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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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We've got a selection of cheats that include how to get easy rupees and special items.

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Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap cheats

Unlock Carlov Medal:
Collect all 136 figurines

Open Locked Hyrule House:
Collect original 130 figurines


Have you ever notice that well, in the town? I always thought that it looked like a secret area. Well, I figured out that it is (if you didn't know). Just go right above it, where your person is "looking in" it. Just keep walking into it, and he'll fall in. Make your way through (after you pushed all the rocks in the holes). You'll get 300 Ruppees (Maybe some Mysterious Shells, I don't know, because I got all the figurines). Also, if you bomb all the rocks, and go through the door, you'll end up in the school. Just push the statue to the left, when you come out. I never thought that you could actually go in it, but you can. It's so cool.


A better way to get all figures and save shells is if you only put in 1 shell at a time into the machine. The odds of getting a new figure are greatly in your favor. Another thing you should try is save before you use the machine to get more figures. That way, if you get nothing, you can just restart your game.

Disembodied crying Link head

This was a glitch that I found on accident while trying to do a speedrun of Minish Cap on a seperate file. What you do is at the boss of the third dungeon(I don't remember his name), when a hand is about to pound the ground, kill the other one. It should come back and, if you did it right, try to grab you and when he is about to pound you to the ground, start mashing buttons. If you did it at the right time, the other hand will pount the ground at the same time as the hand grabbing you. If so, the one grabbing you will let go and you will just be a crying head floating in mid-air. The good thing about this, you are invinceble. The bad thing, you have to shut your game off and battle him again.


There are 136 figurines instead of 130 figurines.

Tons of Rupees!

After you've cleared away the dust over the rug in Hyrule Town, Beedle will appear sometime later. When you unlock the yellow Picolyte, make sure you have the wallet that allows you to have 999 rupees at a time. Buy the Yellow Picolyte (it's 200 rupees, but it literally does pay for itself). Go to Trilby Highlands, go to the ladder that leads to the lower area of Trilby Highlands (if you haven't done this already), push away the block and go up the ladder. DON"T DRINK YOUR PICOLYTE DURING ANY OF THIS!!! You should come out in an area with lots of grass. I'd recommend having the Great Spin attack and it's duration upgrade for this. Kill any enemies, but try not to slice up the grass. Now, drink the Picolyte, then quickly slice up as much grass as you can. Tons of red Rupees should appear,..

Easy rupees

Go to your grampas house go to the left of it and dig till you find a certain spot there will be a red rupee and if you go inside you will come back out dig and it will be there again
Good luck

How to get the great spin attack

To get the great spin attack all you have to do is get all of the tiget scrolls and then go to the swiftblade and he will teach you a longer spin attack.

How to get the magic fairy shop

When you get into town, there are 4 rugs. A rug with a guy selling vegetables, the other guy selling fruits, the other rug is empty and the other rug has dust on it. Use the gust jar to blow all the wind away. Come back in 30 minutes and the guy (Beedle from Zelda :Wind Waker) will be there selling magic fairies. The more important things you do, like getting a medal from a dungeon. Something like that, you know important things. ANYway you'll get more faries. I believe you get a rupee finding one, a heart finding one, a kindstone piece finding one,M. Shell finding one, and I think thats it. Thanks for listening.

Spin Attack

To get the Spin Attack upgrade fuse Kin Stones with the trainer in Mt. Crenel.


In town the one selling picolite will get 3 other sorts by going inside the large barrel
In the minish village in the woods.
There will be 2 picory, 1 saying they make humans happy and 1 asking for something.
Bring the item to him and wait some time.
Next time he will have a new flower wich will be sold by beetle in town.
Repeat this 3 times and he is finished.
The old+new ones are:
1. Item finder (old)(blue)
2. Mysterious shell finder (old)(green)
3. Heart finder(old)(red)
4. Faiy finder(third)(orange)
5. Rupee finder(second)(yellow)
6. Kinstone finder(first)(white)
Its best if you already learned the super spin longer and keep the spin around a large field of grass.

