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Follow the dark path or use the light
Mario Party 7 Pack Shot

Mario Party 7


Mario Party 7 FAQ

by Fredk

                                  MARIO PARTY
                                 |        / /
                                  ---    / /
                                    /   / /
                                   /   / /
                                  /   / /
                                 /   / /
|                              MARIO PARTY 7 FAQ                              |
        Copyright Fredk (aka Yelw/Yellow) 2006, all rights reserved.

WARNING: -----------------------
| This guide contains spoilers! |

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  01  |                       TABLE OF CONTENTS                       | TBLC |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

To quickly jump to a part, press Ctrl + F, then type the four letters in the
[]'s (But leave out the []'s). And voilą, you're there!

 01 - Table of Contents       [TBLC]
 02 - Introduction            [INRD]
 03 - Update History          [UDTH]

 04 - Playable Characters     [CHRC]
 05 - Non-Playable Characters [NPCH]
 06 - Spaces                  [SPCS]
 07 - Events                  [EVNT]
 08 - Orbs                    [SBRO]
 09 - Boards                  [BRDS]
 10 - Party Cruise            [PRTY]
 11 - Solo Cruise             [SLCR]
 12 - Deluxe Cruise           [DLXC]
 13 - Minigame Cruise         [MNCR]
 14 - Minigames               [MNGM]
 15 - Duty-Free Shop          [DTFS]

 16 - Legal Info              [LGLI]
 17 - Contact me!             [CNME]
 18 - Credits                 [CRDS]
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  02  |                          INTRODUCTION                         | INRD |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ on GameFAQs. My name is Fredk, I'm the

This FAQ is for the PAL version, I'm saying that just in case there are some
changes between the NTSC/PAL/JAP versions. But if you have an NTSC or JAP
version, I'm pretty sure you won't have any problems if you use this FAQ.

The reason I wrote this? It's first off because I don't have much to do, but
also because while I'm writing this there is only one other FAQ for this game
on GameFAQs. And having multiple choices is only nice, or what?

But I bet you don't wanna read this introduction at all, am I right? Yeah, I
knew I was. So... End of introduction! Or something.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  03  |                         UPDATE HISTORY                        | UDTH |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

----------------- ----------------
 August 15th 2006 | Version 1.1.4 |
----------------- ----------------

So sorry, but I've started to lose interest in this game, so the minigames
section is going slow. In this update, more tiny errors are fixed and I've also
given Super Cheats permission to host the FAQ. I don't know when Version 1.2
will be up, so we just have to wait and see.

----------------- ---------------
 August 6th 2006 | Version 1.1.3 |
----------------- ---------------

I have changed my contributor name on GameFAQs, so I thought I should change it
in the FAQ too. I also changed the number of characters per line from 74 to 79.
The next update will be Version 1.2. It will hopefully be up before the 8th.

----------------- ---------------
 August 5th 2006 | Version 1.1.2 |
----------------- ---------------

Just half a hour after submitting, I remembered some rather important details.

----------------- -------------
 August 5th 2006 | Version 1.1 |
----------------- -------------

Everything except the Minigames section is completed. Improvements will be
made in Version 1.2, it will also include the Minigames section and maybe an

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  04  |                      PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                      | CHRC |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

These are the characters you can play as, including the secret ones.

What would a Mario Party game be without him?

Mario's taller, younger brother.

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The princess of Sarasaland. Unlike Peach, she has only been kidnappen once.

This always-happy dino (?) is my favorite character in pretty much all Mario

Birdo appears for the first time in a Mario Party game, and she's a secret

Mario's rather fat rival.

Waluigi is to Luigi what Wario is to Mario. ...In other words, his rival.

Peach's servant/underling. Toad used to be the character handing out Stars, but
now he's playable!

Toadette appeared in Mario Party 6 as an unlockable character. This time,
Toad's partner is playable from the start.

This not-so-scary ghost has ditched his job as a theif in Mario Party and has
been playable ever since Mario Party 5.

