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Follow the dark path or use the light

Mercenaries Walkthrough

by Caution999


                Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries FAQ
"Eliminate as many ganados as you can before your evac chopper arrives! 
Successive kills will result in earning you more points!"

        Table of Contents
        1. Introduction
        2. Characters
        3. Enemies
        4. Item Information
        5. Basic tips 
        6. Guide for all characters & Scenarios
        7. Updates
        8. Email section(user submitted tips)
        9. Thanks and Disclaimer

       1. Introduction
To start this off, let me say that I live and breathe the Mercenaries.  After
successfully beating Resident Evil 4, I unlocked the mercenaries, and haven't
stopped playing it since.  Even though I unlocked the Handcannon a while ago,
I continue playing the Mercenaries just for fun.  I am creating this FAQ for
two reasons.  While lurking on the Resident Evil 4 board, I notice that from
time to time many are still having trouble acquiring the ever elusive
handcannon.  The second reason is to help others achieve high scores.  Now, I
do not have the highest scores in the world, but I have quite a few strategies
that may assist you in taking home a high score.  

UPDATE: I'm happy to see RE4 land its way to three different consoles!  GC,
PS2, and now the Wii!  I'm glad this thing can still help people!  :)

       2. Characters
A. Leon Scott Kennedy
Weapons & Items: Blacktail, Riot Gun, 1 first aid spray, 1 green herb,handgun
bullets(30), shotgun shells(10), and a knife(marked as "L" by default).
Special Abilities: Kick, Suplex.
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    |   Blacktail(handgun):              Riot Gun(shotgun):     |
    |   Firepower: 2.7                   Firepower: 7.0         |
    |   Firing speed: 0.40               Firing speed: 1.53     |
    |   Reload speed: 1.47               Reload speed: 1.50     |
    |   Capacity: 21                     Capcity: 13            |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
B. Ada Wong
Weapons & Items: Punisher, TMP, rifle(semi-auto)w/scope, rifle ammo(5),handgun
ammo(30), TMP ammo(100), 3 incendiary grenades, 1 first aid spray. 
Special Abilities: Fan Kick, Back kick.
      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
     | Punisher(handgun):                TMP                 |  
     | Firepower: 1.9                    Firepower: 1.0      |
     | Firing speed: 0.33                Firing speed: 0.10  |
     | Reload speed: 1.47                Reload speed: 1.93  |
     | Capacity: 20                      Capacity: 100       |
     |                                                       |
     |                Rifle(semi-auto)w/scope:               |
     |                Firepower: 15.0                        |
     |                Firing speed: 0.40                     |
     |                Reload speed: 1.90                     |
     |                Capacity: 12                           |
     |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
C. Jack Krauser
Weapons & Items: Krauser's bow, arrows(10), arrows(10), 
3 flash grenades, 1 first aid spray, knife("L").
Special ability: Kick, Knee.
   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     
  |    Krauser's bow:                               | 
  |    Firepower: 10.0                              |
  |    Firing speed: 0.03                           |
  |    Reload speed: 0.03                           |
  |    Capacity: Amount of arrows in your inventory |
  |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|

Weapons & Items: Custom TMP, TMP rounds(50), 3 hand grenades, 
1 first aid spray.
Special Abilities: Neckbreaker, Kick.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
   |   Custom TMP:         |
   |   Firepower: 1.0      |
   |   Firing speed: 0.10  |
   |   Reload speed: 1.17  |
   |   Capacity: 100       |
   |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|     

E. Albert Wesker
Weapons & Items: Handgun(critical headshots increased 5X), Killer7,
Silencer(for handgun), 4 hand grenades, 3 flash grenades, 1 incendiary grenade,
1 first aid spray, Rifle(semi-auto).
Special Abilities: Thrust Punch, C. Kick
     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   
    |  Handgun                    Killer7             |
    |  Firepower: 2.0             Firepower: 30.0     |
    |  Firing speed: 0.33         Firing speed: 0.70  |
    |  Reload speed: 0.87         Reload speed: 1.53  |
    |  Capacity: 25               Capacity: 10        |
    |                                                 |
    |                 Rifle                           |
    |                 Firepower: 15.0                 |
    |                 Firing speed: 0.40              |
    |                 Reload speed: 1.90              |
    |                 Capacity: 24                    |
    |_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
      3. Enemies
Here, I will list the unique enemies that you will come across as you
play The Mercenaries.

     I. The regular ganados/zealot/soldier enemies.  These are the enemies
that you will face most often.  Some of them may have shields, dynamite,
rocket launchers, pitchfork, axes, knives, maces, sniping bow guns, stun rods,
and even torches.  All of those weapons they will use to their advantage.

    II. The chickens.  Okay, the chickens are NOT an enemy, they are actually
your friends.  They drop eggs which restore health, and sometimes when they
die, they will even leave you a present.

   III. The Bella Sisters.  The Bella sisters will only appear on the village
scenario.  The Bella Sisters are the two women that are armed with chainsaws.
Obviously, if you let them get too close, you can kiss yourself goodbye.
Remember, the best offense is the best defense.  

   IV. The Garradors. These huge guys appear on the Castle scenario and cannot
see very well, you should use that to your advantage.  They make up in their 
hearing ability, and have massive claws that would pierce just about 
anything.  If you ever see one charging at you, get out of the way.  
   V. Leader Zealot(wearing blue, castle only).  This guy may just look like
any other ordinary zealot, but beware.  He can actually take double the damage
a regular monk can.  He can cause problems if he happens to put an end to your
kill count.  You'll be able to identify him by his scream, "Mata Lo."

  VI. J.J. This beast can be found on the Military Base scenario.  He carries
a huge gatling gun that is extremely powerful.  Beware, once he fires that
gatling gun he doesn't care what is in his way.  He will kill anything
(even another J.J.)just to murder you.  Also, the gatling gun stops your
character from any movement once you've been hit, so do not attempt to take
J.J. from a distance or really close with a weak weapon
(or else you and mr.gatling gun get to "smooch").  

 VII. Dr.Salvador.  This behemoth can be found at Waterworld as he carries a
twin blade chainsaw and is extremely dangerous.  He is quick, and even
difficult to stun.  Your best bet is to weaken him down gradually or damage
him from a distance.  There are two Dr.Salvador's that can be found at water
world.  *UPDATE*: Some have informed me that the twin blade chainsaw is
actually on fire.  Just a rumor, I'll need confirmation.

VIII. Metallic Garrador.  This is just like a regular garrador except it's
body is covered in a metallic suit.  You must hit his weak spot dead on to do
any damage to him(exception of killer7, grenades, and Krauser's bow).  
He can be found in the final room of the Castle scenario.

 IX. Zealot with mask.  This regular zealot is no different from the rest with
the exception of his mask.  Shooting his mask does not hurt him and thus you
must shoot him somewhere else.  You can stun him in the face though.  He can
only be found at the castle scenario.
      4. Item Information
During the playthrough of the Mercenaries you will come across a few
items.  The following is a list of items that your character might come

    I. Hand Grenade(green).  This bad boy is green in color and extremely
powerful.  It can stun the toughest of enemies.  I would recommend saving
these for the Bella Sisters, J.J, Garradors, Dr.Salvador, and when you're
trapped by a large number of enemies.  

   II. Flash Grenade(blue).  This grenade can stun most enemies!  As an added
bonus, these may also be used to dispose of annoying parasites.  One of these
grenades just may save your life when trying to maintain a high kill count.
Just be careful, the garradors and Dr.Salvadore are immune to this weapon.

  III. Incendiary Grenade(red).  This grenade is basically a flame grenade
that spreads flames onto your enemies!  They'll think twice the next time one
of them throws an axe at you!  ***NOTE***: For the Mercenaries, this weapon is
not one of my favorites.  Many times these grenades can ruin kill counts
(failure to kill the enemy fast enough), and the flames may even hurt yourself!

  IV. Handgun ammo.  Leon, Wesker, and Ada will only come across handgun ammo.
You'll want to pick up this if you plan on using a handgun.  

  V. Shotgun ammo.  Leon is the only character in the Mercenaries with a
shotty, and thus he will be the only one to come across the shotgun ammo.  If
you plan on succeeding at all with Leon, I suggest you pick as many of these
up as possible.

  VI. Arrows.  Ammo for Krauser's bow.  

 VII. TMP ammo.  Only Ada and HUNK will come across this.  

VIII. Sniper ammo.  Only Ada and Wesker will come across this.  If you wish to
succeed as them, pick up all the sniper ammo possible.  

