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Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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A collection of cheats that includes getting quick money and supplies, unlocking Waluigi and unlocking the Boat Parlor, Paper Parlor and Plane Parlor games.

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Unlock Boat Parlor Game:
Play the 'I must have that book' Sidequest By Toodles

Unlock Paper Parlor Game:
Play the 'Save My Daddy!' Sidequest By Pine. T Jr.

Unlock Plane Parlor Game:
Play the 'Try and find me!' Sidequest By Koopkook

Unlock Tube Parlor Game:
Play the 'Important Thing!' Sidequest By Frankie

Pit of 100 Trials Rewards:
Earn a new badge or other item for every 10 levels completed in the Pit of 100 Trials.
Unlock Sleepy Stomp Badge:
Complete levels 1-10
Unlock Fire Drive Badge:
Complete levels 11-20
Unlock Zap Tap Badge:
Complete levels 21-30
Unlock Pity Flower Badge:
Complete levels 31-40
Unlock Strange Sack (Doubles Inventor..

Waluigi Outfit

People have been arguing if this was true for a long time and I'm here to say it's completely real. When you equip the L emblem badge which allows Mario's outfit to turn green like Luigi with the W emblem badge, which allows Mario's outfit yellow like Wario, if you equip them together, Mario's outfit will turn purple, like Waluigi.


To get really easy money after you get the third crystal star you can reget the
The champs belt. Than after you beat the game (maybe) you can keep fighting
Rawk Hawk over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
And over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and
Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over
Try it and see. (with items)

Hope this helps Majorgamer.

End of game tip

Before yo fight Grodus make sure your Star Points sre atleast 80. That way when you beat Grodus you will fully heal before you fight Bowser.

Secret Door Behind Help Center

When you acquire flurrie, go behind the help center in Rougeport, by going through the crack the in the wall. Face the back of the help center, and use flurries gust ability to blow a invisible cover off a door. A door will appear, go into the building and you'll be in the back of the help center.
~Hope this helps.

Quick Money/Quick Supplies

If in need for some money or maybe need supplies to restore health and FP, this is a very easy and simple way.
There is a blue-mole-creature known as Whacka on Keelhaul Key. He will be your source.
1. Sail to Keelhaul Key.
2. When you arrive, head to Northwest (upper left) of the area (left of the hole in the wall if you have defeated Cortes) in the patch of empty space.
3. Run around that small space until Whacka appears.
4. Whack him with a hammer or jump on him, and he will drop an item called "Whacka Bump".
5. Leave the area through the hole in the wall or to where the sailors are in the east, and come back. Whacka will be back. Repeat as neccessary.
If you are going to sell them, they are worth 50 coins each, so ..

Yoshi Colors

To get the color yoshi you want, follow this chart
Time Color
0-6 Minutes Green Yoshi
6-9 Minutes Red Yoshi
9-11 Minutes Blue Yoshi
11-15 Minutes Orange Yoshi
15-18 Minutes Pink Yoshi
18-19 Minutes Black Yoshi
19-20 Minutes White Yoshi

Hooktail's Weakness

Squeeze through the bars of the cell in the room with three cells in Hooktail Castle. Equip it and your jump and hammer attacks sound like the one thing Hooktail hates: crickets!

Leap of faith

This is just something funny I found out. You can make koops fall off the top of the castle!
Go to hooktails castle and get to the place right outside of the place you fight hooktail and get out koops and kick him so he stays up there and then while still holding down x walk about half way down that that winding stairs still on the outside and relese x and walk a few steps and you will see koops on the outer part of the castle falling all the way to the bottom.

just in case your missing someone in your tattle log that you've

Of you have beaten an enemy that you are unable to ever face again and you forgot to put it in your tattle log don't worry just go to professor frankly's house and check his trash can it will most likely be there

Unlock Waluigi

To unlock Waluigi you need to put the Luigi emblem badge on, and then put the Wario emblem on. Mario should be purple and you will be Waluigi!

selling for more mone than normal

here are a few:
sleepy sheep (10 coins at petalburg)
power punch ( 17 in the great tree)
whack bump (100 coins on train)
dried flower things ( 17 coins on train)

Lady Bow

Once you have beated the game, go to Poshley Sanctum and once you get there, Lady Bow will be there with Bootler!
Lady Bow was one of your partners in Paper Mario 1.

Dooplis makes fun of your name

When you've beaten him at first he'll become you then when he asks "Guess my name" say your name and it'll probably be wrong (depending on your name) then he'll say "Who would name their kid that!?!?!'' (try this with your friends and make fun of their name too!!!!!!!)
He's the guy who makes you a purple Mario and makes himself look like you.

