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Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Cheats and Tips

We have 18 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island please send them in here. For more Codes for Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island go to:
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Action Replay Codes

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Unlock Bandit Mini-Games

At the 'Stage Select' screen hold 'Select' and press L, L, B, A, R.

CodeBreaker Codes - Fuzzies Don't Affect You and Always Dizzy

Master Code (North America)

00001086 000A

10002300 0007

Enter the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Fuzzies Don't Affect You

Even if fuzzy touches you, you won't get dizzy with this code activated.

83004AD6 0000

83004BD6 0000

Always Dizzy

Now you can be dizzy ALL the time! Be careful when you use this code if you use it at the start of a level you could die. Note: Touching a fuzzy with this code on actually makes you undizzy!

83004AD6 0001

83004BD6 0001

Earn Point Stars (Mario Bros.)

Each time you earn 150,000 points in Mario Brothers a star will appear above Mario Bros. At the 'Game Selection' screen. There is a maximum of 5 stars that can be obtained.

World Score Bonuses and Prizes

When you collect the specified amount of points in a world you will be rewarded with the corresponding bonus. The first 3 apply for ALL 6 Worlds.

Unlock 1-UP:

Get up to 150 Points in your World Score

Unlock 3-UP:

Get up to 300 Points in your World Score

Unlock 5-UP:

Get up to 450 Points in your World Score

Unlock Bonus Game 1 - Flip Cards:

Get up to 700 Points in your World Score in World 1

Unlock Bonus Game 2 - Drawing Lots:

Get up to 700 Points in your World Score in World 2

Unlock Bonus Game 3 - Scratch 'n' Match:

Get up to 700 Points in your World Score in World 3

Unlock Bonus Game 4 - Match Cards:

Get up to 700 Points in your World Score in World 4



Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock 6 New Levels:

Beat the game to unlock the 6 new levels.

Unlock Hard Mode:

Get 1,000 points in a world to earn a star which will appear on the 'Select Game' screen and when 5 stars have been collected Hard mode becomes unlocked.

Unlock Secret Ending:

Beat the game in Hard mode.

Unlimited Lives on World 1-7

On World 1-7 (Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy) you can get unlimited lives. In the beginning of the level, you will see an enemy that curls up into ball and rolls. This, my friends, is the start of getting unlimited lives, and is called a Watermelon Bug. Grab it with your tongue, but don't swallow it. Carry it, as fast as you can, to the pipe that generates Shy Guys. Spit the Watermelon Bug into the small space between the platform and the pipe, and then stand on the platform. This may take a while, but as the Shy Guys start popping out of the pipe, after ten times you will start get a 1-up every time a Shy Guy hits the Bug. This may get boring for you, but if you want to beat the game with unlimited lives, it's well worth it.


Extra Items!!!!

Okay,First on ANY World Level Selection,press and hold select while pressing L,L,B,A,R if you press these buttons,you should see levels1-8 dissappear and mini-battles appear.playing these will give you 1up,2up,3up,full egg supply,enemies turn into winged clouds,s(means SUPER)seed,fire,and ice watermelons.These items might help you get to baby Luigi.

After defeating Bowser, you will unlock the Worl..

After defeating Bowser, you will unlock the World Secrets level(s).

Each world will have a new level the 5 times harder then any level you'll normally find in that world. Once you complete all 6 secret levels, defeat Bowser one more time to unlock the second set of secret levels. To defeat Some tricky bosses

To defeat the Plant Ghost in a Pot, Just push the pot until it falls over the edge. The ghost may shoot some fire balls that home in on you, just run. Also, some Shy-Guys will try to push the pot over to your side.

Pirahna Plant boss. Just like you learned, eggs can bounce on water. Fire the eggs at the water and aim it so it will bounce and hit the Boo-Boo on the plants underside.

Hookbill the Koopa: Just shoot 4 eggs at his nose until he tips o..

Hold select and push l,l,b,a,r if you entered ..

Hold select and push l,l,b,a,r if you entered it right you will here a sound. You can use bonus mode.

Can't get past the first castle? Here's the answ..

Can't get past the first castle? Here's the answer to your need. Before you start, look above you. There's a hole at the top, don't you think it's for something? Dodge the falling walls, keep looking at the ceiling; there is a block that is cracked. Be sure to have at least one egg, throw the egg at the block and good-bye troubles. One note though, you need an egg in order to get down (alot of cracked blocks). Make sure it is the last cracked block or your troubles are back.

World 1-8 the castle

If you are stuck on the castle. When you first get in go all the way over untill the last brown roll thing then jump up on the brown ledge go over untill you hit the wall and then jump 3 times and you will get up on top. Then go all the way over left. You will get a flower. Then go into the tunel and jump on that green thing when you get a chance. Jump up in the top right corner and walk in and when your in the tunel walk all the way right then you will see the middle ring. Then go back to the water part and wait for that green thing comes again. If it don't jump down into the water then go on the ledge and when you get a chance jump on the green thing again. When you go up this time get the flower in the middle of the too tunels. If you fall off the green thing jump back on from the bot..

Mini Games

While you are on the selection screen, press and hold the select button while pressing the L button TWICE, the B button, the A button and then the R button. A screen will come up allowing you to select a mini game. Play to get items!

Auto scroll

The first auto scroll stage I think is the donut lift stage. Be careful!!!!! If you fall in a place not yet scrolled on, you will DIE!!! So be on guard.

Instant Win- Naval Piranna

When you enter the boss room, don't pass by the stone -thing- that is at the edge. Look around, and you can spot the small piranna plant. Aim and hit it. Kamek will then appear and flee, having seen that the boss was destroyed.

How To Play Minigame Mode! On the level sele..

How To Play Minigame Mode!

On the level selection screen,press and hold the selct button,then press L,L,B,R and R.The level selection interface will switch over to minibattle selection interface.

Get to the end of the level fast

Once you get in the cave with the 1-up climb up the ladder with Luigi. Then get a running jump an get across the gap with the waterfall. Throw the blue thing down and pick up a bomb.

Drop the bomb when it's ready to explod and the brick should blow up. Go through the door and jump on top of the pile of rocks.

You will land on the other side at the end of the level.

Beat 3-8's boss with ease!

I was bored one day and went to fight the big pirahna dude and I found a new way to beat him without going through the whole looooooong battle. What you do is get on the very edge of the platform that is farthest from the pirahna plant. Now DO NOT GET ANY CLOSER TO THE PLANT! Then fire an egg at it while it is still tiny and before Kamek gets a chance to ramble. Once you hit it with the egg, Kamek will come, scream "OH MY!", and then fly away! Then, Ta-Da! You have just beaten 3-8's boss without doing any work whatsoever! Doesn't it feel good to take shortcuts? Smile

World 2-1

When you get to the place with the dog you got to go all the way to the right. When you get there stamp( jump and then press down) on the brown crate and there will be a key!

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