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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Trader Link sub-quest

by Glitchmaster117

Trader Link FAQ

This will say everywhere you need to go and everything you need to do for the Trader Link side quest.
First you need to get a Pocket Chicken egg from the girl that lost her chickens and let it hatch. Then go to the house across from the potion shop. Use the hatched Chicken on Talon and he will wake up.
Next, go back to the girl and she will give you a blue chicken named Cojiro. Enter the Lost Woods and take a left. Go up to the goblin and press the C you attached Cojiro to and he will give you a Mushroom.
Bring the Mushroom to "The old Hag in the Potion Shop"(if you play the Bolero of Fire, you will only have one second left to bring the Mushroom to the old Hag[I love sying and typing that]) in Kakariko Village.
As soon as you give the mushroom to the Old Hag, she will give you a Potion. Go back to the Lost Woods at the part where you got the mushroom. There will be a Kokiri girl standing there. Give her the Potion and she will give you a Poachers Saw.
Bring that to the Carpenter in Gerudo Valley and he will say that it is his but he gave it to his Mom. He will give you a Broken Biggoron Sword.
You have to bring it to Biggoron, that big Goron at the top of Death Mountain. He will say his eyes are irritated and so he will gove you a prescription.
You have to bring it to the King Zora. He will give you a frog.
You have three minutes to bring the Frog to Lake Hylia(you can't use the Serenade of Water for the same reason that you couldn't use the Bolero of Fire). The shortcut to Lake Hylia is frozen so you can't use that, you have to run(calling Epona wastes half a minute, but it's worth it if you don't crash)and press the C that the frog was attached to and the proffesser will think it is for his supper. He will then realize wrong and give you the eyedrops.
Now you have four minutes to bring the Eye Drops to Biggoron(without using the Bolero of Fire)and then when you got it to him, he will give you an unbreakable version of the Gorons Knife that the other Big Goron gives you for 200R.
After he gets the eyedrops in, you have to wait three days Hyrule time. An easy way to do this is to go into Death Mountain Craiter and play the Sun's Song six times.
That's the end of the Trader Link side quest. It may be hard but worth it for the fight against Ganon.
Also if you give the check to the Carpenter, he gives you three Heart Containers.

This FAQ was written on April 1, 2008(for a clue and mental note).