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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

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Cheats that we have include how to get the aging pot, the double bed and the level 3 house.

More Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats and Tips

We have 58 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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The real way to get a double bed!!!!!

There have been cheats on how to get double beds and they're right,but not clear.This is how you get a double bed:
1.Have two hearts on Kurt,Joe,OR Woody.
2.If you couldn't find a double bed,this is what you did wrong.You go to Woody,and DON'T press "New Constrution",instead press remodel.
3.Press your first house as the one you want to remodel.
4.Make sure you have enough room to remodel it,if not,relocate or destroy stuff.
To destroy,you need a copper axe to cut down stumps and trees,a copper,silver,or gold hammer (Don't know which one) to smash rocks.Relocate by going to Woody and select "relocate".
5.Remodel it to lv 3 house.You can skip lv 2 if you want,it doesn't matter.
6.The next they they will be finished.Go ..

Friendship Unlockables

When you befriend villagers you can unlock specific objects or upgrades.
Unlock Level 3 House:
Befriend Woody, Joe or Kurt (1 Heart).
Unlock Level 3 Bag (15 slots):
Befriend Martha and bring her wool (3 Hearts).
Unlock More Land For Sale:
Befriend the Mayor (1, 2, 3 Hearts).
Unlock Aging and Mixing Pot:
Get Saibara to 2 Hearts and ship 5 good Clays

Getting Notes

First Step Note: Get the Pedometer
First Shipping Note: Ship 1 unit
10,000 Steps Note: Walk 10,000 steps with your Pedometer
Cooking Note: Make 1 recipe
Island Note: Visit the Island (1 Heart on Dolphin)
Rock Climber Note: Climb Mt. Moon (not on a rainy day)
Underground Lake Note: Reach Sublevel 100 of the Lake Cave
Night Owl Note: Stay up all night
Rain Note: Stay outside 10 hours straight on a rainy day
Sun Note: Stay outside 10 hours straight on a sunny day
Snow Note: Stay outside 10 hours straight on a snowy day
Cloud Note: Stay outside 10 hours straight on a cloudy day
Stationary Note: Don't press any buttons for a while
Lone Wolf Note: Don't talk to anyone all day
Whistle Note: Whistle 50 times
Limitation No..

How to get the aging pot.

Ok to get the aging pot you need to get saibara up to 2 hearts and ship 5 good clays and if your not sure who saibaria is you get him by shiping one good clay which can be found in the second floor of the cave by jamies house P.S.when you get saibarai to 2 haerts and deliver the letter to the mayor he gives a bonus recipie which is potato gratin.

Tool Ranks

The ranks for a tool are:
Iron:You get this at the beginning of the game.
Copper/Bronze:You get this when your exp. with the tool goes up one color.You can only get bronze when Ray gives the new fishing rod to you.
Silver:You get this when your exp. with the tool goes up two colors.
Gold:You get this when your exp. with the tool goes up three colors.
Goddesss:You get this when your exp. with the tool is at maximum.

Random Things

Theodore Spring 4
Meryl Spring 6
Ronald Spring 11
Henry Spring 12
Basil Spring 16
Nina Spring 20
Lyla Spring 27
Alex Spring 30
Bob Summer 1
Gwen Summer 8
Joe Summer 10
Hank Summer 14
Ann Summer 18
Woody Summer 21
Tai Summer 25
Dan Summer 26
Gourmet Fall 1
Louis Fall 2
Michael Fall 3
Doug fall 7
Ellen Fall 8
Tim Fall 12
Carl Fall 16
Gina Fall 20
Liz Fall 21
Ray Fall 27
Katie Fall 29
Saibara Winter 2
Maria Winter 5
Dia Winter 9
Kurt winter 10
Eve Winter 16
Blue Winter 20
Terry Winter 21
Martha Winter 25
Duke Winter 28
Here Are The Top 50 Notes to get: (easiest)Ill give tips to get them als..

