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Diddy Kong Racing Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Diddy Kong Racing

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Check out our cheats to get infinite bananas, turbo start, play as Drumstick, make balloons disapear and computer can't use weapons.

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Enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding effect.
Start with 10 Bananas:
Unlimited Bananas:
Computer can't use Weapons:
Unlock Fully Powered-Up Balloons:
No Zippers:
Unlock Four Wheel Drive:
Unlock Two-player Adventure:
2 Players use the same Character:

Here is how to get the keys for each world.DIN..

Here is how to get the keys for each world.

DINO DOMAIN- go to the level called Ancient Lake. When you start, go straight.(do NOT follow the road just hold A.)Then you will eventually see a jump with the key on it!

SNOWFLAKE MOUNTAIN- go to the level called snowball valley. When you start, do not move. Turn left instead. There will be a path. Go in it and you will find the key.

SHERBET ISLAND- Go to level Cresent Island. When you start go into the LEFT route. Then go straight into the water. Soon you will see a rock with a hole and in the hole is the key.

DRAGON FOREST- Go to level Boulder canyon. First get three blue balloons to get a purple turbo boost, but DO NOT USE IT!!!

offroad-4 weel driveblabbermouth-horncheatrocket..

offroad-4 weel drive


rocketfuel-blue balloons

bombsaway-red balloons

oppositeattract-rainbow balloons

jukebox-music test

whodidthis-display credits

doublevision-select same players

jointventure-two player adventure

noyellowstuff-no limit to bananas

how to get to space ways

Get every baloon in every leval and beat all trophy races then beat wiz pig finally go to the beach there is a sign of all the won trophy races run over the sign and the light house will turn into a rocket!

Turbo Start :Just after the high-voiced announce..

Turbo Start :

Just after the high-voiced announcer says "Get Ready" and the words start to fade, press the acceleration button (A).

You'll get a mighty boost. The boost is more powerful and lasts longer the later you enact it.

But be careful not to start it too late or it won't work at all.

To get DRUMSTICK you need to collect all 4 keys,..

To get DRUMSTICK you need to collect all 4 keys, 4 trophys, all of the T.T amlut & all of the Wiz pig amlut you can cheack your progress by going to T.T and then selecting Status.

Once you have all of the stuff above go to the place where you start and find a frog with a red fether on its head and run over it and DRUMSTICK will apper and stay on your game for ever( to choose him go back to the character selection screen.

Put in tinyteenyweenie and you will be about hal..

Put in tinyteenyweenie and you will be about half the size of a

regular player.

Put in "aronld" and you will be bigger.

toxicoffender:all balloons are green

toxicoffender:all balloons are green

vitaminb; no limit to bananasbyebyeballoons;no w..

vitaminb; no limit to bananas
byebyeballoons;no weapons

zapthezippers;no zippers
arnold;big characters

teenyweenies;small characters
freeforall;max power up

rocketfuel;blue balloons
toxicoffender;green balloons

When you're choosing your character there's no p..

When you're choosing your character there's no point in arguing about two people wanting to have the same character. Just put Double Vision in the cheats thing and two people can be the same character.

In the first boss he will start out before u and..

In the first boss he will start out before u and get a head start.

If he is way in head of you, their is a bush, but their is a couple.

Their is one that u can go through and get in front of the rhino. So try it and see if you can find it.

P.S. If you miss the the enterance you can start over. And try it again.

when you are facing the triceretops, (the first ..

when you are facing the triceretops, (the first world's boss). You will see a bunch of bushes, (on the left) turn in to there, on the left you will see a zipper,GOOD LUCK!!!

When you have all the keys and troughys you go t..

When you have all the keys and troughys you go to the place with the frogs and there
should be one with a little gobble like thing on his head and says bagack.if
you run it over you can get a new racer named Drumstick. Thank You.
P.S. You might have to turn your game off then on again.

infinite bananas, big character, 2 player adventure mode

Go to magic codes I'm option menú and enter:
VitaminB: infinite bananas
Arnold: big dudes
Jointventure: 2-4 players adventure mode
Note: one player drive to a challenge and the others race


To unlock T.T. the clock as a racing character u have to beat him in time trial on every track 9which by the way i can't even beat him on 1) lol

Free balloon

Enter eolaobfenrlone for a free balloon.

Big vs small

To get big go to options then go to magic codes and enter arnold
And if you want small enter teenyweenies


byebyeballoons = no weapons
rocketfuel =all blue balloons
toxicoffender = all green ballooons
freeforall= max power for every balloons

My Need For Speed!!!

