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Beginners Guide

Mass for the Dead Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Mass for the Dead Beginners Guide

Mass for the Dead is a free-to-play RPG that was originally realeased in Japan but has now been made available in English. Check out our Mass for the Dead Beginners Guide to learn the basics of how to play this hero-collecting RPG based on Kugane Maruyama's Overlord light novel and anime series.


Mass for the Dead has its own rock-paper-scissors element system so in order to create a strong team capable of clearing the various quests and daily quests you will have to take enemie's elememts and their character skills into consideration when putting together a team. If you are not happy with the initial characters you get from the gacha you should reroll.


Once you have played through the tutorial you will be able to pull on the gacha for a character. If you are not satisfied with what you get simply reinstall the game and try again. Before you start playing the game itself it is advised that you reroll until you get at least one 5 star character. The best starter character is Ainz. If you reroll on the final day of the month when the Nazarick festival appears you have a significantly better chance of getting better characters as it has double rates and banner exclusive characters.

Leveling Characters

Leveling your characters in Mass for the Dead so you strengthen them is done using dragon eggs. Obtaining dragon eggs is a slow process that requires a lot of EXP during the first 60 levels as they are very expensive gold wise. The alternative way to level up your characters is to keep repeating stage H1-8 or H2-9 until you hit the level cap. These stages are Hard mode Stage 1 and Hard mode Stage 2 final stage. You can easily switch between the hard/normal difficulty setting using the button at the top right of the screen. If your team is not strong enough to handle Hard mode stage 1-8, simple focus on Normal mode stage 9-9 first. You will find that leveling your characters from level 60 onward will be a lot faster as the EXP requirement is significantly less.

Increasing Character Level Cap

Once your character has reached their level cap in Mass for the Dead you will need to farm limit breaking materials to strengthen them further. These materials can be purchased in the Item Shop or farmed through solo/multiplayer stage. You should be able to reach level 90 without too many problems through limit breaks but after that an abundance of rare materials and tier 3 coloured materials are required to get to level 100.

Obtaining Rare Materials

There are several sources you can farm that will enable you to obtain the rare materials required for the limit breaks after level 90. Every day the stages in Mass for the Dead rotate between colours/types and at fixed hours. Point events will enable you to get rare materials through the point rewards and you can farm the Deep Abyss for it's respective resources which you can exchange for rare materials monthly at the Item Shop.

Complete the Daily Quests

Whenever you play Mass for the Dead you should complete the daily quest as doing so will help you to progress in the game. This can be done by completing the following tasks.

• Clear All Daily Missions
• Clear Quests x3
• Strengthen Artifact x1
• Collect Chaos Seeds x1

Complete the Weekly Quest

There are 7 different things you need to do to complete the weekly quest tab and earn the 30 chaos stones on offer.

• Summon x1
• Clear Daily Quests x7
• Strengthen Artifact x7
• Clear Strengthen Quest x3
• Clear Daily Dungeon x3
• Collect Chaos Seeds x10
• Purchase from Daily Pleiades
• Participate in Multiplayer x3

Guild Rank Upgrade Quests

Whenever you increase your rank in Mass for the Dead by completing guild missions you will receive a title that allows you to increase your character's EXP faster. Make sure you change it to your highest guild rank title so you can level faster. Forget about the other title benefits as they have negligible bonuses.

Check out our Controls Guide to find out how to control your character and access the different features in Mass for the Dead.

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