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Follow the dark path or use the light
Winx Club Pack Shot

Winx Club



by R i c k

        _    _   _   ___  _   _  _    ___   _     _  _   ___
       / \/\/ \ / \ /   \/ \ | \/ |  /  _| / \   / \/ \ / - )
       |      | | | | \  \ |  >  <   | |_  | |__ | || | | _ \
       \__/\__/ \_/ \_/\___/ |_/\_|  \___| \___/ \____/ \___/

 WinX Club Walkthrough v0.99
 Written By: Jason Carl (R i c k)
 EMail: [email protected]
 Last Update: 12-09-05

 *NOTE*: I'm still missing 1 firefly. Please write me if you know how to get
         it. Full credit to anyone that can help. Thank you.

 To jump to any section, highlight or copy the keyword and use the find
 function. The keywords look like this: *INTRO*

 Table of Contents

         1 - Introduction/Before Starting       *INTRO*

         2 - Controls                           *CON*

         3 - Game Menus                         *GMENU*

         4 - The Game Screen                    *GSCRN*

         5 - Walkthrough                        *WALK*
       5.1 - Gardenia                           *GARDEN*
       5.2 - Alfea                              *ALFEA*
       5.3 - Black Mud Swamp                    *BMUDS*
       5.4 - Alfea 2                            *ALF2*
       5.5 - Cloud Tower: Learning Annex        *CLDLANN*
       5.6 - Alfea 3                            *ALF3*
       5.7 - Red Fountain                       *REDF*
       5.8 - Alfea 4                            *ALF4*
       5.9 - Sparks                             *SPARX*
      5.10 - Alfea Under Attack                 *ALFATT*
      5.11 - Cloud Tower: Storage Area          *CLDSTOR*
      5.12 - Alfea: The Showdown                *ALFSHDN*

         6 - Spells                             *SPELL*

         7 - Favors                             *FAVOR*

         8 - Legal                              *LEGAL*

         9 - Guide History                      *HISTORY*

        10 - Thanks                             *THANKS*


         1 - Introduction/Before Starting       *INTRO*

Hello and welcome to my second guide ^^ As you probably know, WinX Club is
based on the television series of the same name. While it might not be
necessary to be familiar with the series, it helps since the game doesn't
always explain *why* you're doing something when it was explained in the show.
Either way, the game should be fine for people who just want a simple little
game to waste some time ^^ Also take note that I have a bad habit of confusing
left and right. I take extra care in making sure I don't do that in guides but
accidents happen. Please report any mistakes you find, thank you.


         2 - Controls                           *CON*


         A - Select/Accept
         B - Cancel/Go Back
         L - Previous Menu (In-Game Menu)
         R - Next Menu (In-Game Menu)
     Start - N/A
    Select - Exit Menu (In-Game Menu)
     D-pad - Move Cursor

     Game World:

         A - Use Magic/Action
         B - Jump
         L - Strafe
         R - Shield
     Start - Return to Main Menu
    Select - Open Game Menu
     D-pad - Move Bloom


         3 - Game Menus                         *GMENU*

  Main Menu: Pretty straight forward. "New Game" starts a new game, select
             "Load Game" to load a saved game and "Options" to change volume
             levels and text speed.

     In-Game Menus:

  Inventory: Here you can view you albums on the right and see your title below
             Bloom in the lower left corner.

      Magic: Here you can see how many fireflies you've collected and get
             information on the spells you've learned so far. You can also see
             how many fireflies are needed to get spells you haven't learned

 Objectives: If you ever forget what you're suppossed to be doing, here's a
             list of what can be done.

     Favors: As you progress in the game, if you talk to people, they sometimes
             ask for a favor. It's like a little sidequest. Here is all the
             information needed to complete the favors including who the favor
             is for, what they want and where to get it.

    Options: This is the same options menu from the main menu. You can change
             volume levels and text speed here.


         4 - The Game Screen                    *GSCRN*

     In the middle we have our old friend Bloom, with the most extreme
     head-to-body ratio I've ever seen o_o;; 

     In the upper left you'll notice some hearts. These are your health.
     They're lost in sixths so you've got 12 units there.

     If you approach an object that can be interacted with, you'll notice a
     little diamond will appear in the upper right and it will start making a
     little noise to alert you that something is nearby. This is very useful as
     some hidden items can be seen in the game world so keep an ear open for
     that tingle sound. Once you get close enough to interact with the object,
     a bubble will appear to tell you what type of action can be performed on
     the object. Use the A button to perform that action.

   WinX Bar (boss battles):
     During boss battles, you'll be presented with a new element, your WinX Bar
     and your Helper Bar (after the first battle). Your WinX bar is your
     remaining magic. It repleneshes over time ro you can collect sparks
     dropped by the boss when he takes damage. Using magic depletes your WinX,
     of course. The stronger the magic, the more you lose.

