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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

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Walkthrough for Idle Theme Park Tycoon

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Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Idle theme Park Tycoon is a simulaton game where your objective is to build and manage a theme park. This will involve placing a wide variety of rides in the hope of attracting visitors and constantly upgrading them along with essential facilities such as food points and parking so you make a lot of money in the process and are able to unlock new islands so you can expand your empire. Check out our Idle Theme Park Tycoon walkthrough and guide to find out how you can create the best theme park possible.

Walkthrough, Guide, Strategy

Build Attractions

The first thing you need to do in Idle Theme Park Tycoon is build attractions. The game will guide you through the process when you start the game by showing you how to build the shooting range but afterwards its up to you to decide what rides you want to build. When you have enough money to build a new ride a red exclamation mark will appear at the clipboard icon at the bottom of the screen or at the management office near the entrance of your park. Once an attraction has been completed you need to start making upgrades to it. This will be to the ride itself, the number of people allowed on the ride, and the queue of people waiting.

Attract Park Visitors

Selecting the 'Marketing' tab will allow you to select an ad campaign that you can operate in several forms of media to attract more visitors to your park. The four kinds you can select from are the TV, radio, newspaper and smartphone campaigns. Each campaign guarantees a certain percentage of visitors to your park during a specific amount of time. The TV campaign gets you 60% visitors for 2 hours, the radio campaign gets you 40% visitors in an hour, the newspaper campaign gets you 20 visitors in 30 minutes and the Smartphone campaign gets you 100% visitors for 4 hours. Although it is the most expensive you should save up and get the smartphone campaign as it guarantees you double the number of visitors which means more income.

Upgrade Profitable Rides

Building rides and upgrading them is your main source of income so once you have a few attractions up and running you need to focus your attention on managing them. You can view the overal status of your theme park at the 'Stats' tab, this will include seeing your earnings and finding out which rides are profitable, this is particularly helpful as it tells you which ones you should focus on uprading.

Adding Entry Booths

The Entries is where the visitors purchase their tickets to get access to your park. At the start of the game you will begin with one entry booth and as you progress you can add more by tapping on the main entrance. You will have to pay for additional entry booths so only build them when they are necessary. You can add up to a 8 entry booths in total and these can be upgraded to reduce entry times. It is advised that every time you add an entry booth you upgrade it so that all your entry booths have equal quality and waiting time.

Upgrade Parking

Parking is where your visitors can park their cars. The 'Parking' menu is opened by tapping on the parking lot area in front of your theme park and it is here where you will be able see how much it costs to park, the total number of parking spaces available, and how many spaces are occupied. Upgrade the parking spaces whenever possible as doing so will add more slots which will mean more visitors and more money.

Add Toilets

The restroom is where the visitors to your theme park go to recover from your rides. You will know when a visitor needs to recover by the speech bubble with the green disgusted emoji that appears above their head. The 'Restroom' menu can be found near the Roller Coaster at the left side and it is here you will be able to upgrade it to improve its quality and to reduce waiting times. It is also here where you will be able to add toilets which will mean increasing the number of visitors to your theme park who can use the restroom at the same time. The total number of toilet seats you can place in a toilet is 8 and each time you add one will increase the cost of upgrading.

Complete Missions

Completing your missions is an easy way to get money and tokens. They can be found at the top right side of the screen just under your token count and can be tackled whenever you want. There are currently a total of 87 missions and they can be anything from upgrading a ride to a certain level to getting a specified number of visitors on a ride. Always make a point of checking the progress of your missions, any that are uncompleted will have an exclamation mark beside them.

Earn Double

Tapping the film roll icon with 'x2 money' on it at the bottom of the screen will enable you to access the 'VIP Campaign' which will allow you to earn double the amount for several hours through watching video advertisements to fill a bar that is shown. Watching a video advertisement will add 1 hour to the bar which at the start of the game can be filled for a maximum of 6 hours. Later in the game you you will be able to increase the number of hours with the help of Epic upgrades.

Epic Upgrades

If you tap the star icon that is at the bottom of the screen you will be able to view all your collectables. If you are unsure what each one does you simply have to tap it to what effect they have. Whenever you get a duplicate collectable from either the normal or Epic vending machine they will become fragments that can be used to level up that specific toy which will result in an improvement in its particular effect. It is advised that you save your tokens for the Epic vending machine toys as they give the best effect out of all collectables.

Unlock the Next Island

As soon as you have enough money to do so, unlock the next available island. You will basically have to start over as you will not be able to take the profits or the rides from the previous island with you. You will however start off on a higher profit multiple from the beginning, and over the long term of the game it's the best way to make the most money.

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