you see another trapped Goron. Same deal, don't forget the key! 
Exit his cage and follow the left wall, past a locked door, and towards another trapped Goron in a small 
tunnel after a door. Now turn around, and go through that locked door you passed earlier.

To the right, unlock the door with an arrow on the eye switch, and you'll find a Dungeon Map. 
Turn around, and now go to the locked door of the room. Run to the other end of the room and be 
careful for the wall of fire following you. Enter the door above you, and jump onto the ledge in front of you 
(be careful for the little flame slug), and place a bomb on the crack you see. Drop down the opening, 
free another Goron, and grab another key. Go back up from the hole you came through, get to the platform 
with a switch on it, and push the switch. This opens another cell with a Goron and a key on the right side of the room 
(facing away from the door you entered). Now go back to the end of the room where you came, and enter the door to the left.

Now go across the platform, and be sure that, instead of going back to the end of this hall, 
you jump halfway through onto a ledge to your right, and enter that door. Go through another door. 
Eventually you'll come to a fire maze (careful for the false doors). On the right of the room is a Compass, 
while the left side has a locked door you'll want to go through. Pass the Goron in this room, and go through 
the door to get to the other half of the room. Get to the switch, hit it, and hurry across the fire curtain that 
just disappeared. Remember to be careful for the fire walls.

You'll want to place a bomb by this false door, and then enter the real door after the bomb explodes. 
In the next room you'll face a mini boss (look up fire dancer in sub boss section). 
Now, climb onto the platform and you'll be going to the fourth floor. 
In this room, climb up the fence and hit the switch below with the bomb, and climb the other fence, 
climb the fence now available to you and enter the door. 
Step on the switch and run up the stairs for the Megaton Hammer!

Equip the hammer, and go down the stairs. Use the hammer on the small platform and you'll go down the hole. 
Break the statue with a hammer. hit the statue symbol that is on the floor, and you'll see a set of stairs come down. 
Now pick up a box and set it on top of the switch, then enter the door to the next room.

Now, hammer the platform to descend onto the floor. Above you, hit the rusty switch, go through the door 
and jump the gap to reach the blue block. Get your Ocarina out and play the Song of Time to move the block 
and allow a switch to appear. Hit the switch, go into the pit, and you'll free another Goron and key. 
Climb up blue block to go back to the other side.

Jump to the platform and hammer it to fall a couple of levels. Go through the door that leads to the entrance of the 
temple and go down the stairs to a statue. Hammer the statue and enter the next room. Kill a few enemies there 
and enter the next room. Go through the door and defeat a shield eater, then the fire dancer mini-boss again
(you can use the hammer this time), then enter the next door.

Activate the switch and you'll be able to free the last Goron and grab the Boss Key. Leave the room, 
go up the stairs again and enter the left door. Open the Boss Door and go onto the stone platform.

Check boss guide for Volvagia.

7. Ice Cave-

Break the icicles on the floor and watch for falling ice above.
Kill the enemies in the room with the spinning spike to open the door ahead. 
Watch for falling icicles as you walk down the next hallway. 
In the room with the iceberg with two bladelike extensions, collect all the crystals to open 
the gate above the two small ledges.

Cross down the next hall, avoiding falling icicles and spikes. When the Freezzard spits its 
freezing breath at you, wait for it to stop and slice it up before it can recover. 
Go down the steps and watch out for the flying ice bats above. Climb the ledge on the right 
and kill the Freezzard on top. Get the hearts if you need them and jump over the ledge to the blue flame.

Capture the blue flame in a bottle to use on the 'red ice' covering various things in the level. 
The pot further down the way has a purple rupee in it and the treasure chest contains the map.

Have all of your bottles filled with the blue flame and go to the room with the spinning iceberg. 
To the room on the left is a hallway with a compass and a heart piece along with another blue flame to 
refill your bottles. Watch out for incoming bats, though.

Go back out and find the second wall covered with 'red ice.' Walk through this hallway to the room with 
the big block sitting on the floor. Kill all of the bats that are flying around first and then push the 
block so that it doesn't fall off the side. Make sure you have your bottles filled with the blue flame 
and push the block to the entrance on the left side where you just entered. Cross the hall and kill 
the two ice statues while dodging falling icicles. Once you get to the small red icebergs, 
pour the flame on them and enter the door.

See ice cavern sub-boss for details.

8. Water Temple-

First you have to get inside the temple itself. Go to lake hylia and use the iron boots and zora tunic.
Then use the hookshot on the small blue pyramid above the gate.

Then enter the water temple.

Drop into the water and swim along the right wall to a ledge. When you get there, equip your Iron Boots 
and drop down to the floor. Go to the tunnel lighted by the torches, and you'll see Ruto swimming upwards. 
Go to the spot where she started swimming upwards, and take off your boots.

Eventually, you'll see a triforce symbol on the wall, and that's your cue to play Zelda's Lullaby to force the water level
lower. Go through the door and grab the Dungeon Map from this room. Go back and drop down and you'll be in a room with 
two unlit torches and a lit one. Light the other two torches with your magic or shoot arrows throught the flame at the
unlit torches.
Go through the now unblocked door, and kill the clams in there. Now go back into the main room.
Hug the wall to your left, bypass the tunnel and go to the next tunnel with a block in your way. 
Push the block forward until it drops, then jump down and go through the tunnel and on to the other side. 
Activate the little diamond switch, and use the geyser to boost yourself to the other side of the room 
(if you fall, use your hookshot to get back up). In this next room, you'll see a very large whirlpool. 
Put on your Iron Boots again, and stand on the pipe facing the stone head.

You'll see a gem switch in the large mouth, so use your hookshot to activate it. 
Then turn and aim your hookshot to the underwater tunnel. Go to that tunnel, 
take off your boots and go up to grab a key. Use your hookshot and equip your Iron Boots 
to allow yourself to get out of the tunnel, then take off your boots and get out of the pool. 
Now, get back to the main room.

Use your hookshot and get out of the hole, and make your way back to where the block you pushed is still on the floor. 
You can use your hookshot from here to get out.
Now go through the locked door that leads into the tower of the main room. Hookshot your way to the Triforce symbol, 
and play Zelda's Lullaby again to change the water level. Equip your Iron Boots, and now you'll see a block that 
was on the floor, now floating above a passageway.

Go through this tunnel and hit the switch you'll find in the room with a hookshot symbol. 
Be careful, as enemies start to fall from the ceiling. Kill them all to open another gate in the ceiling. 
Float to the surface by taking off your iron boots, then collect the key from the chest.

Equip your Iron Boots, and go back to the Triforce symbol near the place you met Ruto. 
Use a bomb and open the crack that's on the wall to get another key. 
Now go back up the water level in the main room, and go through the next locked door. 
Here, you'll need to stand on a geyser and shoot another switch with your bow and arrow. 
Go through this door, and play Zelda's Lullaby again in front of the Triforce symbol you see in the next room.

Go into the water and go through the next locked room you see. Here, 
you'll want to hop down a couple of times and onto a moving block. 
Wait until you're pretty low on the block, and use your hookshot to aim for the targets 
you see as you make your way up the next side.

Hookshot or use arrows on the switch in the middle of this room to raise the water, 
then hookshot the statue close to you. Shoot the switch again, and the water level will change. 
Walk to the corner of this platform and hookshot the target on the wall to proceed to the next platform. 
You can just climb the statue, and shoot the switch again, raising the water level. 
Hookshot the next statue to move on, and hit the switch again, lowering the water. 
Get yourself on top of the statue, and hit the switch again to allow you to move on.

Killing various enemies, you're going to want to hookshot the target placed on the ceiling, 
and then you'll go through a door to the toughtest sub-boss ever. Dark Link. Check sub-boss guide.

When Dark Link is defeated, you'll now see the illusion disappear, unlocking a door that contains the Longshot. 
Equip your Ocarina now, and look behind the Longshot treasure chest. 
The Song of Time song should make that block evaporate, allowing you to drop down a hole. 
Now you're at a river. Equip your Iron Boots to get through the river, making sure not to get sucked in to the pool. 
On your left, you'll find another platform you can get on by shooting yourself up with the longshot. 
Equip your arrows, and shoot the switch you see on the other side of the room so you can access a treasure chest soon.

Hookshot the chest and open it to get a key. Go down the tunnel and you'll be able to get yourself back to the main room. 
Equip the Iron Boots again, and go back to the Triforce symbol near where you met Ruto to change the water level again 
using Zelda's Lullaby. Now, get yourself back to the main room.

Get into the tower and make your way to that particular Triforce symbol, and play Zelda's lullaby once again. 
Now get out of the tower, and make your way to the last side of the room you haven't been to yet. 
Hookshot your way over there after using an arrow on the eye switch. Go down the tunnel until you get to 
another mobile block. Push it forward and the key on your right. Now go the other way and Hookshot up the 
ceiling and go down the hall and into the main room again.

Equip the Iron Boots and go to the bottom level. Go to the section located on the top part of your map. Hookshot 
yourself over the spikes and unlock the door.

Here, kill the spiders using any means necessary, though arrows work the best. 
Equip the Iron Boots to go to the other side of the room, and go through that door.

Go down to the ledge next to you, on your right, and use a bomb to blow up the crack in the wall. 
Before you go through the newly opened wall, you'll want to swim across to the left platform and blow up 
the off-color bricks. Go through this passage, and push the big block in front of you, and then pull 
the block by going to the other side of the passage. Go to the other side of the passage again, 
and push the block until it falls on a switch, which will rise the level of water. 
Swim up and go through the door with steps in front of it. Step on the switch, and geysers will pop up. 
Jump to each of these geysers to make your way onto the other side, though you can usually make the jump 
from the second geyser if you're running out of time.

