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Olympus Coliseum Cups

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Olympus Coliseum Cups

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Winning each tournament as a team (that is with Donald and Goofy) will unlock the "Sora Only" option. Likewise, winning each one alone unlocks the "Time Attack" option in which you have to win the tournament within the given time limit.

  • Phil Cup: The first and the easiest of 4 cups. You'll have to fight 9 battles in order to finish this. Get the Gravity spell here too.[/ul]

  • Pegasus Cup: There are also 9 battles to win here. You'll get the Strike Raid ability for Sora as well.

  • Hercules Cup: Just like the two previous tournaments, this also has 9 battles. You'll receive the Yellow Trinity (Trinity Push) and the Olympia key chain for Sora. (if you win)[/ul]

  • Hades Cup: This is where it gets tough... you have to fight 49 battles. But fortunately you don't have to start from the very beginning if you lose. Having the MP Haste and MP Rage abilities here should help a lot. Make sure to have a good stock of Potions/Hi-Potions and Ethers in your item inventory before you begin.

  • You'll receive a prize whenever you beat each tournament using only Sora or with a time limit. Here's the list.

    Sora Only Mode Time Trial Mode
    Phil Cup - Mythril Phil Cup - AP Up
    Pegasus Cup - Mythril Pegasus Cup - Defense Up
    Hercules Cup - Orihalcum Hercules Cup - Power Up
    Hades Cup - Save the Queen Hades Cup - Save the King

    The first 3 cups all have a time limit of 3 MINUTES in the time trial mode, while Hades Cup has a time limit of 20 MINUTES.

    Tip: When fighting Hercules in Time Trial mode, pause your game and choose RESTART. You'll still be fighting Hercules, but this time the time will be frozen.

    Gold Match - Ice Titan

    Be sure to have the Guard ability equipped since you'll need it to win this fight. As for your items, Hi-Potions should be fine. Also having the MP Rage and MP Haste abilities are a must.

    Don't use Aero... this will make his projectiles bigger. Now when the battle begins, proceed to the stadium seats immediately. Doing this will render most of the Titan's attacks harmless. Also if you are low on MP, try taking some damage from him, since this is usually all that's necessary to restore your MP to full.

    When he starts shooting icicles at you deflect them with your Guard ability. Press Square to activate it. Once his own icicles hit him, he'll be stunned, and cause him to lower his head. This is the best time for you to do all your stuff. Don't hesitate to use any of your special attacks on him too. Once he wakes up, go back up to the stadium seats and start deflecting his icicles again. Keep repeating the process and you'll win in no time.

    Platinum Match - Sephiroth

    He's no doubt the toughest opponent in the game. Don't bother going into this battle if you're not at least level 58, unless you're EXTREMELY good. For your abilities, be sure to have Second Chance, MP Rage, MP Haste, Strike Raid and Ars Arcanum. As for your items be sure to have some Elixirs with you, just in case his Sin Harvest hits. Also, having the Superglide ability helps a bit. Lastly, make sure you have both Cure and Aero in your magic shortcut menu.

    This guy is extremely powerful... he is capable of killing you with 2 sword swipes. Now cast Aero on yourself immediately when the battle begins. (Re-cast the magic immediately once it wears off.) He'll mostly just execute normal sword slashes at this time. But he'll teleport and slash you from behind if you manage to land a complete combo on him. So when he disappears, just Dodge Roll to a different spot to avoid being impaled from behind.

    He'll be moving all over the place all throughout the battle, thus making it really difficult to hit him. So the best way to get close to him is to use Superglide.

    When you manage to inflict a certain amount of damage on him, he'll start doing more powerful attacks. At this point, he gets a lot more annoying (as if he isn't already) since he'll be doing teleport slashes frequently. So again when he disappears, move to a different spot to avoid damage. But the thing that you should really worry about at this stage is his Sin Harvest. It will reduce your HP to 1 (if you have Second Chance) and your MP to 0.

    So once you hear him say "Sin Harvest", use Ars Arcanum immediately to make yourself invincible to the attack. You can also try hitting him with your keyblade if you're close enough, to interrupt the move. He'll cast a flame barrier around himself, immediately after you interrupt Sin Harvest. So nail him with Strike Raid when this happens, since Strike Raid goes right through the barrier.

    Now if it so happened that his nasty Sin Harvest hits you, use an Elixir IMMEDIATELY, since Sephiroth will surely teleport, slash you from behind, and kill you if you didn't. When his HP is down to the yellow bar, he'll start using his meteor attack. Avoid the meteors as much as possible, or just heal when you get hit. When the meteor shower's over, he'll immediately follow it up with ANY move. (IMO the deadliest is Sin Harvest) He always uses the flame barrier when you're near him though, so try to stay close to him as much as you can. And once he uses the barrier, immediately hit him with Strike Raid.

    Once you defeat Sephiroth, you'll receive a lot of experience points. But other than that, there's nothing else.

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    3 comments, latest first.
    Oct 23rd 2015 Guest
    What is the best way to complete the Hades Cup in 20 minutes? Are there any strategies required or is it just practice makes perfect?
    Thea :-)
    ID #619149
    Feb 13th 2015 Guest
    Continue with the main story and over time you will unlock the other cups, also, the gold and platinum cups unlock after getting, and/or, beating the hades cup.
    ID #515381
    Sep 14th 2013 Guest
    how do you unlock each cup? I only have the phil one
    ID #309576
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