Dry Bones
A dead Koopa who has been appearing in tons of games lately. He's Boo's partner
and he needs to be unlocked.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  05  |                    NON-PLAYABLE CHARACTERS                    | NPCH |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

The other characters in the game, the NPCs (Non-playable characters).

This old Toad is your guide and the guy that sells you Stars.

Donkey Kong
Ever since Mario Party 5, this friendly ape has been an NPC. In this game, you
can play a Single- or Multiplayer DK Minigame if you meet him.

Bowser is back and is still an NPC. As usual, he wants to ruin your party!

Mini Bowser
Don't mix up this guy with Bowser Jr. or Baby Bowser! This tiny clone of Bowser
is also back to ruin your party. He's not as tough as Bowser, though.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  06  |                             SPACES                            | SPCS |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Here's an explanation of the spaces you can land on/pass by and what happens
when you do that.

Blue Space
Land here and you'll receive 3 Coins.

Red Space
Kiss 3 of your Coins good-bye if you land here.

? Space
Something happens if you land here. What it is? It varies from board to board,
so wait and see!

Mic Space
Land here to wager some Coins. If you win the minigame, you get the double
amount of coins back! If you lose, you won't get your Coins back, though.

What is this Minigame, you ask? Well, Toadsworth shows you some cards. Each
card has a fruit on it. Remember the fruits and what cards they were on. Then,
the cards will turn around. Toadsworth asks you which fruit was on each card
(One at a time), and you have to say it into the microphone. Get every fruit
right to win.

Duel Space
Duel another player of your choice! After the duel, the winner gets some Coins
or even a Star from the loser. Sometimes, though, the roulette the winner spins
stops at a red X, which means that you get nothing.

DK Space
Land here to play a DK Minigame for 1 or 4 players. In the multiplayer DK
Minigames, you have to collect bananas. For each banana, you'll get 1, 2 or 3
Coins from DK (The amount of Coins is decided randomly before the Minigame
starts). In Singleplayer DK Minigames, you get either 10, 20 or 30 Coins if you
win (Also decided randomly before the match).

Mini Bowser Space
If you land here, Mini Bowser comes and does something evil. This is what he can

 - He gives you a Cursed Mushroom which makes you move only 1-5 spaces on your
   next turn.

 - Everybody's Coins will be taken by Mini Bowser, then he'll give back the same
   amount of Coins, but everybody will now have an equal number of Coins.

 - Mini Bowser swaps your coins with another player's coins.

 - He shuffles the positions of every player.

 - He shuffles everybody's Orbs.

Bowser Space
Land on a Bowser Space, and you'll have to play one of his Singleplayer or
Multiplayer Bowser Minigames. Stay concentrated, because the reward for winning
is keeping all your stuff.

Orb Space
Pass an Orb Space to get an Orb.

Orb Shop
You can buy Orbs for Coins here.

Star Space
Pass one and you can buy a Star!

Green Arrow Spaces
Passing a green arrow on the ground is pretty common. It's almost like landing
on a ? Space, but you only need to pass it. What happens when you pass it
differs from each arrow.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  07  |                             EVENTS                            | EVNT |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

On each board, the following events happen:

Bowser Time
Every 5th turn, Bowser comes and does something evil. He can do the

 - Build a Bowser Shop on top of an Orb Shop. If you pass this, you have to buy
   a useless item. You can either get a Golden Bowser Statue, which has no use
   at all, or you can get an additional Mini Bowser space for the board. After
   he's sold you something, the shop returns to normal. If you don't have any
   Coins when you pass by, you'll get 10!

 - He'll take a picture! Each character will have their head in a cut-out hole
   on a picture, which looks hilarious. The picture costs 10 Coins, or 20 if
   Bowser...uh, accidently took a picture of himself in front of you. Then
   Bowser will run away without giving you the picture.

 - If you're playing in Grand Canal, Bowser will break a bridge and replace it
   with a Bowser Space-covered one. In Pagoda Peak, bridges will just disappear
   if he breaks one, and you'll be stuck in front of the gap. In Pyramid Park,
   both bridges break, and makes players stuck on one of the sides.