   Helper Bar (boss Battles):
     Just to the left of your WinX bar is your helper bar. As you take damage,
     This bar will fill up and icons for your four WinX pals will show up.
     Press B when an icon is shown to call a WinX girl to help you. The first
     two help you and the second two hurt the boss. This list will be filled
     out as I try ut the different helpers. They are as follows:

       Flora: Summons plants to heal you.
        Musa: Bass beat rapidly recharges WinX (restores about 1/4 of max)
      Techna: Freezes and damages enemy with a Digital Web for about 5-10
      Stella: Bounces a star off your head and onto the enemy for massive
              damage, usually an instant kill.


         5 - Walkthrough                        *WALK*

Since this is my first time playing, I'm just going to write this guide as I
play and maybe clean it up later. If you know of any secrets that I may have
missed, feel free to write in and tell me about it. This will be pretty
straight forward for now. I started a couple games and checked the trees in
Gardenia so as far as I know, the objects aren't placed randomly. If I'm wrong,
I'm sorry.


       5.1 - Gardenia                           *GARDEN*

We open on Gardenia Park. Feel free to explore whenever you want but usually
I'm just going to run through the necessary actions. I've may have missed a
number of secrets, though, so look around if you want.

Get the gate key by shaking the tree farthest to the left and head to the lady
snoozing by the gate on the right. Talk to her and she'll open the game for
you. Kiko takes off and we're in pursuit :p You'll recieve a picture, then
you're free to move on. Note the blue crystal on the lower-right. Use it to
save your game and/or to replenish your health later in the game. Also, after
you visited a couple places, you can use the crystals "Go to..." feature to
teleport to different places. This comes in handly for missed items or doing
favors. Anyways, cross the bridge and shake the second tree on the path for 1/4
of the "Multitasking" picture. Cross the next bridge and save Kiko. You get
another picture and you're back to fight the ghoul. You get a firefly
automatically after the cutscene that you aren't told about. New spell learned:
"Light Orb".

Once you're done, head back to the bridge and go into the river to open the
chest for a firefly. Get enough of these and you'll learn new magic and
increase your level. Shake the tree in the center of this clearing for another
firefly. Then head down to the next section.

Jump two trees and cross the bridge. Shake the first tree after the bridge for
another piece of the picture. Jump the fallen tree and shake the very next tree
for a firefly. Kill the ghoul if you can. If you're low on health, grab the
Dragon Flowers on the right to regenerate your health. Each is worth 3/4 of a 
heart. Climb up the ledge and shake the tree for a firefly. If you've gotten
them all so far, you'll level and learn the spell "Pixie Rain".

Continue to the right and kill the ghoul on the next screen. There's a save
crystal here and a firefly in the tree right next to that. Save, collect and
climb down the cliff to continue. Grab the chest for another firefly and shake
the tree near the ghoul for another 1/4 of the picture. Climb up the next cliff
to continue. Jump the brambles and notice the Dragon Flower here. There's an
ghoul after the next brambles, grab the flower before or after if you need to.
Climb up the cliff and shake the first tree you come across to get another
firefly. Kill the ghoul, save your game and climb the ledge.

Here you'll shimmy along the ledge. Just walk up to it to do it automatically.
Jump two sets of brambles, kill an ghoul and shake the first tree to get the
last piece of the "Multitasking" picture. Climb up some vines and be prepared
for two ghouls further along the path. Before you see them, you can charge your
Pixie Rain, release it and dash to the right to do a lot of damage and then
finish them off with some strafing Light Orbs if you want :)

Once that's done, climb a couple ledges and be prepared to fight two more
ghouls. Shake the next tree for a firefly. and continue. Save for some health
and climb the ledge. Before going up the vines, shimmy across the ledge by the
wall to get to a secret. Break open the wall for another firefly. If you've
collected them all so far, you learn "Fairy Shield". Head back across the ledge
to the vines and climb up. Ah, he finally catch up to Kiko... and some other
not-so-friend characters. 

Stella chats you up a bit and you get all WinX-ified ^_^ Knut's not so hard. I
like to keep my distance and charge up Pixie Rain. Release it and charge up to
Knut to hit him. If he comes after you before it's charged just run away and
try again. Tossing a couple Light Orbs doesn't hurt either. Collect the sparks
if you need to or if you're using the Pixie Rain, they'll come to you. Knut
can't hurt you by touch the way the ghouls could, he has to swing the scepter
to do damage. Since he's pretty slow, don't be afraid to get too close. If
you're still having trouble and don't mind being cheap, you can hide behind
Stella to shoot him when he's chasing you. He won't go past her. Knock him out
and we're onto Magix!