Paper Mario 2 Cheats

Game Over areas
Make sure when doing any of these, save on a save block first unless you need or want a Game Over. This could be useless to you, but in Chapter 6 on the Excess Express, you can read the diary and get a Game Over. Also, the Shadow Queen will ask you to become her servant, and if you say yes, you shall have another game over.
Upside down L?(Waluigi's clothes)
Get both the W Emblem badge and the L Emblem badge, equip both, and you'll look like Waluigi(except for his skinniness, tallness, and stuff).
Free Inn Stays and a Free Meal
Get any Inn Coupon, and go to the Poshley Heights hotel or the Fahr Outpost hotel, and when you wake up, they have a meal prepared for you.
Slo-Mo Mario with Everything else is normal speed

Danger Mario

This is very helpful for the pit of 100 trials. First you need the multi-bounce badge, the power bounce badge, the spike shield badge, the ice power badge, and quite a few FP recovery items. You will also needed to have completed the following troubles at the trouble center: "Try to find me" and "Help my daddy" in order for for you to get the special and silver cards for the pianta parlor so you can get the power rush badge there infinitely.
Now you will need plenty of money. Talk to Chet rippo and keep lowering your HP and upgrading your BP until you are down to 5 HP. Now go to the pianta parlor. Get as many piantas as you can and buy like 20 or more power rushes and equip them all so your power will be greatly increased. And remember to equip all the badges I listed at the b..

some Zess T recipes.

Parfaite:Keel mango+peachy peach
Mango is in a tree at keelhaulkey(hit a tree with hammer)
Peach is at the twilight town hotel(stay the night and it is on the table)
Fire pop:fire flower+cake mix
Fire flower is in several shops
Cake mix is in the delfino casino in west rogueport
Zess dynamite:egg bomb+coconut bomb
Mix coconut + fire flower for coconut bomb get coconut at keelhaulkey
Mix mystic egg+fireflower for egg bomb get egg at the big tree(Chapter 2) however, I'm going to leave it up to you all to figure out how.

Secret Boss

Go to Creepy Steeple and pretty soon you`ll see a whole bunch of Boos. They will transform into Atomic Boo. Atomic Boo is a mini-boss that you need to defeat to win the game.

Hidden places on paper mario

In rogueport,go to the far right and go to the first wall.Then walk forward and there's an area with a bandit and a boy named darkly.
Go to the far right and go to the middle of the two buildings and go forward in paper mode.

Chet Rippo

To get to Chet Rippo you need to acquire Bobbery as a party member in Chapter 6. Once you get him go down the pipe in front of Professor Frankly's House. When you get into the sewers you will notice a cracked wall to your left. Use Bobbery to blow up the crack in the wall and it will reveal a pipe. When you go down the pipe you will be in the background the walk to the house on the right. This house is Chet Rippo's House and he can adjust you and your partners.

Defeating Rawk Hawk

Once fighting him use earth tremor. Then use yoshi's shrink attack. Make sure you have the power jump badge and the charge badge turned on. Keep on using charge as many times as you can, then use the power jump. "this will cause alot of damage." "this will also be a good effect on other bosses too."

Beat the shadow Queen easily

Put on the badges attack plus put 2 of these on and defense plus again 2 and charge and power bounce and if you want feeling fine. When you fight her in her ordinary form after the cutscene were mario can now attack. Charge yourself for a pile of goes eg 13 or more make sure your partner destroys her hands and stay alive no use power bounce and it takes thirty then twenty nine try to keep doing the Action commands then she will die easily.
Hope it works it did for me

How to get past skull rock

To get past skull rock you have to listen to the pirate he will say something and when you get to the part where he says 3 times reds head 4 times blues belly that means jump on the red thing and do a flip drop or whatever that move is called 3 times on reds head and then go hammer the blue thing 4 times. And there you go to the next place. If that does not work do it this way 4 times reds head and 3 times blues stomach

Ramdom things I thought of

Ok I really don't know how people got the ghosts name but on the level with the creepy steeple in twilight town but his name is doopliss, D-O-O-P-L-I-S-S NOT dooplEss but doopliss, why did I say that?
For the skull stone part in kehaull key at the end you have to spin slam the red mustached stone and hammer (with your hammer) the blue mustached stone 3 times and a platform will come up so you trow bobmery on the platform and the door will open.
In the creepy steeple once you have the spinning hammer ability wait until at least two boos start to get on you spin and do this three times, then on boo will say, "I thought you said you would be nice to me" and they will form an atomic boo once you kill it, you get a lucky start badge, really kinda gets old but pays 50 ..

Secret Room

Remember the little chant that Merlee (Shine Sprite dude) gives you, the one about finding something in the castle where you defeated the dragon, beyond the reversable stair, beyond the room where the black treasure chest resides, you would find the Up Arrow. Well, this is something MUCH similar. In the Palace of Shadows, beyond the courtyard, beyond the few rooms, in the room you defeated Gloomtail. Switch your partner to the Admiral and blow up the wall. (If you look closely, you will find a crack on it.) You will go through a small dark tunnel, and on the other side, you will find a secret room with two blocks. One will have the Ultra Shroom, and the other will have the Refresh Syrup. (50 FP)This will save you a bit of trouble in the up-coming battles.