 - Bowser decides to jump off the mountain in Pagoda Peak...This sends players
   down the mountain.

 - In Pyramid Park, Bowser may steal a Star from someone and give it to Mini
   Bowser. Use a Chain Chomp to get it from him.

 - In Neon Heights, he can steal Coins from everyone.

 - He can also steal a Star on said board, and place it in a chest for anyone
   to take.

 - He may also put a Ztar in a chest in Neon Heights. If you find a Ztar,
   you'll lose a Star if you have any.

 - In Windmillville, Bowser can destroy a windmill. When it gets rebuilt, all
   Coins in it are gone and it has no owner.

 - Mini Bowser may steal some coins from a windmill on said board.

 - In Bowser's Enchanted Inferno, he can sink the island with the Star. Any
   player on it will lose half of their coins, and the Star moves somewhere

Last 4 Turns
When the last 4 turns start, the player in last place gets to spin a roulette
and make something interesting happen. This can happen:

 - You get/lose 9 Coins instead of 3 on Red/Blue Spaces.

 - The player in last place gets 40 Coins!

 - In Grand Canal and Bowser's Enchanted Inferno, Stars cost only 10 Coins.

 - In Pyramid Park, a ride on a Chain Chomp will be half price now
 - 10 more Mini Bowser spaces! Ahh!

 - Every Red Space becomes a Bowser Space! Madness!

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  08  |                              ORBS                             | SBRO |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

There are four types of Orbs: Self Orbs, Thrown Orbs, Roadblock Orbs and
Character Orbs. You can get Orbs from Orb Shops or Orb Spaces. You can hold up
to three Orbs at at time. To use one, press B before you hit the Dice Block.

 Self Orbs |

Self Orbs are green.

Use these on yourself!

Mushroom Orb
Roll 2 dices! You'll get 10 Coins if you get two of the same numbers.

Super 'Shroom Orb
Roll 3 dices! You'll get 30 Coins if you get three of the same numbers, and 50
Coins for three 7's!

Slow 'Shroom Orb
Lets you hit a slow-rolling dice. Remember, to get the number you want, hit the
Dice Block when it shows the number before it (i.e. hit 5 to get 6).

Metal 'Shroom Orb
Move without worrying about roadblocks - They won't harm you.

Flutter Orb
Flutter flies you straight to the Star. You still need to pay for the Star,

Cannon Orb
Only available on Pagoda Peak. It shoots you a random number of spaces up the

Lakitu Orb
Lakitu brings you a chest on Neon Heights!

Snack Orb
Prevents a Chain Chomp from attacking in Pyramid Park! You actually have to use
it to get protected, though. The effect lasts for three turns.

 Thrown Orbs |

Thrown Orbs are yellow.

Throw one of these to a Red or Blue Space, or a space belonging to another
character (Including Mini Bowser) to make it yours. Any player who lands here
will suffer the effect of the Orb. If the owner lands on it, he/she gets 5

Hammer Bro. Orb
Steal 10 Coins from whoever lands here!

Piranha Plant Orb
Steal half of the Coins from whoever lands here!

Spear Guy Orb
Whoever lands here must roll a dice and give you a number of Coins equal to
what they got on the dice.

Kamek Orb
Kamek makes up to three of the spaces belonging to the player that lands here,

Toady Orb
The player who lands here must give you one Orb.

Mr. Blizzard Orb
The player who lands here loses all of his/her Orbs. You don't get any of them,

Bandit Orb
Whoever lands here loses Coins from a Windmill (Only in Windmillville).

Pink Boo Orb
Whoever lands here must give you a Star, or 20 Coins if they don't have any

 Roadblock Orbs |

Roadblock Orbs are red.

These Orbs have similiar effects to the Thrown Orbs, but they harm people even
if they only pass by the space they're thrown to, and they'll disappear after
that has happened once.

Spiny Orb
Whoever passes by this loses 10 Coins. You don't get any, though.

