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Follow the dark path or use the light

Enter the Matrix Walkthrough

by STARcrafTER12

** Before following this guide, have a completed game saved or you may not have access to some of the following. **

Waint infinite ammo? All the FMVs? A message from Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity? Multiplayer fighting? Then you need to become a hacker. Heres how:

The Basics:
Oddly enough, the Matrix seems to be written in DOS mode. Go figure. Enter your commands onscreen, use sqare to erase a character you have typed, and hit triangle to exit the hacking program.

1. Logging In
Once the computer loads, it will ask you to press any key. Do so. The computer will then ask you for your first command. Type \"LOGIN\" and hit Enter. The computer will ask you for a password. You can type \"GUEST\" to proceed normally, or you can type \"FREEMIND\" (as one word) for a special message from Morpheus. Once you\'re done listening, type \"9\" and quit the message system.

2. What\'s on the system?
Type \"DIR\" (for \"directory\"), then press Enter to list what\'s on the computer\'s hard drive. This might seem obvious to some of you, but there are gamers out there who have never seen a DOS prompt. Difficult to believe, I know.

You\'ll find the following listing:

To see what\'s in each folder, click left so select the \"DIR\" command from the menu and press X. You can then scroll up and down to select a subdirectory.

Inside the System directory you\'ll find:

To run any of these, just type the first part before the extension (.exe). Once you do, the command will be added to the menu on the keyboard\'s left.

3. Reading Text
Inside the text directory are:

To read a file, type \"READ\", press ENTER, and select y our file.

4. Tools
In the Tools directory are more programs that you can run. List them by selecting \"DIR A:\\TOOLS\" on the left hand side of the screen. The tools your have are:

The first tool makes your controller vibrate. The second lets you play a melody outta little beeps. The last lets you enter cheat codes. If you want to enter cheat codes now, type \"CHEAT\". Then select it from the list on the left and enter the code after it (for example, typing \"CHEAT 0034AFFF\" will give you every gun.) Be warned however, that cheats can cause your game to lock up from time to time.

The following codes are now yours to exploit:

All Weapons Unlocked: 0034AFFF
Infinite Ammo: 1DDF2556
Infinite Focus: 69E5D9E4
Infinite Health: 7F4DF451
Unlock Bonus Level (Spark\'s Construct): 13D2C77F    
Invisibility: FFFFFFF1
Multiplayer Fighting: D5C55D1E
Faster Logos Flight Speed: 7867F443

Section 2:
5. Drive B:
If you type \"DIR\" and choose \"B:\" from the list on the left, you\'ll see what\'s available on the B: drive. Looks like more images, FMVs, maps, and such. Unfortuanately, the programs you\'ll need to access the files are in the B:\\TOOLS directory, which is password protected. Select \"DIR B:\\TOOLS\" from the menu on the left, and you\'ll be asked for a password. You must enter the proper five digit binary number (ones or zeros) to gain access to the directory. The game randomly generates a number, so you\'ll have to puzzle out what your number is. The screen will tell you which digits are correct and which are in the right places, but the rest is up to you. To make it easier, start with all ones or all zeroes, and proceed from there.

6. Get the Popcorn
To watch the game\'s FMVs, type \"PLAY\" and hit Enter. Then choose one of the many FMVs from the list. To stop watching, hit X. (Note that only movies that have been previously viewed in the game can be viewed here.)

7. Picture Perfect
To view an image, type \"VIEW\" and hit Enter. Again, choose from the list on the left, selecting a file from the B:\\ID directory, the B:\\GUNS directory or the B:\\MAPS directory.

8. Dropping the bomb
One of the more interesting options in TOOLS is the DROP command. USing it, you can literally drop items onto the maps. Want tons of great weapons right from the start? Put \'em anywhere you like.

9. Opening the Virtual Drive
Once you\'ve had your fun with multimedia, type \"VIRTUAL\" if you\'ve been exploring the computer, you\'ll probably have figured out the password. If not, enter \"FROZENFISH\". You then have thirty seconds to make the Kanji symbol for \"red\".

Press the X key to flip through the square choices. If you come up with \"Black\", you\'ll have to start over. If you make \"Blue\", you\'ll have to type \"TRACEKILL\" to avoid being caught.

Once you\'ve successfully created the Kanji character for \"Red\", you\'ll hear a message from Morpheus. You\'ll probably want to see what\'s on the Virtual Drive, so run a directory listing on it. You\'ll find two entries: TOOLS and ROOT. If you look into the V:\\TOOLS directory, you\'ll find ROOTSEARCH and DIAL. Type \"ROOTSEARCH\" and you\'ll be given a password (THISISNOTREAL).

10. You\'ve got mail
Run a directory listing on V:\\ROOT and you\'ll find MAIL and PORTKEY. Type \"MAIL\" and then the password \"THISISNOTREAL\". Read your email by typing \"Y\". You\'ll get a list of four phone numbers. Type \"DIAL\", choose it from the list on the left, select it, and punch in a number to call it. The first two numbers aren\'t the ones you want. The third gives you a message from Morpheus, and the last is Trinity\'s.

11. Dial \"T\" for Trinity
Trinity gives you the code 942 when you listen to her number. Type \"PORTKEY 942\" and you\'ll have a conversatinon with her. Answer \"NO\" when she asks you about the RAM Drive.

12. Crack 8RAM - Training, Sparks, Bios
Type \"CRACK 8RAM\" and your RAM drive is now accessible. If you run a directory listing on your RAM drive you\'ll find:

Inside the TRINITY directory, you\'ll find TRAINING, HANDSHAKE, and READBIO. Inside the PROG directory you\'ll find SWORD.DSK. Inside the BIO directory you\'ll find the filename of the character upon whom your hacking file game is based.

13. The pen\'s mightier? Doubt it.
To unlock the sword, type \"TRAINING\" then select \"SWORD.DSK\" from the menu. You now have a sword in the real game. ( I could not get this to work with Ghost. )

14. Spark plug
Type \"HANDSHAKE\"and you\'ll start chatting with Sparks, everyone\'s favorite operator.

Once you\'re done chatting, run a directory listing on the new LOGOS drive. You\'ll see

View images in the ART directory wint the view command. Once you\'re done ( and you have no more hacking to do ), type \"EMP\". You now have everything unlocked. Save your game, then head back to the main menu.\\

Copyright 2003 of STARcrafTER12 . Written for . If you would like to display this on you\'re website, please contact me before doing so.