  IX. Magnum ammo.  Ammo for Wesker's Killer7...No enemy will ever drop this
ammo.  To obtain some you must search for it(barells, boxes, etc).
UPDATE: I've been informed that some of you actually have obtained magnum ammo
from an enemy,although it is extremely rare.  I've never gotten any from an
enemy, but it is note-worthy, nonetheless.

   X. Green herb.  This can recover an adequate amount of power for your
character.  You may combine this with another green herb(or even two) and a
red herb.  Green + Red=full life and three Green's combined will also give
your character full power.  

  XI. Red herb.  This will not have any effect on your character alone.  It
only works with a green herb.  

 XII. Chicken eggs.  These chicken eggs will only appear on the Village
scenario.  There is a regular white chicken egg(supplies a very small amount
of health), brown chicken egg(supplies a small amount of health), and the
golden chicken egg(supplies full health).

XIII. First Aid Spray.  This handy little item will refill your life to 100%.


       5. Basic tips 
The following is a list of basic tips that everyone should know as they are
playing The Mercenaries.  You will need 60,000+ points to obtain five stars.
To unlock a new character, you will need to obtain 30,000+ points.

I. Health Meter: There is a health meter that is displayed in the lower
right hand section of the screen.  The colors range from green(fine condition),
orange(caution condition), and red(danger condition).  The health meter varies
for each character in the Mercenaries.  For instance, you'll notice that Ada
has a lower health meter than any other character.  She cannot withstand that
much damage before dying.  Likewise, you should also notice that Krauser's
health meter is the largest.  He can sustain much more damage
(before falling to his death)than Ada can.  Always pay careful attention to
your characters health meter.  There have been countless times when I myself
died suddenly because I did not realize my character was near death.  One
simple way of detecting this is by noticing if your character is holding onto
themselves.  That is a sign that they are injured.  If possible, cure him/her
with an herb or first aid spray. ***NOTE***: There are NO yellow herbs in the

II. Kill counts.  This is the single most important tip that I will 
give.  You'll notice that while you're playing that a number will pop up in
the upper right hand section of your screen.  That number is your kill count.
The game counts how many enemies that you have killed in a row.  The good news
is that the game does not start the kill count until AFTER your second kill.
There is no need to hurry and kill another enemy once you have disposed of
your first one(keep that in mind).  You will also notice that after you lose
your kill count, that you gain points.  If you can keep that kill count up
and running, you'll have your handcannon or high score in no time. Always try
and keep a kill count up.  If you fail to do so, chances are that you'll
never have that handcannon or an impressive high score.  

III. Try to obtain as many items as possible.  Some enemies may leave behind
valuable items.  It is your job to pick them up.  Failure to pick up enough
ammo or health WILL lead to your downfall.

IV. Tap the "A" button when using the TMP(fast).  This method can 
clearly save ammo and it's much more efficient than just firing like a 
maniac.  However, that is not to say that tapping "A" is always correct.  
There are certain situations in which I would recommend holding down "A" as 
opposed to tapping it.  When your kill count record begins to fade, start 
holding down "A" with your life.  Nothing is worse than losing a kill count 
record because the TMP was too slow.  Do whatever it takes to keep that kill 
count alive.  

V. As I just stated, do whatever it takes to keep your kill count up.
Chances are that once you grow accustomed to losing your kill count, you'll
keep doing so.  Once you get in the habit of keeping that up, you will get
better as long as you practice.  I'll be truthful, the Mercenaries DOES take
pratice.  You need to get accustomed to each of the levels and characters
before you start dominating.  

VI. Treasure chests.  Upon playing the Mercenaries, you'll notice these
treasure chests in each scenario.  These treasure chests contain timers that
run for thirty seconds.  You will also notice that at top of the right hand
screen that yellow font will be visable.  As soon as you take the timer, your
thirty seconds begin.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, much like the kill
count you'll notice that your kills will be counted.  For each of those kills,
you will receive bonus points(once the thirty seconds are up).  I also 
happened to notice that sometimes the game will not add up kill count scores
(both from bonus and regular) until the game ends.  

VII. Time. As you start any Mercenaries game, you start out with a comfortable
amount of time.  Beware, that can be very misleading.  There have been times
when I thought I had plenty of time left and it turned out I had none.  Of
course, it becomes extremely obvious when you're running low on time.  The
timer will turn red, and you'll be able to hear a helicopter.  If you notice
that you need more time, get it as soon as possible.  Even if you have an
impressive kill count going and don't want to give that up, it is not worth it.
Without time the game cannot be played, and thus you're just wasting your own
time.  Be aware that that some stages have more timer refreshments than others.
Later on I will inform you of where each and every timer refreshment is.

VIII. Both Leon and Krauser have knives.  Do not waste ammo on boxes or
barrels when you can easily break them with your knife.  Unfortunately, you
must use a weapon to break open the boxes and barrels with the other

IX. Use your enemies to your advantage.  If you spot a ganados that has
dynamite in their hands WAIT until they light it!  The enemies that carry
dynamite might as well be a grenade floating around in the air.  Once the
dynamite has been lit, aim for the dynamite!  Unfortunately, that is not
always possible.  If you happen to be surrounded, try and aim for the enemy
that has the dynamite on him/her.  Once that enemy has died, the dynamite will
explode, so be careful! Just try and take a few steps back.  You may also use
the enemies that are equipped with the rocket launcher to your advantage as
well.  However, it is extremely dangerous and I would not recommend it unless
it was an emergency.  Also, if you do spot an enemy with the rocket launcher,
do not be frightened.  Every enemy with the rocket launcher will get down on
one knee beforing firing.  If you're hesitant in disposing of one of them,
don't be.  Chances are, you have more time than you believe.

X. Always aim for a headshot with a handgun, shotgun, or bow(ganados only).
You may be thinking that this is awful risky, it's not.  I've been playing
this for a while now, and I've noticed that the parasites are completely
random(they could come out if you shot an enemy in the knee).  Krauser's bow
does not always kill enemies in one hit, and a shot to the face has a better
chance of doing so.  Also, Leon's shotgun(while aiming close)can perform head
shots as well as Wesker's handgun.  I've also noticed that after Ada has shot
a ganados in the head that the ganados will be stunned.  Most likely she will
perform a kick that will decap the ganados(after a few shots to the head).  If
a parasite escapes, just chuck a flash grenade(Krauser starts out with some)

XI. Use your defensive actions effectively.  You'll notice that once in a while 
your character will come across the opportunity to do an attack that does not 
involve ammo.  When this occurs, the game will inform you to hit the "A" 
button.  If you choose to do so, your character will do a move that will knock
the enemy down/kill it.  Aiming at the head(or knees)of a normal enemy will 
stun them, and give you the opportunity to strike them without wasting ammo.  
This can be greatly effective if you're surrounded, or if you happen to be 
running low on ammo.  

 XII.  Running.  Sure you can run from your enemies, but you'll get nowhere if
you don't face your fears.  I cannot stress this enough, running too much will
only cause yourself pain.  So, you heard a chainsaw..."it's time to run all
over the place!"  No.  Run to an area with a back to it(or a dead end).  You
can make your stand there.  Although, I would not make a stand if I had no
ammo...don't be reckless.  Also, I would not recommend making a stand against 
Dr.Salvador unless you think you'll be able to take him out.  The Bella 
sisters are easy to knock down, and are only a threat when they're up close 
and personal in your face.  When you start running from an enemy, make plans 
to face them again.  You can't hide my friend.  ;)

XIII.  The Garradors.  You know these guys...I'm sure you've had 
Leon's face become one of their claw decorations.  These monstrous tough guys
are on the Castle scenario and can be challenging at times.  As Krauser, you 
can destroy these guys easily.  However, with the others I recommend using a 
grenade to knock them down.  Use an incendiary or regular one...either one 
will do the job.  I recommend using a grenade so that it kills other enemies 
as well.  Remember, the kill count is very important.  After the grenade has 
exploded, fire AT THEIR backs and hit their weak spot.  With just one shot 
from the sniper, Ada and Wesker can dispose of him easily(back shot).  As for 
HUNK, I say fire at will!  :)  Once you have his back exposed hold down that 
"A" button like your life depended on it.  I also noticed that while firing 
the TMP, that you can shoot the garradors weak spot, while he is right in 
front of your face(you have to be up close and personal).  Don't worry about 
Leon, read on and you'll discover that taking out the garrador with him isn't 
so hard.

