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Mario Kart 64 Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart Wii Guide
Mario Kart 64 Guide
Our guide to everything in Mario Kart Wii
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Find out how to unlock the course ghosts, get ahead of everyone on Kalamari Desert, get a P1 condition modifier and unlock Mirror mode.

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We have 33 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Kart 64 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Unlock Course Ghosts

Beat the times listed below to unlock the following ghosts.
Unlock Luigi Raceway:
Unlock Mario Raceway:
Unlock Royal Raceway:

Get ahead of everyone on Kalamari Desert

On Kalamari Desert if you want to get ahead of everyone this is what you do:
Start racing and if there is a train coming and it will go in front of you opponent racers slow down but don't stop.
When it is about to leave race towards it and go over the track in back of the train avoiding being hit. Keep on going and you should be in first place.
P.S If you don't want to race at Kalamari desert follow the train tracks into the tunnel. I tryed it and I thought it was kinda fun.

P1 Condition Modifier

P1 Condition Modifier - 800F6A4E 00??
00 - Normal
01 - Faster
02 - Have Star
04 - Tumbling
08 - Spinning
10 - Nothing
20 - Mushroom
40 - Spin Out

Sinking Ground

This is kind of fun to do. While on Double-Decker battle feild, go to the very top. Without stopping or slowing down, jump off the top floor to where you just started the game. Before hitting the ground, hold the R, A, B, Z, and press the stick all the way to the right. If you did this correctly, your character should sink into the ground a little while doing a doughnut. NOTE: this does not always work, keep trying. Also, heavier characters work better.

This is not a cheat but it is very helpful.First..

This is not a cheat but it is very helpful.First,at the charecter selection screen choose either Yoshie,Luigie,or Toad.

Choose 150cc and go to Star cup.

You will start at WarioRaceway.Get a boost or go at normal starting speed.

Go to the left,press R after you get to the top of the first hill,if you succeed you'll fly over the wall and into the middle of th corse.


In DK's Jungle Parkway, this isn't really a shor..

In DK's Jungle Parkway, this isn't really a shortcut, but it saves a little time. In the tunnel, DO NOT follow the path. Keep going straight up the hill and turn. The finish line is right outside the tunnel.

Do or die

On rainbow road when you first start off there is a hill that goes down.
Right as you go down you can turn and go into space.Now on 1 of the sides you can see another part of the track.This is it..
Do or Die , make the turn and aim it perfect and you can land on the other part of the track!!
You can get 15-20 seconds ahead of the other people! It takes a fair amount of practice but it's worth it.


You probably already know how to get extra but to save you looking is beat all the cups on all cc's.

This is not really a cheat, but if you want to s..

This is not really a cheat, but if you want to see Peach's castle from Super Mario64, then this is what you have to do.

1. Select VS. Mode, Time Trial or Grand Prix(GP).

2. Select Royal Raceway.

3. After the jump, yoy'll see a yellow road, take that road and you be at Peach's castle.

On Raimbow Road,the road next to the starting ro..

On Raimbow Road,the road next to the starting road is a {Shot Cut}.

When you first start a race,get the big boost go down the hill turn left/right then jump,and you will land on that track.

On royal raceway, at the end of the big jump do ..

On royal raceway, at the end of the big jump do a sharp turn right and it
will put you just before the finsh line.

Leap Frog

Tired of starting behind someone and having to go around them. Well if you get a turbo, continue until you are just about to hit the player ahead of you. JUMP! You should have bumped over the player. Now you are way ahead of the others. NOTE: This move takes practice. Get your timings down perfectly.

Mirror Mode:You need to earn a gold cup for ever..

Mirror Mode:

You need to earn a gold cup for every course, if you can do this for every class you will get a new title screen, plus a mirror mode option, to play all of the tracks in reverse.

Mini cut

On the train level if you have a star you can go through the train tunnnel...!

kill your driveron every level on time trial do ..

kill your driver

on every level on time trial do the level over 10 minutes.go on mario GP and run into a banana.your kart will will come last.if you dont like it do a level on time trial in under 10 minutes because if you dont the kill the driver thing will last as long as you keep your TT records.this should boost your skill though.....

If you want to get a boost at the begining of th..

If you want to get a boost at the begining of the race.To do so press the A button right before the light turns green.Note:(The timing must be perfect)


In Rainbow Road, when a Boo appears it means that a Chain Chomp(shark) is coming.