       5.2 - Alfea                              *ALFEA*

After collecting a bunch of pictures and listening to Faragonda give a rundown
of Alfea, you'll be standing in the main hall by a save crystal. Check out
whatever you want but I'm just going to go over anything that can be collected
or achieved. If you want to skip the pictures and favors, the requirements to
continue the story are the conversation outside your dorm on the second floor
and the conversation with Dufour in the library.  Then you can skip to the last
paragraph in this section. For pictures and favors, continue.

Head to the right and go down. Enter the last room on the left and talk to
Faragonda to get your first favor. Favors are in their own section at the end
so I won't go over it here. Head to the library across the hall and talk to
Dufour to get a picture. Talk to her a second time to get another favor. Grab
the books for Faragonda if you're doing her favor. That's it for the first
floor for now. Across from the library, head upstairs.

Upstairs, head all the way up and to the left to meet up with Stella. After
some talking you'll be free to roam. Head down to your room. (Kinda creapy with
your big-headed friends just standing there, but whatever :p) Talk to Kiko for
a favor and "Pickup" a picture near your nightstand. Across the room, talk to
Flora for another favor and pickup another picture by her bed. Across the hall,
get a favor from Stella and a pic from her desk. Head downstairs. Now the other
students will be in place so it's a good time to do the Dufour's Books favor.
You can also do Kiko and Stella's favor whenever you want using the save
crystal to goto Gardenia.

Head the the classroom down the left hall. It's the one on the bottom right.
Talk to Palladium to continue to Black Mud Swamp.


       5.3 - Black Mud Swamp                    *BMUDS*

Upon starting you have to take off by yourself :\ (I was hoping they'd have
some kind of group mechanics but, oh well. When you get to the "glyph" with the
flower on it, step on it to call Flora to help you grow some vines. Climb down,
fight the spider and save. Continue down and left and you should activate a
cutscene. You can choose to help the other team or not. If you help them you'll
get a firefly later, if not you'll get nothing. You can also sneak past this
area if you stay as far up and to the left as you can without triggering the
cutscene. If you do, you'll get a different cutscene later but no firefly that
I know of. Note the green plant on the right of the screen. This is the
shakable plant for this area. This one doesn't have anything but keep an eye
out for them. Head straight down to the gassy area of the swamp.

The gas bubbles won't hurt you unless you run into them so just watch yourself
and you'll be fine. Head to the right and you'll run into a frog. Kill it and
shake the two bushes in this area for 1/4 of the picture "Killer Frogs" and a
firefly. Contine left and kill the fly and the spider in the next area. If you
head straight up from the path that you entered the area from, you'll run into
a fallen tree. Behind that will be your WinX buddies but just below and to the
right of that tree is a plant on the edge of the deep swamp that contains a
piece of the picture. Down a little and to the left of this large area, you'll
run into a fly. The plant to the left of the fly has the third piece of the
picture. Head straight up from this plant to a ledge. To the left of the ledge
is a plant with the last piece of the picture. On the ledge is a chest with a
firefly. Collect everything and head down to where you got the third piece of
the picture and head down to the next section.

Go straight down from where you start and you'll be behind a tree and some deep
swamp with a spider on the other side. With the spider on the other side, you
can easily give it a couple Pixie Rains to kill it. Head back up a little and
shake the plant for a firefly. Keep going right, kill the fly and shake the
plant above him for 1/4 of the "Black Mud Swamp" picture. Go back to where the
spider was and go down.

You'll run into another frog here. Kill it and shake the plant right next to
him for another piece of the picture. Another frog and another spider later
and you come to a fallen tree. Approach it and an oddly familiar shadow goes
by. Hmmm. Shake the plant after the fallen tree for another picture piece.
Head around the corner for a little chat.

The H&B boys are in a bit of a bind... When they're done talking, shake the
plant below the ship for a firefly and you could probably use a save right
about now, so do that. Head down and past the red plant things. They don't seem
to pose any sort of threat so you've got nothing to fear. The first plant
after the red things contains the last piece of the picture. Keep going down to
the next screen and past the girls. Stick to the right of the path. At the end
you'll run into a spider who should stay on the other side of these plants. A
couple Pixie Rains will do him in. Around the corner, grab the firefly from the
plant and the mini carnivorous if you're doing the Flora's Plants favor.

Head around the corner and up the path. At the top of the path, shake the plant
just to the right of the red plant at the top for the first piece of the
picture "The Specialists". Here you'll run into the other group again. I helped
them the first time and recieved a firefly now. I'm guessing if you don't help
them you won't get it. I may check on that later. Jump over the tree below when
you're done talking and head past a couple baddies. Go left to a clearing where
there's a giant hand of a statue. Pick up a Dragon Flower, a firefly from the
chest and a piece of the picture from the plant. Head right until you get to
the field of Quietus Carnivorous.

This is pretty easy. Take advantage of the Dragon Flower if you need it and
then head straight up to the statue head. Raise your shield and go down between
the block and the plants. That's about it. Head right to meet up with the H&B
boys again and get a picture. Go down and left taking out a couple enemies
along the way. Keep going left across the water until you reach the purple
area. Kill the fly and shake down the plant for a firefly. Then head left into
the purpleness.

