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Minecraft Earth Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Minecraft Earth

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Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game for iOS and Android devices that lets you bring Minecraft into the real world. In Minecraft Earth your real-life neighborhood takes on a whole new dimension as you go on adventures to gather resources, take on challenges, build things with friends, and then step into your life-sized creations. Minecraft Earth also features many familiar mobs along with a bunch of new ones. Over time, you will get the chance to breed unique variants, and use them to populate your builds. Check out our Minecraft Earth cheats and tips to get some help in this game about creativity.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include how to get Buildplates and how to get a QR code. As well as these hints and tips we also have a mini-guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

What are Tappables

Tappables are the little markers on your map which you find by exploring. Once you have tracked down these floating icons you need to tap on them to get the rewards they offer which will include XP, items, and rubies which you can spend in the Minecraft Earth store.

How to get Buildplates

In Minecraft Earth Buildplates are pre-defined areas that you can build in. These areas of virtual real estate are 8x8 and 16x16 blocks which can be upgraded via the shop or by leveling up your in-game player. You will get a Buildplate every 5 levels and it will be set to a specific biome.

How do you get a QR Code

In Multiplayer anyone can visit your Buildplate, they just need to be in the same location as the Buildplate itself. To share a Buildplate you need to give the other player a generated QR code. The process to get your unique QR code is as follows:

1) Tap the Buildplate icon on the Minecraft Earth menu tray.
2) Select 'Build' or 'Play' based on your preferred mode.
3) Place your Buildplate on a flat, textured surface.
4) Tap the 'Ellipsis' button in the top-right corner.
5) Select 'Invite Friend'. Your unique QR code will display.

How do you Join Multiplayer

Once you have the QR code from the host whose world you want to join you need to do the following.

1) Tap the 'Play with Friends' icon on the Minecraft Earth menu tray.
2) Scan the host QR code. You will automatically join the game, although the host Buildplate won't be displayed.
3) Scan the host QR code a second time using your in-game viewfinder. This helps orient your position in the world and grants permission to view and interact with blocks.
4) Repeat the steps for all joining players.

How to Place Yourself in Your Buildplate

In Minecraft Earth you can place an NPC version of yourself in any Buildplate by selecting the Mob-of-Me item. This will place a mob with your character skin and name onto the Buildplate. Your fiends can join you by inviting them to your Buildplate.

What are Minecraft Earth Adventures

Adventure areas in Minecraft Earth are life-size locations you can explore in your world that turn a Minecraft map into a real-life survival experience you can interact with. This will involve fighting enemies and mining resources alongside anyone else who joined it with you.

Underground Mineshafts

A common adventure area in Minecraft Earth are mineshafts, these are inhabited by swarms of spiders that leave sticky webs around. The best way to clear these webs is to use the sword, this weapon is also ideal for killing the spiders themselves.

Use Stone Pickaxes

To begin with stick to stone pickaxes for cutting through the earth while adventuring as you will be able to craft an endless amount of them. Only use your iron pickaxes when you find ore and need to excavate. By doing this you will always have an iron pickaxe ready for when you find gold, diamond or more iron ore. Once you have a stockpile of iron ore you can swap over full-time to iron pickaxes.

How do you Craft

To craft something in Minecraft Earth you need to tap the 'Make Stuff' button at the bottom center of your screen. Then tap on the 'Crafting' option and select the recipe you want to use. Recipes will become available as you gather resources which is achieved by exploring and finding blocks, then tapping them until they break. Crafting items takes time, the more valuable or complex the item is, the longer it will take to make. You can only craft one item at a time.

What is Smelting

Smelting is an action that uses a furnace to convert ore or another block into something else by heating it with fuel. To smelt something in Minecraft Earth you need to tap the 'Make Stuff' button at the bottom center of your screen and then select the recipe you want to use. More recipes will become available as you gather more resources. Items have a length of time that it takes to smelt, these times though tend to be a lot quicker than the ones for crafting items.

How do you Collect Mobs

In Minecraft Earth you will be able to collect Mobs from the Tappables that you find as you walk around the map and also from the Buildplates you unlock or purchase. When you tap on a Tappable, you will get the breed of the Mob you have found but there is a chance you will find a variant of a different rarity. Once you find a Mob they're added to your inventory in the Mobs tab and then you can use them on Buildplates.

Fire and Water Warning

Make sure when you are placing mud blocks on your Buildplate you are careful not to pour water from a bucket over them as they will wash away in an instant. Likewise be careful with fire if you want to burn down a tree as it spreads significantly faster in Minecraft Earth than other versions of the game.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our beginners guide, we also have some FAQs for Minecraft Earth, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.

Minecraft Earth walkthrough and guide


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