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What are the Mission Challenges?

Hitman 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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What are the Mission Challenges?

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There are plenty of different challenges in Hitman 2, some being more difficult to complete than others. This can be because there will only be a small window of opportunity to complete it or you need a certain starting disguise or item which without makes the challenge impossible to complete.

If you find a challenge you are trying to complete needs a disguise or an item check out the following pages.

Where do you find the Items?

How do you get the Disguises?

Below is a list of the challenges that can be found in the 6 main missions.

Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Mission: Nightcall

• Chameleon:
This challenge is completed by putting on the Hired Mercenary outfit.

• No Running On The Tiles!:
Push someone into a pool to complete this challenge.

• Orson Bathes:
Kill Orson Bathes while he’s showering with a kitchen knife (you can find the knife near the bar on the first floor).

• Death of a Statesman:
Poison Orson’s glass of whiskey with the poison pills found in the bathroom.

• Mr. Sandman:
Kill Reynard with a gunshot through the skylight above her bed while she sleeps.

• Piano Man:
Kill Reynard with the fiber wire.

• Hold My Hair:
Assassinate Reynard by drowning her.

• Someone Could Hurt Themselves:
Make Reynard’s death look like an accident (poisoning).

• Straight Shot:
Kill Reynard with a gunshot to the head.

• Tasteless, Traceless:
Kill Reynard with lethal poison.

• Smells Like Nail Polish:
Pump poison into the bathroom ventilation system to kill Reynard.

• Versatile Assassin:
Get the Piano Man, Someone Could Hurt Themselves, Hold My Hair, Straight Shot and Tasteless, Traceless challenges to earn this reward.

Miami, USA

Mission: The Finish Line

• The Man and the Sea:
After Robert is poisoned by the coconut balls and running to the water, shoot the fish trophy and it will fall and kill him instantly.

• Better Burn Up Than Fade Away:
Complete The Triumph mission, which involves blowing Sierra up using the pyrotechnics set up at the Kronstadt center near the two officials eating lunch.

• Pink Menace:
Push Sierra down the elevator shaft.

• Under the Sea:
Lure Robert to the aquarium and under the shark. Shoot the shark and it’ll drop on top of him.

• Hot Shot:
After Sierra drinks the shots at the VIP race bar, fill the cups with chili.

• The Florida Diet:
Use the coconut balls to assassinate Robert.

• External Combustion Challenge:
Complete the Turbo Charged mission, which involves sabotaging the engine of the experimental car and putting in the octane booster before blowing up Robert.

• Don't Drink and Drive:
Put poison on the winner’s trophy and then sabotage Moses so that Sierra wins the race.

• Ocular Administration:
Poison Robert’s eye drops.

• Doctor 47:
Dressed as the medic, poison Sierra by calling her to the medical tent with the intercom and putting the poison in the IV bag.

• Wheel of Misfortune:
Complete A Perfect Machine, which is done by dressing as the pit crew member and sabotaging Sierra’s vehicle during a pit stop.

• Days of Thunder:
Complete A Perfect Machine, but instead of sabotaging the engine, put a remote explosive in there instead.

•Vitamin Overdose:
Poison Sierra’s vitamins before she takes them.

• Moving Target:
Kill Sierra with a sniper rifle while she’s driving.

• The Tree Falls on the Apple:
Push Robert from the viewing platform when he’s close to Sierra’s car.

Santa Fortuna, Colombia

Mission: Three-Headed Serpent

• Caution: Heavy Machinery:
Push Franco into the machine.

• Hard Hat Area:
Drop the cane on Martinez.

• Exit, Stage Left:
Push the statue onto both Martinez and Delgado.

Still As a Statue:
Complete the Shaman mission.

• A Strong Foundation:
Kill Martinez with the cement mixer.

• Special Delivery:
Put an explosive in Martinez' mailbox.

• Splash Landing:
Use the submarine to kill Delgado.

• It Looks Just Like Her:
Kill Delgado with the tattoo gun dressed as the tattoo artist.

• Deadlier Art:
Shoot the chandelier in the Delgado complex and have it fall on and kill Delgado.

• A Bite Out of Crime:
Push Delgado into the hippo's pool.

• Bait and Switch:
While she's reading the love letter, push Martinez off the balcony at the Delgado estate.

• The Secret Ingredient:
Use lethal poison on the Backpacker rather than rat poison.

• Mind the Step:
Make Franco slip to his death while he is looking for flowers.

Mumbai, India

Mission: Chasing a Ghost

•Mumbai Blackout:
Kill all targets using electricity.

• Stand Still:
Use the measuring tape to kill Shah while dressed as the Tailor.

• Team Time:
Players must disguise themselves as a servant and poison Shah's tea at her train yard hideout.

• Barbershop Duet:
Complete A Close Shave mission.

• Waiting for a Sign:
Kill Maelstrom with a sign.

• Within Scope:
Kill one of the targets with a sniper rifle while perched on the outlook post near the beach.

• Me Time:
Go to the train station and make your way to the roof.

• It Was His Biggest Fan:
Complete Gone With the Wind mission.

[strong• ]Mumbai Electric:[/strong]
Kill one of the main targets with electricity.

• Proxy Killer:
Complete the Broad Strokes mission.

• Within a Broader Scope:
Perched on the outlook post, kill all three targets with the sniper rifle.

• What's Your Flavor:
Poison Maelstrom's gang.

Whittledon Creek, USA

Mission: Another Life

• Finger on the Pulse:
Complete the Apple a Day mission.

• Sold!:
Complete the House for Sale mission.

• Reasonable Scope:
Kill all targets with a sniper rifle from the tree house.

• Unreasonable Scope:
Kill both targets with one shot from the sniper rifle from the tree house.

• Memorabilia:
Get Janus to come to the basement and impale him on the hammer and sickle statue.

• A Buffet To You, Sir:
Complete the Charbroiled mission.

• Sneezing Suspicion:
Complete the No Smoking mission.

• Monster Cookie:
Poison the cupcake located in Janus's bedroom.

• Doable Scope:
Kill one target with the sniper rifle from the tree house.

• Explosive Potential:
Complete the Whack-a-Mole story.

• Death from Below:
Complete the Whack-a-Mole story.

• Tea Time:
Poison Janus' tea pot.

• Pass Gas:
Complete the Pest Control mission.

• Straight Shot:
Kill a target with a headshot

• Tasteless, Traceless:
Poison a target.

• Whittleton Creek Blackout:
Kill both targets with electricity

• Whittleton Creek Electric:
Kill one target with electricity.

• Piano Man:
Kill a target with fiber wire.

• Hold my Hair:
Drown Cassidy during Charbroiled.

• Someone Could Get Hurt:
Kill a target and make it look accidental.

Isle of Sgàil, North Atlantic

Mission: The Ark Society

• The Final Countdown:
Kill Zoe and Sophia after the Constant has been extracted.

• Fell for It:
Push Sophia from the tower, completing the Social Climbing mission challenge.

• Rock Bottom:
Push the gargoyle on Sophia that's located next to the funeral procession.

• Boom Goes the Dynamite:
After Zoe is in the effigy, shoot and kill her with the cannon.

• Blood Money:
Beat the Last Honors mission.

• Case Closed:
Beat the Winds of Change mission and kill Sophia with the iron maiden.

• Little White Lies:
Beat the Final Club mission.

• ...Now You Don't:
Beat the Phoenix From the Ashes mission.

• Sleight of Hand:
Beat the It Belongs in a Museum mission.

• Mistaken Identity:
Kill Zoe with the necklace.

• King of the Castle:
Kill both sisters by throwing them from the penthouse balcony.

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