Tricky to find recipies

Here are some recipies that I have found.i thought they might be useful to some of you because they are recipies that are hard to find. If they don't work out you will recieve either a dizzy dial or a peachy peach.
Electro pop -- cake mix + volt shroom
Coco candy -- coconut + cake mix
Honey candy -- honey syrup + cake mix
Icicle pop -- honey syrup + ice storm
Gold bar -- point swap + gold bar x3
Ice storm -- point swap + fire flower
Space food -- dried bouquet + cake mix or dried bouquet + coco candy
Snow bunny -- golden leaf + ice storm
Spicy soup -- fire flower
Spaghetti -- fresh pasta
Spicy pasta -- hot sause + koopasta
Koopasta -- turtly leaf + fresh pasta
Zess cookie -- mystic egg + cake mix
Zess deluxe -- gold..

Go through King K.

In the Glitz Pit, become a fighter, after you beat the Goomba Bros. Reserve a match,(your fight is against the KP Koopas) King K. Will come up to you and say that your next match is against him. He'll stand in the doorway, go behind him, and when the gaurd opens the door,and there you have it, you go through King K:D
Note: This works only in Chapter 3.

Classic Mario

This is a cool thing I found out. Go to the x-naut base on the moon,then go to one of the rooms where you see a hole in the ceiling. Use the super jump to get up there. Then once your up their you'll see an air vent then pass it then you'll see another vent,make Mario turn sideways to go through it. Then you'll fall into one of the dressing room places then when you come out Mario and your partner will look like the classic Mario! But when you leave the room Mario and your partner will be normal again. P.S If your surprised when you see it I was the same way.
P.S.S Not everything is different Mario's pants stay blue.

Trial & Error Backfires

NEVER use Ruin Powder on an Ember or Lava Bubble! They go crazy and quickly multiply-faster than you can kill them.

where to find some star pieces

1.go to the center of rougeport where there is that platform for hanging people and go to the right to where the skull fence is and look behind the boxes near the fence
2.go on top of zess T.'s house and search around the room till you find one
3.go behind the parlor/inn and go into the door and look closly and you should see a yellow glare hiding behind all the junk
4.there might also be one behind the boxes near the left skull fence too I don't exatally remember
5.behind the pipe to the rougeport sewers
6.there is one behind the wall that is there just as you enter the left side of rougeport
7.behind the pipe that leads to the blimp
1.behind the bushes at the entrence to the glitz pit
2. In the blue box with..

Shadow Queen tips!!

When you are battling the Shadow Queen you need to use just the right strategy. You need to have the exact set of badges and it is very complicated. I have made a guide to help some of you out.
It is broken down into steps so pay attention!
1)Buy as many of the best mushrooms you can find. (If you have the rebel badge you shouldn't even have a problem.
2)Go down to where the Shadow Queen is and don't use any of the mushrooms on the way. But take any opportunity you have to heal your health, you will need it.
3)Save your game every time you get the chance, by doing this you are safe from dying, but sometimes it can be hard to find your way out.
4)Before you start the battle set up your badges the way you want to. (I would maximize the HP up..

Cortez Fight Made Easier

Note:Before even going to keelhaul key make sure Ms Mowz is on your team and that you have the Head Rattle Badge for your hammer it's actually easy no fp for anything but Head Rattle use it whenever the confusion goes away then you and Ms Mowz attack.
Simple, No?

how to get spikesheild for free!

Go Underneath Rogueport to the part where the spikes com up and go down(i hope you know where im talking about)use vivian and time when you pull yourself into the shadows(just before the spikes com up)open the chest then you will have spikeshield(spikeshield allows you to jump on spikey enemeys without no HP loss ,but causes them damage!)

how to get mrs.mowz

go to the trouble center and look for the trouble that says ??? choose that trouble the go near the badge place and talk to mrs.mowz then go to where you fought hooktail and use flurrie to get the badge then go back to where you talked to mrs.mowz she will join your party and now you have mrs.mowz!!!

bonetail hints version 0

hi wahoo333 here and we just beat bonetail, (11/13/10).
here is the hints what to use and not to use from badges to characters.
1 basic hints
2 items
3 badges
4 star powers
5 mario's attacks
6 partner

Turning Purple

To turn purple,wear Luigi's clothes and Wario's clothes at the same time.

Quick and easy money and shop points

Ok all you have to do is buy as many dried shrooms on the west side of rougeport, then have Zess T. Cook all of them to shroom frys then sell all of the shroom frys for five coins each.

Getting the ultra hammer

Go to Center Rogueport. When you see a big treasure chest on top of a wooden platform, to the right of the area, get under the platform and use your ultra jump and the treasure chest will fall to the ground.

Wierd Damagers

Sometimes,when you're fighting, you'll get hit by a Bowser Statue or you'll all get hit by a boulder

happy fighting,

Easy starpoints

At kelhaul key, where the bullet bill blasters are, keep on attacking the bullet bills with out attacking the bullet bill blasters. "if you constanly attack the bullet bills you will get 100 starpoints." leave the area and come back where the bullet bill blasters were. Repeat this process for maximim hp, sp and bp.

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