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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Trilogy Cheats for Nintendo 64

We have 7 cheats on Nintendo 64
We also have cheats for this game on:   PlayStation   Mac

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movesAdded 18 Dec 2010, ID #6534
here is a moveseti spent a full week on, so enjoy it

cyrax- far grenade= (hold lk),f,f,hk
close grenade= (hold lk),b,b,hk
energy net= b,b,lk

nightwolf- green tomahawk= d,f,hp
green arrow= d,b,lp

liu kang- hi fire (idk)=f,f,hp
lo fire= f,f,lp
bicycle kick= (hold 3 sec)lk

sub-zero- forward freeze=d,f,lp
upward freeze=d,f,hp

Unlock EverythingAdded 23 Dec 2009, ID #6443
At the first title when the words starts scrolling press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, A, B, B, B, A, A. This code must be entered quickly.
UnlockablesAdded 30 Apr 2007, ID #6030
Unlock Smoke and Khameleon:
When you get a 'Game Over' screen and you are prompted to enter an 'Ultimate Kombat Kode' enter 113-840. The screen will begin to flash when the time runs up and the text 'Smoke and Khameleon are at your control' will appear and you will be able to select both characters.

Unlock Codes
To unlock the following effects enter the corresponding codes just before the battle where you put number codes with pictures.

985-125 - Psycho Kombat

444-444 - Randper Kombat

688-422 - Dark Kombat

040-404 - Real Kombat

109-901 - Bloody Kombat

300-300 - Silent Kombat

345-987 - Willy West Kombat

390-390 - Both Players Inflict 1/2 Damage

484-484 - Automatic Combos

788-322 - Fast Uppercut Recovery

543-345 - Kombat Zone: Living Forest

137-246 - Kombat Zone: The Pit Bottom

642-468 - You are entering the Land of Rellim

246-246 - You are entering the Outer Limits

033-000 - Player 1 Half Power

390-000 - Player 1 Inflicts 1/2 Damage

707-000 - Player 1 Quater Power

000-033 - Player 2 Half Power

000-390 - Player 2 Inflicts 1/2 Damage

000-707 - Player 2 Quarter Power

975-310 - Regenerating Power Bars

024-689 - Super Endurance

321-789 - Super Run Jumps

010-010 - Throwing Encouraged

044-440 - Unikoriv Referri: Sans Power

466-466 - Unlimited Run

987-123 - No Powerbars

555-556 - Special Moves Disabled

722-722 - Combo System Disabled

100-100 - Throwing disabled

020-020 - Blocking Disabled
UnlockablesAdded 12 Dec 2006, ID #5775
Unlock Level Select:
Highlight Sonja at the Character Select screen and press Up + Start. When you have choosen the character you want to play you will be able to select which level you start on.

Unlock Secret Endurance Mode:
Highlight Kano at the Character Select Screen and press Down + Start.
All the moves and fatalitiesAdded 16 Sep 2003, ID #4341
Blue Question Mark

On the Story line on your contoller press C DOWN , B, A. THen go to the options menu and scroll around till you find the blue question mark. Enable every thing then you will have Classic Smok and Chaemeolon. And the level select stage.
Info submitted by on Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 16:34:26
Blue/Red ? Marks, Unlim Credits, Human Smoke & Khameleon