Be careful for the boulder here and head against the current and drop down (using the Iron Boots) 
the small opening below where the boulder usually lands. Go through this tunnel, and, at the end, 
swim up and go through a locked door, which is where you'll get a Boss Key. 
There are two fairies in the pots behind the boss key treasure chest. Make your way back to the main room again.

Now, go through the door that has a red block in front of it. 
You'll now see a target to which you could use your Hookshot. 
Go through the door in the back, and you're close to the boss. 
Just try to make your way past a few moving spikes on an incline 
(time your run appropriate to the movement of the spikes, you'll get it soon). Go through the Boss Door.

Look at the boss guide on Morpha.

9. Spirit Temple (young)-

Take the stairs and head left. Talk to the person there and say "Nothing," "Really," and "No," 
to get asked to grab a treasure. Crawl through the hole and kill the bats and the Armos to unlock the door on the right. 
Light a deku stick with the torch, and light the torches on the inside of the door on your right. 
Go back into the other room and light the door on the other side, defeat the enemies (a Stalfos and skull), 
and hit the switch with your boomerang. The fence will now fall to make a bridge. Cross the bridge, 
watch out for the pots, and go through the door.

Walk along the bridge and use Din's Fire to defeat the enemy in this room. Now go through the door, 
get the key, and grab all the silver Rupees to make a bridge. Go the first room and through the small 
hole between the two torches. Go through the locked door, kill the Skulltula, and climb the wall.

Go forward into the room and fight two Lizalfos. Boomerang the switch above you and open up the treasure chests. 
Use a Bombchu to hit the boulder above you. Go through the way and push the statue on your left off the edge and 
onto a switch. Go up the steps, light a deku stick with the torch, and light the two torches in front of the big 
statue on the lower level to get the Dungeon Map. Go back to the place you lit your deku stick, and go through that door. 
Go to the next door, kill all the enemies in the room, and collect the silver Rupees. Use the newly-lit torch to light 
all the others, and grab the key inside the chest.

Move the blocks in the middle of the room around so the one with the sun on it is below the light coming from the window. 
Go through the door that unlocks, go up the stairs, and go to the next room. 

You will now face the Iron Knuckle. Check the sub-boss guide.

Now open the door and you'll be outside, where you'll get the Silver Gauntlets. 
Now it's time to go back to the Temple of Time, play the prelude of light and become adult Link.

10. Spirit Temple (old)

Get back to the temple by playing the Requiem of Spirit song on your Ocarina. Get inside the temple, 
and push the large gray block to your right. Go through the passage, kill the Laser Eye and activate 
the switch on the ceiling with your bow.

Enter the door to your left, kill the Wolfos, and go to the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby to 
make a chest visible. Hookshot the chest, grab the Dungeon Compass, and go back and through the door to your right. 
Here, collect all the silver Rupees, using the Hover Boots when appropriate. 
Now go through the newly opened door, and grab the key from the chest. Go back to the room where you killed 
the Laser Eye and hit the switch, and go through the locked door.

Careful about the fake pots and the enemy that'll fall from the ceiling. Now climb the ledge, and kill the 
invisible monster (use your Lens). Now use a handle on the statue to rotate it around the third sun symbol 
from the left. Go through the passage it opens, and be careful about the small statue next to you when you enter, 
it's alive!

Swing over to the ledge with the treasure chest on it and hit the switch you find with your hammer and a door 
will open in the lower level. Go through the newly opened door, maneuver the blocks around, and hit the switch with 
your Hammer to help you navigate through the main room.

Go to the main room (with the big statue) again, and Hookshot the target above the door you had first come through 
so you can climb up the stairs and jump onto the big hand of the statue that has the Triforce symbol on it.

Here, you'll want to play Zelda's Lullaby to make a chest appear, and you'll want to Hookshot over to it to get a key. 
Now climb up the stairs above the door you came through and to through the locked door.

Now, kill the Laser Eye with a Bombchu, and kill the other enemies by shooting them with fire arrows or by burning them 
with Din's Fire. Go through the open door, and go next to the door on your right. With your bow and arrow, shoot one 
at the statue far away from you. When it hits the door switch, quickly go through that door, go up the stairs, 
and use your Lens to look for invisible chests. Go through the next door, and you'll be against another Iron
Knuckle in the throne room.

After you kill it, go through the door and grab the Mirror Shield!

Now go back and to the room with the four statues in it, and you'll want to stand in the sunlight with the mirror shield out, 
and hit the sun symbol on the wall. Go through the newly opened door and grab a key. Go back to the room with the floating 
enemies you had to kill with the fire arrows or the fire pit. Go through the locked door in that room. Kill the Laser Eyes, 
and Hookshot to the top of the wall so you can skip past climbing the wall.

Be careful of the two more Laser Eyes, and go through the door. Take out the Ocarina by the Triforce symbol, 
and play Zelda's Lullaby to open a door. In here, all the doors are fake, 
and you'll want to blow up the one to the left of the treasure chest to reveal a gold eye, 
which you'll want to shoot with an arrow. Hookshot the target on the ceiling, get up on top of the block, 
and use it to jump onto the switch, which will allow you to grab the Boss Key.

Get out of the room, and go into the door to your right. Dodge the pots, and hit the switch through the cage. 
Go through the next door, kill the enemies, and use your Mirror Shield to reflect light onto a sun symbol. 
Blow up the wall next to the statue, and now rotate the statue so light fills up the newly made hallway.
Go through that hall, and maneuver the statue so light will shine through the other room. 
Now, stand in the light of the room the light is in, and use your Mirror Shield to shine light on the wall 
to be transported to the main room.

Now, use the Mirror Shield to direct the light onto the face of the statue. Hookshot over there, and enter the Boss Door. 
You'll face another Iron Knuckle, and he's a little tougher, 
After she's finished with, go through the door, and stand on the platform to face the boss.

Check Twinrova and Combined Twinrova for this boss.

11. Shadow Temple-

Make sure you have enough Magic to use your Lens of Truth in this level. Walk through the hall, make the corner, and 
Hookshot across the pit. Walk through the wall in front of you, make a left, follow that wall past two face tiles and 
you'll notice another place you can walk through. Go down the hall and through the door, and go through another false wall. 
In this room, go to your right and follow the wall until you get to another false wall. Enter the door, get out your 
Ocarina, and then play the Song of the Sun to stun the zombie and allow you to kill it, and be careful and kill the bats 
in that room. Now you'll get the Dungeon Map.

Go back outside and head right, hugging the wall, through a false wall, 
and to an opening (pots should be in either side). Go through the tunnel and you'll come to another room. 
Here, you'll want to head to the corner on your right (another pot is by it). 
Go through the door and you'll face a dead hand who'll give you the Hover Boots after you defeat it. 
Now go back to the room with the large statue in it, and smaller statues in a circle around it.

Now use your lens to see the real skull on the set of statues before you. 
Push the handle of the statue until it is facing the correct skull.
Make sure it is the right one!!!

Equip the Hover Boots and now you'll be able to make the jump/walk across the pit and to the door. 
Go through the door, down the ramp, and make sure to kill the Eye Laser enemy with a couple of bombs (Z-target it). 
If you want a Big Fairy to replenish all of your energy, go to where the Eye Laser was and play the Song of Storms.

Now go to your right and through the false wall. Kill the zombies and you'll get the compass. 
Exit back to the room you came from (get the Fairy again if you want) and go straight, 
through another wall on the other side.

Be careful for the large blades, and maneuver your way to all silver gems in the room. 
They're pretty easy to get, with the only tricky one necessitating a Hookshot on the ceiling. 
Go through the now opened passageway and grab a key.

Go back to the room that had the Fairy in it and use a bomb on the other wall. Here you'll go through a locked door 
that will lead you down a long passage that is littered with Skulltulas waiting to drop down on you. 
Just watch for shadows.

Drop to the ledge after this hall, and be careful for the blades and another Skulltula. 
Finally, you'll get to a huge room. Jump the pit in front of you, avoid the blade, jump another pit, 
avoid another blade, jump another pit, avoid yet another blade, avoid a Fire Skull, and avoid another blade.

Now, you're going to face a Stalfos; defeat him and play the song of storms to get a big fairy. 
Equip your Hover Boots and use the Lens to see the hidden platform to the left. Go to it, then the next platform, 
and go through the door. Be sure and watch out for the invisible blades spinning around the room. 
Kill the large slug and three bats to open the door.

Open a treasure chest with some Rupees in it, and use your Lens to find arrows in a chest. 
Go back to where you killed that Stalfos, grab the Big Fairy again, and hover forward as far as you can 
go to land on the moving platform. Wait until it's at its peak and hover to the next big platform.

Grab all the silver Rupees and go through the door that opens up. Now you'll eventually be in a room with 
falling sets of spikes. Using the Lens, move the big block you see on top of the marked tile so the spikes
 will hit the blocks and not the floor. Grab the arrows in the small cage, and keep using the block to allow 
you to allow you to climb to the upper level on the left. Now use the spikes to get to the other side of the room, 
and grab the treasure. Hit the switch and grab the key from the treasure chest that just appeared. 
Now go back to the large room.

Look to the left corner of the platform you're on now, and you'll see a ramp that will lead you to a platform with 
a falling blade. Equip the Lens and you'll see more platforms behind the blade, which you'll want to 
maneuver through to get to the locked door in the distance.