Zap Orb
Weren't these called Amps? Anyway, this one is awesome. If someone passes by
this, they'll lose 3 Coins for every step they take. That means they can lose
up to 90 Coins (But that's only if they use a Super 'Shroom Orb)!

Tweester Orb
An opponent who passes it will be blown somewhere else.

Thwomp Orb
Whoever passes this must instantly stop.

Warp Pipe Orb
A player who passes this is sent back to where they started this turn.

Bob-omb Orb
Sends a player down the mountain (Pagoda Peak only).

 Character Orbs |

Character Orbs are blue.

These Orbs are only for some characters.

Fireball Orb
Steal Coins from opponents in your path! Lasts for three turns. (Only for Mario
and Luigi)

Flower Orb
You gain 3 Coins for every space you step on and you'll avoid Roadblocks. (Only
for Peach and Daisy)

Egg Orb
Turn all Character Spaces and Roadblocks in your path into eggs, which will be
turned into Orbs that you can keep. The Character Spaces and Roadblocks you
pass will become normal spaces. (Only for Yoshi and Birdo)

Vacuum Orb
Steal coins from all players! Spin a wheel to decide how many coins to steal
from each player. (Only for Wario and Waluigi)

Magic Orb
Become invisible (Roadblocks will have no effect) and double the numbers on
your dice for two turns. (Boo and Dry Bones only)

Triple 'Shroom Orb
Use the effect of a normal Mushroom for three turns in a row! (Only for Toad
and Toadette)

 Other Orbs |

This Orb is purple.

Mini Bowser Orb
Get this, and Mini Bowser will come and throw it for you automatically. It
becomes a Mini Bowser Space.

...And now, I do not want to write, see or hear the word Orb again. Ever.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  09  |                             BOARDS                            | BRDS |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Here's a description of every board in the game and what the ? Spaces in each
board do.

Grand Canal
This board seems to be inspired by Italy. Grand Canal is a basic Mario Party
board. It's plain, classic fun, just like in '98. The goal is quite simply to
aim for the location of the Star while also collecting the 20 Coins it costs.
There is a large juggling Blooper at the top of the board.

? Spaces:

 - Blooper: The Blooper will shuffle some chests. Each one contains something
   different - a Star, 10 Coins, a Ztar and nothing. Pick a chest, and you'll
   get the contents. Getting a Ztar means that you lose a Star, so it's pretty

 - Tower of Pisa: The tower will fall and Cheep Cheeps will bounce you back to

 - Gondola: You can ride a gondola to the other side of the board. Press A to
   jump for Coins.

 - Coin Collecting: Coins will get thrown towards you! Collect them while
   dodging Spiny eggs.

 - Bridge: The bridge will send you flying to another location.

Pagoda Peak
A big mountain with only one path to the Star. Once you get there, you need to
pay 10 Coins for it. That's cheap! However, once it's been bought, the price
will increasy by 10 Coins! It continues like that, until it reaches 40 Coins.
Then the price will drop down to 10 again.

? Spaces

 - Rockets: Choose a rocket. You'll either get closer to the top, or you'll get
   back to start!

 - Coins in the Waterfall: Jump from one side of the waterfall to the other,
   collecting Coins.

 - Gong: You can change the price of the Star with this! Try to make it 40 if
   someone is just by the Star.

 - Dragon Statue: You're almost there! ...But then the dragon sends you back to

Pyramid Park
Jump onto a Chain Chomp and steal Stars from others! In this board, there is
actually no way to get Stars but to steal them. Each player starts with 5
Stars. Riding a Chain Chomp costs 10 Coins, or 20 if you want 2 Dice Blocks.
You need to actually bump into others if you want to steal their Stars. There
is also a Red Chain Chomp located at the left part of the board, which only
takes 10 Coins for riding it with 3 Dice Blocks!

? Spaces:

 - Bowser Sphinx: It will make everyone have the same amount of Coins.

 - Quicksand: All players on the stones above the quicksand will be sucked in
   and pop up at the other side of the board.

