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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Brief Walkthrough

by zjon

The Legend of Zelda 
The wind waker

part 1: outset Island

Items: tunic, sword, shield, telescope

So first after you speak to Aryll you want to head to your grandmaís house ,just walk across the bridge and go to the farthest house down.

Then, sheíll give you the heroís clothes go back to Aryll to get the telescope then look at the post man and heíll start flying all over the place look up in the sky to see a giant bird holding Tetra and pirates are shooting at it so  then sheíll drop into the forest.

So then go to the house before your grandmaís go into the bottom door and talk to Orca. Heíll train you in the ways of the sword.

Go back to the other side of the Island and keep following the path up to a bridge ,then, walk across it and go into the forest .

Then fight off the monsters and leave with tetra. Soon youíll ask to leave with her but sheíll ask you to get a shield go to your grandmaís and youíll see a cinematic and off you go to save Aryll.
Part 2: the pirate ship

Items: spoils bag

First go down the hatch and into the room down the stairs and then Niko will show you how to swing on ropes, complete his challenge and leave.

Then go find Tetra and get launched in a barrel to the forsaken fortress.

Part 3: the forsaken fortress

Items: none       NOTE: Watch out for moglins and search lights! Also you loose your sword in this part.

Now you need to find an outside hallway with a box in it, then go through the door behind it go through the big wooden doors, in the next hallway and keep going until you find another pair of wooden doors, and look  your sword!!!!

Now fight off the enemies and go through the doors then youíll see a cinematic.

Part4 : Wind Fall Island

Items: sail

So youíll wake up in a talking boat and then get out and go to the Eskimo guy and buy the sail for eighty rupees then go back to the boat and hoist the sails and head off.
Part 5: dragon Roost Island

Items: empty jar, wind waker

Now you will see an island go to it  and travel up to the rito domain then talk to rito chief.

Heíll give you a letter, give it to his son and then talk to medli his friend.

Then help medli get into dragon roost cavern

Part 6: dragon roost cavern

Items: grappling hook

Now that you have an empty jar you can get some water and poor it on the bombs in the entrance.

Throw it at the rock on the fountain and then it will explode and you can swim across.

Now you must throw bombs in the cups on the statues and they will fall on the lava and you can walk across them.

Now you will come to another set of statues in which you must move them in order to find another passage. Go through it.

In here youíll find to enemies beat them and then, light the unlighted post and a chest will appear open it to find a small key.

Go into the next room.

Now I donít remember any more accept the boss so Iíll explain that.

1st Boss: the gohma 

So first youíll grapple to the dragonís tail and swing then jump, do this three times to break his armor.

Then attack his eye a lot and youíve won!

Part7: forest haven

Items: deku leaf, boomerang 

So youíll travel to the forest haven region after dragon roost.

Talk to the great deku tree and get the deku leaf.

Then youíll have to go to the forgotten woods and rescue maker now on to the boss

2nd Boss: plant dude

Cut the vines he is hanging by and heíll fall then go in and slice the enemy inside him.

Do this a few times and youíre done.

Part8: the three pearls and their statues

Items: jabunís pearl

Now you must get the bombs from tetra on wind fall.

Then go to outset and break down jabunís door.

Then you must put the pearls on the Islandís the boat says to.

Part9: tower of the gods

Items: bow&arrows

Now once you get through the dungeon you must battle Goden.

3rd Boss: Goden

Goden is just a head and two hands so you shoot the hands and knock them out, then,
You shoot his eyes and throw a bomb in his mouth.( do this three times)


Items: masters sword

Part11:2nd time at the fortress

Mini Boss: shadow ganon

Items: skull hammer

So do the same thing to get through then you will battle the helmaroc king.

4th Boss: Helmaroc king

So this time youíve got to climb up the stairs
While  the boss attacks you.

At the top hit his head and heíll fall down 

Part2 boss fight:

 Soon he comes back up and flies off.

You will have to let him peck at you but dodge it right before he hits, then, hit his head with the skull hammer do this a few times and his armor will break then hit his thing on top of his head a few times and youíve won.

Then you go up the stairs to see a cinematic.

Part12: hyrule again?

So now you and tetra are at hyrule and find the king of red lions, then, you leave tetra behind, or should I say princess Zelda.

Part13: the earth temple

Items: mirror shield , fire and ice arrows

So now you must travel to the earth temple and awake the power within the masterís sword.

So first you must get the Fire and Ice arrows.

1. beat cyclos with arrows. 
2. learn balad of gales.
 3. teleport to queen of fairies.
4.get Fire and Ice arrows.

Now travel to fire mountain and get power bracelets.

Then travel one square left of outset.

Then lift huge rock and play song inside and find medli.

Play song in front of medli and take her back to temple once through face Jalhalla.

5th Boss: Jalhalla

Jalhalla is a big huge poe so to beat him shine the light from your shield on him,then,pick him up and throw him at purple spikes on walls.

Poes will come out of mask , attack them,
Do this a few times and itís over.

Part14: the Wind Temple

Items: hook shot, Iron Boots

So now go to E- 6, Ice Ring Isle.

Fire a lava arrow and get inside the dragons mouth and find the Iron Boots.

Now go to Gale Isle north of wind fall.

Get past the airguster and play the tune in the cave then find makar on the forest haven and play the tune in front of him then go back to Gale Isle .

Know get through the dungeon and get to the Boss.

6th Boss: the molgera

The molgera is a giant sand snake and is some what hard and confusing but what you do is  grab its tongue with the hook shot and slice with your sword thatís all you do, so have fun!

Part15: Gannonís castle

Now I donít know  the triforce part but I do know about Gannonís castle.

So first you have to beat the first 2 and the last 2 bosses.

Then you must beat a whole bunch of shadow Gannonís.

Next beat puppet Gannon and then Gannon.

Final Boss: Gannon

Gannon is hard Zelda will shoot Light arrows and paralyze him and then you go in and attack him.

Next you must fight alone and parry attack him for a bit.

Then Zelda will shoot arrows while you deflect them off your shield and then go up and hit him parry attack and youíve won.

You Won!