XIV. If you ever get caught in a tangle with a ganados, revolve your control 
stick very fast.  This will execute a kick to the face, either lethal(decap)or 
not.  I've found that you have a better chance of acquiring a decap if you 
spin the control stick BEFORE the ganados attempts to grab you.  If you know 
one is going to grab you, start spinning before it even happens.

        6. Guide for all characters & Scenarios
In this section, I will go through each character for each scenario.  While I
realize that the Mercenaries is quite random, there are many things that are 
not.  I will give tips for the ones who just want to unlock the handcannon,
and those looking for a high score.  Furthermore, I will also list what items
can be found in the boxes and barrels for each character.  


Time placements.
-Inside the "ladder barn"(barn where you can climb a ladder).  There is a 90
second timer in there.

-Inside the barn opposite from a window.  There is a 30 second timer in there.

-Inside the glass window opposite from the barn I mentioned above.  

-Towards the left side of the huge blue titanium doors.  It sits between a
house and a barn.  30 second timer.  

-Behind the tower area.  Left towards the church.  90 second timer.  

***Locations in which you can make a stand***

-Towards the "ladder barn", if you keep heading straight you'll run into
wooden planks that block the beginning area of RE4.  Once you're in that
corner, you can make your stand and fire at any enemies that try and come near
you.  Be aware, that corner may get crowded and that it might lead to your 
downfall.  If you do not have a lot of ammo, try entering the "ladder" barn 
instead.  If you're Wesker or Ada, snipe enemies that are off in the distance
or right in front of you.  Also, grenades are a god send for that corner.  Do
not let the Bella Sisters get too close...keep an eye on them.  If they do get
close, attempt to get out of that area. 

-The "ladder barn."  This area is like a double edged sword because if you get
stuck on the top floor of that barn with no ammo, you're in trouble.  However,
if you do get stuck up there try the following.  If a Bella sister(s)is in
that barn, WAIT until they climb up the ladder(stay towards the left side).
Once one of them gets up there jump off and make for the exit(and attempt to
pick up any ammo).  That method has actually worked for me a few times.  Also,
do not forget the explosive barrel or the treasure chest, they can help you a
lot.  NOTE: Anyone going for a high score, should not stay in the ladder barn
area too long(especially on the second floor).

-Behind the tower area.  There is a 90 second timer there, and your back is 
against a wall.  Just the way I like it.  If you have the ammo take care of 
any enemy that gets in your path.  But do not stay in this area too long, 
you'll want to get more time(if you need it).  

-The barns.  There are two other barns in which you can make a stand.  One of
them has an explosive barrel, and the other just has a regular 
one(containg a red herb).  Personally I prefer the one with the red herb, but
that is just me.  I seem to get bombarded in the barn that contains the 
explosive barrel(at ground level).  I usually make a stand in the red herb 
barn, because directly across from it is more time and a way to escape(window).

-You may also make a stand in a few houses.  However, I would not suggest 
doing so.  Those houses have alternate entrances and make it easy for an enemy 
to sneak up behind you.  There is a positive side to these homes of course...
there is always another exit.  

***The Treasure Chests***

-Behind the house that your character sometimes starts on(near a ladder that 
you can go underneath).  

-In the "ladder barn".  It is located at the top.

-In the window directly across from a barn.  There is a bed in this room and a 
barrel that contains a green herb(barrel is right next to treasure chest).  