Shake the first plant for another firefly. "Push" the boulder and they'll be
some talking. Once that's done, follow the path and the footprints. Kill the
spider and shake the plant on the left when the footprints end for piece number
three of the picture. Keep going up and next to the save crystal you'll find
the last piece of the picture. Head down the path and around the next corner.
The second plant, the one across from the red plant, will have a firefly. Head
up... Cue blood-curdling scream o_o;;

Time to bag a troll. This guy's not too bad. He's a little stronger and more
agressive than Knut but the same tactics should work. Run away if he's in
pursuit and open up with whatever magic you like when he's not chasing you.
Mind you, the Shining Barrier spell will eat about half your WinX so I'd stick
with the old Orb/Rain combos. Once he's down for the count we see some more
story unfold and get some pics of the album.


       5.4 - Alfea 2                            *ALF2*

Save if you want and head over to the library. Bloom searches out the book and
heads upstairs for a quick discussion about the ring. Once that's done, talk to
Flora if you've completed her favor. Then Musa's got a favor to ask and a
picture by her desk in her room. Tecna's out of it so no favor from her but
there's a picture by her bed. Then head to Faragonda's office.

Have a chat with Faragonda and head out. The girls are downstairs now if you
want to chat with them but to advance the story you have to go back to your
room. On your way, stop in each of the unoccupied dorms and grab the pictures.
There's one in each room. Once you get to your room, talk to one of the girls
to begin the next part. *Back* downstairs to Faragonda's office, now. Grab the
password from the far left bookcase and get the mini Cloud Tower statue from
the trophy room. Where could this be used?

You may have talked to Ortensia before in a little room. There were pictures
and a pedestal and she was talking about Red Fountain while looking at the
pictures. Ah, yes. So the other room with pictures and a pedestal must be
for... Cloud Tower XP Head to the room right of the dining hall and "Use" the
statue with the pedestal. Onto Cloud Tower...


       5.5 - Cloud Tower: Learning Annex        *CLDLANN*

You start at the top of a circular hallway. Notice next to the save crystal
there's pots? They're not shakable but an orb will take them out. Along this
hall there are 4 pots. Two have pieces of the "Minotaur" picture and one has a
firefly. There's empty classroom down the left and right halls so you want to
go halfway around to the hall that leads down. Go down and to the right to
activate a cutscene. In the next room, grab the picture between the two middle
beds and step on the glyph to open the door. In the next room, "Inspect" the
dresser to get Stella's ring. The girls take off in the wrong direction but
they're of little help anyways so continue through the lower door. Shake
the first barrel for a firefly and continue down the very long hallway until
you reach the minotaur. Luckily all you have to do is pick up the hair and not
fight the colossus. Step into the elevator thing and head upstairs.

Save if you wish and go right. Turn right and head down, then go right a bit to
get to the entrance of the library. Here there's two more pots. One has a piece
of the picture and the other has a firefly. On your left will be a sparkle.
It's the disipline book if you're doing the Griselda favor. If you're familiar
with the series, you know what to do. Go up and find your book, then read it.
After some more digitized footage, Ms. Griffin shows up to show you "how she
deals with intruders" and summons a golem. Just lure it inbetween some of the
stacks and hide on the other side. Use your enviroment-penetrating Nymph Rain
to deal with him. Once he's down, exit the library and head to the right until
you get to another elevator, minding the other golem and a minotaur. Just after
the minotaur, the top half of this U-shaped hall has two pots with the last
piece of the picture and a firefly. You might be pretty weak by now so watch
out for the last minotaur in the next room. Run to the top for the elevator if
you have to. Head down and make use of the save crystal.

Hmmm, giant empty room... Can you say boss battle? Head to the bottom of the
stairs and grab the firefly from the pot near the top, then head for the door
on the right. You won't make it, of course. Ms. Griffin appears to introduce
you to a slime blob :P

This guy can be a pain. He's fairly aggressive but not very fast. It can be
hard to land a hit, though, especially when he starts throwing tons of
projectiles. Try to stay back and when he stands still, charge Nymph Rain. When
it's charged, try to fly in quickly as you release it and hit him. About 3 or 4
good hits should finish him off. A little digitized goodness, some pics and
we're back to Alfea.


       5.6 - Alfea 3                            *ALF3*

Nothing to do downstairs so up we go. Finish up the Griselda and Musa favors if
you did them. Since Bloom wants to have a talk with the 'rents, you might as
well try the phone. It's over by Griselda if you didn't see it earlier. Ah, no
sooner is one problem solved than another started. Let's head to the ballroom.

