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Follow the dark path or use the light

Chibi-Robo Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Chibi-Robo


We have 20 cheats and tips on GameCube. You can also ask your question on our Chibi-Robo Questions & Answers page.

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These Are The Locations For The First Time You Look For The Blocks.

White: Backyard: Climb The Tree, Charge Fire To Destroy The Web, Then Squirt Or Feed The Bird, Get Onto The "Roof" And Shimmy Onto The Other "Roof".
Green: Jenny's Room: High Up In The Room, Just Past The Miniature Train.
Yellow Block: Basement:After Funky Phil "Dies", Peekoe Will Be Selling It At Night.
Blue Block: Where Ever Tao Is: After Dinah Asks You To Find The Blocks, Tao Will Be Chewing On It Next Time You See It. Give Him A Dog Bone.
Purple: Bedroom: Dinah Throws It At Your Head When She Askes You To Find The Blocks.
Red: Foyer: Hover Down From The Above Floor, To The Shelf That The Block Is On.

The End
My Hint is only for people that are stuck at the end when you have to get the code for the suitcase in the parents room. Here's what you do , you have to get a bone in either the backyard or kitchen if you don't find one right away don't get frustrated. When you get go to the past in the time machine which is in the alien spaceship (If you didn't already know that) when you get to the past you use you chibi vision to find the curciut schematic thingy then whan you the thingy you go to the bedroom corner which has the dog dish in it,then you put the bone in the dish. Tao wil then get up and move. You then walk on over to the suitcase's handle and press A you should then get the code. When you do that you go to the present and open the suitcase then you will find the leg is in there. You t..

Frog Rings
These Are The Places Of The Frog Rings The First Time You Look For Them.

1: Living Room: On The Cabinet Next To The TV.
2: Backyard: Climb The Bottom Of The Tree, And Use Your Chibi-Copter To Fly Onto The Swing.
3: Kitchen Drain: When You Shoot The Wall Near The Middle Of The Drain, The Frog Ring Will Be Revealed.
4: Basement: Get This Ring By Climbing Up To The Rafters (Those Peices Of Wood At The Top Of The Room), And Hovering Down.
5: Living Room: Use Your Ladder (Utilbot) To Get Into The Space Beside The Frog Ring's Space On The Blue Bookshelf, And Shoot The Sticker On The Wall.
6: Kitchen: Have Tea With Mrs. Sanderson, Or Use The Bridge (Utilbot) To Get On The Table.
7: Foyer: On The Side Of The Waterfall Model (Hard To Reach), Shoot The Stic..

1st Pirate: Under the Kitchen Table. Chat with mom or use the bridge Utilibot.
2nd Pirate: Outside above the swing. On the branch where the swingset is held.
3rd Pirate: On the 2nd Bedroom lamp. Climb until you get to the top and climb down the one in the middle.
4th Pirate: Near Jenny's mirror. Climb the plant and the purses and use the Chibi Copter to float to the mirror.


Tamagotchi: Basement: After You Become Super Chibi-Robo, Check the Spot Where Giga-Robo Was.
Doll (Forget It's Name): Jenny's Room: Run Across The Keys On The Mini Piano For A While.
Eggplant Kid: Hover To The Patch Of Dirt You Can Dig Into On The Tree. Dig.

Unlimted health
Reaveate giga-robo.

Winner winter
Go to the foutin on the second floor turn it off and on 50 times and the thire will be snow it stays forever. When you swich it on and off 100 times their will be fire and lava charge chibi-blaster and snow

To get the aliens you go to the back yard at night and use the chibi radar in the middle of that weird thingy and the aliens will come down

If you have a squirter go through the house and ..
If you have a squirter go through the house and try to find some oil when you do suck it up. When you have sucked it up you find one of your utilibots and squirt it with the oil when you do you get ten happy points. What I like about it is that it is what got me to rank one. Have fun!