You will either start off on top of a house, near two blue titanium
doors, or the area behind the tower.  My suggestions for those particular
scenarios are the following(keep in mind these are for ALL characters):

~~~Caution's 3 recommendations for beginning The Village~~~

I. On top of house: Since it is impossible for me to give an in depth 
guide(from the random enemies that appear), I will do my best to give the best
advice for each starting point and onwards.  I would recommend that you turn 
around immediately.  Once you have done so, jump off of the roof and you 
should land near a treasure chest.  Open that treasure chest and then proceed
to head under the ladder(and run straight).  By now you should have 
encountered some enemies.  Aim towards their head area to try and obtain a 
head shot.  Most likely, by heading underneath the ladder a ganados with 
dynamite will appear.  However,if you already killed this enemy before he/she
could light it, then continue until you hear the chainsaws.  If you did 
encounter the dynamite ganados, shoot the dynamite and hopefully you have 
succeeded in destroying the large group of enemies that was there. 

From here, you can head in any direction that you want.  Just note that the
Bella Sisters usually come from the right, and that there is a timer behind
the tower that you can pick up.  Do not run from the Bella Sisters like
crazy. You can knock them down.  Once you have knocked them down proceed
to fire at them again and again.  Once they die, more will come shortly.
Usually the Bella Sisters drop either a first aid spray, hand grenade,
or a specific ammo.  Remember to aim at the ganados heads especially
when close with the shotgun/handgun/bow.  A head shot usually results from
that.  This will make the kill count go much smoother.  

For Leon/Ada, I would recommend making a stand at a few of the barns
and in the "ladder" barn.  Leon does not even start with any grenades so 
taking a stand at any dead end is a risk.  The safest place for him to take
cover is the "ladder" barn.  Please note that if you are going to enter the 
"ladder" barn to try and head there last.  You don't want to be stuck up in
that area with no ammo or when you desperately need time. That area should be
used as a final stand.  If you must use Leon's handgun either aim for the 
heads of the gannados(head shot) or their knees to perform the devestating 
suplex or kick.  

II. Behind tower: Start by immediately turning around and grabbing the timer
that is right behind you.  After you have done so, I would suggest proceeding
to a lone woman that has her back turned(near barn and window, both have
timers, right of the church).  Kill her and jump through the glass and grab
the time.  DO NOT open the treasure chest yet..take the green herb that is in
the barrel and enter the next door.  Immediately attempt to block that door
with the shelf.  This may or may not work, depending on how much time it took
you to get there.  If done successfully, you can block a few ganados from
reaching you from that exit.  Once that is done break the barrel that is on
the ground and retrieve then shotgun shells.

Now, quickly turn around and goout the way you came in.  
Most likely a few ganados will be there guarding your escape so try to 
either run by them or dispose as much as you can.
Remember, there isn't much time before the door is knocked down.  Once you're
back in the treasure chest room open the treasure chest and kill any ganados 
in your way.  I realize that the room may be crowded, but do your best to get 
out of there.  You can even stand in the corner of the bed and make a tiny
stand there and then proceed to jump back out the window.  Once you are out of
there, get in the barn across and kill as many ganados as you can before the 
treasure chest timer runs out.  From there you can make a stand, or just try to
avoid the Bella sisters from getting too close.  Do your best to make more 
stands in different locations yet at the same time rack up a kill count.  For 
the high score nuts, don't even bother heading into the "ladder" barn except 
for the time and treasure chest.  Attempt to make a stand at locations that 
have a back to them.  

III. By two blue doors: To start off, I would suggest running towards the 
right and grabbing the timer immediately.  Upon doing so, head in the 
direction of a random ganados that is standing nearby.  Aim for a headshot and
dispose of him.  Head towards the window and if you're daring enough, repeat 
the strategy I stated above.  After the first two Bella Sisters have been 
disposed of leave that area and head right out in the open.  To keep your kill 
count up turn around every once in a while and attempt to kill someone.  Aim 
for the wooden planks(next to ladder barn)to make a stand.  Nothing can attack 
you from behind, so just concentrate on the Bella sisters and the enemies that 
get too close(or are dangerous by nature like the enemies that hold weapons).  
If an enemy gets too close for comfort, throw some sort of grenade OR look for 
a way out of that death trap.  If you begin to run out of time, do not forget 
the time that is in the "ladder" barn.  

***Individual characters***
NOTE: The items that I list under each character DO NOT count as the items that
the ganados grop.  What they drop is completely random.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Red herb(X2), Green herb(X4), 
Shotgun shells, flash grenade, hand grenade(X2), Handgun bullets.
As Leon I would take my advice above, but only to certain extents.  He is not 
armed with the greatest weapons so be careful.  If you start on top of the 
house, I would recommend trying to spot out the dynamite ganados and opening 
the treasure chest as well.  Afterwards, I would head in the left direction 
and go for the timer behind the tower(left of the church).  I would recommend 
to attempt a stand there and ending the two Bella sisters at that location.  
However, things do not always go as planned so if something goes wrong try and 
run out into the open and head for the barn that is across from the window.  
Making a stand at that location may be a little bit better for Leon, so keep 
trying to keep that kill count up there.  Aim for headshots with the handgun 
and shotgun and take chances.  If a Bella Sister dies, do whatever it takes to 
pick up the item that she drops because most likely it is very useful.  Once 
you have obtained all of the timers, head for the "ladder" barn for one last 
stand.  Climb up the ladder and open the treasure chest.  Wait until lots of 
enemies flood the area then proceed to shoot the explosive barrel before your
bonus timer runs out.  Hopefully, that will either continue your kill count or
start a fresh one.  Remember to keep picking up items...who knows, you might
stumble upon a hand grenade.  Those are extremely useful for Leon who starts
out with a whopping zero.  My advice for Leon is to take reasonable risks, but
not idiotic ones.  Use your best judgement in certain situations, and make
risks that involve keeping your kill count alive.  Do not make risks when
dealing with the Bella whatever it takes to knock them down.  A
shotgun shot on them CAN knock them down, keep that in mind.  Leon is only as
bad as you make him.  

Items that can be found in this scenario: Red herb(X2), Green herb(X4),
rifle ammo, flash grenade, hand grenade(X2), TMP ammo, handgun bullets.

As Ada I would use her handgun first to dispose of any ganados in the way.
The methods to begin are perfectly fine for her, with the exception of her low
health.  That may become a factor, so don't do anything drastic.  Aim for the 
heads of ganados because if they are weakened up enough, she can fankick their 
heads right off.  I'd recommend using the TMP when you have run out of handgun
ammo(or when you get to more close encounters).  Try to save the sniper for 
close situations, parasites, saving a kill count,and Bella sisters.  Use her 
incendiary grenades for a large crowd or when the Bella Sisters get too close 
for comfort.  It may not kill them, but it will at least let them fall to the 
ground so you can either reload or run by them, whichever the case may be.  I 
would recommend using the "ladder" barn just to stay alive.  Sometimes you may 
get hit twice in a row and Ada will fall to her miserable death due to her 
health meter being the lowest.  Ada also seems pretty fast when running, which
is a plus when you are going for a timer when you are short on time.  As Ada, 
do not let enemies get too close...her weapons are perfect for that.  If 
enemies do get too close, try and perform the fankick to bring them back a 
little.  Keep a kill count up, but don't go nuts.  She can easily die on the 
Village scenario if you take too many chances.  Use her sniper while in the 
plank corner, and use the TMP or incendiary grenades if enemies get too close.
I would also recommend aiming towards a Bella Sister's knees(with the TMP)so
they fall.     

Items that can be found in this scenario: Red herb(X2), Green herb(X4),
arrows, flash grenade, hand grenade(X2), and surprise, surprise
more arrows!  :)

All of the methods above are perfect for Krauser.  His arrows are strong, his 
life meter is the largest, and he always has his claw for backup.  Try and 
save his claw for the Bella Sisters.  Nobody else can take them out as fast as 
he can(except Hunk).  I would also recommend taking those Bella sisters two at 
a time, if possible.  If you only take out one, that is okay.  Krauser's bow 
is very strong and can stun a Bella Sister with just one blow.  It is not that 
difficult to dispose of a Bella Sister with just the bow alone.  Once all of 
the Bella Sisters have been disposed of, feel free to use his claw on large 
crowds of ganados.  Sometimes I'll forget that he even has it.  Please note 
that Krauser's arrows can pierce through a wooden door with one shot.  That 
could be useful if you hate kicking doors open and wasting time.  If you want 
to try and obtain a high score, only enter the "ladder" barn for the time and 
treasure chest.  Keep making stands that are out in the open or in some random

HUNK(aka high score demon):
Items that can be found in this scenario: Red herb(X2), Green herb(X4),
TMP ammo, flash grenade, hand grenade(X2).

Use the stand points effectively.  Hunk is only equipped with a special
TMP and hand grenades.  Use the hand grenades for large crowds or the Bella 
sisters.  If you think your tough enough, you may try and attempt to 
neckbreaker each and every one of the Bella Sisters.  This will not only save 
time, but assist you greatly in keeping up an impressive kill count.  If you 
can manage to take out the Bella Sisters as fast as they arrive, keeping a 
kill count is a breeze.  The regular ganados should not pose that much of a 
threat and should easily be part of an impressive kill count.  I'm not going 
to lie, Hunk is perhaps the best character for the Village.  To perform a 
neckbreaker on the Bella sisters, you must get close and shoot them right in 
the face.  If you're lucky, they will get stunned and you should be able to 
perform a neckbreaker.  Be careful, this plan is not foolproof.  There have 
been many times in which I thought a Bella sister was stunned, and got close 
and could not perform the neckbreaker.  Going for a neckbreaker on the Bella 
sisters is risky, and should only be done on maybe a few of them.  If you want 
a really high score, you must not lose your kill count once and perform the 
neckbreaker on every Bella sister.  That task is not easy, but it is possible.  
Another great thing about Hunk is that the ammo dropped will always be either 
a few things.  Either it will be TMP ammo, some sort of health item, or a 
grenade.  To be successful with Hunk, you must also pick up the majority of 
the items that your enemies leave.  Tap the TMP in most situations, but please
follow my advice I listed earlier.  Hold down "A" in stressful situations.  
Also, I would not recommend staying in the back areas too long.  Most of the 
enemies reappear out in the open...if you want a high score, keep note of that.
If you just want to reach 60,000 then do your best to keep an impressive kill 

Items that can be found in this scenario: Red herb(X2), Green herb(X4),
Rifle ammo, flash grenade, hand grenade(X2), Magnum rounds.  

Everytime I choose Wesker, I immediately remove the silencer.  Now, I realize
that it can be good for the garradors, but this is the village.  It is 
completely useless here.  It may even proove to be a waste of space.  Since 
Wesker's has a 5X greater chance of performing headshots I would recommend in 
doing just that.  Wesker's handgun is just as important as the rest of his 
guns.  If you do not use it right, it is crap.  However, used correctly and it 
is excellent.  I would recommend starting out with his handgun and then moving 
on towards his rifle(sniper).  To use his handgun correctly,aim for a head 
shot OR a ganados knees.  I would recommend a head shot, but that's just me.  
Aiming for the head is great, because even if a head shot is not executed, most
likely the ganados will be stunned allowing you to peform the deadly thrust 
punch.  So, the handgun even has some sort of backup plan attached.  I would 
recommend using the rifle on the Bella sisters, and save the Killer7 for 
emergency situations.  What classifies as an emergency situation??  Just about 
anything that endangers your life, but I'll list a couple specific ones right 
here.  When a Bella sister gets extremely close, the Killer7 is perhaps the
only weapon you can use to survive.  I would also classify the kill count 
fading as an emergency situation.  If you don't think you'll have enough time 
to snipe, whip out ol' Killer7 and she'll keep that kill count right up where 
it belongs.  Wesker has extremely powerful weapons that can eliminate a 
ganados in one hit, use that to your advantage.  There is no need to even 
climb the ladder in the "ladder" barn, except for the use of the treasure 
chest itself.  Standing in a corner, proved to be useful enough for me.  If 
you want a high score with Wesker, keep the kill count up and if it starts to 
fade, enter the main area of the village and snipe an enemy really quick.  
Turn around and shoot a victim when going for time...anything that will keep 
that kill count rising.  Grenades and explosive barrels are your friends too.  

B. The Castle.

Time Placements.  
- Towards the right of the very first staircase near two barrels. 50 second

- Up the second staircase towards the right of the door that leads to more
stairs.  Leads to a dead end.  90 second timer.

- In the circular area, timer in tiny room with treasure chest.
90 second timer.

- In the beer/wine room(large barrels), 50 second timer.

- Leading directly out from the beer/wine room there is a 50 second timer
through the next pair of double doors.

- 90 second timer in final room(with two garradors). 

The castle is the kind of scenario that making a stand isn't the smartest move.
The important thing is to keep moving since the level is straight forward so 
you can obtain all the timer placements.

***The Treasure Chests***

- The first one you will come across will be near the circular area with a 
large gaping hole in the center.  It is right near a timer in a very small 
area with a ceiling.

- This one can be found in the beer/wine room(lots of gigantic barrels)near a
corner.  It is located near a few windows and another timer.

- This one can be found in the final room.  It is not very hard to miss
as it is directly straight from the huge doors from the final room.  