Well, big surprise... It's the witches and they're searching for something
called the Dragon Fire. Either way, they're pretty put off when you show up
and decide to send a couple decay creatures after you... I guess you only need
the Dragon Fire to raise the whole army in the game although I don't recall
them having the ability to raise any in the show :\ Use the same tactic I
mentioned when you met the golem. Keep the tables between yourself and the
decay monster and give them two shots of Nymph Rain, easy.

Fara and Grissy show up to see what all the noise is about and you're sent off
to bed. When you wakeup, go see Faragonda. She gives you some tidbits about
your past and tells you the other girls are waiting up in the dorms for you.
Time to head back upstairs. After the talk, give your beux a ring. Once you get
the password, do the same you did for the Cloud Tower statue. Get the statue
and put it on the pedestal in the Red Fountain room to the right of the
ballroom. Off to Red Fountain.


       5.7 - Red Fountain                       *REDF*

Looks like we're going to have to do some exploring before we get into Red
Fountain. Go up at the first corner and up again after going around the curve.
A speaker will inform you that you've initiated a stealth training program of
some kind :p Of course. This is just a maze with some laser detectors things.
If you get hit by the blue beams, you'll be teleported back to the save point
at the beginning of the level. Here's how you get out:

Go left at the first T intersection. Go up at the next |- intersection. At the
end, go right. If you go down the first path you will eventually find a
fountain that will activate a short cutscene but nothing more. Go down the
second path to continue. Follow the twists and turns and go down the first path
on the right of the screen. Follow this path to the exit.

Go up until you find a glyph and step on it to call Flora. Climb up the freshly
grown vines to the mall maze... Not really, but there's a ton of vines and a
robot that's like the laser bots you saw earlier. Go up and around the first
balcony and up again at the fork. After passing the balconies, go up and to the
right. When you can't go up anymore, head left and follow the vines intil you
reach and open door.

Upon entering, you'll watch as the guards go on patrol. These guards, like the
others, can only "see" you with blue laser field so feel free to run right
past them if you need to. When you regain control, head back to the save
crystal by the door. Shake the bush for a piece of the "Patrol Bot" picture.
Then head down the hall avoiding the bots along the way. The siderooms are just
for hiding in really. Shake the first bush after the second open side room for
a firefly. Shake the next bush for a picture piece. At the end, go up the

Shake the trees for a firefly and picture piece. At the end of this hall, head
left for a save crystal or right to continue. Shake the second bush for the
last picture piece. Continue on to the third bush and go down. There's a short
hall here and another bush. Shake it for a piece of the "Specialists in
Uniform" picture. Go back up and continue to the right. The next bush will
contain a firefly. Enter the elevator at the end of the hall.

As you exit, go up and around the corner. At the end of the hall, go down. Go
all the way to the end and enter the last room. Collect the picture piece in
the bush and the picture off the desk. Exit and return the way you came. Enter
the next room for another picture piece. Exit and head up again. Go left at the
first doorway. Two bushes for a firefly and the last picture piece. Continue
left and a cutscene will start.

Bloom bumps into someone and she drops a picture >_> Hmmm. Better sneak a peak,
right? After a short chat, Bloom descides it might be Icy, so let's blast first
and ask questions later :p So we fight Diaspro... She's pretty easy, especially
if you've gotten a couple Dragon Seeds by now. Her favorite move is a Quartz
Shield which is nice since she can't fire while it's raised so you'll have a
decent amount of time to charge up some Nymph Rains. She also has a projectile
attack similiar to your orb attack but it's slow and easy to avoid. If you're
really in a bind, remember your helpers. If you've got 4 hearts, you have
enough health to call Stella if you don't call anyone first and Stella will
take out Diaspro in one shot. Tecna can also help out by giving you enough time
to cast about 2 Nymph Rains with no distractions. If you don't have many hearts
Flora's a decent help, too, for a quick health refill. It should only take
about 3-5 Rains to take her out. Once that's done, it's back to Alfea.


       5.8 - Alfea 4                            *ALF4*

Not much to do but you can talk to Palladium in the ballroom for a favor. When
you're ready, head to Faragonda's office. Huh? Seems the witches have Bloom's
power. Maybe that's how they summoned decay creatures last time except that we
weren't told this, plus there was the battle with Diaspro were Bloom's powers
were intact... Plot holes, blah. I realise it can't be exactly like the show
and normally I wouldn't let it bother me but it wouldn't be that hard to fix it
in the game. Anyways, finish chatting and head to the simulator room directly
to the right of Faragonda's office. Talk to Prof. Wizgiz to make the journey to


       5.9 - Sparks                             *SPARX*

More chatting ending in a very graceless drop through a crevice :\ Note the
large blue ice stalagmite you landed next to. These are 'orb'able. Among the
ice crystals in this room, there's a save crystal in the lower right. Head left
when you're done and before jumping over the crack, blast the ice pillar for a
firefly. Mind the baddies in the next section. A Nymph Ran will do them in with
one shot. The second ice pillar after the crack houses 1/4 of the "Ice Worms"
picture. The next ice pillar, after the next creature, has a firefly. Climb
down, blast the ice for a picture piece, climb down again and head right.

