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Follow the dark path or use the light

Full Walkthrough

by RavenX2

==============================================        .---.
  Best viewed in Notepad, courier New,                /  .  \\
  10pt, 800x600 resolution                           |\\_/|   |
 ==============================================      |   |  /|
  .--------------------------------------------------------\' |
 /  .-.                                                      |
|  /   \\                                                     |
| |\\_.  |     ______  ___                _____               |
|\\|  | /|     ___   |/  /______ ____________(_)______        |
| `---\' |     __  /|_/ / _  __ `/__  ___/__  / _  __ \\       |
|       |     _  /  / /  / /_/ / _  /    _  /  / /_/ /       |
|       |     /_/  /_/   \\__,_/  /_/     /_/   \\____/        |
|       |  ______ __                  ___   _____________ __ |
|       |  ___  //_/______ ___________  /_  __  ___/__  // / |
|       |  __  ,<   _  __ `/__  ___/_  __/  _  __ \\ _  // /_ |
|       |  _  /| |  / /_/ / _  /    / /_    / /_/ / /__  __/ |
|       |  /_/ |_|  \\__,_/  /_/     \\__/    \\____/    /_/    |
|       |                                                    |
|       |                                                    | 
|       |                        FAQ                         |
|       |                                                    /
|       |---------------------------------------------------/
|       |                      By RavenX2
\\       |                      Version:1.0
 \\     /                         6/28/04
  `---\'                   [email protected]

  c.Banana Peel
  f.Fake Item
  g.Lightning Bolt
  h.Spiked/Spiny Shell
4.Level Shortcuts
  a.Luigi\'s Raceway
  b.Moomoo Farm
  c.Koopa Troopa Beach
  d.Kalimari Desert
  e.Toad\'s Turnpike
  f.Frappe Snowland
  g.Choco Mountain
  h.Mario Raceway
  i.Wario\'s Stadium
  j.Sherbert Land
  k.Royal Raceway
  l.Bowser\'s Castle
  m.DK\'s Parkway
  n.Yoshi Valley
  o.Banshee Boardwalk
  p.Rainbow Road
7.Contact Info


Mario Kart 64 has been out for around an amazing 8 years. I thought I 
could revive it by creating an FAQ about it, describing just about 
everything there is to know about this Nintendo classic. Let\'s get
started shall we?


There are a total of 8 characters in this game, which include: Mario,
Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, DK, Wario, and Bowser. Now, let me take a 
few moments to decsribe each one. I have created a little \"star\" system 
to make this easy (1 star is the worst, and 5 stars is the best). The
four categories for each character are Acceleration, Speed, Power,
and Steering. Acceleration is how long it takes for a character to go 
from a complete stop to a fast-moving pace. Speed is how fast the 
character can go when at top-speed. Power is how strong a character is
and how far they can knock another character (this only really matters 
in Battle Mode). Steering is how easily the character can move. 

A.Mario & Luigi

Mario and Luigi both have the same stats, which are both average. They 
are the preffered characters to use, since they have no weakness. 
They\'re not incredibly fast, but aren\'t weak either. I suggest using 
them on the Grand Prix\'s.


Princess Toadstool (Peach) has been known for her ability to be captured 
by the one and only King Koopa (Bowser). Peach has come back to prove to
herself and to others that she is more than just a damsel in distress.
Peach is the recommended character for beginners, due to her wonderful
steering and acceleration. If Peach is ever hit by a shell and is halted
to a stop, it only takes her a second or two before she\'s back in the 


Princess Toadstool\'s servant Toad is known for his appearance in Mario 
64, where he gave Mario secret stars to defeat Bowser to yet again save 
Princess Peach from the clutches of evil. Well, Toad\'s back and is 
ready to show that he is more than a servant... Toad is the other 
character recommended for beginners, due to his perfect stats in 
acceleration and his awesome steering. Toad is probably the best
character to go win the Mushroom Cup, for his steering qualities serve
him well. Toad is also a nice punching bag in Battle Mode, since his
power is all the way down at 1. 


Yoshi is Mario and Luigi\'s pet dinosaur. I have no clue how he snuck 
away from the Mario Bros. in the middle of one of their adventures and 
got a driver\'s license, but let\'s just leave that mystery for another 
time. Yoshi is basically just like the Mario Bros. except for the fact 
that he has a little bit more acceleration than them, and that his power 
is a little bit less. Yoshi is a well-rounded character, with a little 
more speed on his side than strength. He is a good beginner recommended 
character as well.