~~~Caution's recommendations for The Castle~~~

Okay, to start off you will ALWAYS start in a small room.  Right behind you is
two barrels, immediately obtain what is in those and proceed outside the 
doorway.  Once you do so, go up the steps and you should spot several zealots
heading your way.  Try and shoot the one with the shield while his side is 
facing you.  If you choose not to, you will most likely be bringing a powerful
weapon out just to destroy his shield.  Keep your kill counts up and perform 
headshots or aim lower towards the knees.  Also, it might even help if you 
shoot any zealot(with shield) in the lower area since you may be able to hit 
their legs.  Grab the first timer and keep killing any enemies that come your
way.  There is an explosive barrell out in the open in this area.  For Leon, 
you might want to save it for the garrador, but for everyone else I would 
recommend using it when any large group of zealots is hanging around it.  Do 
not wait too long to use it otherwise you will have missed any chance and the
barrel will go to waste.  The second you see three or more enemies standing
around it, shoot it.  It also works extremely well when you're surrounded
around that area as well.  Keep running towards the right staircase(no door)
until you hear the sound of the very first garrador.  If your character has
grenades throw one, and wait for the garrador to get on his back.  Proceed to
shoot his back with the sniper/TMP/magnum/shotgun.  Leon is going to be rough,
so don't plan on taking him down right away.  It may take some time.  Once he
has been head up the stairs, grab the time and go back down.  Please note that
there is an incendiary grenade in a barrel towards the right of that area.  
That can be extremely useful for Leon(taking down the garrador)and any other 
character.  Keep your kill count up and proceed into the door below that you 
ignored initially.  Proceed up those steps and there should be a few zealots
that come charging at you(a couple with shields).  However, they do not always
appear there.  It depends on the course of action you took earlier.  Move
through them and contine until you reach a circular area.  Run right out there,
and kill one of those sniping zealots if your kill count is fading.  Once that
is done, proceed into that small room where a timer and a treasure chest is 
located.  Take the timer and open the treasure chest and start killing.  

Kill as many as possible and head towards the inside area again up more steps
(towards the left).  Once up there you will be inside a wine/beer room with 
huge barrels all over the place.  There is a green herb on the ground there 
too.  Take the timer that is up there, and a door should open containing more 
zealots.  One of them should have dynamite in their hand.  Do not kill him just
yet!  First open the treasure chest, and then proceed to kill him.  This will 
rack up many more bonus points in a very short period of time.  Keep advancing 
into the next door and a couple of zealots with shields should be right in your
face.  Take them out, and advance into the double doors until you reach another
timer.  Keep moving until you're out an outside area with enemies sniping at 
you in every direction.  Try to kill as many snipers as possible.  If you move 
forward enough, a cutscene will play with the leader zealot.  He will shout 
something and have along with him two of his goons.  Remember, the leader 
zealot is twice as tough as a regular zealot so it will take double the damage 
you usually perform to a regular enemy to take him out.  Once those guys have 
been dealt with move into the final room in which two garradors hide inside 
the walls.  (NOTE for the high score individuals: Stay out in the open area 
racking up your kill count until the timer ends up around 20 seconds remaining.
 Enemies reproduce in that area and it becomes extremely easy to keep a kill 
count moving upwards.)  

Once you reach the final room either both garradors will come out, or one will.
Sometimes neither of them will come out right away.  I have a theory as to why 
they wait, but it is very inconsistent.  I think it has something to do with
your current points, but there have been times when I've walked in there with 
over 100,000 and neither garrador came out right away. Anyway, use grenades to
stun them and proceed to fire at their backs.  With the TMP/shotty you can 
actually run right up to them(get as close as possible)and fire up.  Somehow 
the bullets do make it to their backs. That doesn't always work, but when it 
does it can supply you with a whole lot of help.  Once they have been defeated,
keep killing enemies.  Throw grenades, o whatever it takes to destroy them.
Don't forget there is also a treasure chest in there.  If you return back
outside, enemies will be reproducing all over the place, you shouldn't have
trouble locating an enemy to kill. 

***Individual characters***
NOTE: The items that I list under each character DO NOT count as the items that
the ganados grop.  What they drop is completely random.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Green herb(X6), Red herb, 
hangun bullets, shotgun shells(X5), incendiary grenade, hand grenade(X4), 
flash grenade, first aid spray.

This is not the easiest scenario for our good ol' buddy Leon.  I have found
quite a few strategies with him to make this experience a little bit easier. 
First off, don't always aim for the heads of the zealots with the handgun.  His
suplex can be devestating at times(decap)and you should only use it every once 
in a while.  It tends to soak up time and cause more enemies to gather around 
you.  To perform the suplex aim low with the handgun and wait until the zealot 
is on two knees.  At that point it will become available.  I can't stress this 
enough...pick up all the items you can!  You never know when a hand grenade 
will pop up.  Grenades are vital to Leon's success here in the castle scenario. 
 Now, once you have reached the dead end area(up the steps), there is a lone 
barrel that contains an incendiary grenade.  Extremely useful for the garrador 
that will come out shortly(if he hasn't already).  Use that to stun him and 
then proceed to fire at his back with the shotgun.  If you get him in a corner 
continue firing and get close if you must.  You can sometimes shoot right 
through his chest by aiming up while extremely close(shotgun is literally in 
his chest). That tactic works sometimes and other times it doesn't.  Don't go 
crazy.  Also, if you want to save the explosive barrel for the garrador.  That 
will also stun him and give you yet another opportunity to attack his back.  

If worse comes to worse, and you cannot seem to get any luck with him, move on 
before he kills you.  Don't totally ignore him, just wait until you get a shot
at his back or when you obtain another grenade.  When you reach the circular 
area(with big gaping hole),do not stay out there too long.  Leon has no way of
killing the enemies from that distance and they will take full advantage of 
that.  Just grab the time and bonus time and get the hell out of there.  I 
would also recommend not standing near windows.  The arrows from snipers can 
come right through those and hurt Leon.  Once you get to the final area of the 
Castle, try and kill all the snipers first.  Then proceed to the final room
(with the two huge doors).  You should also be saving grenades as Leon.  Don't
waste them on regular zealots, that is a waste.  His riot gun can take down a 
large group of enemies.  Save those for the garradors.  As you head into the 
final room, either one or two garradors will come charging out.  Hold a 
distance between them and throw a grenade.  Do your best to shoot them with 
the shotty in the back.  There is also another trick that I've performed a few 
times.  If there is a zealot in front of you as well as a garrador you're in 
luck.  If you can trigger that zealot to become stunned, you may perform a 
kick.  The trick is that the garrador will also fall!  It is impossible to use
a kick on them, but a zealot nearby is the next best thing.  That can be 
extrememly useful if you end up cornered. 

Items that can be found in this scenario: Green herb(X6), Red herb, 
handgun ammo, Rifle ammo, flash grenade, incendiary grenade,
hand grenade(X4), first aid spray.  

This is not a very difficult scenario for Ada.  Her handgun is not bad,
it can fire fast and be very effective.  It can even save kill counts.
Aim towards the zealot's heads, and if they have been weakened enough
she can decap them.  Try and save the sniper rifle and it's ammo for
the garradors.  If you must use it in an emergency, do so.  It is better than 
dying.  Use her incendiary grenades on the garradors.  It will stun them and 
from there all it takes is a single shot from the sniper.  Of course the 
metallic garrador will take two shots though.  If the handgun is not your cup 
of tea, move onto the TMP.  Fire towards the mid section of the zealots and 
watch them go down.  Fire as fast or as slow as you need to, whichever the 
situation calls for.  Once you reach the circular area with the huge gaping 
hole, either run in and get the time and bonus, or snipe a few of the zealots 
in the distance.  I would recommend doing that if you have enough rifle ammo 
for it.  Otherwise, keep saving it.  Use sniper rifle towards the end and use 
the same strategy on the other garradors.  The only difference with the 
metallic one is that it will take you two clean shots.  They must be perfect.  
I would also not use the incendiary grenades that often because they can be 
more of a burden, then an actual help sometimes.  They can blind your field of
vision and even hurt you.  Only use those for the garradors.  Also, the 
incendiary grenade will not always kill a zealot.  It may take two and it 
takes a long time for that kill to be counted into the kill count.  If you 
want a really high score, take my advice above and stay out from the final 
room until the very last second.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Arrows, flash grenade, incendiary 
grenade, hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6), Red herb, first aid spray.

