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Zoids: Legacy Cheats and Tips

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We have a several cheats that include unlocking secret Zoids and putting the best team together to defeat Death Meteor.

More Zoids: Legacy Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Zoids: Legacy please send them in here. For more Codes for Zoids: Legacy go to:
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Unlock Secret Zoids

When you have beat the game go to the Title screen and enter the following codes quickly before the Demo starts to unlock the corresponding characters.

Unlock Diablo Tiger, Cyclopes Type One/Two Zoid Data and Zoid Cores:

L, L, R, R, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left, R, R, Right, Right, Left, Up, Start

Unlock King Gojulas, Gilvader Zoid Data and Zoid Cores:

R, R, L, L, Down, Up, Down, Up, Right, Right, L, L, Left, Left, Right, Down, Start

CodeBreaker Codes - Includes ALL Weapons and Items

Master Code (Must Be On)

000075F0 000A

10092604 0007

Ener the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corrsponding effect.

Infinite G

820282E8 FFFF

Max G

820282E8 E0FF

820282EA 05F5

Have ALL Commands

420282DF FFFF

00000005 0002

Have ALL Items

420217F6 6363

00000004 0002

Have ALL Weapons

32028219 0063

4202821A 6363

0000002A 0002

32028273 0063

42028274 6363

00000004 0002

3202827D 0063

4202827E 6363

0000000B 0002

32028298 0063

4202829A 6363

00000013 0002

Have All Zoid Cores

420217FE 6363

0000000E 0002

3202181A 0063

Have ..


Here is some tips to beat the DEATH METEOR:

1. All of your ZOIDS must have shield for their defense for the DEATH METEOR'S particle beam.

2. Don't often use a PARTICLE BEAM because the damage may be 1 only, cannons, missiles and close attacks are more effective.

3. Use the ORGANOIDS in the right time, don't use it early just.

4. Buy items that can help you in the battle like healing items.

...I hope it'll help you guys...


What to do after u fight the death metor for the first time

First go tho sandstorm in the lab is dr.d u get fionas prayer and he increases pulses emosion levels to a max of 99 then go to live town and enter the touniment and u get to fight marry and her team ravens team of two(reven and resees) and the best part is that u get to fight stoller wen u win u get mad thunder and its data and marry gives u ultra sarus data, then u fight vega and if u win then u get berserk ferry z then u go to mount town and enter in the touniment if u win u get the deck comand proven hero, i know all this cuz i played this game like a millon times

How to find stoller and other member team.

Go to the town that we are after being send to the old Imperial.after we are back to the world,the town is near a ruin.But,you can fight with him after defeating Gard because the stadium is in repair while we reach the world back.Tip:before fight with him,get gojulox data and it's core at the Imperial Town(At the same world).it is at the institute.Krueger should be the pilot of the will fight other people before him.Salam to all Muslim

Dr Totos???

Before you fight the death meteor at sandstorm there will be a cutscene after you talk to everyone. When Dr Tros's name appears the first time keep a sharp eye on the name as the second time it appears it will be Dr Totos instead of Dr Tros.

What zoidz suck and which rock!!!

Ok there are some zoids who relly suck and there are sum that dont.

If your going to have a unbeatable team is have a blitz tiger, bersurk fury, and beserk fury z, a geno hydra ka geno flame and a geno trooper. Or just have ligers or a death saurar to kick butt.

And don't bother with zoids such as cannon tortise or a bloody deamon or the usless dark spiner so keep it real with my zoid team stats hoped it helped

P.s. Use main character for blits tiger and you will beat the game in no time.

Getting out of Seas town.

To get out of Seas town you need to fight the Bandit from the bar.In order to do that you have to take everyone off your team exsept Zan.Then go to the Battle arena and then battle the bandit using Zan.When you finish fighting him you will be able to leave Seas town.Good luck gaming.

Best party to beat DEATH METEOR

... You can use many ZOIDS combination to beat the DEATH METEOR, but I recommend this party...




