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Temple Run Cheats for iPhone

Cheats and Tips for Temple Run

Temple Run Guide
Temple Run Guide
Find out all you need to know about this popular game with our free browsable unofficial guide to Temple Run.

We have 19 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Temple Run please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android

You can also ask your question on our Temple Run Questions & Answers page.

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To run for ever

To run for ever you turn on your tutorial, than you go in and play the game and than when it says to swipe. Instead of swiping once, swipe twice and than you can just set the iPhone or iPod or iPad down and just let your person run forever.

Spartan Objective

To get the Spartan objective, which is described as getting to 1 million points without using any power-ups, ensure you don't collect any power-ups (obviously) or use any resurrections.
Once you hit 1 million points, you can simply kill yourself to get the achievement.
If you use power-ups after 1 million points, it will not give you the achievement, so be sure to die, or kill yourself, as soon as possible after you hit the target score.

A Note on Explorers

You are given the option of buying multiple Explorers in Temple Run. Note, however, that there is no difference between any of them - you are much better off spending your money on powerups and utilities.

Rock Jumps

Make sure some of the rock jumps are in the centre of the screen otherwise you will fall and die.

Cheat Codes

NOTE: These codes have been reported to only work on version 1.3 of Temple Run, also possibly only on jailbroken devices where you can get the keyboard to appear (allowing you to enter the cheats). There are no other cheats for Temple Run, so if you cannot get the keyboard to appear on your version, there is no way to get these cheats to work for you.
The original cheat was to unlock invincibility and additional characters, using the codes below while on the Title Screen:
Unlimited Invincibility: samhines86
Unlockable Characters: rxh7nigh

Miser Run/Allergic to Gold Hints

When trying to get these two trophies, which reward you for ignoring coins over set distances, it is a good tactic to pause the game at the start of the turn so that you can see where the coins are. Then, unpause it and try to get the trophy.
If you tilt to one side, it should give you more time to avoid the coins too.

Hitting Tree Roots

If you hit one of the smaller tree roots it does't necessarily mean 'Game Over', you can still keep ahead of the monkeys as long as you don't hit another tree root.

Unlock Characters

Go to the store and buy the following characters when you have the earned the specified amount of coins. As of 1.4.1 there are seven characters to choose from.
Guy Dangerous
Default character.

Scarlett Fox
Earn 10,000 coins.

Barry Bones
Earn 10,000 coins.

Karma Lee
Earn 25,000 coins.

Montana Smith
Earn 25,000 coins.

Francisco Montoya
Earn 25,000 coins.

Zack Wonder
Earn 25,000 coins.

Mega Bonus

To get the Mega Bonus, whereby you need to fill the bonus meter four times (I.e. Four lots of 100 coins), you need to collect 100 coins at a time without tripping. Repeat this four times in one run to get the Mega Bonus.

Double Resurrection in One Run

To perform two resurrections in one run, you first need to purchase the two resurrections.
Then, double tap the screen before dying to come back to life the first time. Once you travel for at least 1000 metres, you will be able to repeat this a second time.

End Game

Unlike most other games, there is no 'end' to Temple Run. As the levels are randomly generated, you can (and will) keep going forever!

Earning ALL the characters

To get all the characters you need to do the *run on*. Then you let it run for exactly 1 hour, 5min. Then you will have just enough to buy them all!!!!

**the run on cheat is when you have tutorial on and you swipe the screen three times really fast the right way, then you are running on and on and on forver!!!**

How to get a high score in Temple Run :)

Here are the steps:
1. Go to Settings of Temple Run.
2. Put it on Tutorial mode.
3. Play Temple Run on tutorial mode.
4. When it reaches the first turn to the right, swipe 3 times very fast to the right of course.
5. Then there. No obstacles or anything.
6. If you wanna end the game swipe to the right 2 times then the monkeys will eat you.
Hope this helped!

Remove Adverts

If you activated the advertisements that appear in Temple Run to get more coins, and now want to get rid of them, you can do so by going into Settings on the home screen, then General, then Date and Time, then set it years into the future (5 should do it).
The adverts are set to disappear eventually, and this will speed it up!

Tutorial mode

On Tutorial Mode, when it says slide (on the second time your sliding your finger) you will slide your finger twice for a never ending path. The only way you die is if you tap to into a wall then the monkeys will get you.

Head Start

To get a Head Start in Temple Run, you need to go into the store, scroll down into Utilities, and purchase the 'boost ahead 1000m' item for 2,500 coins.
To activate it, double tap the center of the screen.

Little tree roots

Tilt to the smaller part of the root and you do not nee to jump. You will not die eather!

Changing roads

Off tutorial and when you need to swipe,swipe two times or more and you will find that you are in a different road junction.
It don't work all the time.

The Glitch

Go on tutorial mode and swipe 3 times fastly then you just need to run collecting coins but wait for the obstacles when you die you will get the badge:
The Glitch
tried to cheat

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