Ill tell you about alex

Alex: The doctor of flower bud village, he cares for you whenever you collapse from overexertion, and always warns you to watch your health.
Meet: when you visit the clinic
Birthday: Spring 30
Loves: turnip (top quality), Veggie jucie,Grilled snapper
Likes:Herbs, milk, pontana root, turnip
#1 presant purple herb
#2 presant potion
Dislikes: can, boot
Ill send more about the other peeps but now I gotta send this in so bye!!!

how to unlock level 3 house

To unlock the level 3 house you got to get at least 1 heart on on the owener of the house store

Hey it's help right?

I give you help to the birthdays of the villagers in town and what they like on there Birthdays. So here it goes

Theodore: Spring 4 he likes potatoes and potato foods
Merly: Spring 6 she likes special mayonnaise
Ronald: Spring 11 he likes sodas and special eggs
Henry: Spring 12 he likes carrots at top quality and spicy stew
Basil: Spring 16 1st present (present you give in the first b-day) limestone 2nd present(present you give in the second year) Orange balm with formula
Nina: Spring 20 1st honey 2nd stew
Lyla: Spring 27 1st wool 2nd orange cake
Alex: spring 30 1st purple herb 2nd potion
Bob: Summer 1 1st good egg 2nd topaz brooch
Gwen: Summer 8 1st plain omelet 2nd pizza
Joe: Summer 10 1..

(L) bed

(please read all of this before you do anything)
first you befriend woodie ,but make sure you get at least one heart.
next you bUY a peice of land the biggest one you can buy.then move your level one house to the biggest land you have bought.
hint: do not buy a level 3 house because you will only be waisting time
so now that you have placed your level one house there you now go to woodies shop and press remodel
click on your level one house
next what you do is it will ask you remodel your home to level 3? you click that and then wait a day.
then when you wake up and go to woodies shop press furniture and there will be (L) bed.

What People Like and Hate

All people hate the following: Junk Ore, Weed, Dry Grass, Weird Dish, Failed Dish, Can, Stone
Theodore: Potato, Potato Foods, Good Egg, Sunny-Side Up, Baked Yam, Potato Gratin, Gold Ore
Meryl: Special Mayonnaise
Ronald: Soda, Special Egg, Orange Herb, Pinkcat Flower, Special Milk
Henry: Carrot, Spicy Stew
Basil: Limestone, Orange Balm with Formula, Pontana Root, Blue Mist Flower, Herb Tea
Nina: Honey, Stew, Strawberry, Strawberry Milk, Blue Mist Flower, Herb Tea
Lyla: Wool, Yarn, Orange Cake, Flower, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Soup, Sapphire
Alex: Herb, Potion, Pontana Root, Herb Tea, Toadstool, Veggie Juice, Grilled Snapper, Turnip
Bob: Good Egg, Topaz Brooch, Cake, Pie
Gwen: Special Cheese, Pizza, Omelet, Carrot, Jam, ..

Villager's Top Likes

Ann - Rare Ore, Top Quality Corn, Baked Corn
Dia - Blueberries, Blue Berry Jam, Blue Berry Juice, Ememralds
Ellen - Breadfruit, Cocoa Nuts, Cocoa Cake
Eve - Strawberries, Soda, Rubies, Special Cheese
Gina - Onions, Coral
Gwen - Carrots, Jam, Special Cheese
Katie - Apples, Apple Jam, Marmalade, Yarn
Lyla - Pumpkins, Flowers, Sapphires, Pumpkin Soup
Maria - Eggplant, Shashami, Pickled Dishes
Nina - Strawberries, Strawberry Milk, Bluemist Flowers, Herb Tea
Alex - Vegetable Juice, Grilled Snapper, Top Quality Turnips
Baisl - Pontana Root, Herb Tea
Blue - Good Cheese, Good Milk, Good Butter, Yogurt
Bob - Cake, Pie
Carl - Apples, Sweet Potatos, Special Eggs
Dan - Very Berry Soda, Apple Soda, Grapes, Clam
Joe - Turn..