E.Donkey Kong (DK)

If you\'ve played the first Mario Kart for the SNES titled \"Super Mario 
Kart\", than you\'ve noticed that Donkey Kong is different in this game.
That is true, because in the first game, it was Donkey Kong Jr., not 
the regular Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Jr. had on a white tanktop and was
quite ugly if I say so myself...Donkey Kong is all about speed. He\'s not
too good at steering or acceleration, but his speed makes up for it. DK
is really hard to handle, so I suggest playing this game awhile before
you start using him.


Wario, Mario\'s evil rival, has replaced the beloved Koopa Troopa from 
the first game. Wario is in between DK and Bowser, making him basically
like Mario and Luigi. He\'s not good at steering, but his power and speed
make him a good character to use for the time trials. Wario is also very
good in Battle Mode, because of his size.


Big bad King Koopa Troopa, also known as Bowser, is rockin\' in this 
game. His acceleration and steering are absolutely dreadful, but his
unbelievable sky-high speed and power make him the toughest character
of them all. Bowser should only be used by experts of this game. Bowser
is by far the fastest guy of them all, making him the perfect candidate
for Time Trials, not to mention he\'s the King of Battle Mode. It may be
hard to steer him, and may be hard not hit anything to slow him down,
but once Bowser\'s up to his top-speed, nothing will stop him from 
getting the gold!

Here is a quick list of all the items in the game and what they can 

History:In all the Mario games, the mushroom turned mario from a little 
        shrunken Mario into a big Mario.
Use: Makes a character shoot forward for a limited amount of time. Can 
Types: single mushroom, 3 mushrooms, golden mushroom
Hint: Most shortcuts can be accessed with the use of a mushroom

History: The back of a koopa
Use:shoot them at other characters to make them stumble and stop for a 
    brief second
Types: green shell (use manually), red shell (homing)
Hint: green shells can be shot backwards if you hold down while firing

C.Banana Peel
History: the peel of one of DK\'s bananas
Use: lay it and hope someone slips on it
Types: a single banana, a chain of 5 bananas
Hint: hold forward while pressing Z to make the banana peel fly forward
      instead of backwards; lay one on the bridge on DK\'s Parkway

History: a ghost from one of the many ghost houses in Super Mario World 2
Use: steal a random item from another opponent
Hint: in multiplayer, look on someone else\'s \"box\" and see what item they  
      have before using the ghost; you can sometimes steal a star while 
      in first place!

History: made mario/luigi invinsible for a limited amount of time
Use: makes character invincible for a limited amount of time
Hint: a star is a good substitute for a mushroom when attempting 
      shortcuts; use a star in Toad\'s Turnpike to drive through all of 
      the cars without having any fear of getting hurt

F.Fake Item
History: something from a wario game
Use: lay one to confuse an opponent by making them hitting it thinking 
     that it\'s a regular item; has same hitting effect as a shell
Hint: lay one in the exact spot of a regular item-they have to hit it; in
      the Battle Mode level Double Deck, keep laying them on the top 
      layer in the corners; in Doughnut, lay them wherever

G.Lightning Bolt
History: no clue
Use: use a lightning bolt to shrink all other players
Hint: you can squish other players when they\'re small, making them fly in 
      the air like a piece of paper-this increases the recovery time
Lu Pole: if an opponent is being carried by Lakuto (the guy on the 
         cloud), they won\'t be hit by the lightning bolt

H.Spiked/Spiny Shell
History: the back of an elite blue koopa (found in Paper Mario-Bowser\'s 
Use: unlike the red shell that only hits the character in front of you,
     the spiked shell will hit almost every character in your path and 
     never misses the first player
Hint: there are only 2 spiked shells in the game:
      1.the item hanging from the balloon in Luigi\'s Raceway
      2.ontop of the green rock in Koopa Troopa Beach
Lu Pole: if you are in first place and a spiked shell is coming toward
         you, put on your brakes and wait for the guy in second to get 
         right in front of you, causing him to get hit instead of you;
         if you are being carried by Lakuto, you won\'t get hit; you can
         stop a spiked shell from hitting you ONLY by pulling out another
         spiked shell to take the damage (does NOT work with anything 

4.Level Shortcuts

Since most people don\'t know many shortcuts in this game, I will 
graciously tell of every one I can possibly think of. I\'m not going to
explain every inch of every level, for that would take to much time, and
I\'m definitely not going to make little maps, since you can just press R
on the Selection Screen and go to Data, which will show you the maps and 
Time Trial records for every level. On each level description, I will 
tell you any and all shortcuts I can think of. If there\'s a level 
without a shortcut, or if I don\'t know of it, \"-EMPTY-\" will be written
in it\'s place. So, without any further ado, let us begin:

