How to Escape Quicksand in Lethal Company

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How to Escape Quicksand in Lethal Company

How to Escape Quicksand in Lethal Company

Quicksand spawns during rainy weather on some of the moons in Lethal Company and is fatal if you don't escape from it in time. This How to Escape Quicksand in Lethal Company guide will tell you how to deal with this hazard.

  • Where to Find Quicksand

    Quicksand does not appear on every moon in Lethal Company, just on those that are raining. On those planets that rain quicksand will spawn and you will be able to identify it by its dark appearance compared to the rest of the ground. This means when you walk across those moons you need to keep an eye on the ground for dark brown, nearly black patches of mud and avoid them.

  • How to Survive Quicksand

    If you find yourself in quicksand you will quickly discover you cannot swim through it and once you are submerged your character dies. Providing you act quickly there are things you can do to avoid being trapped in quicksand.

  • The most obvious thing you can do not to get trapped in quicksand is to check your Terminal and avoid the moon altogether if it does not have clear weather. If you land on a planet with clear weather, you are guaranteed it won't change until a full day has passed, which means you will not encounter any quicksand while searching for scrap.

    If you must land on a moon that has rain, you need to look carefully for areas on the ground that are darker than usual. Even in shaded locations, these patches are significantly darker. You can easily check to see if an area is a quicksand or a shadow cast by a large object by pulling out your Flashlight. When you cast a light on quicksand it doesn't disappear, the spot will remain a dark brown in color.

    If you are out at night searching for scrap you will have a hard time spotting quicksand. The lack of sunlight and the threat of outdoor enemies can make it very challenging to see it. If you are unfortunate enough to step in quicksand you will hear a bubbling noise.

    When this happens it indicates you are sinking into quicksand and only have several seconds to act before you die. The only thing you can do at this point is to immediately step back as you haven't been fully submerged in quicksand until it is up to your waist.

    Another way in which you can get out of quicksand is to use your Teleporter to return to your ship. If you were quick enough you will return safely to your ship but if the quicksand has reached your waist and you only have a few seconds left of air it is unlikely you will survive.



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