On the story screen press left c, up c, right c, down c, L, R, R, R, L, L,
Info submitted by Mark Neander on Tuesday, August 3, 1999 at 12:46:06
MK Character Morphs
All Moves, Combos and Fatalities for Every Character
Blade Spark: D-B-HP Blade Swipe: B+HP Shredder: B-B-B-LP Blade Spin: F-D-F-BL (keep pressing BL to keep it going) Fatality: (Close) B-B-B-HP (Decapitation) Fatality: (Close) B-F-D-F-LP (Impale) Animality: (close) Hold HP (F-B-D-F) Release HP (vulture) Friendship: D-F-HK (gift) Babality: F-F-F-HK Brutality: HP-HP-HP-LP-LP-BL-HK-HK-LK-LK-BL Stage: LK-RN-RN-RN-RN Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+HP-D+HP
Close Grenade: Hold LK (B-B-HK) Far Grenade: Hold LK (F-F-HK) Net: B-B-LK Teleport (can do in air): F-D-BL Air Throw (while you are on ground, victim in air): D-F-BL and then LP to throw Fatality (anywhere): D-D-U-D-HP (helicopter) Fatality (close): D-D-F-U-RN (self-destruct) Animality (close): U-U-D-D (shark) Friendship: RN-RN-RN-U (dance) Babality: F-F-B-HP Brutality: HP-HK-HP-HK-HK-HP-HK-HP-HK-LK-LP Stage: RN-BL-RN Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HP-HK-B+HK
Fireball: D-B-LP Exploding Teleport Punch (can do in air): D-B-HP Telekinetic Slam: B-D-B-HK Fatality (close): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK (head uppercut) Fatality (sweep): D-U-D-D-D-BL (telekinetic slam) Animality (one step away): B-B-F-F-LK (frog) Friendship: F-F-F-HP (magic act) Babality: D-D-B-B-HP Brutality: HP-HP-LP-BL-HK-LK-BL-HP-LP-LK-HK Stage: RN-RN-RN-RN-LK Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-HK-B+LK
Boomerang (high): B-F-HP Boomerang (middle): B-F-LP Boomerang (low): B-F-LK Boomerang (returning): B-B-F-LP (Will only return if your opponents is a human and they jump or duck the boomerang) Projectile Invincibility: B-F-HK Glow Kick: D-F-LK Fatality (close): U-U-D-F-HP (pole shaker) Fatality (close): RN-RN-RN-BL-RN (out on a pole) Animality (close): F-D-F-F-LK (cat) Friendship: B-D-B-B-HK (pogo stick) Babality: D-D-F-D-HK Brutality: HP-LK-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-BL-BL-HP-HK Stage: B-F-D+RN Standard Combo: HP-HP-D+LP-LK-HK-B+LK-B+HK
1 Missile: B-F-HP 2 Missiles: F-F-B-B-HP Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP (tap LP to keep punching) Backbreaker (must be in air): BL Quad Slam: (after starting a throw): Keep tapping HP Ground Pound: Hold LK release LK Dashing Punch: F-F-HK Fatality (close): U-D-F-U-BL (arm blades) Fatality (far): RN-BL-RN-RN-LK (squish) Animality (close): Hold LP (F-F-D-F) release LP (lion) Friendship: LK-RN-RN-LK (jump rope) Babality: D-D-D-LK Brutality: HP-HP-HP-BL-LP-HP-HP-HP-BL-LP-HP Stage: D-F-D-LP Standard Combo: HK-HK-D+HP-HP-BL-LP-B+HP
Johnny Cage
High Fireball: F-D-B-HP Low Fireball: B-D-F-LP Green Shadow Kick: B-F-LK Red Shadow Kick: B-B-F-HK Shadow Uppercut: B-D-B-HP Fatality (Close): D-D-F-F-LP (Decapitation) Fatality (Over Half Screen): D-D-F-F-LK (Split Kick) Friendship: D-D-D-D-LK Animality (sweep): D-F-F-HK (kangaroo) Babality: F-B-B-HK Stage: D-B-F-F-HK Brutality: HP-LK-HK-LP-HP-HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-HP Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-D+LP