Blast the pillar right after jumping over the crack for a firefly. You can kill
these ice worms easy by charging with Nymph Rain or just use your shield to
walk past them. After the second worm, blast the pillar for a firefly. Climb
down and watch out for the almost-invisible ice bats on the ground. Shimmy
across the ledge and kill the gargoyle here. Two Rains should do it. Once he's
gone, blast the pillar for another firefly. Shimmy over and climb down.

Here the ice formations work the same as vines so just climb on down. Crush Mr.
Ice on the ledge and climb up the cliff to the right. There's a save crystal if
you want to make use of it. Down the next ldge, blast the pillar for the
remaining piece of the picture. Scale the wall and climb down first for a
firefly, then head back up. If you stop off at the first ledge, there's a short
cutscene and a battle with an ice gargoyle but that seems to be it. Head all
the way down the the second landing whether you fight the gargoyle or not.
Blast the creature and continue down. At the bottom, go left.

After some shimmying, you run across The Guardian. After a bit he tells you
that you need to charge the crystals to enter the castle. Well, just hit them
with whatever magic you want until they're glowing, then step on the tile. Now
you have to solve four riddles. I don't know if they're random or not so I'm
just going to list the ones I got. He'll tell you a riddle, then you'll enter
a room and you have to choose which level to pull. Selecting "Pull" will tell
you which lever it is and you'll be asked if you want to pull it. There's also
a save crystal in the far lower-right of the main room. Here's my riddles:

1: I am always hungry, I must always be fed. but a dousing of water is what I
   most dread. (Fire)
2: At night we come without being told, by day we are gone without being
   stolen. (Pretend it rhymes and pick Stars :p)
3: My life is measured in hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am fast.
   Fat, I am slow. Breath is my death. Wind is my foe. (Candle)
4: None can slow my endless flight, from dawn to dusk, not seen at night. I can
   walk on water, on waves I play, yet a simple mist can block my way. (Sun)

After that, talk to The Guardian to proceed. Down the hall you'll meet up with
your pals. Through the door we meet yet another pal, Daphne. Looks like your
loaded but right now we're mre interested in the Dragon Fire, I guess :\
"Pickup" the picture from the throne and head left. Go up a few times and we
run into our friend, the yeti.

This guys got a bunch of attacks including a few projectiles. He has a snowball
which he lobs at you like the slime boss but the explosion is about twice as
big. He can also throw icicles and use a force wave. He also throws punches if
you get in too close. He's not that dangerous but he can block anything,
especially Nymph Rain. Since he's so good at blocking it, you may want to hold
off on wasting your magic and stick with Magma Orbs. As for helpers, I'd hold
out for Tecna or Stella since it's hard to inflict damage by yourself. Take
your time and whittle down his health while trying to keep your WinX bar up.
After awhile you will prevail and the H&B boys show up to see how you're doing.
Then we go back to Alfea, currently under attack by the Army of Decay.


      5.10 - Alfea Under Attack                 *ALFATT*

Ok, so the plan is to sneak into Cloud Tower and find the Dragon Fire, I
suppose. Before doing anything, talk to Saladin to get a favor. Might as well
check out the half demolished school while we're here. Head to the back of the
library to get a favor from Cersei. When you're finished with everything, head
back to Faragonda's office and speak with Knut.


      5.11 - Cloud Tower: Storage Area          *CLDSTOR*

Go down and shake the barrel for a firefly. Jump the rubble and head down. A
cutscene and a bunch of talking later, you regain control. Head up and to the
right. The barrel that's in the eye's field of view has a firefly in it. The
eye's will just transport you back to the beginning just like at Red Fountain.
So don't worry too much. Head back and take the left corridor for a short
cutscene with Ms. Griffin. When you're done, head back out the way you came in
through the giant barrel and shake the barrel on the right for a firefly. Head
left and down to the room the mionaur came from earlier. Shake the second
barrel for another firefly. Jump the next pile of rubble and enter the

Save and walk forward. The pot of the left has a firefly. All three paths lead
to the same place and none of them have extra goodies so the choice is up to
you. The left path has about 4 spiders, the middle has no enemies and the right
path has a few minotaurs. At the end of the paths, you be in Ms. Griffin's
office with two minotaurs and the crystal ball. Simply stay in the doorway to
keep from getting hit while you take down the minotaurs. Once you have the
ball, head back to Ms. Griffin's cell.

