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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Game Reviews for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin


Quick Reviews

The Sneakist, most deadly game EVER!!!!!!Added 19 Mar 2004, ID #7600
This game is so cool! You can kill people in such a lot of ways, that it makes murder fun!

If You Want a stealth game that does not invole a confusing plot to do with dictators and terrorists detonating nuclear bombs, this is the game for you.

9.5/10 (It drops half a mark because the graphics could be better)

Must buy gameAdded 23 Dec 2003, ID #5564
This game is amazing fun to play and keeps you busy.

The gameplay is brilliant and if you like all different kinds of guns this has got loads of some of the best guns.

It is a must buy game.

this rocks!!!!Added 20 Aug 2003, ID #3960
the gameplay is two type stealthy or pure non stop action graphics amazing very round and correct THE best game i ever played the guns the gore the best buy this game now

ID #1606

This game ROCKS! I give it a 9.5/10. The graphics are great, the weapons are some of the best out there, and best of all it is fun to play. But the storyline wasn't too good and the game should have had more missions. But other than that, this game should keep you busy for a long time. If they release a Hitman 3 anytime in the future I hope it is as good as this. Maybe even better.

ID #1605

hitman 2 is avery class game there are many diferent options to complete the game. so this brilliant game will keep you entertianed for hours

Nice!Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2167
Hey you want all the legendary dogs then this cheat is for you but this cheat is complicated.

You have to have a legendary dog in your pokedex.

OK, first you have to have a pokemon that knows fly and another sleep and one more you have to have pokemon that knows sweet scent.

The pokemon that knows sleep is in the first space in yor lineup.I worn you you have to make it faster than the legendary dog that you in your pokedex if it's not faster the legendary dog the legendary dog will flee.

Then you look where he's at make shere that it's between your city that your at and the closest city.if not fly to another city.

That will make it go to a different place.

If it's still not there by you go in the pokemon center and look at your pokedexand look what area hes in.

Now take a piece of paper and a pencil write were he is keep going in and out till hes back at the route you put on the paper.

Then don't go to any other town go to the one thats closest but not where you have to go through the city.

Keep on doing this til you catch them.

I threw an ultra ball at Raikou when he had all of his life and I caught him

ID #290

On the level Wizards and Lizards which is no. 4 in section 1 when you get passed the wizard and across the bridge then you will see a round thing with a question mark on it. Jump on it and it will take you to a bonus area where you get extra lifes.

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