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Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Last Pirate: Island Survival

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Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide
Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide

Last Pirate: Island Survival is a sandbox mobile game on Android and iOS where you play the role of pirate who has been shipwrecked on an island whose objective is to survive the dangerours wilderness you find yourself in. This will involve gathering resources, crafting weapons, fishing, hunting, and searching for treasure. All the while roaming the island intent on killing you are enemies such as grizzly bears and skeletons. Check out our Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide to get help in the game.

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Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide

Find your Shipwrecked Ship

Your first priority is to find the remains of your wrecked ship. Each time you start a new game in Last Pirate: Island Survival you will start at a random location. Regardless of where you start you will be able to find the wrecked ship easily by walking around the perimeter of the island. Once you have found it you can make repairs to it and use it as your camp.

Keep Resources Safe

If you die in Last Pirate: Island Survival the materials you carry on yourself are lost and can only be reclaimed by watching advertisements or paying gold. Thus, it’s best to use your camp to keep materials safe. As you gather more resources you can upgrade your tools and weapons in the Crafting menu. Doing so will make the material-gathering process more efficient and quicker

Level Up your Wrecked Ship

Focus on using the resources you have found on the island to repair your wrecked ship to level 2. Upgrading the wrecked ship to level 2 will allow you to begin building things, get a furnace which can be used for smelting, and it will also significantly increase the space of your storage box.

Craft Weapons and Tools

To have any chance of surviving on the island it is essential that you craft good weapons to fend off the enemy and tools which can be used to create items such as a furnace for smelting and a weave to create both rope and cloth from sugar cane. For melee combat craft the hammer or club and for ranged weapons craft bows and arrows. It is not until later in the game that you will be able to craft firearms. Your first tools will be the hatchet and pickaxe, the hatchet is used for chopping down trees, while the pickaxe is used for mining stone and iron.

Hunt Animals

In order to eat you will need to hunt the wildlife found on the island. Not only are the animals a good source of food they also allow you to obtain materials. You need to be careful hunting boars and bears as they can deal a lot of damage if they attack you. Whenever you kill an animal of monster in Last Pirate: Island Survival you will be rewarded with gold coins, the game's premium currency. These gold coins can then be used to get useful things like instant health recovery and additional slots.

Quench your Thirst

It is important that your pirate stays rehydrated, to begin with you will be able to get by on a few coconuts and bananas but eventually you will need to build a water catcher which will regularly offer a water bottle to restore 100% thirst.

Cook Meat

The best way to satisfy hunger is to cook on a campfire the meat you gather from hunting down animals such as chickens, cows, and goats. It is important that you do not consume raw meat as this will have an adverse effect on your health by inflicting debuffs.

Craft Health Potions

It is beneficial to craft health potions whenever possible as they will come in handy for regenerating health during combat. After a fight you can use bandages to patch up and regain health.

Mining Stone and Iron

When you upgrade the pickaxe to its third tier it will gain the Accelerated Mining trait which increases the amount of resources you get per swing. Tools have durability and you will need to repair them or craft entirely new ones if they become damaged. Using ideal tools in Last Pirate: Island Survival will drastically heighten the rate you gather materials.

Gather Sugarcane

The green bamboo stalks you see scattered around the island is sugarcane, make sure you grab it whenever you see it as this resource will be important later on in the game as plenty of the advanced recipes in Last Pirate: Survival Island require cloth. You will be able to turn sugarcane into cloth with a loom. Sugarcane is also use to make bandages, potions, and weapons.

Stay Near your Wrecked Ship at Night

Once you have found your wrecked ship and started to repair it skeletons will arise at night and attempt to sabotage your progress. Make sure when the sun starts to go down you are near your wrecked ship so you can defend it. If the ship loses all of its durability it will be destroyed and you will have no option but to start over with your repairs.

Craft the Repair Hammer

Make sure you craft the Repair Hammer as soon as possible as this tool will enable you to restore the durability to your wrecked ship. This tool will work all the time you have wood in your inventory.

Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide
Last Pirate: Island Survival Walkthrough and Guide


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