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Homescapes Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Homescapes

Last Updated: by Dennis

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle game paired with a home decorating simulator. Gameplay in the match-3 side of the game is basically swapping two adjacent elements to make a row or column of at least three elements in order to obtain useful power-ups which you can activate by double-tapping them or switching with another element. The home decorating simulator side of Homescapes involves helping Austin the Butler restore his ancestral home to its former glory by accumulating stars which are only accessible through the completion of the match-3 puzzles. Check out our Homescapes cheats and tips to find out how you can help Austin.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that will help you to progress in the game. These include matching your power-ups and removing cookies and boxes. As well as these hints and tips we also have a mini-guide here which goes into more details on some of the tips we have below:

Think Ahead

Carefully planning your moves as you progress through Homescapes is the key to being successful. To effectively clear all the levels you need to plan three moves ahead in games.

Start Clearing from the Bottom

It is important that you start clearing the game from the bottom first so new fresh game items begin to roll out from the top. Check out our How to Get 5 Lives Instantly page to find out how you can immediately replenish your lives in Homescapes by just using the settings on your iOS or Android device.

Remain Idle

There will be instances where you will be in a position where you will not be able to find an easy match to make. If you remain idle for a few seconds when this happens the game will highlight the best match to make at that moment.

Match your Powerups

Always look to see if you can get two powerups to form a combo. It is more beneficial if you use your powerup in a combo as doing so will enable you to get more power and clear the board quicker.

know your Boosters

Make sure you know the capabilities of the different power-ups and use them when it is urgent to clear up a difficult level. You can always purchase Boosters form Homescapes store with coins. Check out our Power-Ups Guide to find out what each of the Boosters does in Homescapes.

Remove Cookies and Boxes

Both Cookies and Boxes can be removed by using the power-ups. Power-ups can go through the box and clear the tiles beyond the box. Whereas power-ups can't go through a cookie and it will travel till a cookie and it will break the cookie once it hits it.

Gift Boxes

You will be rewarded with gift boxes as you complete your daily goals and fill up the mission meter in your guide book. Aside from Boosters these gift boxes will also contain an infinite retry which will become activated as soon as you get it. An infinite retry will give you 30-minutes of unlimited level completion chances. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by completing as many stages as you can during that time.

Save Coins

Once you reach Homescapes level 24 the game will start to become difficult, to be able to clear these levels you will need to have some lives and coins in your account to help in your renovation so try not to spend all your coins before then. Check out our How to Earn Coins Guide to find out how you can get more coins in Homescapes.

Login Daily

If you login to Homescapes on a daily basis the game will reward you for doing so. Login seven days consecutively will enable you to get Boosters and bonus coins.

We hope these tips help you out in the game, but for further help, try our beginners guide, we also have some FAQs for Homescapes, you can also submit your own questions there for other players to answer.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Refilled full 5 lives instantly all done in your settings

1. If you run out of lives and don't feel like waiting when you do close the game out completely meaning running in the background .

Once you do that go to your settings.

2.turn your airplane mode on .


3.go to your date and time and simply go ahead and turn your auto date and time off so your able to change the current day date to one after meaning 7-8 leave settings as is really open homescapes you should now have a full five lives again when this works for you when your on the game you can then turn your airplane mode off.

So there's a little hacks of your own you can do this as many times needed to get past a hard level good luck have fun ...


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