A.Luigi\'s Raceway

B.Moomoo Farm

C.Koopa Troopa Beach
There are 3:

1.Use a mushroom (or star or any way you can get speed) on the ramp 
  going into the cave that goes through the waterfall.You can take a big
  chunk out of the level this way.
2.If you can\'t do #1, then try this. Before you enter the \"ramp area\",
  look to your right to see a hidden pathway of sand that cuts right
  through the water.The ramp shortcut is much better, but this one
  is definitely easier.
3.After the #2 shortcut this is a big green rock with an item on it. Go
  up the big ramp (balance is the key) and hop over the rock to get a
  spiked shell. This is only a shortcut if you use a mushroom to go up 
  the ramp. You will fly really high in the air, and will get you ahead
  of your opponents for sure.

D.Kalimari Desert
Disclaimer: This shortcut HAS to be done on your first or second lap.
After getting a star, go to the SECOND set of tracks and turn left to 
eventually go inside a tunnel. Use your star the second you get inside 
the tunnel and keep going on the tracks until you see an opening. This
will have saved you a lot of time.
E.Toad\'s Turnpike
From what I\'ve heard, you\'re supposed to look on the map and see where
the two circles meet, and then use a mushroom to hop over the gate and
then Lakuto will bring you to the other circle. This has never worked 
for me, so I doubt it will work for anyone else.

F.Frappe Snowland
This one is really cool. Thanks to this, my best lap on this level is 
00.18.60. Basically, as soon as the race begins, go backwards until you 
get to the beginning of the bridge. Start driving in the middle of the 
bridge and at the end of the bridge jump onto the snowy hill on the 
right. DO NOT TOUCH THE ROAD. Keep driving into the forbidden territory
until Lakuto picks you up and drops you on THE EDGE of the bridge. If you
aren\'t dropped on the EDGE of the bridge, than you didn\'t do it right.
Once dropped, drive up to the start/finish line and you\'ll go on to 
lap 2. Yep. You guessed it. You skipped a whole lap! And you can do it in
like 18 seconds! Woohoo!
G.Choco Mountain
This shortcut can pretty much only be done with Toad, since he\'s so 
light. Drive Toad all the way up to where the rocks fall for the first 
time. Look behind you and notice how close the hill is to the road next
to it. Basically, go back across the hill, and when you come back for 
the 3rd time (only once is neccessary), you can use a mushroom as you 
jump off the hill into the road above you. This trick is MUCH harder on
50cc and Time Trial mode, because the rails block you. Therefore, you 
must either race on vs. mode or do a GP just to try this one out. 

H.Mario Raceway
There aren\'t really any shortcuts to this level, but if you\'re quick 
enough, you can power slide in between the giant mushroom and the wall
to cut off an extra second. woohoo.

I.Wario\'s Stadium
My favorite shortcut to do! Well, actually there are several shortcuts
for this level:

1.As soon as the race begins, get the boost and drive right into the 
  left side of one of the first humps. Press R on the edge of the hump
  to jump over that puny wall and to shave off half the course.
2.This one is actually the hardest shortcut in the game the successfully
  pull off. I don\'t recommend wasting your time trying this one, but if 
  you must...After hopping over the wall (#1), drive around in the new
  area and gather a WHOLE LOT OF SPEED so you can then use a mushroom to 
  hop back over the wall BEHIND the start/finish line so then when you
  cross the line, a whole lap will have gone by. And how long did this
  level take!??
3.This one is kinda tough, beacause you need the perfect amount of speed
  to pull it off. After the huge hill, you will land on a hump and then
  you\'re supposed to go in a long circle just to get back to the start/
  finish line. But instead, as soon as you come of the big hill, drive
  as straight as possible (use a mushroom if you need to) and hop right
  over that wall. This saves about 10 seconds of time.

J.Sherbert Land
I\'ve never actually done this one either, but it can\'t hurt to put it 
here. This sounds bizarre, but it might be possible. Once you retrieve a
golden mushroom, go to the spot where you\'re about to enter the cave, and
use your golden mushroom to shoot across the water on the left, and get 
onto an iceberg, and then use some more of your golden mushroom. This
supposedly makes you skip the whole ice cave. I don\'t know if this is
even possible, so e-mail me if it works.