Using your Lens in this room, you'll see hidden spikes on the floor. Make sure to defeat the zombies that are in here for 
a chest, and get the silver Rupees. Make sure you remember to use the Lens to find hidden targets to Hookshot. 
A door will now open, and it'll close behind you. Kill all the enemies in this room to reopen the door.

For now, climb the stairs, pick up a bomb plant, and toss it into the giant skull to grab a key. 
Go back to the room you came from, and use your Lens and check out the hidden target. Hookshot it and go through the 
locked door before you.

Be careful about the fans in the next room. To avoid falling down, you're going to have to equip your Iron Boots. 
Walk until you get to a small pit, be patient and wait for the fan to stop blowing, and use your Hover Boots to get across, 
equipping you Iron Boots after you get through the pit.

Go to the ledge, cross the bridge, and enter the door. Kill the eye that's shooting fire at you with your bow, and 
you'll soon come across zombies. In that same spot, you can uncover yet another Big Fairy. 
You'll also find an invisible chest with arrows in it.
Now leave the room, and use your Lens to see an opening in the wall to your right. 
Equip your hover boots, and run towards that opening, using the fan to blow you towards that gap. 
There should be a door there to go through.

Look to your right, and blow up the pile of dirt you see with a bomb. Using the Lens, 
look for a chest in there containing a key. Kill the zombies and go through the locked door. 
Pull the block onto the marked tile under the ladder or use the hookshot to pull yourself up the ladder. 
Go to the ship and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce marker. Careful, there are two Stalfos you'll face as you sail. 
When the boat stops, it'll start sinking, so quickly jump off the left side onto a platform, and go through the door.

Using the Lens, navigate this invisible maze. There are three other doors in this room. The one to your left contains a 
key that appears when you kill the enemies there. The one further to the right contains a lot of rupees after you blow 
the skulls up. The room to your right contains the Boss Key after you use Din's Fire to burn the walls.

After you're done, go back through the door you came from (with the boat) and to your right will be a platform. 
Use the Scarecrow song to get up there, or just shoot the bomb plants at the base of statue create a 
bridge to the other side. 

Go through the locked door, and use the Hover Boots and Lens to get to the Boss Door.

Check Bong Bongo on the boss guide.

12. Ganon's Castle-

Walk up to the ledge facing the entrance of Ganon's Castle. The six sages will use their powers to build a new bridge 
so that you can walk across to the entrance of the castle.

Walk down the stairs and kill the two beamos at the bottom. In the next room, you will notice six coloured barriers 
preventing you from entering protect the main tower. Yellow-Light, Green-Forest, Red-Fire, Blue-Water, Orange-Spirit
and Purple-Shadow.

Forest Barrier (Green)-

Defeat the Wolfos that appears in the center of the room to reveal a treasure chest. 
Light the main torches on the floor and shoot the final one above the door with a fire arrow.

There are four fans in the next room with a beamos in the middle. Hover over to each platform when 
the fans stop and collect each rupee. When the fans start spinning again, put on your iron boots so 
you don't fall off the ledge.
The switch will make a pillar rise up from the ground so you can hookshot to the last silver jewel 
that was previously unreachable.

Once throught this room you should come to a chamber with a bronze orb surrounded by green light.
This is one of the evil barriers which block the tower. Shoot the orb with a light arrow and Saria will
send you back to the main chamber, the forest barrier should be gone.

Shadow Barrier (Purple)-

If you can, take out the green flame skull in the middle and the slimy thing on the other side. 
If you need a little bit of money, there is a blue rupee in the treasure chest to the left. 

The unlit torch on the right can be lit by shooting a fire arrow at it. 
Jump over the platforms to the other side; if you didn't kill the skull, he will be a problem for you.

Once you get to the other platform in the middle of the room, jump over the next platform to the next big platform. 
If you're short on time, don't risk it and turn around and shoot the torch again. 
You're definitely going to want to wait on this platform before jumping down the blocks to the switch. 

From the corner of the big platform, shoot the torch again and work your way down the blocks to the switch. 
Stay on the platform and grab on to the big treasure chest that just appeared with your hook shot. 
Open the treasure chest to get your Golden Gauntlets.

Using the Lens of Truth, walk across the ledge to the rusted switch and hit it with your hammer. 
Work your way back across to the now unlocked door still using your lens of truth to cross the invisible ledge.

Now you should see the shadow barrier, use the light arrows and Impa will send you back to the main room,
the shadow barrier is now destroyed.

Fire Barrier (Red)-

Once again, you'll need to collect silver rupees to open up the door. Put on your Goron Tunic and jump across the platforms.
Make sure you don't stay on any one platform for too long or it will begin to sink into the lava. Watch out for the flaming 
head jumping out of the lava and the slug at the opposite end of the entrance.

The only really tricky ones to get are the one behind the spinning flame and the other that is far in the distance 
and can't be reached from any of the platforms. For the one behind the spinning flame, simply jump over to that 
particular platform in and jump up in between the gaps of the flame. Follow one of the flames, 
being careful not to get hit by the other, and grab the jewel. 

In order to get the one far in the distance, get the Golden Gauntlets from the shadow barrier if you haven't already 
and lift the huge pillar to throw it in the lava to get the jewel underneath and the jewel across the way. 

In order to reach the unlocked door, stand on the huge platform and shoot your hookshot over before the platform sinks 
into the lava.

Now destroy the fire barrier and Darunia will send you back to the main chamber. The fire barrier will disappear.

Water Barrier (Blue)-

Break the icicles around the blue flame and capture the blue flame in a bottle. Defeat the two frozen statues to unlock 
the door. There's a heart in the treasure chest on the right but the one on the left is a trap. 
Make sure you have a bottle of blue fire before going into the next room.

In the next room, there are two blocks. Push the further one into the square hole and maneuver the second one to the 
area with the blue fire. Hit the rusted switch with your hammer and crawl up the small cliff to the final room.

Destroy the water barrier and ruto will send you back to the main room. The water barrier has been dispeled now.

Spirit Barrier (Orange)-

Bomb the Beamos in the center of the room to get him out of the way. The rest of the room is filled with spikes and 
Armos statues. The spikes block the path to the rupees so pull the statues out further away from the wall to give 
the spikes more room to travel. This way, you'll have more time to get the rupees in the spikes' path. 
All of the rupees can be collected this way, except one, which is above the Beamos' head. 

Kill the slugs in the next room and hit the switch near the cage to reveal a chest with Bombchus in it. 
Take note of the hole at the top of the cage. Aim a bombchu through this hole so that it will hit the switch in 
between the two torches. Using your fire arrows, burn the spider web above to allow light to enter. 
There are four suns on the ceiling; aim your shield at the first one on the left to unlock the door.

Destroy the spirit barrier and Nabooru will teleport you back, the spirit barrier is done.

Light Barrier (Yellow)-

Using the Golden Gloves, lift the pillar that blocks the entrance to the Light Barrier. In the next room, use the lens 
of truth to find the Skulltula in the middle of the room and the bats scattered throughout. 
There's a ring of treasure chests, some with prizes, others with traps. From left to right: blue rupee, freezing ice trap, 
heart, freezing ice trap, bundle of arrows, and freezing ice trap.

Stand on the triforce symbol in the next room to reveal a treasure chest with a key in it. 
In the next room are two boulders spinning around in a circle. Go around the circle with the boulders and 
collect silver rupees around the central part of the room. 

There are rupees located both inside and outside of the circle, some in small ‘caves.' 
The final rupee is on top and can be accessed by standing inside one of the outer ‘caves' 
and shooting your hookshot at it.

In the next room where it appears there should be the Light Barrier, it's nowhere to be found. 
Use your lens of truth and enter the fake wall to the real light barrier.

Destroy it and Rauru will send you to the main chamber, the light barrier is now destroyed.

Once all six barriers are destroyed go to the chamber in the middle and enter Ganon's Tower.

13. Ganon's Tower-

Kill the flame bats or simply ignore them altogether. Climb up the stairs and defeat the Dinolfos. 

Kill them in the same manner that you would kill the Lizalfos and go into the door that unlocks. 
Climb up the stairs and go into the next room. 

In here, defeat the two Stalfos while avoiding the fire in the middle. Get the boss key from the treasure chest and 
go into the unlocked door.

Climb up another set of stairs to a room with two Iron Knuckle knights to defeat. 
Defeat them the same way you defeated the others in the Spirit Temple and go through the unlocked door. 

Walk up to the stairs and you should find a room with a climable column and a load of pots. Don't destroy
them since you will need them. Open the next door and go up the steps to find another door.

Ganondorf will be awating you.

Look at Ganondorf in the boss guide to defeat him easy.

14. Ganon's Castle escape-

Follow Zelda down the castle tower to safety. Your main obstacle is falling rocks and time. 
You only have a few minutes to hightail it out of the castle so hurry as fast as you can. 
You'll reach a point where Zelda will be surrounded by fire and you'll have to fight off two Stalfos to free her. 
If you don't beat the second one fast enough, the first one will reappear and you'll have to defeat it again. 
Once Zelda is free, hurry out of the castle.

On the bridge before the exit there should be a ReDead standing around. Try and avoid it if your running low on time.

15. Castle Ruins-

After escaping the whole place should be destroyed, but suddenly you hear a noise. Walk to the center
of the ruins to find Ganondorf has survived and now he will use the triforce of power to  transform into GANON
king of evil.

Check the Boss guide for GANON

5. Sub-Boss Guide-

(Inside the Deku Tree) Deku Shrub- 

These are simple. Just block the nuts with your sheild and hope they bounce back to the
shrub. When he is hit run after him and talk to it, to beat it.