Glitch and Weird Thing
When I went outside, I went to the roof and fell off wearing the Trauma suit. When I landed, I didn't lose any energy. I:L Second, once you find the ship and the four wanna-be pirates ( I'll list where you find them), and you get the treasure maps, go to the tree in the backyard. Get to the bird and go left. Fly to the visible part of the tree ( The place with the patch of dirt) and dig. You meet Kid Eggplant, and he asks if you want to be an eggplant. Say "Yes" and he WILL turn you into an eggplant! You don't get to stay like this, but it's cool!

Spin the control stick a bunch of times and chibi robo will get dizzy and get floating ducks around his head.

To get the alien ship you go to that puzzle thing in the back yard get in the center use your chibi radar the ship will come down you can't hear what they say so answer yes or no then talk to telly get a chip from thebase or home go back talk to th ealiens then lead them to giga robo drake redcrest tries to stop you he can't because he ran out of gunpowder so lead them to giga robo once done give redcrest the gunpowder you have then inside the ufo is the aliens water them with the squirter then the rest is up to you because I don't know how to explain it lets just say you better be good at matching and timing

A Few Things
This isn't exactly a cheat, but... Sometimes, when you charge, something tin falls on Chibi-Robo! This is very strange. Anyone know who this is? By any chance is it the Free Rangers or the Spydorz? Or is this just a random feature? Also... Do you want to get to the basement but can't because of the Free Rangers? Simple.

Okay, first you'll need to meet Space Hunter Drake Redcrest. I get this to happen by using the toothbrush on the crayon stain where Jenny usually doodles... Anyway, sometime (at night), the TV will mysteriously turn on! Walk up to the TV's shadow or reflection where it's fuzzy.

Drake Redcrest will be on TV, and none other than him will be talking about fools and justice and evil on top of the TV. Next talk to him... The next night, go up to him in ..

Microphone Cheats
Hey if you have a microphone from another Gamecube video game then turn on Chib-Robo and plug in the microphone and say boo clearly and he will faint and if you leave him laying down for a few seconds he will start to bleed green.

Or say hi or cheebo quietly and Chibi-Robo will look at you.

Good thing is none of these take up energy.

Have Fun.

Rank 1!!!!!! and lots of Happy Points
To get to rank one get there by Happy Points or defeat Queen Spydor.

To get easy Happy Points at night get water and go into the aliens ship
(when they are sick)and spray them with water to cool down their fever,
But then spray them again and they get warm again.Do as long as you want
And you get 5 Happy Points each time you bring down their fever!!!!

After a while, you can buy the chibi-radar in the shop, found in the Chibi-House.
I'm not sure how expensive it is, but I know it's somewhere around 1,000 moolah.

You have to use the chibi-blaster on the bear sticker on the window leading to the outside and move all of the weeds on a strange pattern in the yard.
Afterwards, step on the shape in the middle of it and use the chibi-radar.
There should be a cut-scene showing a UFO landing in the yard. Step into the light under the UFO, and you'll be taken inside.
There are four aliens. When the aliens come to Earth, they become extremely overheated. So you should squirt them with water to get them to turn back to their original colors. If you have no water, leave the UFO and get some from the yard.

How do you get the aliens to appear in the back yard I've tried everything but no luck please reply

Giant chibi robo
When you see ginga robo on the swing under the swing dig then mister mushroom and say's do you want to be giant say yes press x in the middle giant or micro and you can be mister mushroom go to him and press A

Unlock ALL Suits and Chibi-Gear
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding

Unlock Drake Redcrest Suit:
In the Living Room at night talk to Drake Redcrest

Unlock Frog Suit:
Squirt water on the frog in the backyard

Unlock Pajamas:
When Mrs Sanderson stays in her room giver her old clothes

Unlock Super-Chibi-Robo Suit:
Activate Giga-Robo

Unlock Trauma Suit:
Die once

Unlock Tao Suit:
Complete the first 4 Free Ranger trainings and start the 5th

Unlock Toothbrush:
In the Living Room under the couch

Unlock Spoon:
On the shelf in the kitchen, Use Ladder Utilibot to get to it

Unlock Mug:
During the day on the kitchen counter

Unlock Squirter:
In Jenny's r..

love letter
If your wondering how to give drake the love letter use the z on the girl and youll find out the rest

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