...I put GOJULAS GIGA, BLADE LIGER AB and FUZOR DRAGON in front because they are good in close combat.

... You can also use this party...




...I hope you like it...

Best party to beat DEATH METEOR

... You can use many ZOIDS combination to beat the DEATH METEOR, but I recommend this party...




...I put GOJULAS GIGA, BLADE LIGER AB and FUZOR DRAGON in front because they are good in close combat.

... You can also use this party...




...I hope you like it...

Get Zos and dummy organoid.

When you have beat the game go to the Imperial town and go to the store. When you get in go to the man and view the items for sale there sould be dummy organoid and Zos prototype buy them and equip them to a zoid. Hope I helped.

Get more Zoids fighters.

If you want to fight with Harry and his team as well as Raven,Rease,and Vega pluse more pilets before you fight the Death Meteor for the second time go to Sandstorm arena and fight there.

Berseurk fury Z

L L,R R,up down up down,Right Right,left left,up down left start

From ME!!

Hello It's Me!! Wolf Hikari.

Here some hint for playing Zoids Legacy from me.


<|>Easy Target & Not Damage at first:<|>


Use Konig Wolf DSR as zoids.

1) Use Organoid (Command of "Juno's Prayer is the best").

2) when comes your turn back use E Shield (If You Have Any Epuip at KW DSR.

Skip this instruction turn if you don't have any E Shield) but I recommand

you to use E Shield so you can't get hit or damaged from the first.

3) use Head Gear(+your HR till 50=Your HR).

4) Comes back your turn? Use D Sniper R(your HR will be more% than usual).

5) Multi-Fire? Use the other weapon you equiped(belive me!! It worked).

Best Recommanded Weapon(..

How to get ZOS+2

Before the final battle Doctor T will ask if you are ready to discuss the judge satellite falling and choose no. Now get in Whale King and fly to Tros Farm. Go in the building and doctor T should be there. Talk to him and Pulse will get upgraded to ZOS+2.

How to find another blitz tiger

After defeating Gard,go to the location that is north of Mount town where the time space transmission block the place.After defeating him (Gard),the location is opened.

Pulse's Emotion

After you have destroyed the BD Headquarters, go to the lab in Sandstorm. Apparently Dr D is there. You will get Fiona's Prayer through the short clip. After that, if you go and talk to Dr D again, he can help you increase Pulse's four emotion colours by adding 5 points each time you talk to him, to a max of 99.

Finish you zoids data list

If you have finished the game and almost finished your zoids data list you might have 5 zoids missing and you can't find them on the game.Insted you need a cheat code to get the zoids data and parts to build them.To get the first 3 go to the tittle screen and press L,L,R,R,up,down,up,down,left,left,R,R,right,right,up,start.That should give you Cyclopes type 1and 2 and Diablo tiger plus the cores to build them.

To get the remaining 2 zoids go to the tittle screen and press R,R,L,L,down,up,down,up,right,right,L,L,left,right,down,start and this give you Glivader and King Gojula plus the parts to build them.Trust me this really works.

Live Arena last 2 battles

Do NOT rely on particle weapon, such as Genos particle cannon since all three of them have A-par shield. Raven and Vega also have F rd shield(the reason for bonus defense if using Blitz tiger, since the most common weapon used by BT pilot is Grapple attack).

Good items

After beating the game the restricted area above "Mount Town" will be open.

Go there and start some fights.

Use the Deck command "Junk parts" to get some really good weapons:

"Gravity gun" from the team "Ultimate Phalanxe and

2 Gojulas the ogres".

"Ultra cannon" or "Zos plus" from the team "Ultra saurus and Mad thunder".

"Lg.Caliber P." from the team "Gojulas the ogre, Gojulas Giga and Gojulas Giga C".

Try using Junk Parts with other teams as well.

But beware of strong teams as the Geno team, Fury team and saurer teams.

Hope I helped.

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