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Match Day

Top Eleven Football Manager Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Match Day

One of the most satisfying things about football management games is putting all that hard graft into dull statistics and tactics screens, before seeing it replicated on the pitch. Fortunately, Top Eleven has a live mode where you can watch your team play out to your orders. To do this, you simply need to log on at the time specified and tune in. During a match, you can of course change tactics on the fly during gameplay, and make any substitutions you deem necessary, or those enforced by injuries.

If you log on during a game and want to join it so that you can react to changes on the pitch in real time, you should see the option to 'Join Match' right at the top of the screen, in the middle. This will take you into the live view and allow you to make decisions and influence the game.

Watching a match live has numerous benefits - and it's pretty addictive too!

While a game is going on, you are obviously able to influence tactics and give players orders. To do this, select the 'Give Orders' blue button at the bottom of the game screen, on the right. You can tinker with your team to your heart's content there. Click Save and the orders you have given will filter down to your team and become effective in the live match environment.

NOTE: If you find that you are unable to join a game in progress, or it ends prematurely, that is normally because the other player doesn't have enough players in their team to play the match. This may be because they are having financial difficulties or too many injuries and suspensions. The sure way to tell why the match has ended earlier than planned or very quickly, is if the final score is 3-0. This is the default result for a match that has not been played because of one particular team

NOTE: If you see the result change from a match that you saw finish, very occasionally there can be server issues which cause the game to have to re-simulate some matches. This would inevitably cause the results of matches which had finished, to be calculated again. This is a rare issue, however.

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Comments for Match Day

14 comments, latest first.
Nov 2nd 2015 Guest
a simple cheats to my top eleven manager friends.. rather wasting ur tokens on buying star player, spend it on editing name on star player.. i was loosing my starting 6 games with weak club also then i start editing my player names on star name... then i got automatic victorious result. my team naurange boys is undefeated upto 26 games last month. my team consist of iker casillas, cristiano ronaldo, lionel messi, frank ribbery, arjjen robben, zlatan ibrahimovich, vicent kompany, david beckham, tonni kroos, ces fabrigas and many more stars... remember only names of the stars matter
ID #621751
May 20th 2015 Guest
which keys do i need to press before playing a match
ID #558688
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
I am not seeing my games live. Could you tell me how to achieve seeing the games live?
ID #535102
Mar 23rd 2015 slimblinks
cannot watch a match live because it keeps showing your match starts in less than a minute
ID #532068
Mar 18th 2015 Guest
How do i make substitute during live match
ID #530178
Sep 6th 2014 Guest
if the game keeps stopping at less than 1 minute the problem is with your computer clock timing >> make sure you date and time are right....
ID #444888
Jul 31st 2014 Guest
i wait until the macth start 0n 2.44am... but i cannot watch the match bcoz the screen still show lees then 1 minute... anyone can help me please. thanks in advance.
ID #428801
Mar 31st 2014 Guest
When I first started playing I missed all the games andi was loosin .my games were at 5:30 am my time.Now when I play now I had to dedicate setting my alarm to a certain I can see how it plays .it only last for about 5minutes then back to have to ,if you put money into the game then yeah you should put the same effort into it.I was in season 7 level 3 now my team is in championship league #1 :Smile and I wake up and play .this game is for serious people.its all a choice .Either you do it or dont your choice.
ID #370303
Jan 22nd 2014 Guest
I have been told there is away of making your own player in a top eleven tool app am I being miss led
ID #346935
Jun 8th 2013 Jay's Wing
You can change the time with 2 tokens, which I don't really recommend
ID #288667
Apr 22nd 2013 Guest
How can i change the startingtime of my game ?? I HEARD IT'S possible when your the home playingteam.
ID #276572
Apr 5th 2013 Guest
Hi I have a complaint regarding the times of my teams matches. it always seems to be very early in the morning when I am asleep and hardly get to watch the game live, is this just me or is it like that for everyone.
ID #270871
Feb 19th 2013 Guest
who is it

ID #256023
Feb 16th 2013 Guest
Great game, tnx for infos!!! Btw. I know that this game was created by guys from Serbia congrats to them once more on really awesome job, but my question is when we will se some croatian, slovenian, bosnian etc. nationalities in transfer section of the game? All the best from Croat from Croatia!
ID #255003