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Crop Guide

Castleville Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Crop Guide

Below is a guide to some of the crops that you can grow in CastleVille. Growing and harvesting crops is a crucial part of the game as they can be used to generate Coins, and in crafting recipes to give you Energy boosts. Below is a table with the Level required to unlock the crop, the time required to grow them, the initial cost to plant them, and the reward and profits for doing so.

Level 1, Takes 5 Minutes, Costs 5 Coins, Rewards 50 Coins. Profit is 45 Coins per Energy and 540 Coins per hour.

Level 3, Takes 30 Minutes, Costs 25 Coins, Rewards 100 Coins. Profit is 75 Coins per Energy and 145 Coins per hour.   

Level 4, Takes 1 Hour, Costs 50 Coins, Rewards 150 Coins. Profit is  100 Coins per Energy and 100 Coins per hour.   

Level 5, Takes 24 Hours, Costs 100 Coins, Rewards 550 Coins. Profit is 450 Coins per Energy and 18.75 Coins per hour.
Level 8, Takes 8 Hours, Costs 150 Coins, Rewards 400 Coins. Profit is 250 Coins per Energy and 31.25 Coins per hour.
Level 10, Takes 12 Hours, Costs 200 Coins, Rewards 500 Coins. Profit is 300 Coins per Energy and 25 Coins per hour.   

Level 12, Takes 14 Hours, Costs 250    Coins, Rewards 600 Coins. Profit is 350 Coins per Energy and 25 Coins per hour.   

Level 14, Takes 16 Hours, Costs 300 Coins, Rewards 700 Coins. Profit is 400 Coins per Energy and 25    Coins per hour.

Level 16, Takes 3 Hours, Costs 75 Coins, Rewards 225 Coins. Profit is 150 Coins per Energy and 50 Coins per hour.   
Chili Pepper: Level 18, Takes 18 Hours, Costs 350 Coins, Rewards 800 Coins. Profit is 450 Coins per Energy and 25 Coins per hour.   

Level 20, Takes 4 Hours, Costs 400 Coins, Rewards 600 Coins. Profit is 200 Coins per Energy and 50 Coins per hour.   

Level 22, Takes 36 Hours, Costs 500 Coins, Rewards 1000 Coins. Profit is 500 Coins per Energy and 13.88 Coins per hour.     

The Best Crops:

As you may have worked out, the best crop when looking at the numbers varies depending on how much time you have to monitor your game. If you only have a short amount of time, you should look to grow Flax or Grapes. Flax is useful for cooking and crafting. A good medium term crop is Potato, as it rewards you with 50 Coins every hour, and lasts 4 hours before you harvest it. Chili or Cocoa are the best long-term crops. These generate 25 Coins per hour and both have generous harvesting time frames. Cocoa can be used in recipes to give you back some Energy. Generally, Wheat is the best all-round crop due to its vast range of usefulness in crafting and cooking recipes. It will depend on the needs of your particular kingdom to find out what works best for you, however.

Tip: The closer you plant your crops to a water source, the more quickly they ripen. If you have the space, you should always organise your crops as near as possible to water. Water can be anything from a pond, to a lake, even to a Well. Bear in mind that you can move any item in your kingdom using the Move Tool, to make things more efficient.

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