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Conkers Bad Fur Day Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats for you to look through and includes codes for unlocking stages, zombies, Gregg the grim reaper, Weasel henchmen and Neo Conker.

More Conkers Bad Fur Day Cheats and Tips

We have 30 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Conkers Bad Fur Day please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Conkers Bad Fur Day Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Stages

At the Main menu select the Cheat option and enter the following passwords to unlock the corresponding effects.
Unlock ALL Chapters:
Unlock It's War Chapter:
Unlock Uga Buga Chapter:
Unlocks Barn Boys Chapter:
Unlock Bats Tower Chapter:
Unlocks Slopranos Chapter:
Unlocks Heist Chapter:
Unlocks Spooky Chapter:
Unlock 50 Lives:

Zombies in multiplayer

In the cheats section on the main menu type in "beefcurtains".


You get a miniature tank that kills in one shot when you get a direct hit. and instead of grenades you get land mines (press \\\"Left C\\\".

to lay land mine)!!!

Working Cheats

Enter "EASTEREGGSRUS" with no space. He is only playable in the Death Match game.
Enter "WELLYTOP" with no space. He is only playable in the Death Match game.

Both codes can be accessed by talking to the imp by the fire.
Enter "EASY" as a code to play through story mode with easy difficulty.

Defeat Zombies in graveyard

When the zombiez come out of the ground,get on a tombstone, in other words,get on the grave stones. They can't get you there.
You can shoot them from there. Then get to Greg the Grim Reaper. Just to let you know, there's infinite zombies.
I'm 10 years old,but my mom let's me play this cool game.


In story mode when you first enter the graveyard Zombies will appear,these are a pain in the A.. Sense sometimes you don't see them and they get you by surprise.To be able to kill them without problems,jump on a grave stone,take out youre shotgun and shoot there Freaking heads.

Single Player cheats

To enter cheats talk to the fire dude next to the fire place when you're about to select your file.
All chapters and scenes-Enter "WELDERSBENCH" Fifty lives-Enter "DRACULASTEABAGS" Debug mode-Enter "XFYHIJERPWAL IELWZS" All objects can be shot-Enter "BOVRILBULLETHOLE" Very easy mode-Enter "VERYEASY"
Unknown- Enter "DUTCHOVENS"
I don't know what the last cheat is but it does infact work.

Neo conker

Just as before go to the cheat options to the right of the multi space and go into the cheats. Put in eastereggsrus and hit enter. The demon guy should say somthing that signifies that you put it in right.

Gregg the grimm reaper

Go to the cheat menu located at the right of the multi place. Go to cheats.... Put in billymillroundabout. The demon guy will tell you if you put it in right.

Heres some cheats. weldersbench all chap..

Heres some cheats.

weldersbench all chapters

wellytop unlock Conker in multiplayer

billymillroundabout unlock Greg

eastereggsrus unlock Neo Conker

beefcurtains unlock zombies

draculasteabags 50 lives

veryeasy realy easy

Dear code shearchers: You can ..

Dear code shearchers: You can trust me to give you the latest

codes and the truth to wether or not a

code is right.So for my first task is

to clean up the lies and confusion about Conkers Bad Fur Day.I shall list

the unlocking of the characters first.

typing in:

WELLYTOP-Gives you Conker during multi


during multi(p.s. type in SPUNKJOCKEY-

Gives you MATRIX mode.)


Grim Reaper during multi

RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE-Gives you the Squrill

After you beat the haybot master and climb tho..

After you beat the haybot master and climb those pipes to cut the water,you will go through a little door and see a man(person?) sitting and reading a tablet.

You must jump on the tablet and he will say "get off my stone!" then if you stay on longer he will throw you in the air then you just fly to the grass with the chocolate to the left.

Then you finnaly walk out the window and carfully make your way up or down the area.

If you choose to go up, you will go to a plank and when you jump off a lightbuld followed by a ting! sound will appear. simmpully press B and you will dive into the watertower, leaving no harm done.(be carful of the wasps on your way up).

If you choose to go down, you..

Okay, well as you may already know... you have ..

Okay, well as you may already know... you have to flush the "Soprano" king down where he is standing in order for you to go to the following levels... well, here's how you do it if you don't already know; just pick up the cash where his vocals cracked open, and above you will be a lever that will flush this crap down the sewer or where ever he goes... but I had alot of trouble there, so maybe it will help you out too...

5 lives

Hey dudes, I found 5 lives in the uga buga level.
After you bet the boss, go to get the money but dont fall yet.
Go on top of the door u came in jump to the other side.
You should see a tail get it and you get 5 lives.
P.S It doesn't work if you use the cheat weldersbench.

