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Alternate Sim Life Forms

The Sims 3: Late Night Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Alternate Sim Life Forms

In addition to Sims -- the typical simulated human form -- there are a number of other life forms that are available in the game either to interact with or forms in which the player can actively play, and it seems that future expansions to the game will not only add complexity and opportunities to these forms, but potentially add new forms -- an event that remains to be experienced.  The alternate forms in the game include the following:

-- Genies: Introduced in The Sims 3: Showtime, the Genie grants wishes to Sims and can be released from their indenture and servitude by the use of specific opportunities combined with a high relationship level with the Genie.   Every Genie has special abilities of their own; they can mate with human Sims, and they can produce offspring that become human-Genie hybrids.  It may be possible for additional hybrid forms to be created, including Vampire-Genie, and Ghost-Genie (this requires testing).

-- Ghosts: The traditional role that the ghost played in the game was largely related to the placement of a gravestone on the player's lot after one of their household Sims has passed on -- the presence of the gravestone allowing the ghost of that Sim to manifest itself on the lot where the stone is placed.  Using different special options or actions it was possible to restore that ghost to a corporeal existence.

In some cases the player can play as the ghost, with the ghost Sim being added to the Sim household in a position much like that of a family member.  In fact it is possible for one of your Sims to decide to have a baby with a ghost Sim; when that happens there is a chance of the baby being born as a ghost baby!

-- Imaginary Friends: Introduced in The Sims 3: Generations, the Imaginary Friend begins as a toy doll in a toddler's inventory, but if a toddler plays with the toy doll for long enough the doll will turn into an imaginary friend.   Imaginary friends can be transformed into real Sims by a child/teen/Sim by using a chemistry set.

The Mummy is a lot more evil looking than the Vampire... 

-- Mummy Sims:  Introduced in The Sims 3: World Adventures, the Sim Mummy is found within pyramids and tombs, and can be either an NPC or a playable characters that can be added to the player household.  In addition to forming a Mummy Sim, the player may transform an existing Sim into a Mummy by having them sleep for two full nights (two full sleep cycles) in the special sarcophagus found in Egypt in the Tomb called The Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings.   If cursed by a Mummy, a Sim will die within 14 days if the player does not successfully remove the curse by either performing the Snake Kiss, or by praying to the Soul Peace statue within the Sphinx in Egypt before the timer expires.

As a playable Mummy Sim, they have a much slower motive decay and a significantly lengthened lifespan, but they also move much more slowly than normal Sims, and will die instantly if they catch on fire.   While Sim Mummies can enjoy a normal life including pursuing careers, significant effort must be taken to get them started on activities like going to work early, due to their slow and shuffling gate.

-- SimBots:  Introduced in The Sims 3: Ambitions, the SimBot can be obtained either by use of the Inventor Skill, or by spending Lifetime Happiness Points for the special Lifetime Wish that grants a SimBot as a member of the family / household. 

To create a SimBot via the Inventor Skill the player must have special ingredients including 1 ingot of  Palladium, 1 Heart-Shaped Cut Pink Diamond, 10 Life Fruits and 100 units of scrap.  To obtain the SimBot as a Lifetime Wish the Sim must have and spend the required 40,000 Lifetime Happiness Points for the Lifetime Wish "My Best Friend" (A SimBot joins the family with Best Friend relationship status to the Sim who chooses this lifetime wish).

Food for Vamp's means bottles of Plasma 

-- Vampires:  Introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night, Sim Vampires are similar to Vampires from The Sims 2: Nightlife, however in The Sims 3 they only feed upon Plasma which is obtained via plasma packs, Sim blood, or the rare Plasma Fruit.

Vampires and regular Sims can have children together, with the offspring having the chance to be born as a Vampire-hybrid due to the fact that Vampirism exists as a hereditary element in the third revision of the game.  When viewed in the Relationship tab a Vampire Baby and Vampire-Human Hybrid Baby will have a red glow around the edges of their picture.

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