The ones before the boss have to be done in this order, Middle, Right and Left, 2,3,1. Same method for beating them applies.

(Dodongo's Cave) Lizafols- 

These are the easiest things in the whole game, just use your sword and block with your sheild.

You could also use the catapult and deku nuts as well. They always attack in pairs but the usually attack one at a time.
The only attacks they have are slash and jump slash. Deku nuts work well.

You will have to face them twice inside the dodongo's cavern.

Some time later in the game you will face a stronger version of them (Dinofols) 
and those ones can use fire breath as well.

(Jabu Jabu's Belly) Big Octo- 

This one doesn't require much fighting, just run like hell. 
keep running until you are almost right behind him.

Then Z-target and throw the boomerang at is head while running, then use the sword on his green glowing bit on his bum.

Now if you get too close from behind he will turn around and come after you, if he gets you, you will get caught
in his mouth and be spat out again. When running keep away from the spinning spikes. When he is dead the platform
should come down a bit and you just stand on it to continue up a level.

(Forest Temple and Ganon's Castle) Stalfos- 

These skeletons are quite tough, they are like the SAS (Special Air Service) or Navy Seals of the Ocarina of Time. They
are only armed with a sword and small sheild, they always keep their guard up except when they attack.

In the temple, you fight them in two different area's, the first one is easy, just a normal room with two stalfos, the next
one is tougher, there are four but you only fight two at a time and the middle of the floor is missing, when the next two
appaer the hole fills up again.

To fight these skeletons you will be better off using the Z-targeting so you can have yyour sheild up while moving. When they
attack they will drop their guard and this is your chance to strike, hit them then bring up your sheild again to block
them. They only have two attacks, jump slash and slash, you could hit them in mid-air if the jump at you.

When you have defeated on make sure its body burns into a blue flame, if it just scatters on the floor the stalfos will
come back to life again. They can only come back once though. Do all you can and you should beat them.

When defeating the first pair you should get a key. The other four stalfos should win you the bow and arrows.

(Forest Temple) Poe Sister 1 & 2- 

Both of these sisters are found on two seperate flight's of stairs, there should be three
portraits for each ghost. You need the bow and arrows to fight the poe's. First shoot each portrait as long as the ghost
is inside it at the time. don't get to close she'll move to another one, when you are on the last picture she won't be
able to move anywhere so just shoot it and she should go to the room at the bottom of the stair's.

Here's where you fight them. The best tactic to use is the master sword, this will cause the most damage to them.
DON'T attack when they are invisible or begin to spin or both. This is when the ghost will attack. When a ghost is invisible
you can see their torch but not their bodies and they can't be hurt at this point.

You could use the bow and arrows on the ghosts but they are not as effective and you will need to save the arrows for the
tasks up ahead. Keep attacking and eventually the ghost should die and the flame it stole should light up again.

(Forest Temple) Poe Sister 3- 

This one is tricky, first use the bow and arrow on the picture and five blocks should drop down.
Now you only have 1 minute to push the blocks together to make the picture of the poe. One block is a fake, ignore this one.

The portrait sould be the same picture as the picture on the blocks, try to remember what the poe looked like to solve the

If you don't solve the puzzle quick enough you will start again and lose some life. Every time you fail more time will
be added on.

When you have solved the puzzle the poe should come out and you will have to fight. The method is the same as the previous
two poes.

(Forest Temple) Po Sister 4- 

This is the last one, she will divide into four and will circle you, the best way to tell which
one to hit is to watch which one spins on the spot, that is the real one. Since you can't use the sword on these girls
you will have to use the arrows instead since the move away when you try to get close enough.

If you hit a fake one she should just vanish.

Keep using arrows and she should die. Then the lift in the middle of the floor should work now.

(Fire Temple) Fire Dancer- 

This guy appears only twice in the game, he starts by jumping out
of the fire and he will spin on the spot, this will release blue fire which will hurt you.

Z-Targeting is advisable with this boss since you will be using bombs.

When he is dancing throw a bomb at his black body, then his fire should go away. 
Now chase and stab the black ball running around the place repeatedly.

You could go the opposite direction he is moving, then you can get him quicker. He will run away again
when he see's you infront of him. After a few hits his fire body should change colour.

First blue, then green. when he dies he will get bigger then blow up, RUN. When you have defeated the first boss
just stand on the platform to go up a level to get to the area with the Megaton Hammer.

If your facing the second boss go throught the unlocked door to get the Boss Key.

(Ice Cave) White Wolfos-

You will have faced the grey wolves like this one before in the forest temple.
He is the same but just a bit stronger. He will circle and swipe at you.

When he attacks if he swipes twice and turns his back on you this will be his best weak point.

If you attack while he is running he will block it or flip. He will be vulnerable to a sword or arrow attack as long
as he doesn't see it coming.

Keep attacking then get the iron boots from the chest and the serenade of water from sheik.
Now you have got both put on the iron boots and go in the water. Then go through the door.

Walk up the slope or remove the iron boots and make your way out of the ice cavern.

(Water Temple) Dark Link- 

The first problem with this boss is that he isn't in the room
when you start. You should notice the whole room is flooded, there are walls even thought
all you can see is an endless white. The water is shallow so no swimming or diving is required
There should be a small island in the middle of the room. On the other side is a door.

Check the the door then walk back to the island and dark link will reveal himself.

This will be probably the most hard sub boss and possibly boss in the game.
He is literally you. Except he is evil and will try to kill you in any way possible.

He can block arrows with the shield and stop your sword with his sword. Every time he gets
hurt he will vanish under the water and re-appear somewhere else. One word of advice
NEVER use the stab attack with your sword since he will flip on top of your
sword and then hurt you.

This guy's defence can be hard to get through since he can mimic and counter your every attack,
but he is not invincible. 

He cannot counter the magaton hammer, but he can sometimes back flip away from a hammer attack. 

Din's fire can be good as well, he can't escape it, the only drawback is that your magic will
rapidly decrease with each attack and it won't be as effective as the hammer.

You can tell when he is near defeat, his body will become darker and less see through the more
damaged he is. When he is dead he will vanish below the water and doors should be unlocked.

Also the place should turn into a big blue room and the island and sand should disappear.

(Spirit Temple and Ganon's Castle) Iron Knuckle- 

This is the mother of hurt. One blow from this monster's axe can
bring alot of your health down. When fighting IK in the spirit temple you can hide behind a stone
piller or his stone seat so he can destroy them and release some health.

The only weapon that can harm him is the sword, arrows will just bounce off him.

Try using nayru's love to protect your health, keep using your
sword since this is the only thing that can damage iron knuckle.

If you don't have nayru's love then you will have to flip and dodge iron
knuckle's attacks. His attacks are all close range so don't worry about being hit from
a distance.

When iron knuckle has lost alot of life he will loose some armour and he will be alot
quicker than before. Keep using your sword on his mid-section to destroy him.

(Shadow Temple/Bottom of Well) Dead Hand- 

This guy is tricky to start with but is really "dead" easy. Cheap pun I know.
There should be some hands in the room, let one of them grab you, trust me. Dead hand should come out of the ground
and head straight for you. If the hand has still got you, then the boss will lower his head and bite you.

Don't bother destroying the hands, they will grow back again anyway. His hands can't hurt you, they will only hold you
in place for dead hand to attack.

Word of warning, arrows will have no effect on dead hands head, nor will anything else apart from the sword.

When you are free wait for him to lower his head then use the sword, after a while he will run and go underground.
Dont go near him when he burrows underground, it will hurt. Keep hitting his head to kill him.

If you fought him in the well you will now get the lens of truth. If you killed him in the shadow temple
then you will get the hover boots.

6. Boss Guide-

(Inside the Deku Tree) Queen Ghoma- When you enter you should be sealed in.
Now you should hear a faint rustling noise like a crisp packet. Look at the celing at
the orange/yellow orb moving around, keep looking and then a cut scene should

This is your first real challange If she's right infront of you use a deku nut
or the catapult when her eye turns red. Then use the sword on her eye repeatedly. 
This is the easy way to kill her.

If she runs don't bother going after her. She'll climb up the celing and start laying eggs
on the ground. To stop this you can shoot her eye when it turns red while she is on the celing.
You have to be accurate and quick to hit it. Then when she falls to the ground use your sword on
her eye repeatedly again.

When she burns away to nothing now is your goal to retrieve the heart container from nearby. 
Do this BEFORE entering the blue light at ALL times, or you will have to come back in the dungeon
and get the container again (you don't have to fight the boss again though).

(Dodongo's Cavern) King Dodongo- This guy is just a big fire breathing dinosaur. He is really simple to kill.

Try not to step in the Lava in the middle of the room. If you run out of bomb's there should be some bomb flowers
lying around the place.

Now unlike the normal adult dodongo this guys weak spot is his mouth not his tail. Its not hard to miss at all.

First he should open his mouth, throw a bomb inside quickly. If you don't do it quick enough you will
get a load of fire in your face.

After the bomb has blown up his insides use the sword on him once. He will then get up and start to roll
towards you! Try and avoid his attack since it can cause a bit of damage.

When he has stopped rolling, run infront of his face and wait for him to open his mouth and
throw another bomb and use your sword. Do this a third time to kill him.

Grab the heart container from the hardened lava near the king dodongos head and then step into the light.

(Jabu Jabu's Belly) Barinade- This guy is fairly tough, you will need the boomerang and your sword for this one.