 - Monty Mole: He'll let you play a little minigame. Hit the snakes that come
   out of the hole by selecting a direction with the Control Stick and pressing
   A to smack them. You'll get 1 Coin for each snake you hit. Hitting Monty
   Mole stops the minigame.

Neon Heights
With all the film studios, I'm pretty sure it's based on Hollywood. To get the
Star here, you need to find a chest and pay 10 Coins to open it. But it isn't
that easy, oh no. You see, there are three chests and only one contains a Star.
If you get the chest with the Star, all chest will be refilled and replaced on
the board. There is also one containing 20 Coins, and one containing a Bob-omb
which sends you back to start. You can get a Lakitu Orb on this board. Lakitu
will give you one of the chests, but it's random. You can also play two
minigames in Neon Heights.


 - Shooting: Shoot the Mini Bowser targets, but don't hit Toadsworth! You'll
   earn 1 Coin for each Mini Bowser target you hit, but hit Toadsworth and you
   won't get anything.

 - Baseball: You can play baseball here as well. Press A to hit balls. You'll
   earn 2 Coins for each ball you hit.

? Spaces:

 - Rocket: Fill fuel in a rocket with A, and try to collect Coins!

 - UFO: The UFO switches the chests' locations.

 - Slot Machine: Find pairs of matching pictures, but avoid the Bowser picture!
   If you clear it perfectly, you'll get a Star! If not, you'll get some Coins.

This unusual board is my favorite. There are several windmills located on the
board, containing 1, 2 or 3 Stars. Each time you pass by a windmill, you can
deposit some Coins. If you are the one with the most Coins in a windmill, you
are the owner of it as well as all the Stars in it! However, if someone else
comes and deposits more Coins in it than you, they will take over the windmill
as well as the Stars! There are many forks in the path, so getting to one of
the 2-Star windmills or the 3-Star windmill is easier said than done.

? Spaces

 - Leaf Trampoline: Ground Pound to bounce high into the air and collect Coins!

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno
This board is locked when you start, so to unlock it, you need to finish
Solo Cruise once.

Fortunately, there is one more "classic" board in the game. This board has the
same rules as Grand Canal. Collect 20 Coins and buy the Star. Sometimes during
Bowser Time, Bowser sinks the island with the Star. The Star will change
location and all players on that island will get sent back to start and lose
half of their Coins.

? Spaces:

 - Cannon: The cannon will shoot you to another island!

 - Wrestling: Tap A furiously to push Mini Bowser out. You get 10 Coins if you
   win and lose 10 Coins if you lose.

 - Klepto: Klepto will move the Star (But he won't sink any island).

 - Pillar Jumping: Choose a pillar to jump onto. If you're lucky and you can
   jump on all pillars without sinking, you get a Star! If you fall, you lose
   10 Coins.

 - Roller Coaster: Ride the roller coaster and press A to jump and collect

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  10  |                          PARTY CRUISE                         | PRTY |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

The Party Cruise is a mode for up to 8 players! Here's a mini-walkthrough of

Before we play, we have to change some settings.

How to play
First off, Toadsworth will offer you a tutorial for Party Cruise. Feel free to
view it if you're new to Mario Party (Or if you're not new, as well).

Select Board
Select the board.

Game Type
You can select Battle Royale (1vs.1vs.1vs.1), Tag Battle (2vs.2) or 4-Team
Battle (2vs.2vs.2vs.2). In the two former, you use the controller like normal.
But the latter, 4-Team Battle is a mode for up to 8 players where two players
share a controller! Player 1/3/5/7 uses L and the Control Stick for various
actions, while Player 2/4/6/8 uses R and C for actions.

Various Settings
Here you can set the number of turns before the game ends (10, 15, 20, 25, 30,
35, 40, 45, 50), the playable minigames (All, Easy, Action, Skill, Wierd) and
turn on or off the Bonus Stars after the game ends (More on that later).

Number of Players
Select the number of players with the Control Stick.