Ok I have lots of information about nina if you need to know becuase 1 I'm married to her and 2 I got lots of guides to the game so heres info bout her
First meet:spring farm
Is at:spring farm mostly and sunny lake sometimes
Favorite item:bluemist flower and for you bozos out there think it's honey guess again
1st present she gives you righ before you give her 3 hearts is honey.
2nd present is:stew
I hope I helped and if I did rate me high!

Dog and Pig Likes

I see this a lot. So here you go:
The pig likes basically anything. Weeds, Flowers, etc. Not Toadstools, though. He'll eat Weird dishes and stuff too.
The dog doesn't like veggies. His favorite is Special Cheese (he starts a little pose, you'll see). He also likes brushing.
Plz rate up and comment! Hope I helped!

Some stuff on Gwen

This is to clarify some things people might want to know about Gwen because no one has a clear idea on how to get her to come back.
So, I was told to sell very berries, which was uneventful, and to sell bell peppers, which also was uneventful, but the real way to get Gwen to return to the village is to sell 20 home grown crops and ten fish. I tried this myself and it works! This is how to get her to come back.
Also for those who want to know, she loves very berry jam. Easily bought at hearty Lila if you're not in spring. Hope this helps so you can beat your game like I can now!

Darkrai 1994's Villager Information { Part One }

This is part one of my villager info guide. Part one here will contain villager's names, birthdays, info on how you meet them, and where they normally hang out in the game. Later, I will post part 2 about the other half of info. It would be WAY too much for one page, and too much time, which I have almost none of. Here we go, part one:
Potential Husbands
NAME: Alex
BIRTHDAY: Spring 30
MEET: When you first visit the Clinic
Spring 16
Ship 10 points in flowers then he shows up. {The rarer the flower, the more pts}
----- {Nowhere, he just walks around the game {He's an enviormental freak!}
Winter 20
When you first visit Blue Sky Ranch
Blue Sky Ranch

Easy Money, Tips, and More

First when you start, you want to pick the River Side. It has very fertile land, and good fishing until you can go to the island. You want to catch a few Amagos, Rainbow Trout, and Dace. Dace is good if you cook it over a bonfire, and Rainbow Trout is good for Sashimi. Amagos sell for a lot when you first start. NOTE: For extra money, make all fish into Sashimi except a few, like Dace, as it will boost their selling price by 10g. Once you fish a lot, go to Sunny Lake after you've met Ray, as he will give you a copper fishing rod. When you obtain 1700g, buy a pot, frying pan, and oven from the Junk Shop. Make sure not to buy a stove, they are useless.
After you give the Dolpphin a lot of fish, preferably Dace and R. Trout, ride it to the island. Make many multiple trips in the ..

Some Notes that Are New Here

Here's how to get some more of the notes.
*High Spirit Note: Drink 10 sodas.
*Calling Animals Note: Ring the cow bell 20 times.
*Gardening Note: Have 5 flowers bloom at the same time. NOTE: Buy extras since sometimes they bloom at slightly different times.
*Animal Kingdom Note: Raising barn animals and a chicken.
*Expert Angler Note: Catch all the types of fish.
*Rubber Boots Note: Find 10 garbage items.
*Very Rich Note: Get 100,000 G or more.
Thanks and plz rate up. See my profile for more notes.

Getting married

Frist get Joe, Kurt, or Woody one heart. Then get 40 lumers and 8000 money. Buy a lvl3 house now buy a (l)plian bed then you have to climb a hill now purpose.

he he

You have to be friends with woody to see the double bed

Boy Hearts

Alex likes herbs and herb tea. Jamie likes vegies and fish. I gave jamie 2 fish in one day and I had 1 heart. Those are the only two things and people I know they like so far.

How to win that special guys heart!

