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X-Men: Legends Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for X-Men: Legends

We have 6 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for X-Men: Legends please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Xbox

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlock Costumes

At the 'Main' menu press Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Start to unlock ALL the different character costumes in the game.

Unlock Characters

The following characters become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task in the game.
Unlock Beast:
Complete level 1.
Unlock Storm:
Complete level 1.
Unlock Iceman:
Complete level 1.
Unlock Jean Grey:
Complete level 1.
Unlock Rogue:
Complete level 1.
Unlock Jubilee:
Complete level 2.
Unlock Nightcrawler:
Complete level 2.
Unlock Gambit:
Complete level 3.
Unlock Emma Frost:
Found X Mansion after the Nuclear Facility level.
Unlock Colossus:
Complete the Nuclear Facility level.
Unlock Cyclops:
Defeat Mystique in the New York City Riot level/Sewer level.
Unlock Magma:
Complete Magma's second training round.
Unlock Professor X:
Enter the Astral Plane for the first time.
Unlock Psylocke:
Complete the New York City Riot/Sewer level.

Unlockable Alternate Costumes

Unlock Original Beast:
Beat the game
Unlock Bobby Drake (Original Iceman):
Beat the game
Unlock Original Jean Grey (Phoenix):
Beat the game
Unlock Original Cyclops (Cyclops 80's):
Beat the game
Unlock Original Nightcrawler:
Beat the game

Unlock Street Clothes Magma:
Beat the game
Unlock Ultimate Beast without Fur:
Beat the game
Unlock Colussus (Non Metal Colussus 90's):
Beat the game
Unlock Wolverine (Weapon X 90's):
Beat the game

Unock Secret Art
When ALL 19 Sketch Books have been collected the Secret Art is available in Colossus' Room.

Xtreme Gear

At the main menu press Up Up Right Left Down Down Start to unlock exteme gear.

Choose wolverine, magma, iceman and cyclops or c..

Choose wolverine, magma, iceman and cyclops or collous

X-Men Legends Cheats Cheats

Unlock Characters
Beat Nuclear Facility Mission.

Defeat Mystique in NY.

Emma Frost:
After Nuclear Plant Mission.

Complete Third Level.

Ice Man, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue, and Storm:
Beat the First Mission.

Jubilee, Nightcrawler:
Complete Second Mission.

Magma: Complete her second round of training.
Psylocke: Beat the New York riot Mission.

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