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Genshin Impact Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play fantasy open-world action role-playing game with gacha game mechanics. Set in the fantasy world of Teyvat you play the role of a traveller from another world who must find your lost sibling and unravel Teyvat's many secrets. Joined by Paimon, a kind-hearted sprite guide, your mission takes you through beautiful forests, bustling towns, and treacherous dungeons. As the adventure progresses you will meet and be able to control other characters, each with unique personalities and special abilities, as they undertake quests to understand the truth about the primordial gods of this world. Genshin Impact is available on Playstation 4, Switch, PC, and iOS. Take a look at out tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Beginners Guide

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG game that is available on PS4, PC, Android, and iOS that offers a huge world to explore and lots to loot. Although Grenshin Impact has full cross-play between all devices the game only supports cross-progression between PC and mobile.

Grenshin Impact has a gacha system that allows you to pull heroes and items at random to add to your roster. Unlike other games in the genre the heroes in Genshin Impact are fully playable characters with their own movesets, powers and elements. Take a look at our Beginners Guide to get some tips to help you progress in the game.

Genshin Impact trailer

Pick Up and Loot Everything
Make sure as you progress in the game you pick up everything you come across on the ground. Unlike other game where you are given a limited inventory in Grenshin Impact you are given 30,000 slots so being selective as to what you pick up is not a factor. The reason why it is important to not leave anything on the ground is that the low rarity weapons and items you pick up will be fed into higher rarity ones in order to further enhance them. Also keep an eye out for chests, there are over 1,000 of them scattered across the world and the rewards you receive from them are scaled to your Adventure Rank and World Level.

Concentrate On One Character
Although there are 18 different characters in Grenshin Impact with diverse skills, elements, and abilities to choose from it is recommended that when you start the game you pick one character, ideally one of the main ones and focus on building them up. The reason why you should concentrate on leveling only one character is by doing so you not only raise their stats but also unlock their level cap which is initially set at level 20. Once you begin to Ascend a character from Level 20 the required materials become scarce and coupled with the XP cost becoming more the higher you raise a character you quickly realise it is best to focus on one character or at the most two when you begin the game.

Raise your Adventure Rank
It is important that you continually raise your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact as many of the game's systems are gated behind various Adventure Ranks and unlocking the..

How to Craft and Enhance Weapons

In the fantasy world of Genshin Impact there are several ways that you can acquire new weapons for your characters, these include using Wishes to pull them from the gacha, as drops from the monsters you slay, from inside the chests that are scattered throughout Teyvat, and by crafting.

How to Craft Weapons
To craft weapons you need to go to the city of Monstadt and speak to Wagner the blacksmith, who can be found to the left as you enter the city's entrance. The blacksmith will craft weapons for you if you complete a simple quest, which is to bring him some Iron Ore. You will find this resource outside the city in Iron Ore Deposits next to cliffs. It will be in the form of large rocks which you need to break down until their health is gone using any of your weapons.

Once the blacksmith has his Iron Ore he will make your weapons whenever you have the required resources. In order for the blacksmith to craft the better weapons you will need to defeat bosses and powerful adversaries so he has the required ingredients.
How to Enhance Weapons
In Genshin Impact your weapons will rise in power and level when you enhance them. To enhance a weapon you first need to ensure your character has it equipped. Then go to the 'Character' menu and select 'Weapons' followed by the 'Enhance' option. In this tab you will see the level and stats for the weapon in the top-right and the 'Enhancement Materials' segment below it. You can now either use 'Auto Add' or if there are certain items you do not want to destroy you can select them manually via the six blocks below it.

How to Craft and Enhance Weapons

You need to keep in mind when you enhance weaons that the higher the level of your weapon, the higher the quality of items you will need to scrap to improve it. Also remember that there are level-gates for weapons that will require an 'Ascension' to overcome which will be a set amount of rare materials. The first of these you will encounter when you reach level 20.