Way to get faster

When you turn on a sharp turn click the button where your right index finger goes.
I think it's the R button, but I am not sure, hit the R button when you turn and it will say ZZZZZZZZ.
Keep doing it but theres a catch you have to move the analog stick side to side when you are doing it!

Yellow smoke

I kinda found this on accident.If you're holding a banana out and do a super turn(hold "r" while turning) the smoke turns yellow

Shortcut In Royal Raceway

Go off the big ramp in Royal Raceway to the left, and land on the dirt as far to the left as you can. You will be towed near the finish line.
This is hard at first, but after a while you get used to it.

The Butterfly

It is possible to gain a boost of speed whilst driving. To do this, you must drive closely behind another kart for a certain amount of time. Once you have done so, two wings of air will appear at your sides and you will gain a boost of speed that lasts a few seconds. Ths is supposedly known as the 'butterfly'.

Become a BOMB

When you are playing the Battle mode choose 3 or 4 players...
If you keep on playing until someone dies...
The first person who dies will actually become a BOMB and can use him or her self to kill another player
Note: I do not Know if this works on wii but it certainly does work on the original nintendo 64 console
Have fun

ok,This is a glitch.When you are plaingVS. Mode,..

ok,This is a glitch.When you are plaing

VS. Mode,ya know the little bombs??Well

if ya travel fast,there is a 30% you wont blow up!So then you can beat whoever your pling...

Well this worked for me so it might as well work for you...

Shortcut in Yoshi Valley

On the Yoshi Valley track, after all of the split roads come together, there is a semi-strait path, and then a hairpin turn to the left. If you look closely, the road after the turn comes very close to the road before the turn.
You can jump from the road before the turn, to land on the other piece of track. You don't even need a mushroom or star to do this.
Making the jump isn't very hard, but after you jump, make sure to push the break button so that you don't go flying off the other end. This shortcut will give you a significant lead in front of the other players.

Spinny glitch

On choco mountain befor the rock part right around the corner and start jumping om the opisit side of the nintendo sign but start jumping a little be for a little bit befor it and start jumping try to go straight thou :-) :-)

On Koopa Troopa beach you will see a small ramp ..

On Koopa Troopa beach you will see a small ramp and a tunnel above it.Have a mushroom handy,power boost up the ramp and jump when you get to the tip of the ramp and you will end up in the tunnel.

You will be in front of everyone else unless you are far away from them.Bye for now.

Well you want to know a cheat?Read!!!!!!!!!What ..

Well you want to know a cheat?


What you do is in the course (well realy any course) you push the end C

button so you see the clock thing

then go straight for a preety long time

if you do it right 2 wings might come out of you.

If it does,look at your clock thing and you might go a little faster.

You can beat the computer a little and is called the butterfly.

It is hard but try it!


On Koopa Troopa beach, instead of going left at ..

On Koopa Troopa beach, instead of going left at that circular rock where all the ramps are, go left and there will be an extra bit of road.

Drive along it, watching out for crabs and you should get into 1st position!

Mario Kart 64 cheats

Unlock mirror mode:beat all cups on 50cc,100cc and 150cc.
Unlock new title screen:beat all cups on mirrior mode.
Koopa Troopa Beach shortcuts:
1.Use a mushroom boost up the ramp at jump at the top to land in a cave.
The best shortcut.
2.When you head under the arch go right instead of left and you will be able to drive along a sandbar.
Rainbow Road shortcut:
At the beginning jump over the edge just before you get to the ramp and you will land on a platform later on in the track.It is a great shortcut but hard to pull off.
Kalamari desert traintrack:
You can drive around the traintrack in Kalamari desert,even through the tunnels but they hold no secrets.
So don't waste your time with this unless you want..

On Koopa Troopa Beach when you get to the ramp t..

On Koopa Troopa Beach when you get to the ramp to the tunnel.

You need a Mushroom to get through it and be in 1st place.

A glitch

If you go past the boulders on choco maountain keep jumpin on the walls you will find a spot where you can fall into the black and white relm of death

Shock Absorber

OK go to Royal Raceway on time trial and do it normally, when you get to that jump ramp, right before the second speed up track stuff, use a mushroom. When you land you will not bounce, you will land flat and keep going.

Hope this helps, Swellow386

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