Normal conker

At the main screen go to cheats to the right of the multi space. Go to cheats and put in wellytop. The little demon guy will say something that signifies that you put it in right.

Easy stuff Nnow hello ..

Easy stuff

Nnow hello and I'll tell you the 2 easy cheats that make the Game super easy.

code1:easy-makes the single player game easy.

code2:veryeasy-makes single player game very easy. Here's just an extra you probly want,(weldersbench) it gives you all chapters and level's.


Quick Start This is a shortcut that will get..

Quick Start

This is a shortcut that will get you to the main menu faster. Turn the Nintendo 64 on, wait about 3 to 5 seconds then press the "reset" botton on the N64.

You have to wait until Conker splits the N64 logo into two pieces.

From this moment on, you can press start and you'll be able to go to the main menu faster than before.

If you are playing multiplayer then jump down t..

If you are playing multiplayer then jump down the holes and you will get a flame thrower.

(glitch) Disform the devils

Hi. When you play the game...before turning it on lift up the left side of the game. Then play the game....if it doesnt go you've pulled the game out to much. Put it in a little bit. Then go to the cheats menu and put in the game. The devils mouth will be disformed. You'll know what I mean when you try it. Its funny stuff! :D

Mult. players

I just wanted to tell you some of my cheats:
wellytop - Conker
eastereggsrus - Matrix Conker
billymillroundabout - Greg the Grim Reaper
beefcurtains - Zombies and Villagers

Multi-player cheats

Play as Conker in multi-player mode- Enter "WELLYTOP" Play as Neo Conker in multi-player mode- Enter "EASTEREGGSRUS" Play as The Grim Reaper in multi-player- "BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT" Play as Weasel Henchmen in multi-player-Enter "CHINDITVICTORY" Play as Caveman in multi-player mode-Enter "EATBOX" Play as Squirrel and Tediz Leader in multi-player modeľ Enter "RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE"
Play as Zombies and Villagers in multi-player-Enter "BEEFCURTAINS"
New death animation in single multi-player mode-Enter "SPUNKJOCKEY". Use a chainsaw or katana to cut a Tediz head off in the War level for a Matrix-type death animation.
Unknown- Enter "DUTCHOVENS"
All these co..

Codes to get more peeps

Conker = wellytop
Neo conker = eastereggsrus
Weasels = chinditvictory
Uga bungas = eatbox
Captains = rustysheiffsbadge
Zombie/villagers = beefcurtains
Grim = billymillroundabout

A hint with fighting on COLORS

If you want more aggresiveness, then the teddyz are your team to get. But if your a sniper, then get the squrrils. The squrrils have a higher sniper post than the teddyz and can snipe right into the teddyz sniper point. But the teddyz are definately better at the close range attacks, and teddyz are usually the ones who win faster. Especially with a golden gun.

A little hint on fighting on TOTAL WAR

Total war is definately more funner than the colors, but much harder. If you are not careful, the opposite team can snipe you through the big door from their sniper point. My recommendation is that you go through the underground tunnel because if you go through the door you are exposed to everyone. But if you go through the tunnel the only people that can really kill you (while you are still in the tunnel of course) is the people that are gaurding it and the people gaurding the canister.
Hope I helped any Smile

Poo Ball in River (glitch....kind of)

Hi.Let me tell you this glitch I found out. Its weird and funny so listen up!
First get the poo ball and throw it in the "NO POO BALLS" zone. Then another ball of poo will come out. Then get the poo ball and take it all the way to the top and put it in the hole.
Then get the ball again and you should be able to take it out of the area and you can take it to the river. Cool huh?
NOTE: Once you do this you will NOT get your ball back. So your going to have to reset and start again. See ya!

All levels

To unlock all of the levels enter "WEILDERSBENCH" at the cheats

Weasel henchmen

Go to the cheat menu. Go in the cheat options.... Enter chinditvictory.. The demon guy will tell you if you put it in right.

Hi, I browsed around the internet and a pretty b..

Hi, I browsed around the internet and a pretty bizare cheat.

Go in the option menu, go to cheats and then type in SEXYMANN. Supposibly there will be a scene of Conker and Birdy.

I'm not quite sure of it my self, but if anyone would care to be a volintire, no ones stopp'n ya!

Tediz and Squirrels

When playing in Multi player,its best to play as a Tedi,if you fall from a high place you will just lose one chocolate.But with the squirrels it's a different story,even if you jump with the ninja sword from a high place by rolling in the air you will just die.And if you jump with a Tedi with the Ninja Sword from a high place you wont suffer damage.


810CC2F0 00FF -makes you glide to the ground.
Tested with rom. Not sure if it will work on gs but it should.

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