This is not a really tough scenario for Krauser.  His claw makes anything ten
times easier.  Fortunately for you, the first garrador is spaced out from the
final two.  That basically means that you'll be able to use his claw two or
maybe even three times before you end up at the final area.  Just try and make
sure that his claw is alive again before moving onto the garradors.  I would 
recommend aiming for headshots as he has flash grenades, there is nothing to 
worry about.  His knee wastes more time than anything.  Your best bet is to 
just perform the kick.  If you accidentally shoot one of the zealots with the 
mask on, sometimes they will be stunned.  You can perform your kick on him if
that happens.  That kick can also damage if not kill other enemies in the area.
Even if your claw is unavailable for the garradors, you have nothing to worry 
about.  Krauser's bow has the same effect as a hand grenade does.  It will 
stun the garradors and their back will face you.  If you must, defeat them 
with his bow.  His bow can even stun a metallic garrador as well.  If you find
yourself low on health and want to search for some in a barrel, but cannot due
to overwhelming enemies, try this.  Throw flash grenades untilyou reach the
barrel or herb that you desperately need to get to.  This will stop the 
snipers that are near you until you use the health item.  

Items that can be found in this scenario: Green herb(X6), Red herb, TMP ammo,
hand grenade(X4), incendiary grenade, flash grenade, first aid spray. 

This particular scenario may cause some trouble for Hunk.  But fear not, for I
have a few tips that will hopefully assist you in taking home the five stars.
I would recommend shooting fast at the zealots with shields since it is 
difficult to shoot a part of their body when they are right in front of your
face.  Save your hand grenades for the garradors.  Once they have been stunned
due to the effect of the grenade, run right up to them and perform the same 
trick that Leon can do with his shotgun.  Fire extremely fast and aim up, it 
can go through to their backs(you can tell by the sound).  It's risky, but if
you want to be on the safe side, you don't have to do it.  Just keep stunning
them with grenades and shooting them from a distance if you must.  If you ever
find yourself low on TMP ammo, it is neckbreaker time.  Aim up and shoot the
zealot right in the face(sometimes only one measley bullet!)and you should be
able to perform the neckbreaker easily.  Keep doing so until one or more of 
them drops ammo.  Once you have enough ammo you can continue performing the 
neckbreaker or just shooting.  It's your choice.  In the final room you will
notice that there are two grenades there...use them for the garradors.  
Remember, to be successful with Hunk you must pick up a lot of ammo.  

Wesker(another high score demon):
Items that can be found in this scenario: Green herb(X6), Red herb, handgun 
ammo, rifle ammo, magnum ammo(X5), incendiary grenade, hand grenade(X4), flash
grenade, first aid spray.

Perhaps one of the easiest levels for Wesker to gain points on.  It is 
possible to actually get well over 200,000 points on this level, so obtaining
60,000 should not be too much trouble folks!  Wesker's handgun is an excellent
weapon.  Either aim low or high and he will be given the opportunity to 
perform a devestating attack.  Once you get tired of the handgun switch over 
to the sniper.  Keep picking up ammo! You will run out of sniper ammo if you 
choose not to.  That and that alone, will most likely bring you to your 
downfall.  The Killer7 should be saved for emergency situations and the end.
For the first garrador use the same technique everyone else does, don't bother
wasting magnum on him.  Wesker has hand grenades, use one.  When the garrador
is stunned shoot him in the back with the sniper.  Much like my friend,
ol chap one shot=death.  Break open barrels for killer7 ammo, there is more
than you think.  Keep stocking up on magnum ammo, it will help greatly in the
future.  I would recommend waiting outside the final room just to rack up your
kill count.  Wesker can go as far as he wants to here.  It is possible to
obtain 170+ kills in a row on this scenario.  Once 30 seconds is left on the
timer head into the final room and throw a grenade at the first garrador.  Try
to aim it so that a nearby zealot will also be killed.  Keep up tricks like
that to keep that kill count up.  The Killer7 is an extremely powerful weapon
that can stun any garrador.  Just one shot to the back of the metallic one and
it dies.  Once all the garradors are dead, feel free to use the killer7 on
regular enemies.  This will help you rack up the kill count quickly.  Every
area you stop at there is an opportunity to keep the kill count alive...just
keep that in mind.  You can pick up every timer and still have the kill count
going right from the beginning.  

C. Military Base
Time Placements.  You'll notice that every timer on the Military Base scenario
is for 30 seconds.  

- Underneath ladder complex(aka basement).  30 second timer.

- Near steps.  You'll notice this one is at the base of the steps that lead to
the ground level(next to explosive container).  30 second timer.

- Right next to the hand slider.  30 second timer.

- Upon riding the slider, you'll notice another timer when you jump down.  30
second timer.

- Upon leaving the back route of the ladder structure you'll notice a timer
that is right near a area that leads near a dead end(with a barrel).  30
second timer.

- 30 second timer underneath ladder that leads to a treasure chest and a box.
The box contains a green herb.  

-In the same area as above, there is another timer sitting on the edge facing
another area on the same level.  30 second timer.

- On the tip top of the ladder complex.  30 second timer.

- Top of ladder, leading into ladder complex.  30 second timer.

- 1st floor of the ladder complex. 30 second timer.

- Two timers on the second floor of the ladder complex.  Both are 30 seconds

***The Treasure Chests***
- You will notice one upon landing from the hand glider.  

- At the top of the ladder complex.