1. {Boosting}
Are you falling behind the CPU's, or worse your friends? Is it because of your boost? Well just let go of "A" just before you go over a zipper and you'll get a "Green Boost!" This boost is slightly better and you'll get to see a lovely festive colouring afterwards!
2. {She slipped on a bannana peel and went for a ride!}
The more bananas you have, the faster you go! There is only a small difference, but once you've mustered enough bananas, you can reach greater speeds than your opponent!
3. {Rocket Power!}
By typing in "rocketpower," you can turn all the balloons in a race blue! The more balloons you collect without using them (Max 3), the better the boost!
4. {Power Slider}
Once you've gone over a zipper, simply press..

The Codes

Code: What it does.
BYEBYEBALLOONS: Makes all of the Balloons disappear.
TOXICOFFENDER: Makes all of the Balloons green.
BODYARMOR: Makes all of the Balloons yellow.
OPPOSITESATTRACT: Makes all of the Balloons rainbow.
BOMBSAWAY: Makes all of the Balloons red.
ROCKETFUEL: Makes all of the Balloons blue.
FREEFORALL: Gives you max power with each Balloon.
VITAMINB: Gets rid of the limit that Bananas increase your speed.
FREEFRUIT: Lets you start with 10 Bananas.
BOGUSBANANAS: Causes Bananas reduce your speed.
NOYELLOWSTUFF: Gets rid of the Bananas.
JOINTVENTURE: Lets two players race in Adventure Mode Tracks.
BLABBERMOUTH: Makes random character noises for the Horn.
ARNOLD: Increases your character size.

Getting Drumstick

To play as Drumstick (the chicken character), you need to complete Dragon Forest and then look on the Beach beneath Wizpig's big, fat, ugly head for a Frog with a red thing on it's head - drive over that Frog!

Turbo start

As the voice says get ready, when it starts to fade pres (a)

Cheat Passwords+ Hint

For these cheats all you have to do is enter the password at the "magic codes" screen in "options".

1) Start with 10 Bananas---FREEFRUIT
2) Computer can't use Weapons---BYEBYEBALLOONS
3) Unlock Fully Powered-Up Balloons---FREEFORALL
5) Unlimited Bananas---VITAMINB
6) Unlock Four Wheel Drive---OFFROAD
7) Unlock Two-player Adventure---JOINTVENTURE
8) 2 Players can be the same character---DOUBLEVISION
9) Big Players---ARNOLD
10) Makes all of the Balloons green---TOXICOFFENDER
11) Makes all of the Balloons yellow---BODYARMOR
12) Makes all of the Balloons rainbow---OPPOSITESATTRACT
13) Makes all of the Balloons r..

Getting T.T.

Track - Time to Race T.T. - Time to Beat T.T.
Dino Domain:
Ancient Lake - 1:07.00 - 1:01.28
Fossil Canyon - 1:37.00 - 1:30.18
Jungle Falls - 1:08.00 - 1:02.50
Hot Top Volcano - 1:35.00 - 1:30.71
Snowflake Mountain:
Everfrost Peak - 1:53.00 - 1:48.00
Walrus Cove - 2:10.00 - 2:06.28
Snowball Valley - 1:13.00 - 1:06.41
Frosty Village - 1:44.00 - 1:39.40
Sherbert Island:
Whale Bay - 1:19.00 - 1:13.11
Crescent Island - 1:39.00 - 1:33.16
Pirate Lagoon - 1:34.00 - 1:28.56
Treasure Caves - 1:10.00 - 1:05.63
Dragon Forest:
Windmill Plains - 2:22.00 - 2:13.13
Greenwood Village - 1:46.00 - 1:40.61
Boulder Canyon - 2:11.00 - 2:02.35
Haunted Woods - 1:22.00 - 1:09.51

More Speed Glitch

When Your In Hot Stop Volcano In The Cave Theres A Glitch To Go Faster! Heres What You Do: Crash In To The Left Side Of The Cave On The Last Lap And You Will Go Throught The Wall And Will go Really Fast I've Tried It And It Works I Recommend Using Banjo

Furture fun land cheat{three players}For the fur..

Furture fun land cheat{three players}

For the furture fun land cheat do the following, have three controllers in or else it won't work.

Start with the mouse for controller one.for controller two have whoever is at the left.

Controller three has to be next, as in left to the person on the left.

Go down from the haunted place and there it is!

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