When you enter the room you should see barinade and alot of jellyfish flying around. First Z-target tenticles holding
the body in place and throw your boomerang at them, watch out for the electricity beams the monster shoots.

After the three supports have gone aim at the beasts body. Throw the boomerang again and the jellyfish should
be vulnerable now. Kill as many as you can with the sword or boomerang but be quick. 
After a while Barinade should come around and the jellyfish will be electrified again.

Keep going until you have destroyed all the jellyfish. When there are no more left just throw the boomerang at
Barinade's body, he will be stunned again, now use your sword on his body very quickly. When he has taken so many hits he
will hide his body under the floor. Avoid the lightning again. Keep going for his body and he will die.

Now collect the heart piece from its remains and meet Ruto inside the blue light.

(Forest Temple) Phantom Ganon- Your first encounter with ganon will require a good aim and some brain power.
You better be good with the master sword as well.

Ganon should ride into a painting, now is where you will have to make a decision. You should see Ganon in two
paintings, one is real, the other is fake. The fake one should turn round and ride back into the painting.

The real one while come out and strike the floor with lightning. Then he will jump inside the painting.
On the floor you should notice little yellow triangles on the floor. That is where the lightning will spread.

To prevent his attack shoot the real ganon with the bow when he jumps out, strike him before he electrocutes the floor.
Do this a few times to get him off his horse.

Now he will hover above the platform. he will shoot a green energy sphere at you, hit it with your sword to 
deflect it. Now either he will deflect it back or it will miss him or it will hit him. 
Try using Z-Targeting when deflecting the green orb.
If it hits he should fall to the ground, strike him with your sword as many times as possible, 
if he gets up again repeat the method until he dies.

Now grab the Heart Container and step into the light.

(Fire Temple) Volvagia- The subterainian serpent dragon. This one is hard. 

I would reccomend you take some faries with you into this boss battle. You have to jump onto the platform ahead
to start the battle, there should be nine lava holes on the platform as well, pay attention to these carefully.

The dragon will do three different attacks, first he will just bring his head out of the ground and whip you with his 
fiery hair. He will also come out of the ground fly overhead and make the celing cave in on you. His last attck is that 
he will fly fairly low and try to breath his fire breath on you.

There is only on weapon that can hurt him and Navi can't help much. His weak point is his head, when he is just sticking
his head out of the ground avoid his attack then pound his head with hammer, now while he is ko'd use the master sword
on his head, this dragon will take alot of hits to kill, you could also try the hammer attack when he is flying low,
but your best chance is to get him while he is half under ground.

You can tell when he will come out of the ground, a small firery mist should appear around one of the Lava holes,
the more times you hurt him though the tougher it will be to predict his location. First one hole will flare up, 
then another will flare up. He will always come out of the last one to flare up.

When you have defeated him he should be burning himself alive and now you should get your heart container and go to the
blue light.

(Water Temple) Morpha- This one is literally living water, its only weakspot is the red blob
franticly swimming around everywhere. Z-Targeting can be good with this boss since you will
have to move while using the longshot.

What ever you do don't go near the tenticles and don't ever jump in the water. They will cause a some damage.
Also avoid the spikes on the walls as well.

Use the longshot to pull the blob out of the water, then while he try's to escape hit him with the sword.
The more damage morpha takes the more tenticles will attack you.

Keep going for the blob. Some times it will go inside a tenticle, this is when it is most vulnerable.

Keep attacking and it will die. Once the pool has dried out jump in and find the heart container somewhere.
Once you get it step into the light.

(Spirit Temple) Koume & Kotake Twinrova-

These old hags can be fairly easy or fairly hard depending on how good you are with your sword and sheild.

First you will have to climb on the middle platform and step into the center of it. This is where the fun begins.

When they have finished talking jump on one of the side platforms. Now you will have a good view of both witches.
When you see one witch charging up her power raise the mirror sheild. It will reflect the ice or fire depending on
which witch your facing. Then point the energy at the other witch. Ice at Fire, Fire at Ice. 

If you happen to get caught out by a fire attack roll round to extinguish the fire. If your hit by ice you will have
to wait until you break free from the ice block.

Keep repeating this to defeat them both.

(Spirit Temple) Combined Twinrova-

This is definatly the easiest boss in the whole game, Koume and Kotake should now have combined for their dynamic
double attack. 

There will only be one of them now so no keeping track of both of them. Try using Z-Targeting for this one.
When the witch uses one of her two attacks raise your sheild. It will absorb the attack. Absorb it three times and
then raise your sheild at Twinrova to shoot the magic back at them again, you will need to be fairly close to them.

Whatever you do don't absorb a different attack if you already have a different element stored as this will cancel them out.
So don't mix ice with fire and vice versa.

When she falls use your sword on her while she is down. Keep doing this to kill them.

After beating them when they are combined they will argue about their age and you might find this bit fairly funny.

Then collect the heart container from one of the side pillars and enter the blue light.

(Shadow Temple) Bongo Bongo-

This is the weird boss of the shadow temple. All you can see is the two hands beating the drum at first.

Your main problem will be Bongo Bongo hitting the drum repeatedly. This will make you bounce alot.

Try to Z-target one of the hands and shoot it with an arrow. Then shoot the other hand quickly.
Once both hands are stunned get your lens of truth out to see bongo bongo's body. Shoot the red eye and he will
be stunned again.

If you get hit by one of the hands or by the boss' body you will be damaged and will probably fall of the drum.
Green slime will await you and this will cause some damage. Get back up quickly.

Use your sword on his eye as fast as possible and don't hold back whatsoever.

If he gets up again just repeat the method to kill him.

Once he has died grab the heart container and step into the light.

(Ganon's Tower) Ganondorf-

This will be tough if you rely on Z-targeting. Navi can't help you this time. Also Ganondorf will destroy most of
the ground around him at the start.

He will hover above the platform. he will shoot a yellow energy sphere at you, hit it with your sword to 
deflect it. Now either he will deflect it back or it will miss him or it will hit him. 

If it hits shoot him with a light arrow straight away, he will then fall to the platform below. 
Then strike him with your sword as many times as possible, if he gets up again run to one of the corners and
repeat the method until he dies.

If you happen to fall down the gap (not likely since you won't be THAT stupid, or will you?) either use the pots to
gain magic and arrows or climb straight back up using the main piller.

After taking so much damage he might use a different attack. A small dark cloud shoul appear above him. Shoot him
with the light arrows to make him fall before he attacks. Use the sword on him again as much as possible.

(Ganon's Castle) GANON-

This is the big final showdown. You and GANON. You will start without the master sword because GANON knocked it out
of your hand. Zelda will be cut off from you and the sword is with her.

The first thing you have to do get out the hammer, arrows or light arrows and biggerons sword if you have it.

If you do have biggerons sword then it won't be much of a problem killing GANON. First you have to stun him long enough
to get at his tail. Shoot either a normal arrow or better yet a light arrow straight at GANON's face.
The light arrow will stun him the longest.

Then run to his back and hit his tail either with the hammer or biggerons sword.

Keep doing this and the fire barrier should come down.

Go to zelda quickly and get the master sword back. If your not quick enough GANON will recover and the fire wall will come
back up again.

Once you have the master sword again go back and finish GANON off. Use exactly the same method as before but this time use
the master sword on GANON's tail instead. After a few hits he will go down on his knee's.
Zelda will hold him in place for a couple of seconds so now you have to deliver the final sword stroke to his face...

Note: you may have notice that there is no boss for the bottom of the well and the ice cavern.
Only the dead hand is the main boss in the well and sub boss for the shadow temple, you wont get a heart
container for your efforts on either boss.

The boss for the ice cavern will be the white wolfos. He only counts as a sub boss though. Again
no heart container for beating the wolfos.

7. Gold Skullata's-


KOKIRI FOREST- (Young Link) Look behind the Know-it-All Brother's house at night. 
You can not do this before you have left Kokiri Forest for the first time, 
as there will be no day-night cycle until you do.

(Young Link) Put a bottle of bugs in the mound of soft soil behind the store. 
The Skulltula just pops right out. 
(Adult Link) High up at the back of the twins' house. 
You need the hookshot/Longshot to get the token.

LOST WOODS- (Young Link) After you enter... go left, and left. 
Take out your bottle of bugs and use it on the mound of soft soil. 
A gold Skulltula pops out!

(Young Link) After you enter... go right, left, right, left, and left.
Another mound of soft soil. Use a bottle of bugs on it.

(Adult Link) Come back to the place above. Ride the giant plant to the ledge above. 
At night, a gold Skulltula awaits you.

(Adult Link) Go to the Sacred Forest Meadow. 
Look at the wall on the right side. 
It's a gold Skulltula! Use the hookshot to get the token.

HYRULE FIELD- (Young Link) At the very northeast corner of the field, 
near Kakariko Village entrance, there is a tree. 
Get close and you should feel the stone of agony if you are using the rumble pak. 
Place a bomb there and uncover the hole in the ground. Jump inside, 
kill the gold skulltula and use the hookshot or boomerang to get the token.

(Adult Link) Go to the place near the entrance to Gerudo Valley. 
There is a red rock with little brown stones around it. 
Get rid of the red rock with the hammer. Enter the hole. 
Burn the spider webs with Din's Fire/Fire Arrows. The gold skulltula is with the cow.

MARKET- (Young Link) Go to the building at the entrance to the market 
(with the overhead view) with a lot of pots inside. 
Roll into the box beside the guard...and a gold skulltula pops right out. 

HYRULE CASTLE- (Young Link) At the corner of the moat you will find a tree. 
You can feel the stone of agony if you have the rumble pak. 
Play the song of storms to that tree to make a hole appear, 
then drop inside to find a gold skulltula. 