- Near an explosive barrel and two ladders.  It is located right near a timer
and next to a box which contains a green herb.

~~~Caution's recommendations for beginning the Military Base~~~

There are three different locations in which you can start.  Much like the
village I will go through each of them individually and then move onto the 

I. In front of double doors:  I would recommend starting out by running 
forward and disposing of any ganados in your way.  It seems as if the 
ganados are a bit weaker on this level, so hopefully that will help.  A
ganados with a shield should jump down from the first floor of the ladder
complex, kill him.  Once that is done I recommend heading under the complex
and out to where the timer is.  There should be a J.J. nearby.  Lucky for you
there is also a explosive container nearby too.  Do your best to shoot the 
container while also effecting the J.J.  Once he has been taken care of, keep
moving forward until you meet a few ganados that have dynamite.  Wait until 
they light that up and take care of them.  Hopefully your kill count will be
somewhat all right by this stage.  Keep moving forward collecting time while at
the same time keeping that kill count.  By now you should be encountering your
second J.J. so use the explosive container that is nearby.  There is an easy 
way to take care of J.J. without the explosive containers for each character.
I will explain all of that once I get to the individual
character section for this scenario.  Keep grabbing the bonus time and keep 
track of your time.  I can't stress enough how important it is to keep track
of your time.  The most important factor of this scenario is the time.

II. On top of the ladder complex.  Fire at the ganados and grab the treasure
chest.  Once you have killed a few, a J.J. will appear.  Take him out with
either the sniper/shotty/grenade/killer7.  Most likely your kill count will
die by this point because once you head down the complex you'll lose it.  I
have found that kill counts aren't all that important in this scenario.  As
long as you have enough time and continue killing enemies, you will be fine.
Grab both the timers on the second floor of the complex and pay careful
attention to the explosive container.  Use that on a J.J. or a large group of
ganados.  You might even want to use it to keep your kill count up.  If you
can get around 30 kills in a row, that is good for this scenario.  As long as
you kill everything in your way and keep moving, this shouldn't be too hard.

III. Corner area(with roof): First off, let me say that you should not break
open the barrel right behind you.  If you choose to do so, most likely a 
ganados will hurt you from behind.  Just move right along and take out the
enemies that climb the steps to greet you.  At the same time move up the
stairs towards the hand slider area.  There is a trick here that is usually
triggered in every game.  Once you're up there a ganados with dynamite usually
appears.  Once you have let him light that up, kill him.  Now, immediately
grab the timer and slide down to the other side.  Hopefully someone else
should have been killed while you were sliding down.  Upon reaching the other
side, you should look for anyone to kill.  This is much easier for Wesker and
Ada simply because of their sniper rifle.  Grenades can help too...just chuck
one down below.  Open the treasure chest and head down and kill the enemies
that will be behind you.  Once you have done that and have explored the area
fully, head towards the ladder complex area and pick up all the timers 
surrounding that area and in that area itself.  

***Individual characters***
NOTE: The items that I list under each character DO NOT count as the items
that the ganados grop.  What they drop is completely random.

Items that can be found in this scenario:Hand grenade(X3), handgun bullets,
green herb(X4), shotgun shells, red herb(X3), First Aid Spray(X3). 

I'm going to start off by telling the truth here.  This scenario is not
difficult.  You just need to know where the timers are and how to kill
the J.J.'s without too much of a hassle.  I don't care how great you were 
playing the main game, you will not be able to get 60,000 on this scenario
until you explore this area.  The timers are extremely tricky and all of 
them only supply you with a low amount of thirty seconds.  You need to
keep track of your time.  The worst thing that can happen in this scenario
is if you're always chasing time.  Chasing time will end your kill counts and
you will get less kills that way.  For Leon, sometimes just two shots from his
handgun will take out some of the ganados here.  When you're fighting J.J.,
get close, but not close enough to the point where he can hit you with his
gatling gun.  Shoot him directly in the head area with the shotgun and he will
be stunned.  Keep repeating that process until he falls to his death.  The
only way you can fail here is if you miss or run out of ammo.  If he is about
to fire, get closer to him...he will stop.  However, he will attempt to hit
you with his gatling gun.  Take a step back or shoot him...choose whichever
one you want.  Although I would recommend firing at him again.  You may also
use the explosive barrels to your advantage.  Those will stun J.J. allowing
you to fire at him.  Do not attempt to fire at J.J. while at a distance with
Leon!  That will only result in death.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X3), handgun bullets,
Green herb(X4), rifle ammo, Red herb(X3), First aid spray(X3).

As per usual, I would recommend saving Ada's sniper for the big dogs.  Of
course I'm referring to the J.J.'s here.  If you're going to use your sniper,
just make sure that you have enough ammo for the J.J.'s.  Ada's best bet is to
take J.J. out from a distance.  Her sniper rifle is the only gun that can do
that effectively.  Aim at his head, and his little cap will fall off and he'll
be stunned.  Keep firing and he'll fall to his death.  Since the J.J.'s will
always drop a first aid spray, Ada shouldn't have too much trouble keeping her
health up.  Attempt to keep a kill count, but don't go nuts.  Most likely
you will end up killed if you concentrate solely on kill counts in this 
scenario.  I would recommend using the TMP and handgun on normal enemies and
using her defensive actions.  

Items that can be found in this scenario:Hand grenade(X3), arrows,
Green herb(X4), Red herb(X3), First aid spray(X3).

By now you should know that you need to use his claw on the tough enemies.
You should try and take J.J. by getting close and waiting until he has to 
reload his gatling gun.  Once he is doing that, move in and use the claw.
While playing this scenario I ended up surrounded a few times.  Like I stated
earlier, use his flash grenade when that happens.  A perfect opportunity to 
take back the game from the ganados and to reach any items that you're 
desperately trying to get a hold of.  

Items that can be found in this scenario:Hand grenade(X3), TMP ammo,
Green herb(X4), Red herb(X3), First aid spray(X3)

For Hunk, do your best to keep a kill count up.  It really isn't that 
important but if you're going for a high score, that's what you'll need.  I 
would recommend using the hand grenades on J.J. until he falls to his death.
If you're out of hand grenades, try shooting him right in the face.  This is
extremely tricky because this is difficult.  Either he will get stunned or he
will just keep shooting.  I'd definitely say Hunk would have the hardest time
on this level.  As long as you keep picking up items and finding grenades and
ammo you should be perfectly fine.  

Items that can be found in this scenario:Hand grenade(X3), handgun bullets,
Green herb(X4), Red herb(X3), First aid spray(X3), magnum rounds.

If you're having trouble here, I'd begin to wonder how you even beat the game.
Anyway, Wesker is perfect for this level.  He has the sniper rifle which is
terrific for the J.J.'s at long range.  And if you're ever caught with a J.J.
directly in front of you, he's got the Killer7.  Use the Killer7 for emergency
situations here...but feel free to use it on a ganados with a shield.  I
hardly end up using it all on this scenario.  Wesker also comes equipped with
grenades which is a huge plus.  You'll definitely want to snipe most enemies
and turn around while running to kill more.  This level is the most difficult
to keep an impressive kill count up.  If you want a high score, take chances.
Be fast and shoot explosive barrels that you cannot even see, hoping to keep
that kill count alive.  I would like to point out that there are two areas in
which enemies seem to respawn a little.  One is the area where there are steps
leading down to a lower level(near ladder complex)and the other is on the 
ground level leading into the area that shows some watery area.  If you cannot
find any enemies try visiting those locations.  

D. Waterworld.
Time Placements.

- Second floor of ladder tower, can be hard to obtain.  To obtain it you must
drop down from the top floor(towards the left).  30 second timer.

- 30 second timer next to door(and barrel)leading inside an area with a rather
large hole above it.

- 60 second timer on top of the ladder tower.

- 30 second timer right out in the open.  Near steps that lead into a 

- 30 second timer right next to door, straight down from a ladder.

- 30 second timer inside structure with a huge gaping hole at the top.

- 60 second timer at the top near the gaping hole.  Next to a treasure chest.

- 30 second timer near ladder leading to where the hand glider is.

- 60 second timer righ near hand glider(almost next to it)

- 30 second timer in front of open window.  Near treasure chest and sometimes

- 30 second timer near open window.  Right next to treasure chest.

- 30 second timer on porch area.  

***Treasure Chests***
- Area near huge gaping hole, next to timer.

- Area underneath porch, near timer.

- Area near open window.  Sometimes a Dr.Salvador will appear there.

~~~Caution's three recommendations for beginning the Waterworld~~~

I. On top of ladder structure: Expect to hear a chainsaw starting right away.
Kill a couple of the ganados and jump down to the floor below.  If you're 
feeling daring, grab the thirty second timer that is there.  If not, just jump
right off and keep running straight.  Keep heading straight until you meet a 
dead end with a door and ladder to your left.  Once you turn around look for 
Dr.Salvador, and begin firing at him.  If you have the sniper, this is cake,
if not keep firing at him to at least weaken him up.  There is also an
explosive barrel where he should run by...shoot it.  That obviously can weaken
him down.  If it looks as if he is getting too close, head into the door 
towards the left(or ladder)and keep running until you can make a stand 
somewhere.  Keep trying to make a stand to get a few shots in, then return to
running.  Keep that pattern up.  If worse comes to worse, make your way up to
towards the top of the structure that has the hand glider.  Run all the way to
the hand glider and proceed to turn around.  You can fire at Dr.Salvador from
there, and it's safe.  If he gets too close, simply hit "A" and ride the hand
glider to the other side.  Attempt to fire at him from a distance.

II. Inside structure: I would recommend firing at the ganados here and waiting
for the dynamite nut.  With an explosion, your kill count will begin.  From
there, grab the timer on the deck and turn around and kill any ganados in your
way.  Head back inside and grab the ammo lying around if you like.  Head 
towards the left all the way down the hall to the treasure chest room.  Open 
that up, and kill the ganados that begin to pour in through the window and the
doorway.  From here you should head downwards to meet more enemies.  I would
recommend heading up the ladder tower when you have lost your kill count
already, so something like climbing up a ladder doesn't do that for you.

III. Outside Corner: Start off by killing the first few ganados and wait for
ol' nut job to come in with the dynamite.  Let that kill count go up and run
towards the right of where you started.  Grab the timer near the ladder but go
left instead of heading up towards the ladder.  Keep running until you see a
ganados with a shield headed straight for you(from the steps).  Stay in that
area and kill as many ganados as you can before you hear the chainsaw start up.
Also note that there is also a treasure chest nearby.  Use that to your 
advantage.  After killing enough ganados, Dr.Salvador will be activated and
will either come from behind or towards the left(inside room with hole at top).
Use the hand glider method, snipe, or throw grenades at him.  If he falls down,
fire at will.  Once he is defeated, proceed to the area east of where you
started.  Don't climb the ladder that takes you to the top of that structure,
but rather one that takes you inside it(where you'll sometimes start, 
inside the structure).  Instead of running into the room where Dr.Salvador 
is(somtimes), go to the window and throw in three or four hand grenades(if you
have them)really fast.  That should kill him before his chainsaw motor even

***Individual characters***
NOTE: The items that I list under each character DO NOT count as the items
that the ganados grop.  What they drop is completely random.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6), 
shotgun shells(X5), First aid spray(X3), handgun ammo, Red herb(X3). 

Keep a kill count up, and start running in the opposite direction of 
Dr.Salvador when he you hear his chainsaw motor.  I would recommend using the
hand gliding method(standing by hand glider and firing at Dr.Salvador...go
down if he gets too close)perhaps even a few times if you must.  Keep running
until you can make a stand against Dr.Salvador.  Once you get a few shots in,
keep running and shooting.  Only keep shooting if you're certain that you have
weakened him enough for him to fall.  Do not run into areas in which the other
Dr.Salvador is known to appear at.  You don't want to take on two at a time.
Once both the doctors are dead, go nuts with the kill counts and bonus time.
In fact, I wouldn't even bother opening a treasure chest while a Dr.Salvador
is out.  You will need a pretty good kill count(s) to at least get 60,000 with
Leon.  If you ever pick up a grenade, use it only against the Dr.Salvadors.
It may be strong enough to even knock them down.  That will allow you to shoot
him while he is down.  There is a hand grenade at the top of the ladder
structure in a barrel.  

