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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 9 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Gangstar Rio: City of Saints please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Questions & Answers page.

All Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Fly up walls :) for lots of respect and a quick escape

Go to the place that you take the drugs but don't go inside get a car (not tank monstertruck, delivery motorcycles and other stuff) and go to the fire hydent thing make the car up against the wall close to the hydrent and you should go up and charge your devise and leave it for an hour (while the game is playing) and you should get up alot of levels and stuff or leave it until your at the height you want and drive there is also a chance of you vehicle getting ontop of the roof and another quick escape is but the drivers side close to the wall so someone can walk inbetween the wall and your car and if you find someone that attacks you back let them throw you out the car and quicky get up and either you can end up inside the building or on the roof also if you want another way there is you have to purchas the jetpack go to the boat house spawn a car that you can get on and then select the jetpack the jetpack will spawn ontop of the car and get ontop of the car use the jetpack fly through the car so you can drop and be half in it and you can now walk through any car, plane, helecopter, tank, etc.. That has no one in it incuding the mission with getting the jetpack is easier and yeah I use them alot mainly the walking through cars

How To Get Money

Note (only works after you've finished the game)

Do the drug deal mission but only kill the boss and take the briefcase.

Then jump off the cliff and die.

You will revive in the nearest hospital but only lose 500 dollars and keep 3,000 and the mission will be available again.

Do mission until money you want is there


Ive been on a rooftop surrounded by unclimbable fences and stuck way off shore a lot of times throughout the game, and there is a very simple fix, and most of you probably know it already. All you do is start a mission, and then abort if you don't want to do it.

How to make $120

Shoot or attack the vending machines which gives soda,don't stay close because it will explode.when it does you get $120 & one bottle of soda!!!!!

How to make lots of Cash / Money on Gangstar Rio (Full Proof!)

First off start a racing mission. Can be any. Abort the mission by jumping out of the car. Now cops won't show. Next go to this location:

Once there drive around the octagon in a pace that runs people over. Like so:

Keep doing this and you'll get a whole lot of money.

Getting a Tank

Go to the army base and there should be a tank on the ship or you can just buy it on the car dealer shop


When you are driving a car,choose a car to blast and attack it from all sides.Soon as it catches fire,run away fast and wait till it explodes.

Keep ya money trick

If you are in the middle of a mission or just running around than a

Car hits you or you take a shot to the head and die you quickly

Get out of the game and play another game for 10 minutes than

Go back in to gangster it should of gone to the starting screen

Than Tap resume game and than your should have as much

Money as before.

Make shor you always save after every time you finish a mission

Or start one

Easy money

There are 3 ways to get easy money here they are

1). Go into bank take money use one of the cops cars outside or use the helicopter and loose the cops wait until bank is open again than repeat you only get $2500 each time or if you have a glitch to walk though walls use that put walk though the walls and land in the volt and take money than walk out though the wall and repeat much easyer

2). Kill drug dealer can be found near the boat house thing you get $2500 ASWELL and beware of his bodyguards bring lots of ammo

3). Kill the rich people (males in suits and guy in purple top you will see the guys I'm talking about there from the bank) they drive these cars bellow

W4c, laufter, galapeno, sport car, limo I don't know what other cars they use but the two tunnels slide by side you will find that at the boat house here is what I do find any of the bank people in any of the cars I mentioned earlier and throw them out the car park on them quickly jump out of the car and $$$$$$ eventually you will get lots of money so ✌ out

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