Here come those hot guys! (In Alphbatical order!!)
B-day: Spring 30
Likes- Tea, Vegetable Juice, Herbs, Roots, Coral, and Poison Mushrooms
Dislikes-Failed cooking
Where found:
Moring-At the Clinic, around the bridge, outside the Clinic
Afternoon-At the Clinic, by Blue Sky Ranch, outside the Clinic, Moonlight Cave
Evening- Outside Clinic
B-day:Spring 16
Likes- Strawberries, Tea, Roots, Herbs, Gold, Ores, and Moondrop Grass
Dislikes- Mayonnaise, Failed Cooking, and Poison Mushrooms
Where found:
Moring- Moonlight Cave, Blue Sky Ranch, Sunny Lake, Stardop Pond
Afternoon- Inside Moonlight Cave, Hearty Lyla
Evening- Moonlight Cave
Lives- Outside *haha*
B-day:Winter 20

Funny Glitches

Heheh! Some of these made me laugh when I saw them when playing.. Here's a few.
1. If you speak to Jamie in Moonlight Cave when he has 1 heart or less, he'll say "Hah! With your strength you'l just end up pooping out along the way". Pooping is suppost to be poping, I believe.
2. Occasionally, If you pass by the Blue Sky ranch, the game will go Slow motion on you. Maybe it only happens in my game, but oh well.
3. This is probley the funniest, but If you enter either the shed, the barn, or the chicken coop of the Blue Sky Ranch when Bob is there, he'll occasionally follow you to whatever building you enter. Dan will do the same thing with the shed and the field If you have the Paradice Orchard. Stalkers...
Well, I hope I entertained you by pointing out thes..

I know of ways to get money, quick! {in multiple seasons too!}

Go dig in the cave by Jamie's house and sell the findings, in summer, things are worth more than ever! [FROM THERE!]
On some days, there will be oranges, and they are worth 200-400G |of course if you hadn't cut the trees down!| They are found south from the blacksmith's shop, southwest from the lumber shop.
The crops MADE BY YOU will be worth a bit more, probably 200-300G, for me that is...
& Winter:
Go to the fishing spot where you found Ray/the old man, and walk, yes: walk, on the water, actually ice at this point, and go into the cave, make sure you have a Hoe AND a Hammer, if you use the hammer, there will be mostly athremyst ( I think that's how you spell it ), Sapphires, (Rarely Rubies), and other..

Easy Life

When you first start out you should by the property on the beach.The farm land might not be great but the extra space is really nice.First by a chicken coop along with a chicken.Then every day feed the chicken and it should give you in egg.Next take your fishing pole and walk right down to the beach and catch any type of fish.Then give the fish to either joe are kurt,this should help to bulid relationships up fast.Next walk on over to the spring farm and give nina the egg this should also boost relationships.Finaly during winter of year 1 if you have all the requirements met you should have you a wife or husband.

Lvls with jackpot

Go to levels 41,99,44,42,49 and 100.smash all the dimonds and get the rare ore and amethyist.On the 99 you get better "rocks". On the 100 lvl use your hoe on the wall of the cave you may or may not get the pure 'money'.

A little help in getting started

In games like Harvest Moon, it is always a little hard getting started.
I found that the best way to get started in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is first buying the plot by the sea. You're pretty close to town and right next to probably the most important neighbors in the game: Woody the carpenter and Tai the blacksmith.
Next I advise buying the chicken coop first. And DON'T buy a chicken. Instead, buy an egg and exercise a little patience. You'll save money that way. And in the beginning, saving money is the most important thing.
Also, the easiest way to get money the first few days is easy: just walk around town picking up the lumber pieces. Not the little logs or the old stakes, but the good stakes. Good stakes sell for 30G a piece and you can throw aw..

How to get married

If you want to get married you need to find a person of the opposite sex and give them iteams (every player has a diffrent iteam that they like) intil they have 8 stars the mayor will go to your house and talk to you about maraige he brings you to mit Moon and you have to climb to the top to get a blue feather.
P.S. I don't think I wrote mit moon properly...

