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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


We have 13 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : GameBoy

You can also ask your question on our Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Questions & Answers page.

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Enter the following codes at the Cheat Menu option:
Unlock Everything:
Unlock Level Select:
Unlock Frooty Stripes:
Unlock Gouraud Mode:
Unlock Infinite Ammo:
Unlock Infinite Lives:
Unlock Big Feet & Hands Mode:
Unlock Big Head Mode:
Unlock Blackout Mode:

Unlock Pen & Ink Mode:
Unlock Small Enemies:
Unlock Thin Enemies:
Unlock Juan's Code:
Unlock Warp to Credits:

Ultimate Cheat

By doing this, you automatically get every cheat this game has.
That's all I have for now.

This is not realy a cheat but is cool. At the m..

This is not realy a cheat but is cool. At the main menu and enter bewareoblivionisathand.

Get all wepons invisibility infenit lives and telliport to Death marshas go up to a monster, take out your granadeloncher and shoot them in the stomache it will blow a hole in them.

Big cheat

Type in bewareoblivionisathand (no spaces)

BABY FACEAAHGOO in the cheat menu to put baby fa..


AAHGOO in the cheat menu to put baby faces on the icons.


PIPSQUEAK shrinks the dinos-get out your microscope.


Enter HOLASTIKBOY at the cheat menu to make enimies tall and skinny.


IGOTABFA takes you to the good old mode from Turok:Dinasaur Hunter.


Turning the blood color off will keep the zombies in level 2 from throwing body parts at you,whitch makes the level a little easier.


Enter UBERNOODLE at the cheat menu and it makes the dinos heads eaesier to hit.


Enter BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND and it opens all the cheat codes.

The BIG cheat:

Type in :BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND at the cheat screen and you will have all weapons, invincibility, inf. ammo, etc.

this is the mega cheat that unlocks all the che..

this is the mega cheat that unlocks all the cheats ok here it is...........


(type it in on the password area )

(no spaces)

If you Want the most bloody guns look for the RA..

If you Want the most bloody guns look for the RAZOR WIND the SHREDDER and the CEREBRAL BORE.

Unlock everything at the last boss battle and killing him.

Before you put the last key in the hut (where you go to level to level) pause the game and go to the enter cheats. Enter BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND. Activate the unlimited Ammon, Don't Die, all weapons
And unlimited lives. Unpause the game and put the key in.
Use the Firestrom Cannon and the Plasma Rifle to kill the boss. Use the Nuke or rocket launcher on the ships.

All the cheats

If you go to ENTER CHEAT type in "bewareoblivionisathand" all of it then click thebent arrow then exit out then click on cheats then you should have all the cheats

Kill All Enemies with the Shredder

Enter the Cheat Code: bewareoblivionisathand and turn on Unlimited Ammo, All Weapons, and Invicibitly.
When Enemies are around you pull out your Shredder with the Green Shells. After your done with that, shoot the near by wall and watch the ricoets.

Here is a hint if you want to see a Rapter with ..

Here is a hint if you want to see a Rapter with out his arms, legs, head, and his heart then read this first you have to take out your traq. dart gun.

Shoot a Rapter it shoud go to sleep then switch to your chargdart gun then shoot the Rapter with it while it is sleeping, then last you shoot it in the heart with the shreader....

All weapon

Ok, if you want all the weapon in the game you go to enter cheats and you put "oblivionsathand" make sure that it take up all the room then you will see the word "all cheats" that mean it all on. Then you will get the wepon then if you check the weapon you will have a secend weapon with it.

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