Open Ms. Griffin's cell and she'll let you keep her ball. That's good. Continue
left and then up if you're doing Saladin's favor. Either way, head down the
center path when you're done. Clear the room of spiders and behold! The Dragon
Fire! Well, no... "No Dragon Fire For You!" </Seinfeld> XP Anyways, after the
cutscene, head back to where you started and you'll be transported back to


      5.12 - Alfea: The Showdown                *ALFSHDN*

Nothing really to do except maybe finish up a favor or two and then head for
the front doors. Save your game and talk to the guard to head outside to do
battle with the witches. You'll take them on one at a time without any recovery
between battles. Some general tips for throughout the battle: Try to stick with
well aimed Orbs since you don't want to be wasting all your WinX on Rains. It
can be tough waiting for your WinX to recharge while fighting but if you hide
in a corner while the witch you're fighting is off screen, they tend to stay
off screen until you chase them. You can use this time to let your WinX
recharge if need be. For helpers, I'd suggest alternating between offensive and
defensive as needed. Like, for the the first helper I'd wait for Tecna or
Stella since you have a lot of health, you can easily get it that high without
being in danger. Then, if you're getting low on health, call Flora for a health
boost. Possibly call her more than once if needed. The witches aren't that
hard, though. Here their individual strategies:

Darcy's up first. She has two main attacks: a mind warp attack I'll call it and
a basic projectile attack. The mind warp follows you around and eventually does
damage. Since Darcy usually stands still for this attack you have the choice of
taking the damage and getting some easy shots on her or raising your shield to
avoid taking damage or you can try to do both. Her projectiles are easy to
avoid and you can shoot them to stop them if you need to. Just avoid the
projectiles and take your time hitting to whittle down her health. Avoid
calling for help as it's best saved for the next fights.

Stormy takes over once Darcy's down. Stormy's moves include Storm Charge where
she surrounds herself with a little storm cloud and rams into you for damage.
Keep some distance to avoid that one. She's got a Lighting Barrier that
functions just like your own Barrier spells. This one's easy to avoid since it
takes second to charge up. When you see lots of purple lighting around Stormy,
make sure you're diagonally away from her. She's also got a basic projectile
which is just as easy to avoid as the rest. Around the middle of the battle you
should have Stella on standby. You can choose to call Stella if you think you
won't make it and hope Flora comes up sson enough to get a health boost or you
can tough it out and save Stella for Icy.

Icy's up last, of course. If you've got Stella on standby, use her for just
short of an instant kill. One Orb will do her in after Stella. If you're low on
health, just try to get Flora or Stella (whichever is quicker) up in the helper
bar. Icy's got your basic projectile as well as some moves like Icicle Rain
which has no warning. A wall of icicles will sweep across the screen. The
icicles can be destroyed with Orbs if you're quick enough or you can try to
raise your shield but usually you can run out from under them. She's also got
an Ice Barrier which is the same as yours and Stormy's. Just be watchful of the
Ice Rain and try to get some hits in to build your helper meter or try to wear
down her health. Ice Rain can start to take it's toll, though as she likes to
use it often and you only get a shield every 5 out of 10 seconds.

Once you take down Icy, you're treated to some more recycled footage and about
two sentances of text. The End.


         6 - Spells                             *SPELL*

Collecting fireflies will allow you to level up and learn new spells and
stronger magic. This is a list of the magics, a short description and the
number of fireflies needed to obtain them. All upgrades function the same as
the basic spell just a bit stronger.

  Light Orb (0 fireflies)
  Upgrade 1: Magma Orb (20 fireflies)
  Upgrade 2: Dragon Fire Orb (40 fireflies)
     Press the A button to release a small fire ball that travels in a straight
     line across the screen. If you are moving, holding the button will allow
     you to fire continuously. I prefer holding the L button, though. It allows
     you to strafe and fire continuously whether you're moving or not.

  Pixie Rain (5 fireflies)
  Upgrade 1: Nymph Rain (25 fireflies)
  Upgrade 2: Fairy Rain (45 fireflies)
     Hold the A button for one second and release to send out a shower of
     sparks and flame. If you hold for too long, the sparks around her hands
     turn into flames and the spell won't cast after that. You can move around
     after the spell is cast so it's sometimes good to hide, charge the spell
     and then run out to attack.

  Fairy Shield (10 fireflies)
  Upgrade 1: Spark Shield (35 fireflies)
  Upgrade 2: Aurora Shield (40 fireflies)
     Holding the R button, Bloom will create a shield around herself. You can
     hold the shield for 5 seconds and then it takes 5 seconds to recharge
     again. With the shield active, you can walk through enemies and
     projectiles without taking damage.

  Shining Barrier (15 fireflies)
  Upgrade 1: Blazing Barrier (30 fireflies)
  Upgrade 2: Dragon Fire Barrier (45 fireflies)
     Hold the A button for three seconds. When the sparks around Bloom's hands
     turn into flames, the spell is active. Release A and four barriers will
     travel along the ground and strike anything they contact. Unlike Pixie
     Rain which can penetrate scenery, they will stop when they hit anything.


         7 - Favors                             *FAVOR*

These are all the favors I've come across and how to finish them. They're
listed in the order they were completed.