(Young Link) Right in front of the entrance is a big tree. 
Roll into it and a golden Skulltula falls out.

KAKARIKO VILLAGE- (Young Link) Bump into the tree at the entrance 
to the village to make a gold skulltula fall down. 

(Young Link) At the back of the House of Skulltula. The gold skulltula is right there there. 
Just use the sword and walk up to the token.

(Young Link) This one is located at the construction area in the past. 
The one with the bricks. The Skulltula is on the brick wall.
(Young Link) There is a tall tower that you can not miss while going up to Death Mountain. 
At night, a gold skulltula is on the ladder. Use the boomerang to get the token. 

(Young Link) On the side of the house near the entrance to the Death Mountain Trail. 
The one where the person says "My son's in the graveyard" or "My son is sleeping right now". 

(Adult Link) Use the longshot to get to the top of Impa's house. 
The Skulltula is just there.

THE GRAVEYARD- (Young Link) Look high up on the wall at the right side. 
The gold skulltula is there. Use the boomerang to get the token. 

(Young Link) Use a bottle of bugs on the mound of soft soil in the corner. 
The skulltula will appear right out of the soft soil!

DEATH MOUNTAIN- (Young Link) There is a mound of soft soil right outside the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.
Put some bugs there to make Mr. Gold Skulltula pops out. 

(Young Link) There is a weird looking wall near the entrance. Bomb it to find a gold Skulltula. 
The wall does not look like you can climb it but you really can. 

(Adult Link) Go to the place where you threw a bomb off the cliff to open up Dodongo's Cavern. 
Smash up the red rock with the hammer and...Skulltula! 

(Adult Link) In the place with the falling rocks (or at least the place where they USED to be), 
there is a group of red rocks. One of them has a gold dkulltula under it. 
Smash the rocks with the megaton hammer.

GORON CITY- (Young Link) At the top floor where you entered the city, there is a room with several large rocks.
Bomb the rocks to get to the back wall. Roll into the crate to find a gold skulltula inside. 

(Adult Link) There is a platform at the top floor where a Goron was in the past. 
At the back of the stand for the Goron's Ruby there is a gold skulltula. 
Stand on the ropes and use the hookshot to get it.

DEATH MOUNTAIN CRATER- (Young Link) Play the Bolero of Fire to get to the entrance of the Fire Temple. 
Around there is a mound of soft soil. Place some bugs there, kill the skulltula, and get your token.
You will need to play another warp song to exit. 

(Young Link) Near the entrance, there is a box. 
Roll into the box and receive your prize!

ZORA RIVER- (Young Link) Near the waterfall (the one going to Zora's Domain) you will find a ladder. 
Go there at night to find a gold skulltula. 

(Young Link) Near the entrance of the river (coming from Hyrule Field) there is a tree. 
Roll yourself into that tree and a golden skulltula will fall out. 

(Adult Link) Along the path to Zora's Domain, you must have crossed a wooden footbridge. 
Take out the hookshot and look up on the left wall (I mean high, really high up). Up there is the gold skulltula. 

(Adult Link) Ride the magic plant to the platform beside the one where you got the piece of heart. 
A skulltula is on the wall. Use the hookshot to get the token.

ZORA'S DOMAIN- (Adult Link) At the right side of the top of the frozen waterfall. 
You will need to stand at the place where you paid for the diving game in the past. 
Stand really close to the edge and look to your extreme left. Use the hookshot to get him. 

LAKE HYLIA- (Young Link) Place a bug in the mound of soft soil just outside of the Lakeside Laboratory. 

(Young Link) Stand on the bridge and look at the back of the Lakeside Laboratory. 
Use the boomerang to fetch the token. 

(Young Link) Go to the island where you got the fire arrows. 
At night, a gold skulltula is there. 

(Adult Link) Use the iron boots to sink to the bottom of the pool in the Lakeside Laboratory. 
Roll into the box at the bottom. The skulltula is inside. 

(Adult Link) On the island in the middle of the lake, there is a large tree. 
Use the longshot to climb up on top of it. There is a skulltula there at night.

ZORA FOUNTAIN- (Young Link) Go to the island way back behind Lord Jabu-Jabu. You know, 
the one with the great fairy? Well, roll into the tree to make a Skulltula fall out. 

(Young Link) The log in the water. Climb up at night stand there. 
You should be able to see a Skulltula on the wall. Use the boomerang to get the token. 

(Adult Link) Go to the island where you got Farore's wind in the past. 
Use the sliver gauntlets and pick up the gray rock there. 
Follow the path and look for the Skulltula on the wall. 
Also use the lens of truth to protect yourself from invisible enemies.

LON LON RANCH- (Young Link) Roll into the tree close to the 
entrance but at the end of the houses/sheds. 
A gold Skulltula falls down. 

(Young Link) Look high up at the house on the left side. 
Blocking the window. you will find a gold skulltula! 
Use a boomerang to get it.

(Young Link) Go to the little shed thing inside the horsefield. 
You will find that a golden skulltula resides there at night. 

(Young Link) Go to the stone building at the back of the field. 
High up on the wall beside it, there is a gold Skulltula.

GERUDO VALLEY- (Young Link) Stand on the narrow wooden bridge near the entrance. 
There is a gold skulltula on the right wall. Use the boomerang to get it. 

(Young Link) Go to the platform at the bottom of the waterfall. There is a Gerudo... a cow... 
and a mound of soft soil! Put some bugs in here. 

(Adult Link) Look behind the Carpenter's tent. High up is the gold skulltula. Use the hookshot to get it. 

(Adult Link) Near the entrance to Gerudo's Fortress, there is a large red stone 
pillar sticking straight out of the ground. 
The Skulltula is on top. Use the hookshot for this.

GERUDO FORTRESS- (Adult Link) Go to the horseback archery place after getting the Gerudo membership card. 
Up on one of the high targets on a stick at night. Use the longshot. 

(Adult Link) While exploring the fortress for carpenters, search at night. 
You will come across this one on the back wall. Use the longshot.

HAUNTED WASTELAND- (Adult Link) Go to the stone platform where you find the poe guide. 
Look around the sides for an entrance. Fall down the entrance to the golden spinning skulltula. 

DESERT COLOSSUS- (Young Link) Near the entrance to the Spirit Temple, 
there is a little heap of soft soil. Take out a bottle of bugs and place one inside. 
A Skulltula pops out! 

(Adult Link) This one is up on one of the trees in the area. 
Use the hookshot to get him. 

(Adult Link) Ride on the magic beab sprout-platform to the top of a large stone. 
The skulltula is waiting for you there.

GANON'S CASTLE- (Adult Link) At the back of the black stone pillar where the guard was in the past. 
You need the hookshot for the token. 


INSIDE THE DEKU TREE- (Young Link) On the third floor (in the room with the three platforms), 
jump to the little passage on the side. Kill the giant skulltula and the gold skulltula will be right behind it. 

(Young Link) In the water room after you fall through the spiderweb, a skulltula is on the vines. 
Climb the vines to receive the token. 

(Young Link) Also in the room after you fall through the spiderweb. 
There is a gold Skulltula doing his thing of the bars. 
Kill it with the slingshot and jump from the nearby platform to pick up the token. 

(Young Link) This one requires the use of bombs found in Dodongo's Cavern. 
In the basement of the Deku Tree, there is a room were you fight a few small enemies. 
On the side of the room there is a Deku Baba. Kill the Deku Baba and bomb the wall behind him. 
Continue and kill the skulltula. you also need the boomerang to get the token.

DODONGO'S CAVE- (Young Link) In the room to the right side of the main room. There are several exploding lizards. 
Part of the wall can be destroyed with a bomb! Kill one of the exploding lizards near the wall to destroy it. 
Or you can simply use a bomb if you already got the bomb bag :) Behind the statue in this room is another gold skulltula. 

(Young Link) Go to the room with a lot of bomb flowers that you used to make a stairway. Well, climb up the stairs
and kill the Skulltula on the vines on the above floor. 

(Young Link) Go inside the Dodongo Head and enter the tunnel. Now you are in a room with movable blocks. 
There is a bombable section of wall in this room. Its hard for me to explain but I'm sure you can figure this one out. 
Bomb the wall and enter the door. There is a gold Skulltula behind the statue. 

(Young Link) This Skulltula is pretty hard to figure out. After clearing the cavern, 
ride up the pillar that goes up to the second floor in the main room. From the second floor, 
go to the room where you used the bomb flowers to make a stairway. If you didn't make the stairway yet, 
go to the wooden path on the left side. Climb up the vines growing on the side of the pillar to reach a small grotto. 
Congrats, you have discovered the coveted golden skulltula. 

(Adult Link) In the room with the exploding lizards, play the scarecrow's song at the part where Navi turns green but
there is nothing there. Use the scarecrow as a hookshot target and kill the Skulltula there.

JABU JABU'S BELLY- (Young Link) This one is very miss! In the room where you step on the switch to 
raise the water, look on the vines at the side. There is a gold skulltula! Did I even need to include this here? 

(Young Link) In the room where you met Princess Ruto, there is a hole where a big green tentacle used to be covering
(or is still covering if you didn't beat the dungeon yet). Drop down that hole to the level below. 
You should be standing on the highest platform. Check out the walls, you will find a gold skulltula. 
Use the boomerang to get it. 

(Young Link) It is really close to the one you found above. Just search the nearby walls and you will surely see it.
You have to be blind and deaf to have missed this one. 

