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Tales of Symphonia


Evil weapons

by pyong

              EEEEEEE VV          VV III LLL
              EEE      VV        VV  III LLL
              EEE       VV      VV       LLL
              EEEEEEE    VV    VV    III LLL
              EEE         VV  VV     III LLL
              EEE          VVVV      III LLLLLL
              EEEEEEE       VV       III LLLLLL

 WW                WW EEEEEEE       A       PPPPPPPP OOOOOOOOO NNNN    NN         !!
  WW              WW  EEE          AAA      PPP  PPP OOOOOOOOO NN NN   NN SSSSSSS !!
   WW            WW   EEE         AA AA     PPP  PPP OOO   OOO NN  NN  NN SS      !!
     WW  WWWW  WW     EEE       AAAAAAAAA   PPP      OOO   OOO NN    NNNN      SS
      WWWW  WWWW      EEE      AA       AA  PPP      OOOOOOOOO NN     NNN SS   SS !!
       WW    WW       EEEEEEE AA         AA PPP      OOOOOOOOO NN      NN SSSSSSS !!

Colette: (Must be obtained prior to getting the others) Toize Valley Mine, found in the remains of the Bacura you 'kill' with the boulder. 

Lloyd: This is given to you when you talk to Abyssion and activate the quest. You'll also get the key to the chests that hold soem of the weapons. 

Genis: Sold to you by a gambler at Altamira, during the night at the casino. 

Raine: This is the last one you need, talk to Abyssion once you have all the others, he'll give you a hint to where it could be. The old man who runs the toll gate in Sylvarant has it. 

Zelos/Kratos (Sword): Talk to the people in the Triet, they will tell you about a priest who set out to purify a sword. Venture into the desert, you'll see a skit spot, but instead it is a battle with a Giant Worm monster. Kill it to get the sword. 

Zelos/Kratos (Dagger): Inside the Evil woods, enter from Mizuho, quicker that way. 

Sheena: Find the gnomelets Brother, he should be outside Altessa's house, the chest for the weapon is located in the Temple of Earth, near the Dragon. 

Presea: In Latheon Gorge, you'll find a chest that needs the key that Abyssion gives you, it's pretty easy to find, the chests really do stick out! 

Regal: In Welgaia the Angel town in Derris Kharlan you will find another chest. You can get this weapon early when you first visit otherwise you'll have to wait till near the end of the game. 

At the end of the serch you'll have to fight abbyssion (he is not to be underestermated!)