     Faragonda's Books
     Obtained: From Faragonda, in her office, when you enter Alfea.
     Needed: Books
     Location: Library
     Descrip: Search through Alfea's library for Faragonda's missing books.
     To Complete: In the Alfea library, collect the three books. One is located
       on the shelf at the very bottom of the library. Another is on a shelf
       near the lower left and the last is next to Dufour. Upon collecting
       them, return them to Faragonda for a firefly.

     Dufour's Books
     Obtained: From Dufour, in the library, after talking to her twice.
     Needed: Books
     Location: Alfea
     Descrip: Search for Amaryl, Ortensia and Spika and retrieve Dufour's
       missing library books.
     To Complete: After entering Alfea and talking to the WinX girls for the
       first time, you can talk to Amaryl, Ortensia and Spika to get the books.
       (Locations- Amaryl: 1F center room, Ortensia: 1F upper-left room,
       Spika: 1F main hall) Head back to Dufour when you're done for a firefly.

     Kiko's Carrots
     Obtained: From Kiko in your room at Alfea.
     Needed: Carrots
     Location: Gardenia Park
     Descrip: Get 2 carrots from the little trees in Gardenia Park.
     To Complete: Pick up two carrots from Gardenia (Locations- 1st tree after
       the gate, tree across from 2 Dragon Flowers). Use a save crystal to
       teleport back to Alfea and then bring carrots to Kiko in the dorm room
       for a picture.

     Stella's Earrings
     Obtained: From Stella, in her room in Alfea
     Needed: Pair of Earrings
     Location: Mountain Top
     Descrip: Find Stella's missing earrings in the small trees of Gardenia
     To Complete: Pick up Stella's earrings from the mountain in Gardenia
       (Locations- Left: tree to the right of the secret chest right before the
       Knut battle, Right: tree in the back-right of the Knut battle area).
       Use a save crystal to teleport back to Alfea and bring the earrings back
       to Stella for a Firefly.

     Flora's Plant
     Obtained: From Flora in your room at Alfea
     Needed: Mini Carnivorous
     Location: Black Mud Swamp
     Descrip: Flora wants a mini Quietus Carnivorous for her collection. Check
       Black Mud Swamp!
     To Complete: Pick up the Mini Carnivorous from Black Mud Swamp in the
       section right after meeting with the Red Fountain boys and return to the
       dorm to give it to Flora for a Dragon Seed.

     Griselda's Book
     Obtained: From Griselda, in the 2F hall, after the Black Mud Swamp level
     Needed: Book
     Location: Library
     Descrip: Griselda's lost the will to discipline! Search the library in
       Cloud Tower!
     To Complete: Pick up the discipline book from the library in cloud tower.
       Bring it to Griselda in the 2F hall to get a firefly.

     Musa's String
     Obtained: From Musa, in her room, after the Black Mud Swamp level
     Needed: Hair
     Location: Cloud Tower
     Descrip: Grab a hair from one of the minotaur guards in Cloud Tower.
     To Complete: Pick up the minotaur's hair from the basement of Cloud Tower.
       Bring it to Musa in her dorm for a Dragon Seed.

     Love Line
     Obtained: From Cersei, in the library, after Alfea is attacked
     Needed: Notes
     Location: Alfea
     Descrip: Deliver notes between Cersei and Markus to help love grow!
     To Complete: After running back and forth about a half dozen times, Markus
       will give you a Dragon Seed for your troubles. Go back and talk to
       Cersei for a second Dragon Seed!

     Icy Poposition
     Obtained: From Palladium, after the school is attacked
     Needed: Ice Samples
     Location: Sparks
     Descrip: Complete Professor Palladium's ice experiment by finding 2 core
       samples from the shattered ice formations on Sparks.
     To Complete: Pick up two samples from Sparks (Locations- pillar on the
       right in the very first room, 2nd pillar after the two ice worms). Use a
       save crystal to teleport back to Alfea and then give the samples to
       Palladium who's standing right next to you for a Dragon Seed.

     Saladin's Partner
     Obtained: From Saladin, the first time you see him
     Needed: Codatorta
     Location: Cloud Tower
     Descrip: Save Codatorta from the dungeons of Cloud Tower!
     To Complete: Free Codatorta from his dungeon in Cloud Tower and talk to
       Saladin to recieve a Dragon Seed.


         8 - Legal                              *LEGAL*

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide is Copyright  2005 Jason Carl.

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Thank you.


         9 - Guide History                      *HISTORY*

   v0.99 - Wrote Intro, Controls, Game Menu, Game Screen, Walkthrough 5-5.12,
           Spells, Favors, Legal, History and Thanks sections.


        10 - Thanks                             *THANKS*

 - Konami for making this game.
 - CJayC for making, the single greatest video game site online.
 - Anyone who writes in with corrections/additions to make the guide better.