If you chose Tag Battle or 4-Team Battle, you can select on what team each
player is going to be.

Each player chooses a character. Press R to select all characters randomly. You
can also set COM players to Weak, Normal or Hard (As well as Brutal once it's

If you want to, some players can start with up to 9 Stars. By default, everyone
starts with 0 Stars (Or 5 in Pyramid Park).

Take a look at the settings and confirm that they are correct. Let's play!

When you're done with the settings, you start playing at the board you
selected. From now on, just follow Toadsworth's instructions. If you need help
with playing the game, see the tutorial by answering Yes when Toadsworth offers
it to you at the start of Party Cruise.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  11  |                          SOLO CRUISE                          | SLCR |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Solo Cruise is where you play alone. ...Or with a friend. The rules of Solo
Cruise are different than Party Cruise and cannot be changed. The rules are:

 - Every game lasts 30 turns (But usually ends before)
 - No Minigames, except for Singleplayer DK- and Bowser Minigames and duels.
 - There are blocks around on the board that give you Coins.
 - You get/lose 5 Coins if you land on a Blue/Red Space, instead of 3.

The boards also have twists. Here's a description:

Grand Canal
The goal here is quite simple: Buy two Stars before your opponent. There's
nothing more to this board.

Pagoda Peak
You need to reach the top. With 100 Coins! Try to avoid buying too many Orbs
and concentrate on saving Coins instead. If you reach the top without 100 Coins,
you'll receive some Coins and get sent back to start.

Pyramid Park
A Bandit has stolen the Star from the Bowser Sphinx! Steal it from him with a
Chain Chomp and return it to the Bowser Sphinx before your opponent can do it.
Getting a Bone Orb helps a lot if you have the Star, because your opponent can
still steal it.

Neon Heights
There are not 3, but 8 chests on the board! 5 of them contain Stars, and 3 of
them contain Bob-ombs. The Bob-ombs will send you back to start like in Party
Cruise. Get 3 Stars to win. The price for opening a box starts at 5 Coins, but
increases by 5 each time one is opened.

Instead of depositing money to windmills, you must pay Coins to repair them in
Solo Cruise. Repairing a 1-Star windmill costs 20 Coins, it's 30 Coins for a
2-Star windmill and to repair the 3-Star windmill you need to pay 50 Coins.

Bowser's Enchanted Inferno
Here, you must get a Star, then pass a green arrow while holding it to
challenge Bowser. Watch out, because many ? Spaces will sink the island with
the Star on it. When you reach Bowser, it's time to play Bowser's Lovely Lift
(See the Minigames section [MNGM]). If you fail at this Minigame, don't worry.
You can continue where you left off if you get another Star and challenge Bowser
again. ...And so can your opponent. So you should try your best to finish it in
one try.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  12  |                         DELUXE CRUISE                         | DLXC |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Deluxe Cruise is like Minigame Cruise [MNCR] (Below), but for 8 Players! It's
the bees knees, as Toadsworth says. In this mode, you can choose 8-Player Free
Battle to play 8-Player Minigames freely or 8-Player Ice Battle to play random
Minigames in order to win. There is little to explain about this, so I won't.
See the Minigames [MNGM] section below to read about 8-Player Minigames.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  13  |                        MINIGAME CRUISE                        | MNCR |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

In Minigame Cruise, you can play any Minigame (Except for 8-Player Minigames
- Read the Deluxe Cruise [DLXC] section above for more info) in various modes.
Here are all the modes you can play:

Free Play Sub
Play any Minigame of your choice (Again except for 8-Player Minigames)!

Volcano Peril
Be the first to win 3, 5 or 7 Minigames to win. You need to play several
Minigames in Party Cruise before you can play this.

Waterfall Battle
Play Duel Minigames against others to win this. You need to have played at
least 1 Duel Minigame in Party Mode to unlock this.

Pearl Hunt
You're in the sea, collecting pearls. Win a Minigame to be able to choose an
oyster containg either...

 - A picture of your character. Collect these to win!