Tips and Tricks

Usually it sucks when you get a duplicate in a gacha game. However in Genshin Impact they can actually be helpful by enabling you to get a constellation rank for your character. Whenever your character gets a constellation rank you will be able to obtain new moves and status upgrades that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Learn the Elements
An important factor during battle in Grenshin Impact are the Elemental powers each of the characters possess as they dictate the types of special attacks that those characters will have to accompany their normal weapon attacks. Make sure you learn the elements and how they can change when they react to the weather and environment. For instance, cyro powers can freeze more easily in the rain and lightning is particularly effective when used on enemies in the water. The different elements that your characters have are viewable on the party select screen by looking in the upper-left-hand corner of their icon. Below is a list of all the elements.

- Anemo: Wind Element
- Geo: Earth Element
- Electro: Lightning Element
- Dendro: Nature Element
- Hydro: Water Element
- Pyro: Fire Element
- Cryo: Ice Element

Learn the Elements

Inbox Reward
The developers of Grenshin Impact is giving away various rewards to the game's first players as thank you for their support. To find out if you are one of these lucky ones reach level 10 and then click on 'Mailbox'. The reward is 1,600 Primogems, 10 Acquaint Fates, and 3-4 4 star weapons.

Find Teleport Waypoints
Littered throughout the world of Teyvay are Teleport waypoints which will enable you to fast travel from anywhere on the map when they have been activated. You can see which ones you have activated by looking on the map, an activated Teleport Waypoint will be blue while an unactivated one will be blank. When you activate a teleport waypoint you will be rewarded Primogems.

Unlock Statues of the Seven
As you explore the world of Teyvat you will come across statues that are beaming a red light into the sky. These are the Statues of the Seven and they are easy to find, you may however be required to beat a boss in the surrounding area in order to unlock it. Once you do unlock one of these statues you will be able to fast travel to it at any time. These statues also give rewards by offering Anemoculus or the elemental material that corresponds to the statue. This includes Stamina, Adventure EXP, Anemo S..

Enter Redeem Codes for Free Gifts

Genshin Impact is a gacha game and in order to successfully progress you will need to unlock better characters, weapons, and currency. Listed below are some redeem codes you can enter to get yourself some free gifts which will help you do just that.
Redeem Code Requirements
However, there are some requirements that need to be met before the codes can be redeemed. Unfortunately because you need a MiHoYo account only mobile and PC players will be able to use them (Playstation 4 uses a different type of system). You also need to have reached Adventure Rank 10 for the redeem code to work. The redeem codes vary by the server you play on so it is important you make sure you enter the right code for the right server.
Redeen Codes

(America) Redeem code for 60 Primogem and 10,000 Mora.

(Europe) Redeem code for 60 Primogem and 10,000 Mora

(Asia) Redeem code for 60 Primogem and 10,000 Mora
How to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes
In order to redeem Genshin Impact codes you must go to the web page below to access your account:

Enter redeem codes for free gits

Once you have accessed your account enter the server where the account that you want to give the reward to resides in. If you have multiple characters you need to choose one to populate the nickname field. Now simply copy the redeem code from the list above that applies to you and and enter it into the 'Redemption Code' area and hit the 'Redeem' button. You will now recieve the reward in your mail.

Tier List

As you would expect from a gacha game not all the characters that you pull are equal. In Genshin Impact characters usefulness is based primarily on their Weapon and Element.

Therefore a character that combines a powerful weapon with a powerful Element will rank highly. The highest rank a character can attain is an S Rank, these are most sought after and best characters in the game.

Weapons that are top of the list in Grenshin are Swords, Bows, and Catalysts, the later two having a high potential to inflict elemental damage. Swords are quick and in the right hands can quickly and effortlessly take out surrounding enemies. The strongest elements in Grenshin are Fire, Lightning, and Wind which can be particularly effective
When combined with other elements.

Listed below are who we consider to be the best characters in Grenshin Impact. Over time, more characters will be added to the game, if you have any suggestions for character tier lists, please drop us a comment below.


Diluc (DPS)
Diluc is the tycoon of a winery empire in Mondstadt.