How to get the Double Bed Quick

I know this may sound REALLY dumb but here:
1)Get at least 1 heart on ethier Joe,Kurt,or Woody(I would choose Joe...HE IS REALLY EASY!)
2)Buy a Level 4 house.
3)Go to furniture and buy any bed that has a letter looking like this:(L)
4)Set out the bed
5)Go to sleep
6)Get over your new house and place all your nicknac's anywhere you want
7)Open the door
8)There theodore!Hi theodore!
9)He will take you near Mt.Moon
10)Get someone good at this activity...
*Go!Go!Go!Your welcome!!

Go down extra levels on caves

When you are falling through a hole on the ground in any of the caves, simply hold down the Z button. This will take you down an extra level. For example, if I was on the 31st floor and I was falling to the 35th floor, if I hold Z I will fall to the 36th floor. This can help alot!!

Easy way to get to the bottom of the caves

To do this you will need a hoe. To get to the bottom of either of the caves, go down normally until you get to about 87. From here, move up and down the floor slowly and you should see a little black line. Use your hoe and till the ground. You should find a hole that will take you down one level. Hope this helps!!!

How to get dolphin to like you.

Feed the dolphin 20 fish over 20 days and he will take you to the island.

Action Replay Cheat Codes

I found some AR cheat codes for this game about 5 min. After my question about the AR codes, I have not tried them yet but I'm pretty sure they work.
Heres the web page.
Let me know if they work because I don't have my GameCube with me it's at my moms house and I'm at my grandma's house. Have fun cheating with the codes (If you do cheat).

The best non glich way to get $MONEY$

1. Buy cabbage (ALOT )
2. Use frying pan to cook (makes fried veggies I think)
3. sell!!! (about doubles what you get)
This is about the easiest thing you can do if you don't want

How to get married.

OK to get married you will need 30 notes a lvl 4 house which is buyable when you befreind woody,kurt or joe to one heart a double bed,8 hearts on the opposite gender and the blue feather wherwe you get when you have the first following things (obvisoully)

A really annoying glitch to watch out for, plus a few other thin

Okay, I just discovered a super annoying glitch this morning... Sometimes, if you're using the Reins to move your animals in or out, you will suddenly drop in to pitch-black darkness, a bit of blue, however.
Anyway, the only way I've figured out to get rid of this is to either reset your console, or press Y and then Z. Resetting could be bad depending on your last save point, and going to bed could be bad if it rained, there was a typhoon, or a snowstorm.
Anyway, WATCH OUT FOR THAT. This is a little lesson teaching you to save your game everyday! As you probably know, the EASIEST (for me) way to make money is the Lake Cave, only open in Winter.
The Jamasquid, King Fish of the Lake Cave, lives on the 100th floor. Also, on a normal mining day, you make a..

Cheapo chickens

Ok go to the ranch and buy an egg. If you put the egg in the incubator in the chicken coup in two weeks you should get yourself a lil chick

Festival Info.

This is Darkrai 1994. My Villager Info. Part 2 is coming wait another day or two. I may do it this weekend because it will take longer than Part one. Here it is

New Year Festival *=For attendance to festival
Spring 1 {Does not occur in first year of the game.}
6 a.m-6 p.m
At Flower Bud Square
Get Spring Footsteps note *
Egg Festival
Spring 8
6 a.m-6 p.m
At Flower Bud Square
Get Egg Dish Note *
Spring Horse Race
Spring 17
6 a.m-6 p.m
At Flower Bud Square
Get Horse Race Note {For Winning any Horse Race}
Horse Race Awards
Rank Prize Horse's Friendlene..


When it is spring plant 15 cabbages then when grown put in shipping box. Then plant 15 more and do same that adds up to 30. Now you can buy strawberries go buy some and plant how many you want they sell for $400$ and grow back every 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earn your Walking Note!

If you are one note away from getting a musical instrument for saving the Harvest Goddess bit by bit, then run around the village 20 times - this way you can earn your 10,000 steps note .

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