 - A picture of another character. Too bad, now they know where to look!

 - A Mushroom which lets you pick another oyster.

 - A Super Mushroom which lets you pick two other oysters!

 - Opens all nearby oysters for a short moment. Remember what they contained!

 - A whirlpool which switches the oysters' locations.

In order to unlock this, you need to play at least on 4-Player Minigame in
Party Cruise.

Decathlon Castle
You can choose either Full Race or Half Race. In Full Race, you compete in
Track & Yield, Fun Run, Snow Ride, Target Tag, Pokey Pummel, Take Me Ohm, Kart
Wheeled, Helipopper, Monty's Revenge and Air Farce. In Half Race, you compete
in 5 of the above, in a random order. If you're playing a Minigame where you
race for the goal, the Minigame doesn't end until all players have finished.
You earn points in Minigames. The player with the most points when all
Minigames have been played is the winner. You need to have played all of the
above Minigames in order to unlock this mode.

King of the River
This needs to be bought in the Duty-Free Shop before you can play it. In King of
the River, you have to play a number of Minigames to win. It's only for 1
player. If you can go through King of the River perfectly - Without losing once
- You can get a TON of Cruise Mileage Points for the Shop, much more than if
you just play Minigames the normal way.

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. You start with Easy,
where you need to play 10 Minigames. Then you get Normal, where you have to
play 20 Minigames, and finally you get Hard, where you have to play 30
Minigames. If you can't play a difficulty level even if you have unlocked it,
it's because you need more Minigames.

If you can beat 5 Minigames without losing, you'll get an extra life and some
medal which will add to your Cruise Mileage Point reward at the end. There is
also a souvenir waiting for you at the end which is different for each
difficulty level.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  14  |                           MINIGAMES                           | MNGM |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Under construction! This part will be in Version 1.2.

 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------
|  15  |                         DUTY-FREE SHOP                        | DTFS |
 ------ --------------------------------------------------------------- ------

In the Duty-Free Shop you can buy stuff for Cruise Mileage Points which you
will earn while you play. You can also do other stuff, but there's no need to
explain about them since it's pretty obvious what they do. Here is a list of
everything you can buy and the price:

 - Birdo                     - 1000
 - Dry Bones                 - 1000
 - Brutal                    - 1000
 - King of the River         - 2000
 - Stunning Background       - 2000 (Beat Solo Cruise first)
 - Staff Records             - 3000
 - Ice Moves (Minigame)      - 3000
 - Stick and Spin (Minigame) - 3000
 - Annoy Mode (L to taunt)   - 500
 - Map Sounds                - 1000
 - Tour Sounds               - 1000
 - Character Voices          - 1000

There are some secrets you can buy, and they all cost 500 Cruise Mileage
Points. The secrets are:

Cruise Mileage Secret
You get 10 Cruise Mileage Points for each Minigame you play in Minigame- and
Deluxe Cruise. Wow. You also get 500 extra Cruise Mileage Points by beating the
computer in Solo Cruise, instead of a human player.

Aquarium Secret
Say "Goomba" while playing Be My Chum and the Goombas will jump.

Orb Shop Secret
When you're behind (As in 4th place, for example) Orbs cost less at the Orb

Team Secret
When playing as a team, you can sometimes get a Star from games that normally
earn you Coins.

Souvenir Secret
While viewing a souvenir, saying "Surprise" into the Mic makes something happen
to that souvenir.

For beating King of the River on Hard mode, you get a free souvenir. Say
"Surprise" while viewing this one to see the credits!

You can also buy souvenirs, which all cost 500 Cruise Mileage Points. Some
Souvenirs will also get unlocked after you beat Solo Cruise once. They cost
1000 Cruise Mileage Points. Also, King of the River earns you some more
souvenirs which can be seen in the Souvenir Stand without buying them.

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 - My two (anonymous) friends, for playing Mario Party 7 with me. Playing with
   only COM players would be so boring, I wouldn't want to write this FAQ.

 - GameFAQs, for hosting my FAQ and just being awesome.

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