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Star Fox Assault Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Star Fox Assault

We have 20 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Fox Assault please send them in here.

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Star Fox Assault Action Replay Codes

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Unlock Multiplayer Bonuses

When you complete the indicated number of Multiplayer matches the corresponding bonus becomes unlocked in multiplayer mode:
Unlock Special Items On/Off Option:
Complete 5 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Missile Launcher:
Complete 5 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Missile Launcher Only mode:
Complete 10 Multiplayer matches.

Play as Peppy Hare:
Complete 15 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Gattling Guns:
Complete 20 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Crown Capture Mode:
Complete 30 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Titania Desert Map:
Complete 40 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Sure Shot Scuffle Mode:
Complete 50 Multiplayer matches.
Unlock Simple Map 4:
Complete 60 Multiplayer..


Unlock Survivor Mode:
Complete Story mode.
Unlock Xevious Mini-Game:
Complete Story mode with ALL Silver friendship medals.
Unlock Demon Sniper Rifle in Multiplayer Mode:
Collect ALL of the flags on any level to get this rifle which is able to destroy Master Tanks or Arwings with just one shot.
Unlock Wolf O'Donnell in Multiplayer Mode:
Either collect the friendship medals on ALL 10 levels or complete Story mode with no allies killed.
Unlock Peppy Hare in Multiplayer Mode:
Complete 15 versus mode matches.

Star Fox Assault cheats

Unlock Xevious Bonus Game:
Get every silver medal in Story mode

Star Fox:Assault Cheats

Collect all Silver medals in Story mode

Beat the game on Bronze difficulty
Peppy Hare:
Earn a Bronze medal on all 10 of the game's missions:
Rocket Launcher in Multiplayer Mode:
Play 5 multiplayer matches

Missile Launcher Only Mode:
Play 10 multiplayer matches
Peppy Hare as Playable:
Play 15 matches

Gattling Guns:
Play 20 multiplayer matches
Crown Capture Mode:
Play 30 multiplayer matches

Stage: Titania Desert:
Play 40 multiplayer matches
Sure-Shot Scuffle Mode (1-hit kills):
Play 50 multiplayer matches
Simple Map 4:
Play 60 multiplayer matches
Fireburst Pods:
Play 75 multiplayer matches

How to unlock Peppy Hare.

You must play multiplayer at LEAST 30-50 times then it will say: You May Now Use Peppy Hare In VS. Mode.

Get matches fast!

Well if you have enough matches then you can always do what I do for quick match points. If you have sure shot scuffle and simple map 4 then set it on 1 kill only and only have arwings then you can get the match done in less than 3 seconds! Then just keep hitting retry and you'll get that prize in no time!

Star Fox: Assualt cheats

Wolfen: Play 150 VS matches.
Predator Rockets: 170 matches
Cluster Bombs: 200 matches
Booster Pack/Launcher Tilt mode: 230 matches
Stage - Simple Map 5: 260 matches
Demon Sniper: Collect all five Flags
Xevious: Collect all silver medals

Sector Y and the Astroid belt

To SEE Sector Y, during the cut scene where you fight Pigma look near the Arwing. Youll see Sector Y. (From Star Fox 64. Also it lost it's color because it's old.)
Astroid belt. Go to the same level. It's from Star Fox 64. your in it.

Play as Leon in VS Mode

Succesfully complete 370 matches to unlock the member os Star Wolf, Leon in VS Mode

A few Hints.

Resons why people suspected Andross.
1 The Krazoas had no electricity even though the Krazoa statues have METAL PIPES
2 in the credits it says *forgot forgot* As ANDROSS
3 in moon moutain pass she said " I need Krazoa spirts...or I will not surrvive...Help me...." in the ending before Andross the Krazoas go to him.
Unused audio
During moon moutain pass where she said all that crap it was originaly in English. "What now?" was probably used in the version where Krystal could talk in the crystal. Oringinaly she said the following. What now? Better luck next time general! I've got a bad feeling about this... Took place where she beat scales. I'm going to head inside. (except what now?)well I guess this is goodbye Fox. Can you take me back to my ..

Play as Andrew Oikonny in VS Mode

Complete 360 matches in Multiplayer mode in VS Modes

Blue Angel Star Fox

My friend Kyle and I did this! IT IS REALY KOOL!
Step:1 get close in Arwings/Wolfens.
Step:2 Do a barrel role then go sideways. (or just skip this part)
Step:3 At the same time, go left (if he is on the right.)
Step:4 count to 3 then meet again, by dash past each other.
Part 2
Step one: do the same thing but go up while he goes down.
Part 3 do the c-up/c-down commands side by side simultaniously.
P.S.... I THINKING ABOUT ANOTHER SCREENNAME. HOW ABOUT gold pheonix? [email protected]

Star Fox: Assault cheats

Here are some unlockables:
Wolfen: play 150 VS matches
Predator rockets: play 170 VS matches
Cluster bombs: play 200 VS matches
Booster pack/Launcher Tilt mode: play 230 VS matches
Stage: Simple Map 5: play 260 VS matches
Demon Sniper: collect all S flags
Xevious: collect all Silver medals.

A star wars reference and a glitch

Star wars reference: You know the Arwing? There's an R-Wing in Star Wars.
Glitch: at level 10 the final battle when fox says Its Time To face the queen!
Go to top of the map and do loops constontly and then you should have looped over the tunnel and back in !

Beat a landmaster easier.

When in VS mode with your friends and one of them happens to find a Landmaster.
Get at a high place with a sniper rifle and shoot it two times.
Then it will blow up!

Unlock Andross in VS Mode

Successfully complete 410 matches in VS Mode to unlock Andross.

Unlock General Scales in Vs Mode

Complete 400 matches in VS Mode to Unlock The Mercinary General Scales.

Unlock General Pepper in VS Mode

Successfully complete 375 matches in VS Mode to unlock General Pepper.

Unlock Pigma in VS Mode

Complete 340 matches in to unlock pigma in multiplayer mode

Play as Panther Caroso

Complete 300 matches in VS Mode to unlock Panther Caroso in VS Mode.

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