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Follow the dark path or use the light

Life is Strange 2

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Life is Strange 2 walkthrough and guide

Story Objectives in Life is Strange 2 for Episodes 1 & 2

Story Objectives in Life is Strange 2

After the tragedy in suburban Seattle the two brothers find themselves running away from home. Fearing the police, and dealing with Daniel's new telekinetic power, the two brothers decide to head to Mexico. Each stop on their journey brings new story objectives along with new friends. The objectives give instruction on what to do to progress the story. In Life is Strange 2, Sean Diaz's objectives are displayed on the upper left-hand side of his inventory page. As of Episode 2, there are currently 47 total objectives viewable in Sean's inventory. Listed below are the Story Objectives in Life is Strange 2 for Episodes 1 & 2.

Episode 1

Story Objectives in Life is Strange 2 - Episode 1

Scene 1 - 1452, Lame Avenue

• Hunt for munchies
Get either the cookies or the bag of chips from the kitchen cupboard.

• Find drinks for Eric's party
Get either the soda cans or the beer cans from the kitchen fridge.

• Ask Dad for some money
Go to the garage from the basement and talk to Esteban.

• Find a blanket
Go to the basement and retrieve the blanket from one of the back storage shelves.

• Pack a bag for tonight
Go to Sean's school bag by the front door and pack his items.

• Call Lyla
Go to Sean's room and initiate the Skype call on his laptop.

Scene 2 - Into the Woods

• Find a shelter for the night
Progress down Trout Springs Trail until Sean reaches Nisqually River.

• Gather wood to build a fire
Pick up three logs from around the river or, if Sean told Daniel to find firewood, check on Daniel's logs if he finishes before Sean.

• Make a fire
Ignite the fire. If Daniel asks Sean to cloud watch with him and Sean accepts, ignite the fire again when prompted.

• Get some sleep
After Daniel yawns, tell him to get some sleep.

Scene 3 - Bear Station

• Find food
Either solicit food from the Californian family by talking to them or sending Daniel, or purchase/steal any food item from Bear Station.

• Find something to drink
Either fill Sean's water bottle in Bear Station's bathroom, or purchase/steal any drink item from Bear Station.

• Find a local map
Pick up the Washington state map on the front counter in Bear Station.

• Sit to eat and study the map
Go to the picnic table the Californian family was formerly sitting at.

• Escape the office
After helping Daniel into the office, choose how to deal with Hank Stamper before escaping with Daniel out of the office.

• Help Daniel get into the office
Retrieve the keys to the back door by using Daniel's tool to pry off the pipe, pushing along the couch, and kicking the keys down, then give the keys to Daniel.

Scene 7 - #RoomWithAView

• Find your motel room
Go to the upper floor of the motel, then enter the third door from the left.

• Run a bath for Daniel
Turn on the light to the bathroom, turn on the tap, then wait several seconds until the water level is high enough before calling Daniel over.

• Get rid of your phone
Pick up Sean's phone from its charging position on the desk. While or after Sean watches the Christmas home video, throw away the phone at any time while prompted.

• Go get Daniel a soda
Walk down to the other end of the motel balcony, then interact with the vending machine.

Episode 2 - 'Rules'

Story Objectives in Life is Strange 2 - Episode 2 'Rules'

Scene 1 - Young Apprentice

• Find targets for Daniel's power practice
Ask Daniel to lift the medium-sized rock and the shooting range.

• Fill up the canteens
Go to the canteens on the dock and ask Daniel for help.

• Go back to the house
Head back to and enter the abandoned house.

Scene 2 - Ship, Captain, Crew

• Build a fire in the woodstove
After retrieving the lighter, head to the woodstove and make the fire.

• Find Dad's lighter
Take the lighter from the desk next to Daniel's hideout.

• Find a clean saucepan
Pick up the pan lying on the edge of the bathtub in the bathroom.

• Get dinner ready
Choose from the tin cans in the kitchen cupboards and prepare the meal.

• Have dinner with Daniel
After a certain amount of time passes, head to the pan on the stove and serve the meal.

• Find the map and talk to Daniel
Search through Sean's stuff on the desk, then examine Daniel's hideout and interact with Mushroom twice. Afterwards, pick up the map and place it on the table.

• Help Daniel pack
Walk into the room where Daniel is packing.

• Fill up the canteens for the road
Refill the canteens with the container in the washroom, then add them to Sean's bag.

• Find Daniel and Mushroom
Exit the cabin through the sliding doors.

Scene 3 - Rule of Might

• Find Daniel and Mushroom
Head directly left from the cabin and look at Mushroom's bandanna across from the fallen trunk. Afterwards, crawl under the trunk and continue forwards.

Scene 5 - Sanctuary

• Ring the doorbell
Ring the Reynolds' doorbell twice.

Scene 6 - The Gingerbread House

• Go downstairs to have breakfast." - Have Sean put on his pants, then go downstairs and join Claire Reynolds at the kitchen counter.

• Get the glue from the closet
Interact with Stephen's closet.

• Ask Stephen for the shed key
Enter Stephen's study, interact with his closet, and progress through the ensuing conversation.

• Find the dirty linen
Pick up the dirty laundry in the upstairs bathroom.

• Do the laundry
Go downstairs and place the laundry in the washing machine.

• Go outside to check the garden shed
After doing the laundry, leave from the back sliding doors and attempt to open the shed.

Scene 7 - Bending Laws

• Get dressed
Have Sean put on the winter clothing lying next to his bed.

• Go get Daniel at the Eriksens'
After examining the note on the front door, exit the house and head over to the Eriksens' house.

Scene 8 - Christmas Spirit

• Find Daniel a Christmas present
Either purchase one of the male vendor's toys or steal a yo-yo from the donation box.

• Find Charles to leave the market
After conversing with Cassidy, head back to the market's entrance and leave.

Scene 9 - Confessions

• Go back to the Reynolds'
Progress through the ensuing conversation with Charles.

Scene 10 - Screeching Tires

• Go back to the Reynolds
Let Sean and Daniel enter the Reynolds' house.

• Find a way to get into Karen's room
Examine the dirty laundry in the bathroom, then retrieve the key from Claire's cardigan and use it on the door.

• Explore Karen's room
Either discuss Karen's teddy bear with Daniel or wait for him to pick up the bear himself, then open the letter that was lying underneath it.

• Escape the neighborhood
Let the ensuing cutscene play out.

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