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Follow the dark path or use the light
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

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How to get the Light Arrows, Remote Bombs, Magic Boomerang, and hint for The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

How to get the Light Arrows, Remote Bombs, Magic Boomerang, and

The first three you can get before you beat Vaati, but you have to beat him before you can get the mirror sheild. My suggestion is that you first get the magic boomerang, then the remote bombs, the light arrows and then the mirror sheild. First you have to beat at least the the frst three temples before you can get the magic boomerang.

Tingle appears in South Hyrule Field. Use your Can of Pacci to flip up onto the ledge. He is standing on a stump. Talk to him and then ask to fuse kinstones.

For tingle you need a green one so just gather a bunch of green ones before you go, and make sure you have every shape. After you fuse with tingle a tree in North Hyrule Field will open, and Tingles Siblings will be available to fuse kinstones with. In the tree the is either 200 rupees, a kinstone piece, or mysterious shells. Also there will be a switch that will light a torch. After that you can find Winkle in Lon Lon Ranch, David Jr. In Lake Hylia, and the other one in blue in the field east of Hyrule Town, but you need the mole mits.

After fusing with all of them and goin in all four trees and lighting all four torchs a ladder wll fall down in the middle where that patch of dirt was, climb down and open the big chest and....that's right, you've found the magic boomerang. The remote bombs are easier, you have to fuse kinstones with all of the minish in minish village.

You need the flippers because there is a hidden area west of Festari's Abby. There is a peice of heart and then you swim across a bit of water and there will be a picori in a house. He will say wow congrats on making it out here, or something like that. And it will take a few trie's to get him to fuse with you (just leave the house and go back in) and after he does go around the village and fuse with everyone else and then leave.

Nope, you don't et them yet, once again you have to go back in and fuse with the lone picori west of Festari's abby. Finally after fusing with him again you need to head to the Elder's House. Fuse with him and then you're done. Walk through his house to the house outside the village where you go the bombs to begin wit and he will give you the remote bombs which you can trade for regular bombs anytime.

The light arrows I waited to get till now because they are in the wind tribe palace. First if you haven't already fused kinstones with that guy in hyrule town in the house by the post office go there. You'll know because he looks completely different then everybody else in Hyrule town. A portal will appear in South Hyrule Town by your house. Go to it and you will end up in the Wind Tribe Palace! Just walk around and collect kinstone pieces that you can fuse with the Wind Tribe. Walk up as high as you can until you get to a room with an old man in bed with a ghost around his head.

Go over and take out your gust jar, use it until the ghost is sucked in, (this may take a little while) as soon as it is the woman and the man in the room both have an exclamation bubble over there heads. And the man will thank you for getting rid of the ghost. He either gives you rupees or shells, I don't know. And the woman gives you something to. So now you have to leave. Again! But it wont take so long because of the fact of how far you are.

Because you waited so long to do this you should have the earth fire and water elements, and have beaten the wind ruins. So all you have to do is get to the wind tribe. It's sort of difficult and takes a while. You have to go to the Royal Crypt. And then to the Falls area. Climb to the top, using the kinstone that the dead king gave you to open the door to the waterfall.

Once you get there there is a tornado that will take you up to the clouds, once there you will find to wind tribe members and six pin wheels. You must travel around the clouds to find all of the kinstone pieces and the cloud blocks that you fuse them with to make the pin wheels turn. After you find the last Kinstone and fuse it with the last cloud block the big cloud block in the middle of the pin wheels will blow away and a tornado will appear.

Go into the tornadoe and you've made it to the Wind Tribe Palace, the old guy is still in the room but he is jumping around and polishing his head. Talk to him and he will be happy and thank you again and then he will give you the Light Arrows!

The mirror sheild is the easiest, just beat Vaati and after youve done that go around Hyrule and go into caves to find walls with noch's in them they are in Eenie and Meenie's cave, Lake Hylia, Minish Woods, the field east of Hyrule town, Western Wood, the swamp, and the falls area, after you get all of those the gorons will come one after another for the walls, after you get them all go to the goron cave fuse kinstones with the farthest right goron.

Biggoron will appear at the top of the falls area. Go to him and he will ask if he can taste you sheild, say yes and then just go and walk around and fill your wallet and you shells and come back to him, he will thank you and spit out your sheild. It will be the Mirror Sheild! He will then appoligize and then you can leave. And that is how you get all of the Magic Items!

Added by: pokemaster_2010
Jul 28th 2006, ID#8762


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May 5th 2013 Guest
You only need to fuse with the Minish Elder to get remote bombs. You don't need to talk to everyone.
ID #280486
Nov 2nd 2010 Unknown Cheater 829
Your Hint is Too long.
ID #17122
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