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6),
rifle ammo(X5), First aid spray(X3), handgun ammo, Red herb(X3). 

Start out with the handgun.  Excellent way to start off an impressive kill
count record.  Use the TMP to strike mid sections or knees.  Aim for 
headshots if you like.  Don't forget about the defensive actions.  My
recommendations are for you to save her sniper rifle ammo for Dr.Salvador and
for enemies that are at a long range.  Firing at a range at the good ol'
doctor is best for Ada.  I would recommend the hand glider area or any area
with a back to it.  The sniper rifle is the key to taking down the 

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6),
arrows, First aid spray(X3), Red herb(X3). 

This shouldn't be too hard at all.  With Krauser's claw, this should be much
easier.  Save his claw for the Dr.Salvador's and rack up the points with the
kill counts and treasure chests.  He is one of the characters that could
possibly gain the highest score on this scenario due to the way he can kill
the Dr.Salvadors.  Nobody else can kill them as fast as he can...which allows
more time to concentrate on kill counts.  If you're going for a high score, I
would recommend visiting the ladder structure first or last to keep the kill
count going as long as possible.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6),
TMP ammo, First aid spray(X3), Red herb(X3). 

This may be one of the hardest scenarios for Hunk, so take notes people! :D
First off, save all of the hand grenades for the two Dr.Salvadors.  Try and
manipulate yourself to have one of the Dr.Salvador's appear near the open
window.  This will give you an opportunity to use the grenade method in which
you don't even have to hear his chainsaw motor for him to be dead.  Keep 
picking up that ammo and search desperately for grenades.  If you're at a 
distance, fire at the Dr.Salvadors with your TMP.  It's better than nothing.  
You'll want to keep your distance from the doctors and continue racking up a
high kill count by neckbreaking and firing with the TMP.

Items that can be found in this scenario: Hand grenade(X4), Green herb(X6),
magnum rounds(X5), handgun ammo, First aid spray(X3), Red herb(X3).  

As with Ada, I recommend taking on the two Dr.Salvadors from a distance.
His sniper rifle is perfect for them and the distance.  Save the Killer7 for
times when the Doctor gets too close or when you end up surrounded. Keep the
kill count up, by quickly turning around and facing more enemies and then 
proceeding to the location in which you want to head forwards to. Anything
works for Wesker...the grenades, Killer7, sniper, hand gliding method.  
Anything works for taking out the Dr.Salvadors.  

               7. Updates
8/2/2005: Added the number of
Dr.Salvador's there are at Waterworld, grammar.

7/6/2007: Fixed random grammar mistakes, leader zealot info, added email
section, added knife to Krauser's weapon list, update to magnum and twin

               8. Email section *NEW*
When I first created this guide, a few people contacted me through Email,
and asked me if I was accepting user submitted tips.  Well, now I am!

I will give credit to whoever e-mailed me here, and I am pasting what
their tips are right here in their very own words! 
Note: I am not 100% certain of these strategies.  Results may vary. 

Here's one from jcperez12 AKA Jose Carlos Perez Romero. (s = second)

"Going straight to the point, I have a strategy I use at the village which
can be adapted to all characters. When I start, I grab all the stuff at the
village,especially the two grenades at the tower and two story house. Space
is never an issue, not even for  Wesker if you keep handgun ammo limited to
one box. I don't grab the 90 s at the cabin with the locked door, or the
time that's in the barn in front of it. Then, I go to the ladder barn. This
is a place to take advantage of your higher position at the 2nd floor. I
wait till about 3:20 min when there is a nice amount of ganados, grab the
time bonus, and blow up the barrel. Then I wait for the next group to come,
with a 'nade at hand. When I get about 8, I let it loose. With this, I get
16-19 kills in the bonus time. Then I wait for another group of about six
which includes two Bella Sisters,throw my other nade. Krauser doesn't even
need a 'nade for this part, his arm kills this last group. If I use HUNK,I
throw the  'nade, then I throw his only flash grenade, drop down, and break
both sisters' neck (you must be sure they are apart, or it won't work).With
the other characters, drop down and blast away the sisters with the
strongest weapon, or another 'nade or fire bomb if they have one. I usually
get a 35000+ score after this.

Then I  run to the cabin with the 90 s bonus,wait about 20 s for ganados to
come, grab the time and the chest, then run into the barn in front, nabbing
the time. In here, again wip out a strong weapon and blast away.You'll face
a big bunch of ganados and four Bella Sisters, two at a time. Wesker's okay
with his rifle and 'nade arsenal, Ada with her rifle, or TMP for close
quarters and her fire bombs, Leon with the shotty, Krauser can use
everything from his bow, arm attack, or kick. For me, this is where HUNK
really shines, with the 'nade arsenal and his TMP. With HUNK and Wesker I
get many times 30+ combos, but it requires practice. If you do, you're
already on track for a nice 90000+ score (that's why those two guys rock).
After the massacre is over, you might still have some time left, I usually
have about 45 s left. I go and grab the final time bonus behind the two
story house, and wait for another crowd to gather, this part is almost
exclusively for HUNK and Wesker 'cause it's them who have enough time and
'nades left for this part. In there you can get some nice 10 combos using
'nade and with your time bonus at hand your score can even get up to for
110000+. Well, that's about it.

As you can see, this is a strategy made for guys who know well the village
map and get usually 5 star scores, but want those really high 100,000 and
beyond scores, which give a really awesome sense of satisfaction on a job
that was well done. But you need to know the place by heart."

Here's another from "Ice Wolf" for tips on the Waterworld...
"I don't know if you know about this but from my experience I have found
that itworks extremely well with all characters for good starting points
(around 30'000 in the first minute)

I have the PS2 version, so there might be a few differences.

Level: Water world

Recommended weapons per character:
Leon = Shotgun
Ada = TMP
Krauser = Arrow (only weapon he has)
HUNK = TMP (only weapon he has)
Wesker = Killer Magnum

begin the level inside the structure, if you begin on the top of the ladder
fort or below it, restart using the "reload from continue point" option.
First, don't kill ANYONE at all, run outside imediately onto the deck, a
ganado will drop down, don't worry about him. Another ganado will be on the
deck with an axe, 9 times out of 10 he will miss and is easy to dodge
anyway, don't kill him though. Grab the timer next to him and run to the
right of the timer and jump off the end. Behind you should be a chest with
the 30 sec bonus timer.Spin around and grab that timer then run immediately
to the right, there should be a a small "climb over" wall there which is
greenish in color and a wall which overlooks the ocean. Spin around. It's
the perfect corner for your weapons while your 30 sec bonus timer runs down
and all those beginning guys will follow you right into your point racking
trap. There's normally 10 of them. They will appear around the small step
"pyramid" with the timer on it. Also a dynamite ganado will drop from that
ladder over there, if you manage to hit his lit bomb,you get that much more
points from the resulting explosion. Also there are NO Doctors to deal with
at this point so you should be free set to kill.

For Leon, you will probably need to move around closer to ganados to kill
them quickly. Not a problem for his shotgun.

For Ada and HUNK,their TMP's make quick work of them with chest shots. Head
shots only run the risk of a parasite being exposed. Plus when the dynamite
ganado drops down, TMP's will turn him into a time bomb.

For Krauser,arrows and lots of them, quick turns from left to right because
his weapon is single shot and maybe the use of his arm if gando's get too

For Wesker, make sure you teach the gando's who the top guy is around here.
Unleash hell with his magnum. Show no mercy.

Now, once the timer runs out, don't stop there. Keep racking up the kills,
the more you get the bigger the score. If you find yourself low on ammo,
then either switch weapons (which I doubt HUNK or Krauser will need to do
since they only have 1) or run out of there. Doesn't matter that your using
the biggest and the best first, there's HEAPS of ammo laying around for
their best guns.

After that you should have around (or close to) 30,000 within the first

If anyone has other tips that you want me to place here, just email me
or AIM me.  Contact information is below.  :)

               9. Thanks and Disclaimer
I'd like to thank Holy for giving me the motivation to create this, my friends
at the REmake board, Toad22484, and Wurmpac...Need I say more? :D

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document belong to their 
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I have obtained are from the actual game which is owned by Capcom.  This may 
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at Cautionwurm.  

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