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Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Golf Toadstool Tour


We have 11 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Golf Toadstool Tour please send them in here.

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Extra Tournaments:-

1. Go to (Title Screen) - press Start + Z to open up 'Special Contests' at main menu
2. There will be a 'Hole In One Contest'
3. There will also be a code screen for special password tournaments

Camp Hyrule Tournament:
Password tournament code screen - Enter 0EKW5G7U
Mario Open Tournament:
Password tournament code screen - Enter GGAA241H
Aquire 50 Badges
Hollywood Video Tournament:
Password tournament code screen - Enter BJGQBULZ
Shadow Mario:
Achieve a 'Best Badge' for every hole in every tournament
Bowser Jr:
Complete Ring Shot entirely with any character

1. Play as Boo: Get 50 birdie badges to unloc..

1. Play as Boo:
Get 50 birdie badges to unlock Boo.
2. Play as Shadow Mario:
Complete Ring mode to unlock Shadow Mario.
3. Control weather:
Continuously reload a saved game to get weather conditions that suit you.
4. Best Badges:
Whilst trying to collect Best Badges, you can only get 1 per hole.
5. Mushrooms:
Hit a mushroom in (Peach's Invitational), the ball should bounce high into the air.
6. Custom ball:
Whilst putting, each character has their name and a logo on their ball.
7. Pikmin reference:
On one of the Peach's Castle holes - hit the ball in a flower bed.
8. Yoshi reference:
To hear Yoshi - hit the ball into a flower bed.

Unlock Ace Computer Difficulty

When you place 1st in every Tournament and Star Tournament (384 Tournaments in total) with every character, Normal and Star the Ace Computer difficulty will become available.

How to get People

How To Get People
Petey Pirahna-Beat all side games except for Birdie Challenge
Baby Bowser-Beat all 18 holes in a row on Birdie Challenge
Boo-Get 50 Birdie Badges
How to get star characters
Go to Character Match(1 player)and go vs. the player who has a envolope next to them(secret characters star out star).
It goes in order from the shortest hitter to the longest hitter.
Can somebody please tell me how to get Shadow Mario or whoever is the last secret character?

Its a cheat

Cheep Cheep Tournament-

Successfully complete the Lakitu Cup Tournament with any character to unlock the Cheep Cheep Tournament.


- Stages -
Hold Z and hit Start at the Title Screen:
9L3L9KHR: Bowser Badlands Tour
2GPL67PN: Bowser Jr.'s Jumbo Tourney
0EKW5G7U: Camp Hyrule Tournament
BJGQBULZ: Hollywood Video Tour
ELBUT3PX: Peach's Castle Grounds Course
GGAA241H: Super Mario Open
CEUFPXJ1: Target Tour Tournament
- Characters -
Boo: Get 50 Best Badges
Bowser Jr.: Complete the Birdie Challenges (Front 9, Back 9 and All 18)
Shadow Mario: Complete Ring Shot Mode
Petey Piranha: Complete all the Side Games (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert)
Star Character: When a character has an envelope next to them, play them and beat them in a Character Match (this'll give them better stats and let them shoot farther)
- Courses -
Cheep Cheep T..

Unlock Bowser and Cheep

Unlock Bowser Badlands:
Win the Peach Invitation with tournament mode.
Unlock Cheep Cheep Falls:
Win the Lakitu Cup with tournament mode.
unlock blooper bay:
win the sands classic in tournament mode.
unlock peach castle grounds:
win the blooper open with tournament mode.
unloch shifting sands:
win the cheep cheep falls with tournament mode.
character king boo:
get 50 best badges in tournament mode.
character bowser Jr.:
get all ring mode stars or finish the birdie challenge.
character petey piranha:
finish the shooting,approaching and putting
games using all 3 difficultys levels.
character shadow mario:
earn a best badge for each hole in tournament mode.

Power Hints

To get More Power Hits,Use a Power Hit & get a "NICE SHOT!".
To get farther than a Normal Hit,Press A,Then whenever on the bar,Manual,Then,to hit,press A(OR B),then,quickly press A(OR B) again and above AA(OR BB),It will be "Topspin!!!
"(OR"Backspin!!!")When you land,your golf ball will go on fire and go farther(OR go back).
This is good for Chip-In's.
If you do A,B(OR,B,A)you will do a,"Super Topspin!!!"(OR a,"Super Backspin!!!").
These are good for,"NICE ON!'s,NICE EXELLENT!'s & BEST DRIVE!'s".
Once again,Sonicteam101 is HERE TO HELP!!!!!!!!

Redoing Holes

If you don't like a shot that you made, like if you went out of bounds or in the water, just save the game and reopen it. You will restart the hole with, but the wind may be a different speed and in a different direction and the hole might even be in a different spot on the green, but at least you can try the hole again!

Star Tournament

When you are playing the star tournament, it will be a bit more challenging than the normal tournament. Other characters will get higher scores than usual and the green is basically like the fast fairway you have from blooper open and so on. To stay in the game and have a better chance of staying in the game, get star characters for everybody and be bowser star character, try to get more birdies, eagles etc and don't hit the ball as hard on the green.

How to get all the best badges

Are you having trouble getting all of the Best Badges?? Don't worry! OK, if you get to shoot for a par, and have no possible way of getting a Birdie. DON'T shoot, instead, press START and go to Quit Game (or Save Game, I don't remember) and click on an open slot.
It will save and take you to the main menu. Go to Continue and pick that Tournament. It should take you to that same hole. Good Luck!! (oh, and when you get all of the Best Badges, even in the Star Tournament, it doesn't give you anything).

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