Skills and Talents

- Tempered Sword
Normal Attack

- Searing Onslaught
Elemental Skill

- Dawn
Elemental Burst

- Charged attacks unleash a flurry of hits for massive damage.

- Fire Elemental attacks can also be used for exploration.

- Elemental Burst can hit hard on a wide area in a single blow.

Venti (Support)
One of the many bards of Mondstadt, who freely wanders the city's streets and alleys.


- Anemo (Wind)
Skills and Talents

- Divine Marksmanship
Normal Attack

- Skyward Sonnet
Elemental Skill

- Wind's Grand Ode
Elemental Burst

- A great ranged character.

- Can use the Bow to hit enemies' weak spots.

- Use Wind elemental skills to avoid attacks.

Qiqi (Healer)
An apprentice and herb-picker Bubu Pharmacy.

Reroll Guide

The gacha system in Genshim Impact is called Wishes and it is used to get characters and weapons and like most other games that have a gacha system in place you can do a reroll if what you recieve is not to your liking. When you do a reroll you are basically restarting the game by erasing the data and installing it again in the hope that you will get a better gacha result.

In order to be able to use the gacha system to reroll you must first reach Adventurer rank 5 which should take you roughly an hour. As this is a particularly long time compared to other games that use a gacha system you should consider carefully whether it is worth doing. As Genshin Impact is a multi-platform game that is available for both consoles and mobile you may want to consider playing the game on a mobile device where you will find the data is easier to reset.

Ideally when you do the reroll you want to get a 5 star character, unfortunately the probability of getting one is extremely low so if you are determined to settle for nothing less you may be going through the rerolling procedure for a considerable amoount of time before you get the character you desire.
How do you Reroll
Listed below is the procedure you must go through in order to reroll in Genshim Impact.

- Step 1
Clear 'Encounter with the Giant Dragon'.

- Step 2
Clear 'Knight who came with the wind', recruit Amber.

- Step 3
Clear 'With the Breeze'.

- Step 4
Clear 'City of Freedom'.

- Step 5
Clear 'Dragon Disaster' Gacha unlocked.

- Step 6
Recieve 1000 Primogem from the Mail.

- Step 7
Pull the gacha 6 times.

- Step 8
If you are unhappy with the reroll, reset the data and repeat steps 1-7.
What are Primogems
The premium currency in Genshin Impact is Primogems and they can be used to buy Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate to perform Wishes at the gacha. Fates cost 160 Primogems each.
The Fastest AR7 Reroll Run/Route
If you are pressed for time and desperately want to start Genshin Impact with a 5 star character take a look at the video below to see how you can reroll in under 26 minutes.


How to get Free Wishes

To unlock more characters and weapons in Genshin Impact you will need to make Wishes. You will be able to make your first Wish when you reach the library in the main story. There you will be able to access the option to open the in-game menu and navigate to the Wish section. When you do so you will also unlock the in-game shop.

The currency required at the in-game shop in Genshim Impact does not have to be purchased with real money. If you do decide to go the free route which is explained here you need to be prepared to do a good deal of grinding through missions, daily quests, and treasure chests in order to earn Primogems.

How to get free Wishes

Primogems can be spent at the in-game shop to purchase Acquaint Fates or Intewined Fates which you then use to buy Wishes. Remember though that different events use different types of Fates. Acquaint Fates are used on the Beginners Wish and Wanderlust Invocation, and Intertwined Fates are for the other two events. If you want to make more Wishes just follow the steps below.

Step 1
Open the in-game menu and select the Shop

Step 2
In the Shop, select 'Paimon's Bargains'.

Step 3
Here you can purchase Intertwined and Acquaint Fates.

Step 4
You spend Primogems to buy either, which is a currency that you can earn for free in-game.

Step 5
Check the 'Wish' menu to see which Fate is needed for the event you want to Wish for.

If you follow the steps listed above you will be able to unlock free Wishes in Genshin Impact which you can then use at the gacha to get more characters and weapons.

Free primogems

There is a developer tool that is used to add primogems, it is very simple to use, just enter email and amount of primogems, use at your own risk better use on secondary account
You can download it from here:


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