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Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story

Thank you for visiting our collection of information for Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story. Please check below for game help and ask your questions for this game. And you can help others by answering questions or adding your cheats and tips.

Katana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story walkthrough and guide
Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Enhance your Sword

Pick one sword as your main and enhance it as high as you can. You will be able to enhance your sword early in the game and it is recommended you begin by enhancing it's sharpness in order to kill enemies faster. The amount of times you can enhance your sword is determined by how many materials you have obtained. As the dungeon is procedural it will vary from run to run.

Destroy Vending Machines to Level Up your Weapons

You can hit Vending Machines wherever you find them to level up your weapons fast. If you totally destroy the Vending Machine there is a possibility it will drop you a small reward.

How to Convert Vitality to Health

If you sheath your sword the game will convert vitality from your yellow bar to the green health bar. If you use a mushroom while full health the mushroom will increase your maximum health. Your sheathed sword will then take vitality to fill your health bar back to full again. You can repeat this loop for as many mushrooms you have in your in inventry and your entire playthrough in the dungeon. If you do this for every mushroom you find in the dungeon your health bar will become huge.

Keep Dojima from getting Stressed

To keep Dojima from getting stressed you need to talk to him and give him stuff he likes. Look at the bottom of the screen to see the effect of the item you are going to give him. Never give him anything that has a red negative effect. He likes mushrooms and daikons, keep giving him as many of these as possible to get blue effects.

How to Defeat the Death God

If you let your vitality drop to zero the Death God will spawn, he is the most powerful enemy in the game and can kill you in seconds. Unless you have invincibility medicine available you will need to parry him to defeat him. The Death God carries special gear and if you do manage to kill him you can expect to get one of his weapons and maybe something else rare as a reward.

Repair Broken Swords

If your sword breaks it will be useless until you find a sword with the exact same name that you can use to repair it. If you constantly use sharpening blocks you will not need to worry. If your sword is near to breaking and you are not near a sharpening block it is recommended that you switch it out for one of your other swords and use that instead.

Discard Lower Quality Items

Your item bag will fill up fast, take the time to dicard items that are of a lower quality or lower coin value than what you have found on laying the ground. Always discard swords and items to create the space to pick up better versions. You want the best sword you can get for transfering to you inventory and the best items to sell for coins later.

Destroy Vending Machines to Level Up your Weapons

You can hit vending machines wherever you find them to level up your weapons fast. If you totally destroy the vending machine there is always the possibility they may drop you a small reward.

How to Sharpen your Sword During Fights

If you are in the middle of a fight and worried about breaking your sword and there is a sharpening block nearby you can still use it. When you access the sharpening block it will pause the game allowing you to repair your sword before gettng back into the action.

Sharpen your Sword

Swords wear down with use, make sure you keep your eye on the sword shaped bar at the bottom of the screen. If the bar runs out the sword will break. Look for sharpening blocks in each level to prevent that from happening. Use swords picked up from enemies to repair your own. You can also find whetstones to sharpen your swords but it is recommended that you sell those for coins as the sharpening blocks do the same thing.

Quick money and materials early on

Go into Jikai to find a good 4-6 star weapon, or a few weapons, return to Dojima and item dupe them when you use the order list. Transfer the weapon you want to use from the stock to the order list, then on the order list press R1+X at the same time, you will hear a slightly louder noise than just switching screens if you did it right. Now switch back to the order list, there should be two of the exact same weapon, send one back to your stock, now press R1+X over and over again to dupe into both lists, return to stock and transfer all duped items back to the order list or you will lose out on potential money, the game doesn't like to dupe items the normal way so we are stuck having to give dupes to 3 factions and wait for them to die, any dupes in stock when you send an order will automa..


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