Top Spin: B-F-LK Eye Spark (can do in air): B-B-HP Ground Saw: B-B-B-RN Fatality (sweep): D-D-B-F-BL (respirator) Fatality (close): RN-BL-BL-BL-HK (scream) Animality (close): Hold HP (F-F-D-F) release HP (rhino) Friendship (anywhere except closer than sweep): RN-LK-RN-RN-U (marshmallow) Babality: RN-RN-LK Brutality HP -BL-LK-LK-LK-HK-LP-LP-LP-HP-LP Stage: BL-BL-HK Standard Combo: LK-LK-HP-HP-D+HP
Knife Throw: D-B-HP Knife Uppercut: D-F-HP Cannonball: Hold LK release LK Upward Cannonball: F-D-F-HK Grab and Shake: D-F-LP Air Throw (must be in air): BL Fatality (close): Hold LP (F-D-D-F) release LP (skeleton steal) Fatality (sweep): LP-BL-BL-HK (eye laser) Animality (close): Hold HP (BL-BL-BL) release HP (spider) Friendship: LK-RN-RN-HK (bubblegum) Babality: F-F-D-D-LK Brutality: HP-LP-BL-HP-BL-HK-LK-BL-HK-LK Stage: U-U-B-LK Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-LK-B+HK
Fan Lift: B-B-B-HP Fan Throw (can do in air): F-F-HP+LP Square Wave Punch: D-B-HP Fatality (close): RN-RN-BL-BL-LK (kiss of stretch) Fatality (close): B-D-F-F-HK (decapitation) Animality (between close and sweep): D-D-D-D-RN (bunny) Friendship: D-B-F-F-LP (bubbles) Babality: F-F-D-F-HK Brutality: HP-HP-BL-HK-BL-LK-BL-LP-BL-HP-BL Stage: F-D-D-LK Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-F+HP
Kung Lao
Hat Throw: B-F-LP Teleport: D-U Flying Kick (must be in air): D-HK Spin: F-D-F-RN (keep tapping RN) Fatality (anywhere): RN-BL-RN-BL-D (spin of death) Fatality (inside sweep, but not up close): F-F-B-D-HP (hat throw) Animality (close): RN-RN-RN-RN-BL (leopard) Friendship (over sweep): RN-LP-R-LK (frisbee) Babality: D-F-F-HP Brutality: HP-LP-LK-HK-BL-HP-LP-LK-HK-BL-HP Stage: D-D-F-F-LK Standard Combo: HP-LP-HP-LP-LK-LK-B+HK
Liu Kang
High Fireball (can do in air): F-F-HP Low Fireball: F-F-LP Flying Kick: F-F-HK Bicycle Kick: Hold LK release LK Fatality (anywhere): F-F-D-D-LK (invisible flame) Fatality (anywhere): U-D-U-U-BL+RN (mk1 machine) Animality (sweep): D-D-U (dragon) Friendship: RN-RN-RN-D+RN (mk puppet) Babality: D-D-D-HK Brutality: HP-LP-HP-BL-LK-HK-HK-LK-HK-LP-HP Stage: RN-BL-BL-LK Standard Combo: HP-HP-BL-LK-LK-HK-LK
Sai Throw: Hold HP (3 Seconds) Release HP Warp Kick: F-F-LK Roll: B-B-D-HK Fatality (far): B-B-B-F-LK (nails) Fatality (close): D-F-D-F-LP (eat'em up) Animality (close): F-D-D-F-HK (skunk) Friendship: D-D-B-F-HP (mirror) Babality: D-D-F-F-HP Brutality: HP-LP-LP-HP-BL-HK-LK-LK-HK-BL-HP Stage: D-D-D-LP Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-U+LK-U+HK
Grab & Smack (must be close): F-F-F-HP Teleport: D-B-HK Fireball: Hold LK 3 Secondss then Release Fatality (close): F-F-F-HK
Arrow: D-B-LP Red Arrow: just do one arrow after another (must be done very fast) Hatchet Uppercut: D-F-HP Shadow Shoulder: F-F-LK Red Shadow Shoulder: B-B-F-HK Glow (reflects projectiles): B-B-B-HK Fatality (close): U-U-B-F-BL (death pray) Fatality (fust outside sweep): B-B-D-HP (shock) Animality (close): F-F-D-D (wolf) Friendship: (anywhere but close): RN-RN-RN-D (juggle) Babality: F-B-F-B-LP Brutality: HP, HP-HK-HK-BL-BL-LP-HP-HK Stage: R-R-BL Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-Hatchet-Hatchet