(Young Link) In the room with the switch on the ceiling that you need to hit with the boomerang. 
It's doing its spinning thing on the vines. Go get it with your boomerang.

BOTTOM OF WELL- (Child Link) Enter the tunnel at the northeast section of the main room. 
Continue until you reach a room with a Like Like (shield eater). Check on the wall for a gold skulltula. 

(Child Link) Open the locked door on the left side of the middle room. On one of the walls is a golden skulltula. 

(Child Link) Open the locked door on the right side of the middle room. On one of the walls is a golden Skulltula.

FOREST TEMPLE- (Adult Link) This is found in the first room of the dungeon... the one with the two wolfos. 
Look up at the vines near the top. There it is. 
Destroy it and grab the token. 

(Adult Link) In the room with the four torches, walk up to the door straight ahead from the entrance. 
Look right and use the hookshot to reach the gold skulltula there. 

(Adult Link) Go to the grassy wildlife vegetation area at the upper right of the map. Up on the wall is the gold skulltula. 
Use the hookshot to get it. 

(Adult Link) Go to the grassy wildlife vegetation area at the upper left of the map on the second floor. 
Use the hookshot to get the skulltula found on the wall. 

(Adult Link) In the basement room before the dungeon boss... the one with a pushable wall. 
Keep on spinning the wall and stepping on switches until you find a passage with the skulltula.

FIRE TEMPLE- (Adult Link) In the big fiery lava room, go to the left side wall and play the song of time to the blue block 
there. Continue to the next room where you find a Like Like and a bunch of attacking tiles. 
Check behind the Like Like to find... a golden skulltula. 

(Adult Link) In another room with the spinning tiles and a Like Like. This is the one just before the room 
where you get the boss key. As usual, you find a golden skulltula on the wall. 

(Adult Link) In the maze-like room with boulders rolling around, look around the sides for a bombable wall. 
It's on the bottom floor. Use your sword on the wall to hear a clanging noise,
this is the right one, Bomb the wall and get the Skulltula behind it. 

(Adult Link) Directly after entering the upper level of the boulder maze from the center circular room, 
turn to your right and Navi will fly up high. Play the scarecrow's song to make Pierre appear.
Use him as a hookshot target. Continue up the path and you will find the golden skulltula on the wall. 

(Adult Link) In the room where you get the megaton hammer (big circular stairway), look around the walls. 
Use the hookshot to get the skulltula.

ICE CAVERN- (Adult Link) In the room with icicles on the floor and ceiling, you will find blue fire, a piece of heart, 
and on the wall behind the piece of heart is a golden skulltula! 

(Adult Link) Go to the room with a spinning blade in the center. Look on the walls to find it. 
It's there... somewhere! 

(Adult Link) This one is in the room where you slide the block to get silver rupees. 
It is on one of the walls there. Use the hookshot to get him.

WATER TEMPLE- (Adult Link) Go to the river with a bunch of vortexes in it. Search around the walls to find it. 
In order to actually get it, equip the iron boots to sink to the bottom. Now take out your longshot and get him! 
(Adult Link) This one is in the room where platforms are slowly moving down a waterfall. 
Look at the right side. There is that skulltula! The ordinary hookshot can not reach it, but the longshot will! 
(Adult Link) After getting the longshot, drain the water to the bottom and enter the tall pillar in the main room. 
Use the longshot to climb up the pillar. On one of the walls there you will find the skulltula. 
(Adult Link) In one of the rooms around this water temple, you will find a diamond switch that you can not 
hit because a gate is blocking your way. Simply charge up your sword, and release your spin slash. 
The power from the sword will hit the switch! The skulltula is clearly in the gate that opens. 
(Adult Link) While looking for the boss key, you will come across a shallow stream with boulders coming out. 
On the wall where the boulders are coming from, is the gold skulltula you are looking for.

SPIRIT TEMPLE-  (Young Link) Just before the room where you battle with Iron Knuckle, 
a gold skulltula is waiting for you above the door. You need the boomerang to get this one. 

(Young Link) In the room with a wide gap and a fence at the opposite side. Use the boomerang to get him. 
He is on the fence. 

(Young Link) Look above the door at the stairway place. The skulltula is there. 

(Adult Link) In the room where there are boulders moving around and you need to get the silver rupees. 
There is one pass that is blocked by a blue "block of time". Play the Song of Time to get rid of this block 
and get the golden skulltula behind it. 

(Adult Link) In the room with a big statue. On the ledge on the left side you can play the scarecrow's song 
to get there and get golden skulltula.

SHADOW TEMPLE- (Adult Link) In the room with the invisible spinning blades (connected to the super-large room), 
look on the wall for a gold skulltula. 

(Adult Link) Inside the room with falling spikes, enter the passage behind the bars to find this one. 
Use the longshot for him. 

(Adult Link) In the big boat room, stand on the front of the boat and you will find a high platform to your 
left side. You should also see the skulltula there. Use the longshot to get it from where you stand. 
You can also play the song of scarecrow to make Pierre appear. 

(Adult Link) In the room where there are three spinning skulls with blue fire coming out of them, 
there is an easy skulltula behind these skulls. Use the longshot to claim your prize.


10 Gold Skulltulas - Adult Wallet (Holds 200 Rupees)
20 Gold Skulltulas - Stone of Agony
30 Gold Skulltulas - Giant Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees)
40 Gold Skulltulas - Bombchus
50 Gold Skulltulas - Piece of Heart
100 Gold Skulltulas - 200 rupees every time you talk to the person in the middle of the room.

8. Secrets-


1. Win the cucoo game at Lon Lon Ranch.

2. Find all the Cucoo's and return them in Kakariko Village.

3. Find the message in a bottle at lake hylia.

4. This time you have to catch ten big po's and give them to the guy in the
ruined market as an adult, you will need epona and the bow/arrows to kill them,
then collect their spirits inside bottles. These are their locations-

1) By a tree neaby the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.
2) Near a grey boulder and a fence, south of the entrance to Kokiri Forest.
3) Near the sign for Kakariko Village.
4) Along a brick wall near Lon Lon Ranch.
5) Near the sign-entrance for Lon Lon Ranch.
6) By the path under the overhanging rock that leads to Gerudo Valley.
7) North of the entrance to Gerudo Valley, next to a single tree.
8) In the northwest corner of Hyrule Field, in the middle of some bushes, by the stream of water.
9) In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field, near a green tree.
10) In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field, near a rock surrounded by an bunch of brown trees.

Once you have all ten you will get the bottle off the bloke in the hut next to the gate.
Also with each Big Po you catch you get 50 rupees.


With the sinking lure, you can catch the biggest fishes in the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia. 
You find it in the fishing pond area. It's either lying out in the water, on the tree, or by the stones in the water 
near the little river that runs into the pond. If you catch a fish with the sinking lure then 
it will be disqualified.

This fish is the Eel-like fish swimming around in the fishing pond, and it is the biggest one in there! 
you must use the Sinking Lure, and the water must be cloudy from the rain. Try using the rod in the area's filled with
plant life or logs, that is where it usually hides.

You can steal the fisherman's hat by casting your line straight at him. It will take a couple of attempts.
Once you have it you can do what you want with it. If you use the fishing rod and cast it into the water
the hat could come off the fishing rod and sink into the water. You will get charged rupees if this happens.

The same goes if you try to leave the place with his hat.

COWS AND CUCCOO'S- If you play Epona's Song to any cow in the game, your bottle will be filled with energizing milk, 
which restores a certain number of hearts. Also all milk can be drank twice. You will need an empty bottle obviously.

When at the bombchu bowling alley win a game then walk to the door when you have finished. Don't leave.
Just press C-up and look at the alley. TA DA purple cuccoo's!!! This may not work all the time.

FAIRIES- If you play either Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's Song or Epona's Song to a gossip stone
then a red fairy should come out.

You may also get faries by playing the song of storms on a mound of soft soil.

Catch them in a bottle so when you die you will come back to life.

9. Heart Pieces-

Lon Lon Ranch: In the shed at Lon Lon Ranch, move the crates to reveal a secret hole in the wall. 
In it is a Piece of Heart.

Dodongo's Cavern: When you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean at the mouth of the cave.
Come back when you're Adult Link and a flying plant has grown there. 
Jump off the plant when your infront of the ledge above the cave Heart Piece.

Hyrule Field: Near the path leading to Lake Hylia, there's a section of grass that's fenced in on all sides. 
Throw a bomb into the center of that area to uncover a secret grotto containing a Piece of Heart.

Lon Lon Ranch: At the north end of the ranch, there's something odd about a tree there. 
Detonate a bomb at the base of the tree to reveal a secret grotto with a Piece of Heart.

Kakariko Village: When you're Young Link, go to Death Mountain and get a ride from the owl. 
He'll drop you on a roof in Kakariko Village.
Drop down to the wooden platform below and go in the hole to find the Piece of Heart! 

Kakariko Village: Use your Longshot while on the wooden tower 
and make sure you hit the house with the blue roof in Kakariko village. 
The man that's there will give you a Piece of Heart.

Kakariko Graveyard : During the night, when you and Dampe are wandering the graveyard, 
you'll find the Heart Piece while he digs.

Kakariko Windmill: After you race Dampe's Spirit through the cavern, play the Song of Time for him.
Then, a blue stone will disappear on one side of the cave, opening a path to the windmill. 
Follow the path and once you get inside the windmill, you'll find the Piece of Heart on a platform nearby. 

Kakariko Graveyard: After you win the race against Dampe's Spirit a second time, he'll give you a Piece of Heart. 

