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Enter The Matrix Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Enter The Matrix


We have 7 cheats and tips on GameCube. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : PC : Xbox

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Stayin' Alive
If you want to stay alive well, you would want to keep behind pillers, buildings, or around corners. Also make sure to use your slow-mo ability when you are in a tough spot.

Starting Grenade
When you enter any of or all of the codes here on a grenade will be right below your feet on the first stage of the Airport level and through out the game, and that may be a huge problem when you play as Niobe on Agent On Board because you have to get a parachute with a grenade that can kill you even if you have infinite health, it can also kill Axel as well.Trust me that happened to me until I realized it after the 7th time Axel was killed.If you don't want this to happen. DO NOT ENTER ANY CHEATS!!! Even if you have the setting on hard, you have to defeat that agent as fast as you can,and spare your're focus.

Through the square window...
When you get to the room past the elevator where the guards come out after you, you'll find the elevator isn't working. Stuck? Not entirely. Playing as Ghost, go to the window and shoot it out. Now, using Focus, dive through the window - this only works on windows with metal bars, though.

Dude, so weird!
Hey, when you type stuff in at the computer thing ( I have forgotten what it is called) it will sooner or later talk to you! Ok so I had a LOT of time on my hands, and I typed these in.....terminal>exe:h2o... Then I did that, like, 15 times, or whatever, then it finally says " Are you thirsty?".... For REAL! Then you can have a really boring conversation with it... Example, you say "what?" and it says "I am you" and really confusing stuff.... Also try typing this in, just to see what happens =).... One (type the whole letter!) neo the.

Enter the Matrix Cheats
At the Hacking system enter cheat.exe at the A> prompt to unlock the Cheat menu.To unlock the corresponding function enter these numeric codes.

All Weapons:

Bonus Level:

Infinite Health:

Recover Focus Fast:


Infinite Ammo:

Infiite Focus:

Enemies Can't Hear:

Enemies Can't See:

Turbo Mode:

Focus Moves
O.k. listen up. When you hold down focus (left shoulder button) you can run on walls by run at a wall at a angle.

Another move you can do is run directly at a wall, using focus, and you'll run up the wall and do a backflip of of it.

This A great thing to do to dodge bullets. Also when you hold down focus, you can do a cartweel across the room by holding down focus and holding down the sidestep button (right shoulder button) And either moving the cotrol stick left or right.

This is one of the best ways to move and dodge bullets. Another cool thing you can do is snap someones neck by sneaking up on them from the behind .

Pressing the action button (Z) and holding down focus. This won't work on agents.

One of the last things I'm going to tell you is ..

Various Cheats:These cheat should work with any ..
Various Cheats:

These cheat should work with any version of the game.

Enter the hacking system in the game. Unlock the command allowing "cheats." Enter the following codes:

Infinite Ammo: 1DDF2556

Maximum Firepower: 0034AFFF

Focus Restored fast: FFF0020A

Unlimited Health: 7F4DF451

Enemies can not See You: FFFFFFF1

Turbo: FF00001A

Infinite Focus: 69E5D9E4

Test Level: 13D2C77F

Multi-Player Fighting: D5C55D1E

Moon Gravity: BB013FFF

Fastest Logos: 7867F443

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