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Haven Cheats and Tips

Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Dennis

Haven is a third person role-playing game with survival elements. The game is a sci-fi romance about two lovers, Yu and Kay, who escape to an uninhabited lost planet called Source. You can control either character, or play in co-op multiplayer with another person, as you settle into an unknown and eerie world exploring the planet searching for parts and materials for the Nest, your spaceship. Haven is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Haven Trailer

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How to get the A La Carte Achievement/Trophy

To get the A La Carte achievement/trophy you must taste every dish. In Haven there are a total of 21 dishes you can cook and eat, 15 of these must be done in the nest while the other 6 can be done in camps around the islands. You should not have too much trouble making these dishes as the ingredients are not difficult to find. The only two ingredients you may struggle to find are Creamberry which is only found in the southern plains islands and Loofacrid which can only be found in swamp areas. Listed below are all the dishes and the ingredients required to make them, you will unlock the achievement/trophy once you have cooked and eaten the final recipe.

Nest Only

- Boba Salad:
Boba + Boba

- Spicy Appledew:
Appledew + Rattlepepper

- Marble Appledew Cake:
Appledew + Helicap

- Turnovers a la Kay:
Appledew + Loofacrid

- Roasted Appledews:
Appledew + Appledew

- Glazed Boba:
Appledew + Boba

- Boba Massala:
Boba + Rattlepepper

- Veggie Kabobs:
Boba + Helicap

- Creamberry Fondue:
Creamberry + Creamberry

- Creamberry Flambe:
Creamberry + Appledew

- Pot-au-flow:
Creamberry + Boba

- Slow Noodles:
Boba + Loofacrid

- Chili Cheesecake:
Creamberry + Rattlepepper

- Creamberry Custard:
Creamberry + Helicap

- Harmony Bun:
Creamberry + Loofacrid
Camp Only

- Boba-Appledew Broth:
Appledew + Boba

- Creamberry Chowder:
Creamberry + Creamberr

- Apple-Berry Cream:
Appledew + Creamberry

- Boba Puree:
Boba + Boba

- Appledew Stew:
Appledew + Appledew

- Boba Cream-Berry Soup:
Boba + Creamyberry

Completing the Game

When you take off in the Nest (your spaceship) you will end the game so make sure you do not do this until you have finished all that you wanted to do as you will not be able to return unless you made a save. To make a save in Haven you must go to the main menu and select the third choice which will enable you to choose your save, and copy it. This is the X button on a PlayStation 4 controller.

How to get the A Love Supreme Achievement/Trophy

To get the Love Supreme achievement/trophy you need to reach the maximum relationship level. To do this requires continually repeating four actions - win battles, cook dishes, eat and sleep in order to make your relationship status with the couple gradually increase so you level up. Once you manage to max out all the stats of those four actions in the menu you will unlock the achievement/trophy.

How to get the Hug Therapy Achievement/Trophy

To get the Hug Therapy achievement/trophy you need to give a healing hug. The time to do this is after you have completed a battle and have taken some damage. All you need to do is let your characters stand idle for several seconds so they proceed to hug each other which upon doing so will heal one of them for a tiny amount of health.

How do you Save the Game

There is no way you can manually save Haven, the game will save automatically when you change the area. It is therefore important to remember not to quit the game before exiting your current area. If you forget to do this you will find progressing in the game very frustrating as you will be continually forced to repeat areas you have already visited when you start a new session.


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