House of Skulltula: After you collect 50 golden tokens, 
come back to the House of Skulltula and get a Piece of Heart from the now freed child. 

Kakariko Graveyard: While you're Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the corner of the graveyard. 
Come back when you're Adult Link to stand on the flying plant and claim a Piece of Heart from the crate. 

Kakariko Graveyard: When you're walking around the graveyard, you'll see a stone near the top of the graveyard. 
Pull the stone and go into the secret passage. 
Then, play the Sun's Song to get the Heart Piece once you have killed the zombie. 

Zora's River: As you go up Zora's River, you'll see a group of frogs. 
Play the Song of Storms for them and you'll get a Heart Piece. 

Zora's River: Keep on playing all the songs you know for the frogs 
and they'll give you another Piece of Heart before you go. 

Zora's River: Take a cucco from the riverbank and use him to fly up to a plateau. 
There, take another cucco to reach the Piece of Heart. 

Zora's River: At the entrance to Zora's Domain, 
you'll see the Piece of Heart on a ledge far from your reach. 
To get it, go back to the place where you found the cucco along the riverbank and take him back to that spot. 
Jump off the path and you'll be able to get the Heart Piece! 

Market: Win the treasure chest game to get the Piece of Heart (Use lens of truth to make it easier). 

Market: When you play and win the Bombchu Bowling game, you'll get random prizes. 
If you keep winning, eventually you'll get the Piece of Heart as a prize.

Market: When you talk with the people in town, you'll come across this woman whose dog ran away. 
Help her get it back by waiting until nightfall. 
Then, look near the Bazaar to find it and give it back to the woman for a Piece of Heart. 

Lost Woods: Go through the Woods until you reach the mysterious Skull Kid. 
When he urges you to, take out the Ocarina and play Saria's Song. 
After hearing the song, he'll give you the Heart Piece. 

Lost Woods: Go even deeper into the Lost Woods and you'll reach two Skull Kids. 
When they ask you to join them as they sang, 
play the Ocarina and follow along the song. 
Then, they'll give you the Piece of Heart. 

Zora's Domain: 
When your a child reach the waterfall, there's a hidden chamber behind it. 
Light up a Deku Stick and go behind the waterfall where you'll find several more torches. 
Light them all and a chest containing the Piece of Heart will appear behind the waterfall. 

Zora's Fountain: When you go to Zora's Fountain as Adult Link, 
it will all be frozen like ice. 
Find the ice block with the Heart Piece inside and pry it loose from the ice. 

Ice Cavern: As you go through the Ice Cavern, you'll come across a red ice block with a Piece of Heart inside. 
Get a bottle full of blue flame and put it over the red ice to get the Heart Piece. 

Zora's Fountain: When you get the Zora Tunic and the Iron Boots, 
submerge yourself under the lake in Zora's Fountain. There, you'll find the Piece of Heart. 

Death Mountain Crater: Inside the Crater, Stand on the flying plant that grew from the Magic Bean as an adult.
Then jump into the hollow in the wall while your flying to get the heart piece.

Death Mountain Crater: Inside the Crater, Stand on the flying plant that grew from the Magic Bean as an adult. 
Then, go up the towering spire to reach the Heart Piece. 

Goron City: Light all the torches on the lower level of the city to make the giant urn spin. 
Run up to the upper level and throw a Bomb into the urn's open top to get a prize. 
Hopefully, it'll be the Piece of Heart! 

Lake Hylia: Go to the Fishing Pond and catch the biggest fish in the pond to get the Heart Piece. 

Lake Hylia: After you get the Golden Scale, dive into the pool in the lab next to Lake Hylia. 
Then the proffesor will give you the Piece of Heart for touching the floor. 

Lake Hylia: When you're Young Link, plant the Magic Bean in the spot near the lab by Lake Hylia. 
Come back when you're Adult Link and climb the stalk to reach the top of the lab. 
Up there waiting for you is a Piece of Heart! 

Gerudo Valley: On you way to Gerudo Fortress, you'll see a waterfall. 
Dive into the river as close to waterfall as you can get then climb the ladder behind
the water fall and a secret chamber should be there and you'll find the Heart Piece there. 

Gerudo Fortress: On the opposite side of the river, you'll see a narrow ledge. 
Take a cucco and jump off the bridge and land on the ledge far below, break the crate to get the Piece of Heart. 

Gerudo Fortress: While you're exploring the Fortress, get onto the roof. your fairy should turn green on another roof.
Use the scarecrow song here and the scarecrow should appear. Use the longshot on him and open the chest
to get the heart piece. 

Gerudo Fortress: Play the horse back archery game and score 1,000/1,500 points to get the 
the Piece of Heart (Can't excatly remember which score it is, but it is one of them.) 

Desert Colossus : When you are Young Link, 
Plant a Magic Bean near the Temple's entrance. Then, come back later as Adult Link when the Plant has grown. 
Jump on the stone archway to get the Piece of Heart.

10. Myths-

There are many myths surrounding zelda, the most famous is how to get the triforce. Many versions of the game
are released all over the world but only the japanese version allows you to get the triforce, all the other
versions just let you have the triforce of courage while zelda gets the triforce of wisdom and
ganondorf gets the triforce of power. It wouldn't fit with the plot if you got the whole triforce to yourself.

Also some cheats won't work at all, E.G. the shadow tunic cheat.

11. Songs-

Zelda's Lullaby (Child) (Hyrule Castle)- Left, Up, Right, Left, Up, Right

Sneak past the gaurds at hyrule castle and talk to Zelda then Impa to get Zelda's Lullaby.

Sun Song (Graveyard)- Right, Down, Up, Right, Down, Up

This one is fairly easy, just go to the graveyard and stand on the triforce symbol.
Now play zelda's lullaby. The grave will explode and there should be a hole in the ground.
Jump down and fight off all the bats in the room up ahead.

When the door is unlocked avoid the redead's and get to the chamber straight infront of you.
Read the inscription and you have the song.

Epona's Song (Lon Lon Ranch)- Up, Left, Right, Up, Left, Right

Go to Lon Lon Ranch after seeing zelda. Talk to Malon about epona. Then leave and come back.
Then talk again and get your ocarina out to learn the song.

Saria's Song (Sacred Forest Meadow)- Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Left

After seeing zelda go to the lost woods in kakariko and follow the music to get to the Sacred Forest Meadow.
Defeat the wolfos and deku shrubs to meet saria. She will tach you the song.

Song of Storms (Kakariko Village)- A, Down, Up, A, Down, Up

When you become an adult go inside the windmill and talk to the man inside.
Then show him your ocarina to learn the song.

Song of Time (Hyrule Field)- Right, A, Down, Right, A, Down

When you return to hyrule market after zelda has run away jump into the moat, you should find the ocarina
of time underwater. After you grab it you should learn the song from zelda in a vision.

Prelued of Light (Temple of Time)- Up, Right, Up, Right, Left, Up

Go to the temple of time after you have beaten the forest temple and talk to sheik to learn the song.

Minuete of the Forest (Sacred Forest Meadow)-A, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right

When arriving at the sacred forest meadow and finding saria missing sheik will teach you the song.

Bolero of Fire (Death Mountain Crater)- Down, A, Down, A, Right, Down, Right, Down

When you have got past darunia's statue in his room cross the bridge and sheik will appear.
He will teach you the song.

Serenade of Water (Ice Cavern)- A, Down, Right, Right, Left

After getting the iron boots in the ice cavern sheik will appear and teach you the song.

Requime of Spirit (Desert Collosuss)- A, Down, A, Right, Down, A

As an adult enter the spirit temple then leave it. Sheik will appear and teach you the song.

Nocturne of Shadow (Kakariko Village)- Left, Right, Right, A, Left, Right, Down

When you have defeated the forest, fire and water temples go to Kakariko village and sheik will teach you
the song to get you into the shadow temple.

Scarecrow Song (Lake Hylia)- Any Eight notes you want e.g. up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right

Look in the scarecrow section near the start.

12. My top tips-

1. ALWAYS keep a fairy in a bottle with you. It saves you having to start somewhere miles away and you can be
revived on the spot.

2. If you hear a "MOO" in the middle of no where try making a hole in the floor. It will be a cow in a secret
chamber under the ground. Either bombs, the megaton hammer or the song of storms can make holes.

3. When all else fails use Z-Targeting. This can be a life saver in most cases since you can move and fire a bow or
hookshot at the same time. It also saves you having to aim all the time.

4. Use the light arrows on enemies when you are low on rupees to get 50 of them per monster!!!

5. Don't panic if your stuck on a puzzle. Just exit the room your in and come back and the place should have reset.

6. Use Navi. She can pinpoint the weaknesses of every monster except GANON, Ganondorf and Volvagia.

7. Most secret chambers under the ground have great treasures e.g. the hole in the middle of Kakariko village,
it contains 200 rupees but you have to kill the ReDead's to get em.

8. If you have a rumble pack, use it when you get the stone of agony. It will help find secrets.

9. In the gerudo training ground collect as many keys as possible before opening the locked doors in the main chamber.

WARNING- The left hand route in the main chamber leads to no where. If you open even one door on the left hand route 
you can't get the Ice arrows inside the center of the locked maze because you won't have enough keys.

10. Lastly try to get Epona. You don't need her to complete the game but she can be very helpful in most cases.

13. Legal Stuff-

this walkthrough will only be used on, anyone who wishes to use any material
from the walkthrough or wishes to copy for personal use or use on another site will
have to ask me first.

This may not be copied without permission, do not use it for profit in any way, shape or form.

If copied it may only be used for personal use with the game.