K.Royal Raceway
There are 2 shortcuts for this level:

1. After the first big turn (the one near the ramp over your head), use a 
   mushroom and jump out into the water to hit one of two spots on the 
   wall. Yes, you heard me. There are two dark brown spots on that wall
   which you can hit to make Lakuto take you up to the ramp. This is a 
   trememdous jump through the level, which really helps on the GP.
2.Once you\'re on the ramp with the two boosts, you can do the second
  shortcut. When going onto the second ramp, drive up the right side and
  shoot of the left side. If you can angle it perfectly, than you\'ll fly
  off into the distance and hopefully land on the shoreline way out 
  there. That way Lakuto will pick you up and will drop you off right 
  beside the start/finish line. Just think what your record would be if
  you could do them both!
L.Bowser\'s Castle
I really want to know how to do this one. My friend did it once, and I
think it has to do with a star and the green whomp behind the bars. I
never could figure out how to do it though!

M.DK\'s Parkway
There are 4 for this one:

1.As soon as the race begins, turn around and go back into the little
  cave. Drive up the hill and right before you exit the cave, there is
  an edge to the wall on your left. Jump into the edge while trying to 
  face right, and you\'ll fall into a secret green lake. Lakuto will of
  course pick you up and will then drop you off before the start/finish
  line. Go up to the line, and you\'ll be on your second lap. This 
  doesn\'t work very often, but you can try it anyway.
2.Start the race, and keep driving until you get to the ramp. Instead of
  going around the little circle, go right into the grassy area and let 2
  coconuts hit you as you try to jump over the gate. If you can do it,
  then sharply turn left to do #3...
3.This can be done with or without doing #2. When on the boost at the 
  top of the ramp, jump off to the extreme left and cut off a chunk of
  the level.
4.In the cave, instead of driving up the hill the normal way, as soon as
  you get an item, jerk left and start hopping up the \"mountain\" to reach
  the top quicker than if you were to regularly drive it.

N.Yoshi Valley
After you choose your path, you\'ll end up at the same spot regardless.
Keep driving until you\'re supposed to go around in a little circle.
Instead, jerk left and hold your brakes to skip going around the circle. 

O.Banshee Boardwalk
Not much of a shortcut, but when you enter the little house section of 
the level, take a left at the red sign pointing right, and the just 
jump over the hole in the ground. Not much of a shortcut though.

P.Rainbow Road
The biggest shortcut in the game. As soon as the race starts, continue
driving until you get to the freefall jumping area (right at the 
beginning). Jump of to your left to land onto another road, which skips
you all the way to the big star monument. HUGE shortcut.


Extra Mode
To unlock Extra Mode, where all the courses are mirrored, get a gold 
trophy on every 150cc course. Not too difficult.

Starting Boost
When Lakuto holds up the traffic light, press A right when the last light
turns green. You will start off the race as if you used a mushroom. Also, 
to get into 1st place right at the beginning, as soon as you press A, 
press R to jump over everybody with a boost. Pretty cool.

Secret Boost
If you haven\'t noticed already, when you hold down R on a turn, E\'s come
out of your engine. When on a really tight or long turn, while holding 
R, push down the joystick in the direction of the way you\'re turning, 
and the white E\'s will turn into yellow E\'s. Do it again to turn the
yellow E\'s into orange E\'s. Let go of the joystick, and you will get
a secret boost. 

Peach\'s Castle
Probably the most obvious thing in the world, Peach\'s Castle from Mario 
64 is in Royal Raceway after the bost from the ramp. It is located on
the right. Follow the little yellow path.

Stop the Items Early
After you get an item, press Z or Down-C to get the item then and there.

Boost for Going Straight
Whenever you and another racer are right beside each other on a straight 
lane, if you can drive your character perfectly straight for a couple of
seconds, a little white smoke blob will appear in the back of your car,
and will make you move ahead just enough to beat the other racer.

Course Ghosts
There are preset time trial records for Luigi\'s Raceway, Mario\'s 
Raceway, and Royal Raceway. If you can beat them, then when you retry 
the next time you will race against the corresponding character of 
that level. The times are:

Luigi\'s Raceway: 1.52.00
Mario\'s Raceway: 1.30.00
Royal Raceway:   2.40.00


This is my third walkthrough contributed to this site and I hope you
enjoyed it as much as I did creating it. Hopefully you too will consider
trying to make an FAQ guide for yourself. It actually is a lot of fun.
Thanks, and peace out!


7.Contact Info
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this guide or
Mario Kart 64, please feel free to e-mail me at:

raven42902004 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thanks a bunch!