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Best Fiends Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Best Fiends


We have 20 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Best Fiends please send them in here.

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When there is a diamond on the board create a match near it to give yourself the best chance of collecting it.

Overkill Damage

Keep in mind that any damage which is the result of 'overkill' will carry over and apply to the next enemy that appears.


Even if you lose you will keep ALL the items (diamonds, meteor mites, and keys) that you collected during a stage so when you think you are going to lose a stage use your remaining moves to collect as many of these items as possible as you will retain them.

Match Elements

Always look to create matches with tiles that match your fiends' element as these will cause more damage. Matching tiles to your fiends' element will also fill up their power meter enabling them to use their special item.

Free Diamonds

When you sign in to Facebook you will be rewarded with 30 free Diamonds.

Upgrade Fiends

Upgrade your Fiends whenever possible so that they are able to cause more damage when matches are made with tiles of their element.

Failing Level

When you find that you keep failing a level because you didn't complete a goal like for example collecting a certain amount of blue water drops you need to try to focus on achieving the goal first by collecting them whenever they become available.

Purple Mushrooms

Remember that some enemies are not vulnerable to certain elements, so if for example you overkill a slug with purple mushrooms and the next enemy to appear is immune to mushrooms then no harm will be done to them.

Replay Levels

If you are struggling to beat a level you may need to upgrade your character to make it stronger. A good way of doing this is to collect the materials needed for upgrades by replaying older levels.

Bomb Fiends

Whenever possible you should select fiends that have bomb ability as these have higher attack levels and their bombs will help to complete other goals like collecting diamonds and opening crates.

Coin Chests

Make sure you tap the coin chests whenever you see them as this is an easy way to gain some money for not really doing anything.

Converter Fiends

If you need to collect a high number of tiles (50+) you should select fiends that have Converter ability.

Time Cheat

Advance the time on your device by three hours if you do not want to wait for your energy to be restored. Remember to set the time back to it's correct value afterwards.

Fiend Ability

Click the 'i' on the 'Fiends' menu to bring up their info so you can review their abilities.

New Fiends

When you reach level 21 'Frozen Hills' new finds will randomly appear.


Regardless of whether you win or lose you are allowed to keep ALL the items you collect during a level. When you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to win use all your remaining moves to collect as many items as possible.

Free Gems

Logging into Facebook or tweeting about the game is an easy way to gain free gems.


Before you make a move check the amount of damage that it will do to the slug by looking above it's head. The amount shown will be subtracted from it's current HP.

Bonus Items

When you 'overkill' a slug there is the possibility that you will be rewarded bonus items like Meteor Mites.


The best strategy is to not just focus on collecting mushrooms but to work the board freeing up blockages, you will find by doing this that many of the goals will come naturally as you progress through the game.

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