Ultamate Spin Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the ultamate spin attack, train with all swordmens and talk to the swordman in swamp for 8th scroll. The Ultamate Spin Attack!!!!

Secret items

Throughout the game are 3 hidden items magic boomerang,light arrows, and remote bombs.
magic bomerang:fuse kinstones with all 4 tingle brothersthen go to north hyrule field go in the 4 trees and light the torches go out in the middle of them will be a staircase guess whats down there!!!
light arrows: fuse kinstones with a guy named stranger in hyrules west side in a yellow house go to the portal you opened go upstairs find a guy with a ghost circling him suck it up then when you go through the front door later in the game hell give you light arrows
remote bombs:fuse kinstones with all minish in the forest go to the minish that gave you bombs hell give you remote in exchange for normal if you talk again you get normal.
I hope these work more c..

Easy 20 rupees over and over again!

Get a shovel and dig to the left in front of the door of your house. 20 rupees will pop out. Go inside and come back out the the rupees are there again! Do this as many times needed. Thanks for listening.

For a piece of a heart try jumping when you have..

For a piece of a heart try jumping when you have Roc's Cape into the giant bell in
Hrule Town

magic boom!

Fuse stones with tingle's brothers for magic boomerang

Secret Hints

-See the bell on the arch over the stairs in Hyrule Town? After the Spoiler:
click to reveal
wind temple, the item you get there MIGHT just assist you in your 100% goal, if you use it there... MAYBE.
-You know that locked shop? Yeah, the one on the left side of Hyrule Town? Word is, the owner of that shop, the guy in the brown with the soul patch next to the tavern, he LOVES the things you can get in the false tree in the bottom left corner of town, and if you get them all, he MIGH..

Secret Minish room

Do you ever wonder why there is a shrinking portal in the mayors house in hyrule?
Well this is because, once you have your cane of flip and your pegasus boots you can flip the blue vase to find a shrinking portal.
Don't shrink yet, first equip the pegasus boots and ram the wall where the mask is, then they should fall... ram all the mask's then shrink.
Then climb up the minish stairway and walk all the way over the passage and you can go inside a secret minish house but all you can do is talk to the two minish people living there.

Get rupee easily ( emulator only [ I do not know if it work by c

There's a place where you can bet 10 rupee.If you go there you can choose 2 box.Do not save in game...Press L Shift and F1 to save and pick one box.If you get skull press F1 to load and pick other box so you can get 20 rupee.Do it and repeat until you get 999 rupees.

How to get a full heart countainer without fighting a boss

First fuse kingstone it may apeear near the lake minsh poartle go inside(better if has rods cape)go inside make it all the way accros then you appear far away go out a LADDER INTO A CRACK TALK TO THE ELDER AND FREE HEART COUNTAINER

How to get the Light Arrows, Remote Bombs, Magic Boomerang, and

The first three you can get before you beat Vaati, but you have to beat him before you can get the mirror sheild. My suggestion is that you first get the magic boomerang, then the remote bombs, the light arrows and then the mirror sheild. First you have to beat at least the the frst three temples before you can get the magic boomerang.
Tingle appears in South Hyrule Field. Use your Can of Pacci to flip up onto the ledge. He is standing on a stump. Talk to him and then ask to fuse kinstones.
For tingle you need a green one so just gather a bunch of green ones before you go, and make sure you have every shape. After you fuse with tingle a tree in North Hyrule Field will open, and Tingles Siblings will be available to fuse kinstones with. In the tree the is either 20..

Boomerang bonus

A really good BATTLE use of the boomerang is to hold the enemies still for a little while. Shoot the boomerangs at wizzrobes when they appear and then attack them. It takes around 2 hits. Since they freeze they can't attack you then you can't worry about them. All you have to do is attack them one at a time. It also works against other creatures, but I chose to wrote about this one since people seem to have the most problems with the wizzrobes.
Hope this helps!