Noob Saibot
Teleport and Throw: D-U Two Noob Throw: F-F-HP Disable Blocking Fireball: D-F-LP Fatality (sweep): B-B-F-F-HK (skull ring) Fatality (close): D-D-U-RN (teleport slam) Babality: F-F-F-LP Friendship: F-F-B-HP (bowling) Animality (outside sweep): B-F-B-F-HK (ant eater) Stage: F-D-F-BL Brutality: HP-LK-LP-BL-LK-HK-HP-LP-BL-LK-HK Standard Combo: LK-LK-LK-LK
Lightning: B-B-HP Levitation Ball: D-F-HP Super Roundhouse: B+HK (knocks opponents through screen) Fatality (close): F-F-D+HP (uppercut) Fatality (a little outside sweep) D-D-B-F-HK (lightning strike) Friendship D-F-F-F-LP (rain) Animality: (close) BL-BL-RN-RN-BL (elephant) Babality: F-B-B-HP Stage: F-D-F-LP Brutality: HP-HP-BL-LK-HK-BL-LK-HK-BL-HP-LP Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HP
Lightning: D-F-LP Reverse Lightning: D-B-LP Teleport: D-U Flying Torpedo (can be done in air): B-B-F Fatality (close): Hold HP for 5-10 secs, then release (exploding uppercut) or (close): Hold BLK (U-U-U) Release BLK and tap HP (exploding uppercut) or (close): F-F-D-HP (exploding uppercut) Fatality (close): Hold LK for 3 secs then release and tap BL+LK rapidly (shocking) Friendship: D-B-F-HK (kidd thunder) Babality: D-D-U-HK Animality (far): D-F-D-HK (electric eel) Stage: D-D-D-HP Brutality: HP-HP-LK-LK-LK-HK-LP-LP-LP-BL-BL Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-D+LP-Jump-Flying Torpedo
Acid Spit: F-F-HP Slow Force Ball: B-B-HP+LP Fast Force Ball: F-F-HP+LP Slide: B+LP+BL+LK Invisibility: U-D-HK Run Past and Elbow: B-F-LK Fatality (jump distance): B-F-D-BL (eat) Fatality (sweep): F-F-U-U-HK (acid) Animality (close): D-D-D-U-HK (monkey) Friendship (close: D-F-F-B-HK (snake in the box) Babality: F-F-B-D-LK Brutality: HP-BL-HK-HK-BL-HP-LP-LK-LK-BL-LP-HP Stage: BL-R-BL-BL Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK
Spear: B-B-LP Teleport (can do in air): D-B-HP Forward Teleport (can do in air): D-F-HP Air Throw (must be in air): BL Fatality (just outside sweep): F-F-F-B-LP (hand of hell) Fatality (jump distance): D-D-U-HK (torch) Fatality (close): F-F-D-U-RN (mob) Animality (close): F-U-U-HK (penguin) Friendship (close): B-F-F-B-LK (skull in the box) Babality: D-B-B-F-HP Brutality: HP-HP-BL-HK-HK-LK-HK-HP-HP-LP-HP Stage: F-U-U-LP Standard Combo: HK-HK-LK-LK
Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK Straight Missile: F-F-LP Double Missile: B-B-F-LP Heat Seeking Missile: F-D-B-HP Fatality (sweep): LP-RN-RN-BL (garbage compactor) Fatality (over half screen): F-F-F-B-BL (flame thrower) Animality (close): F-F-D-U (bat) Friendship (half screen): RN-RN-RN-RN-D (carnival game) Babality: B-D-D-D-HK Brutality: HP-HP-BLK-BLK-HK-HK-LK-LK-LP-LP-HP Stage: RN-RN-RN-D Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-B+HK
Shang Tsung
1 Fireball: B-B-HP 2 Fireballs: B-B-F-HP 3 Fireballs: B-B-F-F-HP Volcanic Eruption: F-B-B-LK Fatality 1: Hold LP, D, F, F, D (close)
Fatality 2: Hold LP, R, BL, R, BL (close)
Animality: Hold HP, R, R, R (sweep)
Babality: R, R, R, LK
Friendship: LK, R, R, D
Brutality: BL, BL, BL, LK, HP, LP, LP, BL, BL, BL
Stage: Up, Up, B, LP

Shao Kahn
Hammer: F-B-B-HP Fireball: F-D-F-LK Charge: F-F-HP Upward Charge: D-D-F-HK Taunt: Hold BL (U-U-RN) Laugh: D-D-RN Fatality (sweep): F-F-B-HP
Teleport Stomp: D-U Ground Shake: B-D-B-HK Fireball: D-F-HP Fatality (close): F-D-D-F-LP (6 feet under) Fatality (close): Hold HK (B-F-F) release HK (skin rip) Animality (close): RN-BL-BL-BL-BL (scorpion) Friendship: F-F-D-F-pause-HP (pause is to prevent fireball). Or Hold HP (F-F-D-F) release HP, then hit HP.) (plates) Babality: D-D-D-B-HK Brutality: HP-LP-BL-LK-HK-BL-HK-LK-BL-LP-HP Stage: D-F-D-F-LP Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-B+HK
Fireball: F-F-LP Double Fireball: B-B-F-LP Air Fireball (must be in air): D-F-LK Fly: B-B-F-HK (press BL to land) Scream: F-F-F-HP Fatality (sweep): RN-RN-BL-RN-BL (hair spin) Fatality (close): RN-BL-BL-RN+BL (scream) Animality (anywhere): F-F-U-HP (wasp) Friendship: RN-RN-RN-RN-RN-U (football) Babality: RN-RN-RN-U Brutality: HP-BL-LK-BL-LK-HK-BL-HK-LK-BL-LP Stage: D-D-D-LP Standard Combo: HK-HP-HP-LP-HK
Smoke (human)
Spear: B-B-LP Teleport Punch (can do in air): D-B-HP Throw (must be in air): BL Fatality (sweep): RN-BL-RN-RN-HK (head explode) Fatality (outside sweep): F-F-B-RN (smoke) Animality (far): F-F-F-B-HK (porcupine) Friendship: D-F-F-F-RN (sign) Babality: D-B-B-F-RN Brutality HP-LK-LK-HK-BL-BL-LP-LP-HP-HP-BL Stage: F-U-U-LP Standard Combo: HK-HK-LK-B+LK-B+HK
Smoke (robot)
Harpoon: B-B-LP Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK Invisible: U-U-RN (do while invisible, and you will reappear) Air throw (must be in air): BL Fatality (across screen): U-U-F-D (blow up the world) Fatality (sweep): Hold RN+BL (D-D-F-U) release RN+BL (throat bomb) Animality (outside sweep): D-F-F-BL (black bull) Friendship (across screen): RN-RN-RN-HK (horn) Babality: D-D-B-B-HK Brutality HP-LK-LK-HK-BL-BL-LP-LP-HP-HP-BL-BL Stage: F-F-D-LK Standard Combo: HP-HP-LK-HK-LP
Energy Rings: D-F-LP Leg Grab: D+LP+BL Square Wave Punch: F-B-HP Bicycle Kick: B-B-D-HK Fatality (more than half screen away): Hold BL+RN (U-U-B-D) release BL+RN (pink thing) Fatality (anywhere): B-F-D-D-RN (hot kiss) Animality (close): Hold LP (B-F-D-F) release LP (hawk) Friendship: B-F-B-D-RN (flowers) Babality: D-D-F-LK Brutality: HP-LK-BL-HP-LK-BL-HP-LP-BL-HK-LK Stage: F-F-D-HP Standard Combo: HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-B+HP
Double High Grenade: B-D-F-HP Double Low Grenade: B-D-F-LP Shoot Gun: B-F-HP High Grenade: D-B-HP Low Grenade: D-B-LP Baton Trip: F-B-LP Baton
ID #1487

When words start going across the screen press quickly c-up,c-right,c-down,A,B,B,B,A,A and you will hear a noise to confirm the cheat.Go to options and you will have a redand a blue question mark.Now you can have Khamelion,Human Smoke,Free Play,etc.

ID #1481
well this is a babality

its lu kang's move so when it says

finish him/her press down on the d-pad

three times then c-up and you can turn

any one exept the boses into a baby

ps. this is lu kangs move it doesnt work with any one else


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