Get the Mirror Shield

To get the Mirror Shield, you must have the Biggoron awake behind Veil Springs. Talk to him and when he asks you if he can eat your shield, say yes. When you talk to him again, he will spit your shield up and when it comes out of his mouth, it will be the Mirror Shield. You can learn about the Mirror Shield in the Swordsman issue #6 I believe. Like the issue says, it can reflect enemies attacks, but I won't say how.


Hey! You know how bushes go on for a long way. Well you don't have to chop through every single one, if you use you lantern on a bush it causes a chain reaction.

Special items!

MAGICAL BOOMERANG: ) you have to fuse all 4 kinstones with those guys dressed in wierd clothes.(theyre standing on stumps ) after that a cave wil appear in the north hyrule field. Thats where the magical boomerang is.
LIGHT ARROWSSmile okay first you have to fuse a kinstone with a guy in hyrule town (sorry I forgot which house but all I know is that his clothes look different from all the rest of the other people) anyway, after you fuse, a portal will appear in hyrule field. Go there and use the gust jar on the flying ghost. The guy will give you nothing now, but later you will get the light arrows.

Infinate rupees without the mole mitts

Ok early in the game you might not have the mole mitts but you still need a bunch of rupees,right? Well on Mt.Crenel there is a cave with a broken bridge where you have to press the button to get that room there is 5 jars, 3 at the top 2 at the bottom, open the one that is southernmost and to the right, there should be 20 rupees in it, now just go outside and do it all over again!

Smaller Puddles

Take a Semi-Big Puddle (not like a lake or anything). Use the mole mitts to dig around the puddle until what was a big puddle is now really tiny. A fun cheat...

How to beat Vaati's second form.

As you may know, you need to shoot arrows at the balls surrounding his eyes. It is a waste to shootall of your arrows at every single one. Once you see four red eyes, stop shooting them. Multiply yourself and attack the eyeballs, then attack the main eye.
To know how to user your arrows correctly, I have told you the steps in which order to shoot the eyes. Remember, each round he moves faster, so it won't be that easy the next round. The best time to hit him (when he gets fast) is when he is attacking you.
Anyways, here it is: The first round of arrowfire would be on the bottom 4 balls. That is the 2 under the eye and the two on the bottom left and right SIDE. After attacking him, he moves the red eyes to the bottom and top left and the 2 on the left side.

Vaati's third form

If you're having trouble spotting the opposite-facing sun in one of the arms in Vaati's third form (probably either because of eyesight or very small screen [gameboy micro]), Just swing your sword like crazy. This will help because: 1: you MAY actually HIT it. 2: It wards off the other suns from damaging you.
This may not work because you have a limited time to actually HIT the opposite-facing sun. Maybe you'll get lucky.
Now don't worry, after you blow up the 2 arms, you don't have to repeat the process. They only come up once in the battle
Hope this helped!

Peice of heart

Jump over the bell in Hyrule town.

Secret swordmaster

All you need make is fuse kinstone with all the swordmaster(less the ghost and the from hyrule town) and enter in the waterfalls,sorry for the bad english

Rupees at mt. Crenel

This is useful as it does not require the shovel, and can be accessed from earlier stages of the game(Mt. Crenel and beyond). In the room where you have the switch which you throw a bomb at it, which creates a bridge going across.
In the room, there are three pots at the top behind three stone blocks. They usually have 5 bombs inside them. But, towards the end, you have two pots next to each other. The left one contains something random, but the right one ALWAYS has a red rupee. The exit is only a short walk south, then if you come back and hit the pot, the red rupee is still there. Keep going in and out until you max out your wallet.
This is very useful because it allows you to buy the boomerang earlier without the risk of running out of money for the wake-up mushroom.

get infinente life no gameshark

to get unlimited life with out gameshark go to malari on mt.crenal and talk to him he should say something about the elements then go to the room with the beds and press A,B,SELECT,UP,DOWN,LEFT,,A,A,A,HOLD,B&A now go to the place where you get the bomb bag fuse king stones go your house and sleep when you get up you should go to the store anbuy every thing in the store go to your home and sleep when you get up you should have unlimited life oh yeah you need to have the earth &fire elements

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